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Friday, November 30, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate Video - Duncan Hunter

Yes the Hillary Plant question is included. Duncan did a great job with the petty amount of time CNN allotted him. Take five and watch the only true conservative in the race.

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Shaun Kenney Returns

I want to congratulate Shaun Kenney on his career advancement. The RPV became more blogger friendly and their interest in the new media increased under his leadership at the RPV. While there is always room for improvement, GOP bloggers owe Shaun a shout out for his hard work. I look forward to him blogging frequently again and his participation in the Old Dominion Blog Alliance.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate Most Watched

Last nights debacle - Planted Debate was the most watched so far. The ethical CNN/Hillary kinship exposed to millions.

Debate Network Total Viewers A25-54
Nov. 28 GOP CNN 4,292,000 1,409,000
Nov. 15 Dems CNN 3,919,000 1,077,000
Sept. 5 GOP FNC 3,141,000 854,000
Aug. 19 Dems ABC 2,799,000 1,046,000
June 3 Dems CNN 2,714,000 1,050,000
July 23 Dems CNN 2,552,000 831,000
May 15 GOP FNC 2,445,000 664,000
Oct. 30 Dems MSNBC 2,399,000 738,000
Oct. 21 GOP FNC 2,367,000 697,000
Sept. 9 Dems Univision 2,194,000 1,166,000
April 26 Dems MSNBC 2,164,000 736,000
Aug. 5 GOP ABC 2,106,000 709,000
June 5 GOP CNN 1,974,000 689,000
May 3 GOP MSNBC 1,705,000 523,000
Sept. 26 Dems MSNBC 1,449,000 539,000
Oct. 9 GOP* MSNBC 1,081,000 342,000
Oct. 9 GOP* CNBC 1,014,000 223,000
Aug. 7 Dems MSNBC 893,000 297,000

*Nielsen allows NBC to combine the totals of these two airings (same debate) which would make 2,095,000 total viewers and 565,000 in the A25-54 demo.

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OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2007

CONTACT: Gary Becks (619) 334-1655,

San Diego, CA - - - GOP Presidential candidate Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) today sent the following response to Senator Hillary Clinton who planted a member of her campaign staff in the audience to ask a question at the Republican debate last evening in Florida. The retired military general, who announced during his question that he was gay, asked the candidates about their position on the Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding homosexuals serving in the military.

November 29, 2007

Dear Senator Clinton,

Regarding the "plant", retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr, that you sent to ask me the question at the CNN-YouTube debate last night in Florida …

Send more!!!

Merry Christmas,
Duncan Hunter

Hunter is currently campaigning in South Carolina and will be appearing on the Jim Bohannan nationally syndicated radio program this evening at 10:00 p.m. (EST).


CNN/YouTube Debate - Duncan Hunter Answers Clinton Operative Question

I watched the CNN/YouTube debate last night with trepidation. After watching and finding the Democrat version a couple months ago silly. Last night was better, but not by much.  The big story - Plants

A retired Brigadier General who came out of the closet after leaving the service launched a frontal assault on the Republican candidates regarding gays in the military. He had a major problem..the question was fielded by Duncan Hunter, who gave a strong defense of not allowing openly homosexual individuals in the military service. The second problem was that it was discovered that he was an operative for Hillary Clinton.
Duncan Hunter, a decorated Army Ranger and Viet Nam vet, graciously thanked the General for his service, then proceeded to blast away with why openly gay individuals destroy cohesion in a military unit..he wasn't going to pander to the Log Cabin crowd. LINK

More here. Duncan Hunter responded to the question with the truth.

Hunter: General, thanks for your service, but I believe in what Colin Powell said when he said that having openly homosexual people serving in the ranks would be bad for unit cohesion.

The reason for that, even though people point to the Israelis and point to the Brits and point to other people as having homosexuals serve, is that most Americans, most kids who leave that breakfast table and go out and serve in the military and make that corporate decision with their family, most of them are conservatives.

They have conservative values, and they have Judeo-Christian values. To force those people to work in a small tight unit with somebody who is openly homosexual goes against what they believe to be their principles, and it is their principles, is I think a disservice to them. I agree with Colin Powell that it would be bad for unit cohesion.(LINK to Transcript)

I don't think anyone can argue with the effect this would have on unit cohesion. Duncan casts no judgement, just the reality of the military situation. Bad for cohesion is bad for the troops. Bottom line. We can argue the right and wrong of this, but please don't deny the reality of it.

Duncan had a good night for the time he was allotted. He gave clear answers to the questions asked. Support Duncan Hunter.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rapper Birdman - Busted

About fifty miles away from Wise, a group of gun toting pot heads were busted.

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (AP) - Rapper Birdman was among 16 people arrested on marijuana charges during a traffic stop in Kingsport. Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Williams, faces charges of possession of over 1/2 ounce of marijuana.

Police said that handguns and other weapons were seized during the stop last evening.

The arrests came on Interstate 81 after the group's rented RV was pulled over for an improper lane change.

Police said they could smell marijuana from inside the RV and located about a pound of the weed in a trashcan in the RV's kitchenette after obtaining consent to search the vehicle. LINK

I bet pot wasn't the worst of the smells officers had to endure. That is one RV loaded with smelly potheads and guns that will remember Kingsport,Tn. Y'all come back now ya hear!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Child Handcuffed at Wise Primary School?

WISE, Va. – A Wise County great-grandmother told the School Board Monday night that she found her diabetic great-grandson handcuffed when she arrived at Wise Primary School a few days ago.

Olympia Litos said her 9-year-old great-grandson was apparently restrained in the office following disruptive behavior shortly after he arrived at school. She said the child suffers adverse effects from medication he takes to control his blood glucose levels.

Litos said she was called to the school to pick up the child after an administrator told her he would not be abused by the student.

"He was in a chair, handcuffed," she told the board. "That was excessive force. It was against the law."(Read All)

I don't know if it is against the law to handcuff a unruly youngin. Sounds reasonable to me that restraint was in order. Is diabetes the cause of this behavior? One would assume that a school system has encountered many diabetic students before. Later in the article the great-grandmother states

Administrators said early in the school year that they have a zero tolerance when it comes to her great-grandson. As a result, he has been suspended eight times this year, she said.

Suspended eight times this year? I don't think diabetes is the problem here.

