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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday video

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rick (the feckless betrayer) Boucher - Getting Slammed in LTE's Pt.2

Another good slam on Boucher!

No fight left in Virginia's Fightin' Ninth

Virginia’s Ninth District for many years was known as the “Fightin’ Ninth.” We are no more. With the election of Obama and his loyal-to-the-end sidekick Rick Boucher, the Ninth has gone down without a fight.

Boucher has pledged wholehearted support for the most liberal White House agenda in many years. Just last month, he voted in support of a despicable hate crimes bill that the overwhelming majority of Virginians were opposed to.

The bill will eventually lead to the erosion of free speech rights and open the door to prosecution for clergy or anyone else speaking out against homosexuality or abortion. It also grants special protection for pedophiles, rapists, and child molesters.

If that wasn’t enough, Boucher just this week is supporting carbon cap and trade legislation that if passed would send electric bills through the roof, raise taxes and send a message to his buddy Obama that he can count on him to help drive a nail in the coffin of the coal industry. The one thing I can say about you, Rick, is that you almost never miss a vote. I just wish you had missed these two.

Randy Perry-Norton, Va.

Give us a candidate and lets get to work. Boucher has got to go!


Rick (Feckless) Boucher Getting Slammed in LTE's

This is great! Not only are my friends Jerry and Alton paying attention to the unhappiness, dare I say hatred, many here are feeling towards our feckless leader. I have noticed a increase in LTE's about Boucher. Like this one

Boucher has stabbed coal miners in the back

Congressman Rick Boucher has betrayed the hardworking coal miners of Southwest Virginia that have trusted him with their votes for the past 26 years. Ironically, it was the coalfield counties that put Boucher in Congress in the first place. That’s gratitude, I guess.

By helping pass the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, Boucher has struck a fatal blow to the coal industry and to the economy of Southwest Virginia. Boucher betrayed the hardworking coal miners and sold out their best interests that he was supposed to have been guarding in Congress. Thanks to Boucher, joblessness will increase, hard economic times will only get worse, and all U.S. consumers will pay more for electricity, gasoline and all goods and services because energy is used to produce and deliver every commodity known to man.

Boucher sacrificed the well-being of the coalfields upon the altar of junk science just because his socialist friend Barack Obama wanted the government to take over the energy industry. Obama made in plain last year that he would bankrupt those burning coal, and Boucher is proving to be a reliable handmaiden in achieving that nefarious goal. Coal miners should march on Boucher’s office in Abingdon and demand his resignation.

Bobby Lee May - Hurley, Va.

Preach on brother! Maybe I need to change Feckless Rick to Rick the Betrayer.


Rick (Feckless) Boucher on the Ropes Defending His Energy Bill Vote

Ole feckless is on the ropes over his energy bill vote that will hammer the coalfields. Alpha Natural Resources wheel Mike Quillen gives calls the bill "unacceptable" -

“With what Congressman Boucher was able to get changed in the original proposal out of the House, it’s much more acceptable to the industry than it would have been,“ Alpha Natural Resources Chairman and CEO Mike Quillen said.

Despite that praise, Quillen says the legislation still remains unacceptable.

“We are very concerned that there could be significant job losses in the coal industry,“ he said.

That is especially concerning for Alpha Natural Resources and its 6,500 employees (1,200 of those employees are in Southwest Virginia). Quillen says his employees have already shared their fears. As it stands right now, Quillen doubts the coal industry can reduce emissions without reducing coal production, meaning people will lose their jobs.

“Our analysis is there’s probably going to be about 2.2 jobs lost for every ‘green’ job created,“ Quillen said.

Still even with those concerns, Boucher insists coal miners have nothing to worry about.

“There will be no job loss associated with this measure,“ Boucher said(LINK TO BHC) Underlining by me.

If Feckless Rick thinks this bill will not cost jobs he is a fool. Since Obama has taken the throne the coal biz here has declined. Jobs lost, overtime cut. As a commenter on the article writes that if Rick is being honest about the bill not costing jobs why does the bill address extending education benefits and extending unemployment?

Posted by ( Radio Bill ) on July 07, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Rep Boucher if this bill will not eliminate one single job! Why then is there a provision to extend education benefits and unemployment to those losing their jobs as a result of this bill. I am not sure as to the exact number of months, 36 months? I can only conclude that another Rep did not read the bill but just voted on party lines. This is not representing he people of our district.

To bad a reporter did not ask him that question as it is obvious Rick is selling bullshit. The people here are mad. I am hearing more bad talk against him than ever before. Give us a solid pro coal candidate that will campaign and we can send Ole feckless's ass back home. We need a candidate......


Divorce Special

I love this ad!

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Update on Wise County Trash to Fuel Plant - Real Green Jobs

The Coalfield Progress (pay to read) brings us this update on the plant.

There’s still plenty left to do before Wise County commits money or land to a proposal to locate a plant here that would turn trash into ethanol.
County Financial Administrator David Cox, who’s been put in charge of working with the company making the pitch, says the county is still working with representatives from the Bristol-based Reclaimed Resources Inc. to “clarify issues.”
Issues still to be addressed include financing for the $150-plus million project, zoning rules and other regulatory issues, a location for the facility and other detail work, Cox said in a Wednesday telephone interview.
Still, county supervisors plan to consider going on record in support of the project in either July or August.
Wednesday, County Attorney Karen Mullins was drafting a memorandum of understanding between Wise County and Reclaimed Resources to endorse, at least in concept, the location of a trash-to-ethanol plant here.
“The memorandum would express the support and interest of the county in promoting that type of development,” Mullins said Tuesday, noting that the county recognizes the economic development and environmental enhancement potential of such a plant.

Take a couple minutes and look at this plant and the awesome technology...A big geothermal still that produces sterile byproducts.


Rick Boucher has Opponents! - Terry Kilgore?

Well Kilgore will be there....This  is from a piece in the BHC about Tea Party Protests -

At least three people are considering a run against Boucher in next year’s Congressional election, and Smith said one of them might announce his candidacy Monday. U.S. Rep. Phil Roe and state Delegate Terry Kilgore also are scheduled to speak.

Here is more proof of how feckless a congress critter Boucher is -

Boucher, though invited, said he does not plan to attend the rally. Though organizers said the event is nonpartisan, Boucher said it’s clearly being held by his opposing party.

“I don’t think it’s in their interest or mine for me to be addressing what essentially is a Republican rally,” Boucher said Thursday.

Hey Feckless! There are democrats, republicans, and independents at those rallies. The same votes you rely on. People are mad and hopefully with the right conservative candidate we can kick your feckless ass to the curb. Boucher may take his base for granted, but after his carbon tax bullshit (Thanks Jerry) this should be his last term. People here are talking Rick, and You Sir are not voting the will of your constituents.




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