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Saturday, February 27, 2010

27% Profit Jump for Appalachian Power

As the masses complain about rate increases...

Appalachian Power Co.'s profit in 2009 totaled $155.81 million -- a jump of about 27 percent when compared with 2008.(LINK)

And now they seek rate increases?

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Climate Fraud - Skelton, Peterson, Emerson Introduce Bipartisan Joint Resolution to Halt EPA's Planned Regulation of Greenhouse Gases

This coming on the heels of Peabody Coal filing Petition for Reconsideration,” a full-blown legal challenge against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), Congressman Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn.), and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) introduced a joint resolution in the House of Representatives to nullify the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) finding in December 2009 that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and therefore could be regulated under the Clean Air Act.  Under the Congressional Review Act of 1996, Congress has 60 legislative days to review a major rule under expedited legislative procedures and consider a resolution to disapprove of the rulemaking.

            With regards to the resolution, Congressman Skelton stated:

Congress stands in the shoes of the American people.  Executive branch agencies, like EPA, carry out the laws passed by Congress.

“When Congress passed the Clean Air Act, it never gave EPA the explicit authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions for the purpose of stopping global climate change.  But, that is exactly what EPA has proposed to do. 

“I do not agree with the EPA or the 2007 Supreme Court ruling that gave the Agency that authority.  So, today, I introduced a bipartisan joint resolution to stop EPA from implementing its proposed greenhouse gas regulations that would likely be very costly to farmers, business owners, Midwestern utilities, and consumers.

“The resolution of disapproval does not stop Congress from working on important energy legislation, though I do hope it will set aside cap and trade in favor of a more scaled back bipartisan bill.  My resolution does, however, keep EPA from threatening Congress with its own greenhouse gas policy as we write legislation.

Read it all here. Lets see where Rick Boucher, my feckless congress critter, lands on this.

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Mining Self Rescuers Recalled

These are the same rescuers worn at SAGO that Randal McCloy said failed the trapped miners.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- A belt-worn breathing device that coal miners count on to save their lives during fires, explosions and entrapments was voluntarily recalled Friday because of a problem with the oxygen starter.

CSE Corp. of Monroeville, Pa., also said it had suspended production of the SR-100, the most popular self-contained self-rescuer unit in U.S. coal mines, while it investigates the problem.

CSE said it is recalling the entire production lot of more than 4,000 units sold to mining companies operating in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Ohio, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. However, it believes the problem may affect less than 1 percent of those units(LINK)

A serious problem that needs to be addressed. The SR-100 was problematic for sure.


The Bristol Herald Courier Is Mad at Governor Bob McDonnell

Guess why the BHC editorial board is mad? Because McDonnell would not say he would turn down a spot on the national Republican ticket. That's right. The real laugh is they compare McDonnell's no answer to Tim Kaine's jet setting around the country for the DNC while ignoring Virginia.

But asked if he would stay if offered a spot on the national Republican ticket, his answer was wavering: “There are a lot of good vice presidential candidates out there.”

That vague reply opens the door to the same kinds of critics who blasted Kaine for taking the DNC job while still in the governor’s mansion. McDonnell’s bigger problem is that he said it barely a month into the job.

Certainly McDonnell is a rising star in the GOP. He has an exemplary business and military career and a 14-year conservative track record in the Virginia House of Delegates. He was recognized by both Republicans and Democrats, and endorsed by this newspaper, for making his run for governor about jobs, not conservative dogma.

But Virginia residents desperately need a governor who is focused on Virginia’s needs, not a run for higher office. McDonnell must keep his aim on leading Virginia out of its ever-widening budget crisis and rebuilding the state’s economy.(LINK)

There is no comparison here. Kaines's actions stand on their own. To compare McDonnell's no answer to a hypothetical question to Kaine's actions is absurd.


Massey Win's Injunction Against Smelly Anti - Coal Hippies

From what I have seen of the Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice protesters as they chain themselves to gates and equipment and create a safety hazard along with impeding people from working and supporting their families is they could use some soap and water. It is about time a Judge a laid down the law.

BECKLEY, W.Va. (AP) -- Coal producer Massey Energy Co. has won a court order barring protesters from a southern West Virginia mining complex until a subsidiary's lawsuit against them is resolved.

The order issued Friday by U.S. District Judge Irene Berger covers five defendants arrested during a nine-day tree-sitting protest at Massey's Marfork Coal operation in Raleigh County. Mining opponents have staged a series of protests targeting Massey operations in West Virginia for more than a year.(LINK)

It is about time. These knuckle heads block roads that could impede a emergency vehicle. I say throw them in jail, fine them steeply, and most of all make them take a bath.

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Spank That Donkey Has Left The Building

And he didn't even say goodbye. Another Virginia Original blogger is gone....