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Appalachia "Pork Rind" mayor released from jail

Ben Ellis Cooper - 243 charges - Guilty - Released.

Ben Ellis Cooper, who pleaded guilty to 243 charges related to a rigged 2004 Appalachia town election, has been behind bars in the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Duffield since March 4. Cooper was one of more than a dozen town residents and officials nabbed in a voter fraud scheme designed to load Town Council with select candidates for personal and political gain. Cooper was sentenced to two years in jail. LINK

C'mon guys! Give him a break. He has been locked up for over six months. It's time for some home monitoring instead. Hell, he made Appalachia famous!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Got Pills?

"One business in Wise County called my office and said people are lined up in the parking lot waiting for the delivery truck," Phillips said. "People are actually chasing down the delivery trucks to get the medication."~ Del. Bud

Pills have ravaged this area unlike anything in my memory. My Del Bud is proposing some new legislation

Delegate Bud Phillips, D-Sandy Ridge, and Russell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Bush are preparing a draft bill to submit to the Virginia General Assembly in January. The bill, similar to one approved in neighboring Kentucky two years ago, would make it more difficult to obtain prescriptions from the Internet, and could curb the use of parcel services to deliver the narcotics. Link

It does not say how it makes it more difficult. We will see. Del Bud is not exactly a go getter.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Trust

Democratic Central does not trust the government. The Right Wing Liberal shows why you should not trust Democratic Central.

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The Personal Faith of Duncan Hunter

A great interview with Duncan about his faith.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Who's Running For President Now? Jackie Broyles

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Duncan Hunters son, Marine Captain Duncan D. Hunter is scheduled to return home from Afghanistan for the holiday. He had previously served two tours in Iraq after signing up after 9/11. Thank you for your service! Here is Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunters Thanksgiving Message

As Americans all across the country celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Presidential candidate, and current Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Duncan Hunter wanted to remind our nation to also remember to thank our men and women in uniform for their sacrifice and service:

"For the past six years, our nation has been involved in a long battle against those who seek to destroy us. Many brave Americans have fallen during this time, and more than a million have served their country in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan .

"Their sacrifice for our nation is added to the long and distinguished list of those who served their country in battlefields all across the world from Bunker Hill to Gettysburg , from Bellawood to Normandy , from Chosin Reservoir to Khe Sanh, from the rooftops of Fallujah to Kabul , Mosul , Tikrit, and a thousand other places of danger.

"On this Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to God, for not only giving us this blessed land of freedom, but also the brave men and women willing to leave the security of their homes and families to protect us while we are in our homes with our families.

"On this Thanksgiving Day, the Hunter family will also give thanks for another special blessing, the return of Marine Captain Duncan D. Hunter from Afghanistan . We welcome him home with open arms and a thankful heart. May God bless those who serve and may God continue to bless America ."

 Duncan Hunter - The true conservative candidate.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Murder or Suicide - Marine Colonel James E. Sabow

Was the death of Colonel James E. Sabow a murder or suicide? You wont believe this story from the San Diego Daily Transcript.

The Ultimate Cold Case~By Bryan R. Burnett

United States Marine Colonel James E. Sabow was murdered sometime between 0835 and 0900 on January 22, 1991. The murder occurred in the backyard of his home on the El Toro MCAS during the height of Desert Storm. Security on the base was much tighter than usual, yet, somehow the assailant or assailants managed to carry out the homicide. The Department of Defense (DoD), despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, has maintained that Colonel Sabow committed suicide.

Read it all here. This one is worth your time.


Duncan Hunter on Lou Dobbs Tonight

from the Hunter campaign

Set your DVR's and VCR's as soon as possible! Duncan Hunter is going to be on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN!

Check your local listings and make sure you tune in!

Spread the word to everyone you know so they can all get to know the most conservative candidate in the race!

Thanks for all your support!

Duncan Hunter Campaign

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Thank God, Not Man

“Tomorrow being the day set apart by the Honorable Congress for public Thanksgiving and Praise; and duty calling us devoutly to express our grateful acknowledgements to God for the manifold blessings he has granted us, the General... earnestly exhorts, all officers and soldiers, whose absence is not indispensably necessary, to attend with reverence the solemnities of the day.” —George Washington (December 17, 1777)

This weeks Digest features another great article from Mark Alexander.

"In this era of overblown political correctness, we often hear tales of Thanksgiving that stray far afield from the truth. Contemporary textbook narratives of the first American harvest celebration portray the Pilgrim colonists as having given thanks to their Indian neighbors for teaching them how to survive in a strange new world. This, of course, is in stark contrast to the historical record, in which the colonists gave thanks to God Almighty, the Provider of their blessings."

I would suggest you go read it all.

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Gilmore vs Saxman? and The Real Mark Warner

We know Gilmore is in. We now are seeing signs he will be challenged by Chris Saxman. Check out Jim and Scott for some signs that Saxman will indeed join the race. Elle also has a good post about this as does SWAC Girl.

Two good conservative men vying for the chance to take on the Tax King Mark Warner. I am not ready to throw my support for either GOP candidate as of now. I will say I damn sure don't want the lying Mark Warner representing Virginia with his cook the books for a unneeded tax increase history.



Somehow this Nip/Tuck show always ends up on the tube at Spark it Up HQ. The gang here likes the show and I have been watching it. Well not really watching with interest, but as I play cards with the buddies it is on. Disgusting...Sexy...Weird...Tonight was no different. Rosie O'Donnell was attacked by a eagle (it must have been the rare and elusive dung eater) that bit her lip off. The dynamic duo surgeons stitch her mouth closed. What a message!

This FX channel has some of the strangest shows I have ever watched. A little far out for me, but the younger folks here never miss a show...I will stick with shows like this.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christian Blogging Alliance

If you are interested visit Scott for the details. He writes

Just wanted to make everyone aware of the new Christian Blogging Alliance (CBA). CBA is a loose affiliation of blogs and bloggers who, with like minds and hearts.

Great idea!


Chile overtaken with STD

That would be this STD. Heh.

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And the winner is

Visitor's Time
Nov 20 2007 3:20:36 pm

Visit Number

The winner is her Highness The Red Queen. I have contacted her and received her reply.


No teddy bear for me. I want one of those Hen & Rooster knives you cherish. ~RQ

She is letting me pick the knife. I have just the one for her. A little psychedelic German beauty. Thanks for reading RQ and the package will go out in the morning.

