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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rick (Feckless) Boucher on the Ropes Defending His Energy Bill Vote

Ole feckless is on the ropes over his energy bill vote that will hammer the coalfields. Alpha Natural Resources wheel Mike Quillen gives calls the bill "unacceptable" -

“With what Congressman Boucher was able to get changed in the original proposal out of the House, it’s much more acceptable to the industry than it would have been,“ Alpha Natural Resources Chairman and CEO Mike Quillen said.

Despite that praise, Quillen says the legislation still remains unacceptable.

“We are very concerned that there could be significant job losses in the coal industry,“ he said.

That is especially concerning for Alpha Natural Resources and its 6,500 employees (1,200 of those employees are in Southwest Virginia). Quillen says his employees have already shared their fears. As it stands right now, Quillen doubts the coal industry can reduce emissions without reducing coal production, meaning people will lose their jobs.

“Our analysis is there’s probably going to be about 2.2 jobs lost for every ‘green’ job created,“ Quillen said.

Still even with those concerns, Boucher insists coal miners have nothing to worry about.

“There will be no job loss associated with this measure,“ Boucher said(LINK TO BHC) Underlining by me.

If Feckless Rick thinks this bill will not cost jobs he is a fool. Since Obama has taken the throne the coal biz here has declined. Jobs lost, overtime cut. As a commenter on the article writes that if Rick is being honest about the bill not costing jobs why does the bill address extending education benefits and extending unemployment?

Posted by ( Radio Bill ) on July 07, 2009 at 7:07 pm

Rep Boucher if this bill will not eliminate one single job! Why then is there a provision to extend education benefits and unemployment to those losing their jobs as a result of this bill. I am not sure as to the exact number of months, 36 months? I can only conclude that another Rep did not read the bill but just voted on party lines. This is not representing he people of our district.

To bad a reporter did not ask him that question as it is obvious Rick is selling bullshit. The people here are mad. I am hearing more bad talk against him than ever before. Give us a solid pro coal candidate that will campaign and we can send Ole feckless's ass back home. We need a candidate......

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