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Friday, February 26, 2010

NASCAR - The Return of Richard Childress Racing

After two races the Richard Childress Racing teams own three of the top five spots. With Harvick leading and Bowyer in second, many are saying RCR could be the team to beat this year. Jeff Burton sitting in fifth doesn't hurt either. NASCAR.COM asks

1. They own the top two positions in points, and they've had great cars in the first two races. Is Richard Childress Racing the best team in NASCAR?

Some say yes, some no.

David Caraviello: Right now, absolutely, unequivocally, yes. Now, it's too early to know if RCR has improved enough to legitimately vie for the championship, or even make the Chase. But they could have finished 1-2-3 in each of the first two races. That's not a mirage. That's real. They're very, very good.

Bill Kimm: Let's slow this train down, shall we? It's very exciting to see RCR up front and performing the way they are -- but the best team? No way. Until someone knocks Hendrick down a couple of notches in November -- when it matters -- then we can crown a team "the best." But not after two races.

Raygan Swan: In my opinion it is too early to say. Kevin Harvick said last season his first five races were decent and he missed the Chase. RCR is heading in the right direction for sure with the crew changes and going back to a three-car stable, but whether their performance will last beyond Bristol is yet to be determined.

I say it is early, but I am excited for my favorite team. I'm still not crazy about Harvick, but those killer B's - Burton and Bowyer have my support.


NASCAR At Spark it Up HQ - Jeff Burton

Click Picture to Embiggen

My favorite driver Jeff Burton is off to a great start. With two top 10 finishes he is sitting 5th the points. Living where I do...How can you not support a Virginia driver sitting in a CAT car!

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80 Year Old Deputy Retires

After 58 years of service, William Slemp retires.

ABINGDON, Va. – William Slemp ties little notes to the various weapons he keeps hidden in potted plants and bookshelves all over his Abingdon home.

“I carried these two black jacks while working at Abingdon Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Office,” one reads. “Used them many times, cracken heads.”

The notes are so that when he dies, he said, his son will remember what each thing meant.

Slemp is, for the most part, an average old man – hard of hearing, prone to giggling, crazy about his granddaughter. Only at 80 years old, he just retired after 58 years in law enforcement. LINK

“Used them many times, cracken heads.”...You gotta love it! Thank you for your service Mr. Slemp.

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NASCAR at Spark it Up HQ

Best looking car on the track and a driver that Wise Girl is rooting for. Go Matt Kenseth! I will stick with Jeff Burton, but that car does look mean.

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NASCAR Means Development For Bristol - Rick Boucher wants more trails...

Great news!

Plan revealed for huge complex near BMS

BRISTOL, Tenn. – The owner of Cedars Golf Course announced a project Thursday to gradually turn the Volunteer Parkway facility into a massive camping, parking, hotel and retail complex that would work in tandem with the nearby Bristol Motor Speedway.

Bob Slagle, owner of Cedars Golf Course, said the project – called Bristol’s Thunder Mountain – would be built on 469 acres over a five-year period. He said it would create some 10,000 new parking spots and 5,000 camping spaces near the speedway – greatly easing traffic pressure during the two annual NASCAR race weekends – and also produce more hotel rooms for spectators and tourists.

The benefits are many and NASCAR is the reason. Meanwhile in SWVA, Rick Boucher wants more trails....

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NRA Endorses Rick Boucher

This comes as a surprise to some. The NRA leans towards incumbents with good ratings. Boucher has a A+ rating that many question. As far as I know, Boucher has voted pro gun and represented my views except for the vote on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1.

Is this a big deal? Getting a NRA endorsement is always good in the 9th. Will it matter? Not much as long as his opponent has a A rating also. If anything, Boucher's pro gun votes could aggravate some of the anti gun libbies in the district...all ten of them - LOL

Morgan Griffith has released this statement.

“The NRA has endorsed Congressman Boucher based on specific votes he has taken in Washington on issues of importance to sportsmen and gun owners,” Griffith said. “There is, however, one vote taken at the beginning of each Congress that the group does not compute into its ratings. And on that vote, for Speaker of the House, he has been placing in a position of power Nancy Pelosi, who clearly does not have a commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of Americans.
“I commit to the voters of the 9th District, I will never vote for a Speaker of the House who does not share my strong support for the Second Amendment.”
Griffith also touted the consistent “A” rating he’s received from the NRA during his tenure in the House of Delegates. (LINK

Good move by Griffith. Boucher may vote pro gun, but his votes to put anti gun politicians in positions of power.


SWVA Blogs Talking Boucher vs Griffith

The Smyth County Conservative and The Roanoke Valley Republican blog are excited about Morgan Griffith challenging Boucher.

Jerry From on High has been all over Boucher and for good reason. He is out of touch with his constituents. Boucher thinks his district is racist. I would argue that. Jerry is glad about Boucher's challenger and has some good advice for Griffith.

"A helpful suggestion to Mr. Griffith: When you announce your candidacy, Boucher is going to welcome you to the arena and announce his intention to make it a clean and friendly campaign.  Bullshit.  Go for the jugular.  The electorate is unnerved by what's going on in this country.  Playing this as a fraternity competition will get you nowhere.  Bring thunder.  Throw hand grenades.  Or lose."