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Over 100,000 Hits....Ouch! You may win a prize!

This blog will surpass 100,000 hits today since I installed SiteMeter a few years ago. The blog in reality surpassed that long ago since the the blog was up for several months before I started using sitemeter.

I know those numbers are nothing compared to the top Virginia blogs, but I am proud all the same. My return visitors make up over 25% of my hits with a average visit time of over three minutes. Not bad for a Coalfield blog indeed.

I will post info on my 100,000 hit and a wonderful prize will be in order if they contact me. No...the prize is not a dinner with Ben Tribbett.  My thoughts are that if the winner is male..maybe a fine piece of German cutlery. My collection of German Eye and Hen&Rooster knives is extensive. If female maybe a Wise Girl original teddy bear.

Thank you to my return visitors and the Old Dominion Blog Alliance, and the big TY to one Chad Dotson who always made it clear that we all have a voice on these internets.


Hey Hey Harry

This is why we are the greatest nation on earth. People like Spc. Christopher Hoyt is the reason.

An American soldier who was seriously wounded during a bomb attack in Iraq on Nov. 13 re-enlisted just hours after the ambush, telling Army officers he still had a job to do, the Army reported Monday.

Spc. Christopher Hoyt, an infantryman from California with the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, based out of Fort Lewis, Wash., was injured after an improvised explosive device — or IED — exploded near him while he was out on a foot patrol near Zaganiyah, Iraq.

Two of Hoyt’s fellow soldiers were killed in the attack. Hoyt was rushed to the emergency room at Logistics Support Area Anaconda where he was treated for cuts to his legs and body.

It was there, after having witnessed the deaths of his comrades, that Hoyt decided to re-enlist for four more years.

"He said he wasn’t finished," Hoyt’s battalion commander Lt. Col. Mark Landes said.(READ ALL)

Hey Harry Reid, Hey Jim Webb...Tell him he is defeated. Tell him he is wrong.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Bolling To Kaine: Restore Funding For Abstinence Only Programs - Why I support Bill Bolling

I support Bill Bolling on this issue. The reason being is that Abstinence is the only 100% cure for unwanted pregnancy and contracting a STD. If we are going to preach about condoms then let us also tell the truth about the only proven practice for protection-Abstinence.  Giving our kids the facts is worth the money.

Bolling To Kaine: Restore Funding For Abstinence Only Programs

November 19, 2007

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has joined The Family Foundation of Virginia and other faith based organizations to ask Governor Tim Kaine to reconsider his decision to withhold $275,000 in state funding for programs that encourage young people to abstain from sexual activity outside marriage.

Last week, Kaine announced that he had cut $275,000 in funding previously approved by the General Assembly for five statewide abstinence only programs on the basis that the programs were ineffective.  Kaine supports broader programs, such as those offered by Planned Parenthood, that stress “safe sex” to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

In a letter to Governor Kaine, Lieutenant Governor Bolling asserted his support for abstinence only programs, arguing that “the only sure way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence outside of a monogamous marital relationship.”  Bolling added, “It is important that we clearly communicate this fact to parents and their children.”

Bolling also called into question Kaine’s assertion that abstinence only programs are ineffective. 

Bolling noted a 2006 report by the Virginia Department of Health which concluded that Virginia saw an 18.5% decrease in teen pregnancies, and teen sexual activity nationwide fell from 54.1% to 46.8%, during the ten year period during which abstinence education has received significant funding and expansion.

Bolling also noted that the Virginia Department of Health’s report concluded that teens in Virginia and throughout the nation are receptive to messages about abstaining from sex, and that teens participating in Virginia’s abstinence only education programs were increasingly supportive of abstinence and less supportive of teen sex than they were before participating in these programs.

“Abstinence only education programs have been proven to work in Virginia and several other states.  They are an appropriate alternative to other programs that should be available to parents, children, school systems and other organizations,” Bolling said.  “The $275,000 in funding that you propose to eliminate helps make these programs available, at least on a limited basis, and there is no sound rational for eliminating this funding.”

Bolling encouraged Governor Kaine to restore the funding.  If he fails to do so, the funding must be restored by the General Assembly in January.

For a copy of Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s letter to Governor Kaine, please click here.

For additional information on this issue please see:

Bolling asks Kaine to reconsider abstinence-only sex-ed program cuts
By Chris Graham
Bill Bolling has a problem with Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine's move to eliminate $275000 in funding from the state budget that was to go to five nonprofit programs in Virginia that administer abstinence-only sex-ed programs. ...
The New Dominion -

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New Ad from Duncan Hunter

Hunter's Ratings

ACLU: 7% (indicates very conservative)
American Conservative Union: 92%
Americans for Better Immigration: A+
Americans for Tax Reform: 88.5%
Campaign for Working Families: 100%
Christian Coalition: 100%
Concerned Women for America: 100%
Eagle Forum: 100%
Family Research Council: 100%
Federation for American Immigration Reform: 100%
Gun Owners of America: A
NARAL: 0% (indicates a pro-life record)
National Federation of Independent Business: 100%
National Rifle Association: A+
National Right to Life Committee: 100%
National Tax Limitation Committee: A
National Taxpayers Union: B

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Stop The ACLU - Duncan Hunter - Is Fox News Biased for Rudy?

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a great post - Why No Push For Duncan Hunter? He writes

However, the point I’m trying to get at is the unfair treatment by the MSM towards Duncan Hunter. I’ve also been curious as to why so many conservatives are backing liberals like Rudy Giulliani and questionable characters like Mitt Romney. Why is so little attention being paid towards a solid conservative like Duncan Hunter?

I too am amazed. There is no question that Hunter is the man with the record and the vision for America. I had always believed Duncan had the best trade message that reaches across party lines. Democrats cannot attack Duncan on trade. Duncan's plan to get the manufacturing base back in America is exactly what we need. But that is not what this post is about. In a comment on the above linked post we read another explanation. From the comments in Stop the ACLU. I underlined the meat of the comment.

  • Redhead Infidel Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    I’m the Grassroots Coordinator for Texas for the Duncan Hunter campaign and we have all kinds of opinions on why no one is pushing Duncan Hunter. However, I’ll give you one reason to start (if you want more, I’ll continue later in the discussion). I’m pasting this from an email discussion thread I had with a bunch of veterans:

    Here’s a connection between the media and the presidential campaign you guys might find interesting. I’ve often wondered why Fox News – accused of being Right Wing – has been cramming Giuliani (nowhere near being a conservative) down our throats. Even during the debates, the bias toward Giuliani is clear. In fact, watch the Fox News debate specifically and you will see that the lesser-known candidates (such as Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo) get only two questions and then are promptly cut-off when their time is up. Giuliani, on the other hand, dominates the Q and A and is given plenty of time to complete his points AFTER his time is up. It’s a clear bias to me and I couldn’t figure out WHY.


    I found out that Bracewell and Giuliani, Rudy’s law firm head-quartered here in Houston, TX – is legal counsel for Fox News. Yes, you read that right, Fox News is Giuliani’s client. Conflict of interest, ya think? Hell yeah. Where do you think Giuliani will put his tens of millions in advertising?

    It’s a dirty business, and most people don’t even know that they’re being led around by their noses by the media. But I’ll be damned if I let Fox News pick my candidate for me. I encourage you guys to consider former Army Ranger Duncan Hunter. He’s our Reagan – and I’m not exaggerating. I know the man personally, and he’s the real deal. He swept the straw poll here in Texas, and in Arizona, and N. Carolina – yet the media refuses to cover him! Why is that? BECAUSE HE HAS NO MONEY! That’s right, he’s grassroots, all the way. The media is not gonna get a big chunk of change out of this candidate and they damn well know it. So they’ve blackballed him. And by doing so, they are deliberately and consciously limiting Americans’ right to know. In order to get info on Duncan Hunter, you have to go directly to the source (, because the media will not cover him in any way, shape, or form. Dirty, greedy bastards is all they are.

    Think about it…

That is interesting if true. I think Duncan is THE BEST conservative candidate since Reagan. This guy dropped out of college to be a Army Ranger in Vietnam, came home and got his law degree and has held office for over 25 years. His record is rock solid. The Duncan Hunter movement is 100% grassroots. Don't let the MSM lead you blindly to the polls. Learn about Duncan Hunter.


But it's ok when Mike Stark does it...

"Were you invited to speak here today?" ~ Hillary Clinton

Click and enjoy!

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From my cold dead hand....

Mark Alexander has a great article about the 2nd Amendment. He brings the fact that liberal judges look at the  First Amendment through a a wide-angle lens and the Second Amendment through a pinhole. He writes

However, activist judges, including those among generations of High Court justices, have historically construed the Second Amendment through a pinhole, while viewing the First Amendment through a wide-angle lens.

For example, though the First Amendment plainly says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” judicial activists interpret this plain language to mean a public school coach can’t offer a simple prayer before a game.

Equally absurd, they argue that the First Amendment’s “freedom of speech” clause means burning the American flag, exploiting women for “adult entertainment,” or using taxpayer dollars to fund works of “art” such as a crucifix immersed in a glass of human waste.

If these same judicial despots misconstrued the Second Amendment as broadly as they do the first, Americans would have nukes to defend themselves from noisy neighbors.

Indeed. First they regulate - Then they confiscate.

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Don't Steal My Deer!

Two local men on recent separate hunting trips to Ohio had similar outcomes. They each bagged the deer of a lifetime, a big 10-point buck.
They each brought that buck back to a local taxidermist and left it in what amounts to a night-deposit box for venison.
Unfortunately, according to the Morristown Citizen-Tribune for Brian Dortch and Dave Snider, the similarities didn't stop there.
In one of the stranger thefts on record in Hamblen County, someone went into the overnight storage cooler at Goodman's Meat Processing some time between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11 and took both men's deer.(LINK)

A reward is being offered for information about the theft. Leaving your deer in drop box? Not smart.

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Please pass along.

Dear Dr. Farris, Michael Smith, and the HSLDA,

My name is *SK Johnson and I am an 18 year old home educated student from *************.  I have been home schooled my entire educational career, and am preparing to graduate this coming May.  During my time as a home schooler I have been impressed with your organization and its tireless work to defend home schooling.  I know your organization to be a true friend to families who want to have the ability to raise their children in their own homes.

I am a very politically aware and involved individual, and was interested to read your letter endorsing Governor Mike Huckabee for President in 2008.  I was excited that the HSLDA was taking an early interest in the upcoming election.  At the time I received your letter I had been supporting a different candidate, but your letter did encourage me to take a closer look at Governor Huckabee.  I liked a lot of what I saw in his positions and rhetoric.  Yet, and I say this with the utmost of respect for you and your organization, the more I investigated the more baffled I became by your endorsement.

The first thing I noted was Governor Huckabee's own words from his book, From Hope to Higher Ground. He states in this book, "While many elected officials pontificate proudly about their deep interest in and commitment to public education, so many put their own children in private schools.  If the public schools are so deserving of their (and our) support, why aren't they deserving of the ultimate support--having confidence enough in them for their own children to be educated there?....Although the teachers' union in Arkansas never supported me (mainly because they have so long been controlled by the machinery of the Democratic Party) improving education in the public schools has understandably been a priority for me."  I was somewhat bothered by this statement, especially because of the point that he makes that the reason the teachers' unions never supported him was because of politics, but not because of differing policies.  So I decided to dig a little deeper.

At Governor Huckabee's State of the State address to the Arkansas legislature of January 9, 2001, Governor Huckabee said these words about teachers' salaries:  "Our basic constitutional responsibility is to provide for free, equitable and adequate public education for students through the 12th grade. I would recommend that we set for ourselves the task of raising teacher salaries in this state by $3,000, recognizing that’s not enough and it’s not the finish line but it’s a good starting point. If we don’t raise those salaries at least by that kind of money, we are going to be further and further behind."

In defense of Mr. Huckabee, some have argued that he was forced by the Arkansas judicial system, and by the State constitution to raise taxes to go towards the public educational system.  On this issue I am not an authority, and have no strong opinion.  I however find it telling that regardless of the circumstances surrounding these decisions, Governor Huckabee took the liberty to 'brag' about these decisions and actions.  The quote in the last paragraph is one example, as is Governor Huckabee's speech to the National Educational Association (an organization, as you know, that is vehemently against home education, and many of the HSLDA's main positions).  A clip of the speech can be found here: ( ).  Whether he was forced to do it or not, he was proud of it.

I have subsequently been made aware that Governor Huckabee has been specifically against many of the HSLDA's positions on education.  The HSLDA website says the following, "It is HSLDA’s firm belief that federal government spending on education is unconstitutional and must be eliminated. While we support the position that the federal government should not be involved in education at any level, we also support measures that incrementally reduce the control of the federal government over education.”  This is in complete contradiction with the quotes stated above, in addition to Huckabee's initiation of the Smart Start program in Arkansas that increased funding to the public schools.  He also has supported mandated testing, which the HSLDA has been against.  Governor Huckabee said, “You wouldn’t go to the football game or the basketball game or the baseball game and say, ‘Just turn the scoreboard off,’ and neither could we realistically say we’re really interested in improving the quality of education, but we’re not going to keep score. So do we need tests? Yes.”

At this point in my research into Governor Huckabee's history on education I came to the conclusion that although his support of public education goes against my personal views and the views of the HSLDA, perhaps his support of homeschooling was what matters.  I read with keen interest the news stories about Huckabee's home school legislation, and when he appointed a home school mom to the school board.  I have immense respect for those actions.  Yet, once again, some more frustrating information came to my attention.  There is an article on the HSLDA website from around the year 1999 when Arkansas gained the "unique distinction of becoming the first state in the nation to add restrictions to its existing home school law....The new law, among other things, establishes notification deadlines and imposes a 14-day waiting period before parents are allowed to withdraw their children from public school to begin home schooling mid-semester." *   The article commends Mike Huckabee's original work to support home schooling, but clearly points out his support of Act 1117 (the legislation mentioned above), which he signed on April 5th, 1999.  Even Mike Huckbee's true commitment to home schooling is questionable.

I think it is also noteworthy, though possibly grasping at straws and/or coincidental, that before your organization's endorsement, Mike Huckabee's position paper on his website stated that "I believe that every child in America has the right to a quality public education"

You are correct when you make the point that a moderate nominee can not win the 2008 election.  The Republican party MUST elect a consistently conservative candidate if they are to have any chance to win the 2008 election.  In my investigation into Mike Huckabee's prior actions and positions, I continue to be convinced that Mike Huckabee could be more easily exposed as a moderate liberal than even Rudy Giuliani.  Could Hilary Clinton be just waiting for Huckabee to get the nomination, knowing how easy it would be to beat up on him?

For one thing, while Governor in Arkansas, Huckabee initiated and supported the ARKids First program.  This program was a child healthcare initiative that has been compared to the S-CHIP.  Similarly, when the candidates were asked if they supported President Bush's veto of the S-CHIP, Governor Huckabee kept his hand down.  Once, in Arkansas, Governor Huckabee stood side by side with John Tyson of Tyson foods applauding our government's 'open door policy' and joking about the fact english speaking, white men would soon become a minority because of all the hispanic workers we NEED.  He also believes that there is not a problem with mexican workers taking our jobs.  He was against legislation in Arkansas that would deny public benefits and the right to vote to illegal immigrants, saying it “inflames those who are racist and bigots and makes them think there’s a real problem. But there’s not.” He also made it clear that he did not think the Bush-McCain-Kennedy immigration bill was amnesty.  He has also supported allowing homosexuals to serve in the military, smoking bans, food content regulations,  and public funding for alternative fuel sources.

Although Mr. Huckabee has been relatively steadfast on social issues, I was surprised to find the following quote about abortion made by Governor Huckabee in January of 2001, "I'm pro life, but I know not everyone agrees with me on that particular topic, and I respect that."   He also said on a more recent occasion, "You know, I've never hated the Clintons.  I still don't, I have great respect for them."

The loss of jobs, the discovery of dangerous materials in Chinese products, and the current trade debt because of increased trade status with China is quickly becoming a hot button conservative issue.  More and more conservatives are against our current free trade policies and are advocating more Reagan-like trade policies.  Governor Huckabee said this about trade with China in April of 2007, "The good news is that China is becoming much more a part of the mainstream.  In its economic development and even in giving greater liberties to its people."  Ironically, it was announced just yesterday (at the time of this writing) that China would not allow Beijing Olympic attendees to bring in more than 1 Bible into the country.  Christian persecution has not ended in China, and neither has countless other human right violations that occur in that country.  Beyond that, China is sending our trade dollars to make weapons going to Iran, which is ending up in the hands of Hezbollah, Afghani insurgents, and Iraqi insurgents.  Some of the weapons, however, came directly from China and not through Iran.  These statements by Governor Huckabee are naive and dangerous to say the least.

Although the bulk of my letter has been in opposition to Mike Huckabee, I would like to take a moment and discuss the candidate I am supporting: Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Duncan Hunter has spent his career standing up for families, freedom, and for a strong and secure country.  He is considered the 'father of the border fence,' as he has been the leader for immigration reform and border security.  He was Chairman of the Armed services committee, where he worked hard to make sure our troops got the support and equipment they have needed to keep us safe.  He accurately predicted the dangers that would ensue with increased trade with China, and has been against our current trade deals with them from the beginning, himself advocating Reagnesque mirror-trade.  He authored the bill to define life at conception over 5 times, and once stood up the ACLU's attempts to take down a cross at a veteran memorial.  Focus on the Family commended Congressman Hunter on his creation of the Parents' Empowerment Act which gave parents the right to sue organizations over pornographic material that is too accessible to children.  He was also an original co-sponsor of the Fair Tax.

Duncan Hunter has perfect ratings from Americans for Better Immigration, the Eagle Forum, the NRA, the National Right to Life, and Concerned Women for America.  He has been labeled the most conservative member of Congress in the race.  Ann Coulter has already announced her support of him, and Michael Reagan said Congressman Hunter is "everything conservatives want."  According to trusted friends of mine, Michael Reagan even compared Duncan Hunter to his father, Ronald Reagan, in a conversation with him after a particular debate.

When it comes to home schooling and education, Hunter has always supported school choice endeavors, decreased federal involvement in public education, and the rights of home schoolers.   He is rated 17% by the NEA, indicating anti-public education votes and he said the following about home education, "Taking into consideration that approximately 2 million children are taught at home, it is important that we make every effort to ensure these students have the same access and opportunities to federal benefits, such as financial aid, as those who attend public school."

It is not too late for Duncan Hunter to gain massive support.  Ronald Reagan himself was at a similar position at this point in his campaign for the 1980 presidency.  Congressman Hunter won the Texas straw poll by a landslide with only a few days of campaigning, beating Fred Thompson (the runner up) 2-1.  According to, Duncan Hunter is the candidate most consistent with the general public's positions 69% of the time.  Congressman Hunter can still win, and it is up to us to put him in the White House.

I have no doubt that your endorsement was made with integrity, and I have great respect for your reasoning and your desire to become involved in this election.  The upcoming election could be a very defining one for our country, and it deserves our utmost attention and involvement.  I do not wish this letter to come as an embarrassment or a ridicule against you or your decision.  I merely hope that you can consider either taking back your endorsement, making a second additional endorsement, or at least help promote the positions and viability of Congressman Duncan Hunter.  He is a true friend of the family, of freedom, and of home schooling.

You and your organization are in my prayers, as is our country.

God bless,

**** *******


Sunday, November 18, 2007

A moment of silence

Now this is a real shame....

During a warehouse raid in Nashville, and Lynchburg Tennessee, officials grabbed up 2,400 bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. The whiskey, some of which is almost 100 years old, is to be just poured down a drain, since it was sold without license.

Investigators are determining whether the hooch was stolen from the distillery. Tenn. law states officials must destroy whiskey that can't be sold in state. One bottle seized had an unbroken seal and dated to 1914.

Another raid, that was in a Nashville hotel, room netted bottles being sold and drinks being served. The booze is estimated at $1 million value (LINK)

At Spark it Up, we pause for a moment of silence. This shows the stupidity of the authorities in Tennessee. Return the whiskey to its owners or how about auctioning it off. I am sure 100 year old bottles of Jack would bring a primo price. My God who is in charge of this? My Mom? Geeesh.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

From The Hill - Leadership knows Rep. Duncan Hunter's arm doesn't twist

From The Hill in 2006 comes this great article. Who is Duncan Hunter you ask..Read on.

Leadership knows Rep. Duncan Hunter's arm doesn't twist

By Roxana Tiron

April 05, 2006

It is difficult to change Rep. Duncan Hunter’s mind. House leadership officials and the White House have found that out the hard way. When they wanted him to vote for a pending trade bill last year, Hunter (R-Calif.) refused — again and again. And when the Bush administration tried to convince the powerful Armed Services Committee on its controversial port security plan, Hunter refused to budge.

Twisting Hunter’s arm is impossible, his close friends say.

“The politics of the process does not really concern him,” said Rep. John McHugh (R-N.Y.), his colleague on the House Armed Services Committee who has known Hunter for 14 years. “He’ll never refuse to listen and works hard to build a base of support” for his ideas.

That has made Hunter predictable to his party, but sometimes also an unwieldy force to the Bush administration.

He refuses to vote for free-trade agreements even when the administration and leadership officials are angling for each and every vote, as was the case with the Central America Free Trade Agreement.

And Hunter, whom many call a protectionist, was instrumental in scuttling a deal that would have given the operations at six major U.S. ports to Dubai Ports World, a company owned by the United Arab Emirates.

“He was shocked that the administration approved the deal,” said Rep. Jim Saxton (R-N.J.), a senior member of Hunter’s committee and a close friend. Saxton worked with Hunter to introduce legislation blocking the deal and revising the foreign-investment process to ensure national security.

“On the Dubai issue, he got all fired up,” a congressional source said. Hunter gathered information to prove that Dubai has not been trustworthy — despite repeated administration assertions that the UAE is a vital ally in the war on terrorism.

It is not often that a guest on a TV news program has the boldness to put the interviewer’s political-activism past in the open, but Hunter wasn’t one to shy away. He made sure to point out, three times, that George Stephanopoulos, the host of ABC’s “This Week,” had worked for President Clinton, who supported the Dubai Ports deal.

“I don’t think President Clinton, your old boss, knows the facts of the transshipment that take place through Dubai sending nuclear components to all parts of the world,” Hunter told Stephanopoulos, in one of the references to Clinton.

Fighting for national security and the men and women in uniform is Hunter’s guiding mantra, according to those who know him well.

At a time when some GOP members are starting to cast doubts on the situation in Iraq, Hunter has been a steadfast supporter of Bush’s approach to the Middle Eastern country.

“I think we are going to be as successful as we were in … [disassembling] the Soviet empire, as successful as we were in bringing democracy to nations in Central America,” said Hunter, who went on several delegations to Iraq.

Hunter opposes troop withdrawal from Iraq until U.S. commanders feel that Iraqi forces have been adequately trained to defend the country.

The Armed Services Committee chairman also became the administration’s defender of U.S. conduct at military-detainee facilities at a time when human rights organizations, internal FBI and military reports, and lawmakers were decrying the inhumane treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Almost a year ago, Hunter went to the grocery store to buy the groceries and cooking supplies for the famous orange-glazed chicken and lemon-baked fish from the menu served at Guantanamo Bay.

Hunter held a press conference with the meal, saying at the time, “We treat [the prisoners] very well.”

He also called the criticism of the prisoners’ treatment “wild accusations.”

“Duncan is a very bright and dedicated individual, and when he has the ability to be creative for the forces that ups the power surge,” said Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.), one of Hunter’s closest friends and a member of his committee. “If he were an atomic-energy clock, the energy would come from the men and women in uniform.”

“He is just a passionate person who sees it like he sees it,” said Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), a centrist who fought for a provision seeking greater controls of detainee treatment in the House. “Congress needs Chairman Hunter. It is not my voice, but people need to hear from people like him,” he said.

Hunter dropped out of college to join the Army and fight in Vietnam. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in 24 helicopter combat assaults in Vietnam.

But to this day, Hunter refuses to go back to Vietnam, and according to a source he said that the only way he would come face to face with a Vietnamese is “at the end of my rifle.”

Hunter did not return calls for an interview by press time.

Hunter is a strong supporter of increased defense spending, ensuring the military it has what it needs to fight wars and to transform. While Hunter is seen as a defense hawk ready to dole out money for various programs, the defense industry has mixed feelings about the chairman.

Hunter is a strong “Buy American” supporter. Buy American rules mandate that at least 50 percent of all work on defense contracts be completed domestically.

He also guards the principles of the so-called Berry Amendment, which mandates that all specialty metals going into military weapons systems be made in the United States.

“Hunter comes by these ideas very honestly,” an industry source said. “He has never been in the position to pull this stuff until he became chairman,” but Hunter “has not grown to recognize the reality of global trade and global commerce,” the source added.

His views are so strict that Hunter refuses to get into a foreign-made car. “He can be Detroit’s poster child,” said a source familiar with the congressman.

Hunter voted for only one trade agreement, when Bush first was elected president, Saxton recalled. “He was anguished,” said Saxton, who stood next to him while Hunter voted.

“Mr. Bush is my president, and I have to do this,” Saxton remembered Hunter saying. He voted for the bipartisan trade-promotion authority act, but later, when it was rolled into a larger bill, the Trade Act of 2002, Hunter voted against it.

Duncan Hunter is the best man running for President. Don't be fooled by the other so called conservatives in the race. Duncan Hunter is the true conservative with a rock solid record. No other candidate comes close. Learn more about Duncan here.

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Diamonds or Pearls

Is anyone surprised at CNN loading questions for the Democratic Debate? It gets even more troubling reading this. Hillary campaign staff loading questions....CNN loading questions...No wonder the Democrats were afraid to debate on FOX. They want to lead the nation? Is anything about them real? What a joke.

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Draft Gen Peter Pace

Draft Peter Pace....You can count me in! This man could fire up a conservative base and win. Beat Warner? Indeed. This Marine could take Marky Mark to the woodshed.

I like Jim Gilmore but he does not excite me. Eric Cantor is unknown to most people. A man like Pace could prrovide the fresh leadership we need.

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Tonight will be different! I am the ripper, the terror, the slasher. I am the teeth in the darkness! The talons in the night! My name is strength! And lust! And power! I AM BEOWULF!

If you liked 300 you will like Beowulf also.

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Wise County Power Plant - The Bristol Herald Courier

Site of the Wise County Plant with work underway!

The Bristol Herald Courier had this editorial on coal yesterday. They bring up Domion Power gave $500,000 to Virginia Tech for carbon sequestration research. they also bring forth the fact that the tree hugging smelly hippies cant grasp:

Some of coal’s opponents don’t care about the research. They want the nation to stop burning coal. Period.

There are problems with such a stance. America’s demand for electricity to heat and cool ever-bigger homes, power its computers and keep industry humming continues to grow. At present, coal provides about half of that power, and there is no technology yet available to replace it. Unless we want to go back to the time of oil lamps and candlelight, coal will remain part of the picture for some time to come.

Indeed. Lets keep using coal and lots of it! Lets liquefy it and run it in our cars and trucks to decrease the dependence on foreign oil. Coal can provide the answer for the next 100 years.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mitt Romney Blames McCain/Fiengold

Mitt Romney has responded about those anti Mormon phone calls. Mitt blames McCain/Feingold

Without prompting, Romney then predicted that there "will be those that ask, 'how in the world could this happen?  How is it that we don't know who's doing it?'"
"In that regard, you know, you have to look back at the legislation that is known as McCain-Feingold," Romney said.
"The bill leaves an enormous, gaping loophole and says that if you form a 527 or 501c4 you don’t have to disclose who the donors are," Romney said.  "They can give an unlimited amount. The result of that legislation you’re seeing played out in politics today."
Deeming the bill a "monster" that needs to be repealed, Romney argued that the calls show "just how ineffective it has been in removing the influence of money and underhanded politics." LINK

Video of Mitt's response is here. I still have contempt for John McCain and Fred Thompson over that piece of legislation. This whole anti Mormon thing stinks.



Duncan Hunter is on so be sure to tune in.

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Pro War Boy Scouts

All the top blogs are talking about this. Boyscouts taking donations to supply care packages for our troops were shut down in Cambridge one moonbat. Gateway Pundit has a good round up. Supporting our troops is "too political"? Notice in this video that the reporter says the troops are not happy about this.

SwacGirl has more.
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Raising Sand - Robert Plant, T-Bone Burnett, Alison Krauss - Video

What chemistry! No wonder the CD is awesome. I'm Gone Gone Gone..


Rudy Represents the GOP???

You may want to have breakfast before watching.

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Fred Thompson and Title X

I wanted to link this article and this one about Fred and Global Warming.

I know, I know, Fred can win, Record and character be damned.

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The Strategy of Defeat

From Rush

RUSH: I got a fax from Duncan Hunter here, Republican presidential candidate and ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the US House. 

"Dear Rush:  The Iraq funding bill that the Democrats passed last night includes one of the most devastating provisions ever passed during a military conflict.  Page four of the bill states this:  'None of the funds may be used to deploy any unit to Iraq unless the president has certified in writing to the committees on appropriations and Armed Services at least 15 days in advance of the deployment that the unit is fully mission capable.'  Today, our military operations in Iraq involve dozens of units moving across the Iraq border every 24 hours.  These units may be aircraft called from an aircraft carrier off the coast or the air base in Turkey or Special Forces, SEAL/Ranger teams, special explosive teams or any of a number of other specialized reaction forces.  Thus the Democrat notify-and-wait-for-fifteen-days provision, if it becomes law, will endanger our troops in Iraq by prohibiting supportive or reinforcing units from coming to their aid in a timely fashion.  In this war against terrorism, targets are acquired which present only small windows of opportunity, sometimes involving minutes, some involving hours.  For the Democrat leadership to require fifteen-day waiting periods for reaction forces is a remarkable disservice to every American in Iraq." ~ Duncan Hunter

Democrats are determined to cripple our military and lose this war.

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Anti Mormon, McCain Loving Phone Calls

The ugly side of politics.

In an apparent push poll, a research firm has called Iowa Republicans this week praising John McCain and critcizing Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith.  
An individual in Manchester, Iowa, contacted me on Wednesday night saying he received a call with information about McCain's military service and anti-spending record.
Then there were "lots of negatives on Romney," said the recepient of the call in an e-mail, including mentions of his "flip-flops," hiring illegal immigrants as landscapers and extensive discussion of Mormonism.
"Statements were on baptizing the dead, the Book of Mormon being on the level of the Bible, and one about equating it to a cult," said the Iowan, deeming them "common criticisms of Mormonism."
"I think they asked twice if being a Mormon would be an issue," this person added.(LINK)

I hope the source is revealed soon.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Method to the Madness

Leslie Carbone has a excellent post about the recent GOP presidential endorsements. Robertson for Rudy? Right to Life for federalist Fred? They have to be kidding. Ms. Carbone concludes with

There are several candidates more credibly committed to the sanctity of life than Fred Thompson. Salivating over Sen. Thompson's alleged electability, NRLC has made a Faustian bargain.

I could not agree more. I predict a message will be sent to the GOP come next November and they wont like it. Conservatives Betrayed indeed.


New Federal Laws Hurting Small Coal Companies

I was young on this mountain but now I am old
And I knew every holler, every cool swimmin' hole
‘Til one night I lay down and woke up to find
That my childhood was over and I went down in the mine

There's a hole in this mountain and it's dark and it's deep
And God only knows all the secrets it keeps
There's a chill in the air only miners can feel
There're ghosts in the tunnels that the company sealed~Steve Earle

New laws are hurting small mining companies -

The MINER Act of 2006 was passed by Congress to raise safety standards for underground mines in the wake of two accidents that year with multiple fatalities.
Among the act’s provisions is a requirement that all mine operators must provided for two certified mine rescue teams. Teams must be available at a mine accident with one hour’s ground travel time from a mine rescue station, and must be familiar with the mine at which they will provide rescue services.

The state Division of Mines has came up with a solution.

The Division of Mines proposes solving the problem by establishing three state-sponsored mine rescue stations at Big Stone Gap, St. Paul and Vansant.
Those stations would covers all operators now in the Virginia program, and could possibly provide backup coverage for larger mine-site company teams.
The state would provide certified training for the responsible person at each mine, and certified training and annual re-training for new mine emergency first responders.
The rescue stations would be responsible for coordination, assistance and monitoring of mine emergency response plans and mine emergency development drills. Also, the state would develop and coordinate two annual mine rescue contests.
The proposal’s estimated costs include:
■ $1.5 million to build and equip the stations.
■ $546,000 for rescue team vehicles.
■ Materials for operations, $732,400.
■ Pay and benefits for station coordinators, $319,000.
■ Pay and benefits for rescue teams, $1.77 million.
Funding options include:
■ Funds from the state coal employment enhancement tax credit.
■ A per-ton “rescue” tax;
■ A direct user fee for each operator receiving services; and/or
■ A surcharge for coal-fired utility customers to support mine rescue.
Division of Mines representatives plan to meet with county representatives and others to seek support for funding options.

For those that can, read all about here. The Feds will never understand the concepts of mining.

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I'm Not Emeril is back

Alton has returned with a couple good posts about the past election. Click on over and check it out. Did the loss get Alton down? I think not:

"In politics, this was my first rodeo. It won't be my last. I'll get right back up on that bull as soon as possible. The next time my spurs will be shinier, I'll have a better instinct for the unpredictable turns and twists and shakes that bull will make, and I'll certainly aim once again for the full ride."



Raising Sand - Robert Plant, T-Bone Burnett, Alison Krauss on Charlie Rose Tonight

There were two musical events I was anticipating this year. The first was the new Eagle's CD. I have to admit that the CD let me down. It is not bad by any means, but I expected way more.

The second was Raising Sand. This collaboration did not let me down. The CD is amazing!  The Raising Sand crew will be on Charlie Rose tonight. here is a preview.


Monday, November 12, 2007


Forces beyond explanation are sending us messages of what is to come.....Watch and believe!

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Duncan Hunter on Glenn Beck Show Video

From a comment on Free Republic

Is it just me, or when you watch Duncan Hunter on Glen Beck's show, you don't see a guarded answering session --the likes of all the "top tier" guys. When I'm listening to this session, I'm so into every word that's being asked and's very much like watching Newt sitting there answering questions. Feel what you will about Newt, you want to listen when he's talking. This is the same way I feel about Duncan the guy has AMERICA's best interests at heart.

AND...he has a handshake like General Tommy Franks. Very good.

Dear Lord, help this man help America.

Indeed. Check out Duncan on the Glenn beck show here.

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Scenic Coal Heritage Trail

Jerry From on High - "For the love of God. A coal heritage trail."

I have Wise Girl building a lemonade stand for the massive influx of tourists. My troubles are over for sure! Geeeesh...

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Bristol Herald Courier Endorsements Refused

How dare this newspaper try to tell you good citizens of Washington County how to vote. You showed us by rejecting four of the six candidates we endorsed for local office.~J. Todd Foster managing editor of the Bristol Herald Courier LINK

What a hoot! While many readers will find this editorial entertaining, many will find it insulting to voters.

I find the rant (and that's what it is) shows the real disconnect between editorial board and readers.


Duncan Hunter and the Border Fence - "They built enough just so the president could have a photo opportunity"

The RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL has a good article about Duncan Hunter.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Duncan Hunter - Veterans Day Statement

San Diego, CA - - - Presidential candidate and current Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Duncan Hunter, today made the following statement regarding Veterans Day.

"Veterans Day provides our nation the opportunity to reflect thankfully on the sacrifices of those who have served the cause of freedom.

"In the last century more than 619,000 Americans in uniform were killed on battlefields around the world protecting our nation and our way of life.

"We cannot thank them all sufficiently. It is beyond human capability to grasp the enormity of what they gave so the rest of us might enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can, however, reflect on the unique quality of America's veterans and their service.

"From Bunker Hill to New Orleans, Gettysburg to San Juan Hill, Belleau Wood to Normandy, Chosin Reservoir to Khe San, Desert Storm to Kabul, Baghdad to Fallujah, American veterans have represented the finest of human qualities. "Greater love hath no man than he who lays down his life for another" is what the Bible tells us. Our veterans have made that sacrifice unflinchingly, with a character that General Douglas MacArthur described as "stainless." They make the sacrifice for their comrades in arms, their "buddies" and the immediate mission at hand. But in a greater sense they have made the sacrifice for millions of Americans whom they do not know and who do not know them.

"And uniquely, American veterans have not brought subjugation to the nations they prevailed in, but rather brought freedom. From the Philippines to Japan , to Germany , to El Salvador and Panama … America has never coveted another nation, but has only asked that freedom be followed and that the institutions of freedom be established, often with American aid.

"All of us, secure in America's blessings can honor our veterans today. We can do this by thanking them personally, by involving ourselves in the many organizations that serve veterans and their families and, finally, we can follow their model of selflessness by helping our fellow citizens wherever we see a need."

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