Indeed. Boucher betrayed the coalfields with his cap and trade position....And his support of Obama's anti coal position. People are fired up. Heres a couple quotes from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph from a Tazewell Town Hall meeting.

“I’m definitely against cap and trade,” Bobby May of Hurley, who brought an anti cap and trade sign to Monday’s meeting, said. “I think you made a big mistake not voting against it. You sir are the only representative from a coal community to vote for cap and trade. Please explain to me sir what made you so smart, and made all of those other representatives dumb.” May said U.S. Rep. Nick Joe Rahall, D-W.Va., voted against the same measure in neighboring West Virginia.
Seth White, chairman of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, said voters can take a stand against the Environmental Protection Agency if Boucher and other Democrats are unwilling. “I want to state today — there is something we do about the EPA,” White, one of about 150 people who attended the town hall meeting, said. “If the folks we have in the House and Senate won’t do anything we can elect new representatives who can.”
White also criticized Boucher for his support of President Barack Obama. “I will say today when you support a president who vehemently hates coal, and hates Southwest Virginia, you didn’t do what is right for your district,

Boucher will have explaining to do. The people deserve honest debates and forums between the candidates. I want to see Boucher squirm when confronted about his votes here in the coalfields.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rick Boucher vs Morgan Griffith? - Griffith vs a Field of Four?

The Bristol Herald has it's first mention of the race.

ABINGDON, Va. – With the endorsement of leading 9th District Republicans, Morgan Griffith is shaping up to be this year’s GOP congressional nominee.

Griffith, the majority leader in the Virginia House of Delegates, has the backing of fellow Republican Delegates Bill Carrico of Independence, Terry Kilgore of Gate City, Anne B. Crockett-Stark of Wytheville, Charles Poindexter of Glade Hill, Will Morefield of Tazewell and Dave Nutter of Christiansburg, his campaign announced Wednesday.

According to the announcement, Griffith also has the support of Republican state Sens. William Wampler of Bristol and Ralph Smith of Roanoke.

“A final decision has not been made,” Press Secretary Jeff Ryer said of Griffith’s candidacy, “but certainly preparations for one being made, are well on their way.” Link to the BHC

The BHC reporter is fast to point out "Griffith has a challenge ahead of him in trying to unseat U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, a Democrat who has been in office since 1983 and has long been considered unbeatable." Garren Shipley says Boucher is vulnerable.

“I think that Congressman Boucher is vulnerable primarily because he voted against the interest of his district,” Shipley said. “Any time a congressman votes to kill the jobs of his constituents, raise their taxes and drive their utility bills through the roof, there’s going to be vulnerability.”

Indeed, but the other candidates are taking shots at Griffith.

Jeremiah Heaton, an independent candidate from Washington County, made light Wednesday of Griffith’s residence, which technically lies outside the 9th District.

Leopold, the Democratic Party spokesman, did too. “I feel like it’s important to have a congressman that’s actually from the district,”

Okay, we have a Independent in the running along with two other Republicans for sure and two maybes.

At least two other Republican candidates, Jessee Ring of Pulaski County and Adam Light of Tazewell County, said they’re still seeking the nomination.

“I think we need a new face and fresh blood,” Ring said. “I think it would be good to have some fresh perspective.”

Two others who have announced a bid for the nomination – Dave Moore of Tazewell County and Jim Bebout of Marion – were not reachable for comment Wednesday.

Sounds like fun to me. I predict it could get ugly on the GOP side.


Climate Fraud - Peabody Energy Takes U.S. government to court!

This should be interesting because it sounds like Peabody is locked and loaded :

The world’s largest private sector coal business, the Peabody Energy Company (PEC) has filed a mammoth 240-page “Petition for Reconsideration,” a full-blown legal challenge against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The petition must be answered and covers the entire body of leaked emails from ‘Climategate’ as well as those other ‘gate’ revelations including the frauds allegedly perpetrated under such sub-headings as ‘Himalayan Glaciers,’ ‘African Agricultural Production,’ ‘Amazon Rain Forests,’ ‘Melting Mountain Ice,’ ‘Netherlands Below Sea Level’ as well as those much-publicized abuses of the peer-review literature and so called ‘gray literature.’ These powerful litigants also draw attention to the proven criminal conduct by climate scientists in refusing to honor Freedom of Information law (FOIA) requests.

Peabody is, in effect, challenging the right of the current U.S. federal government to introduce cap and trade regulations by the ‘back door.’ In this article we summarize Peabody’s legal writ. Read it All

You can see the 240 page Petition for Reconsideration here.

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Retire Rick Boucher is up!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

71% Give Congress Poor Rating

Voter unhappiness with Congress has reached the highest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports as 71% now say the legislature is doing a poor job.

That’s up ten points from the previous high of 61% reached a month ago.

Republicans should not be too excited because the poll also shows that

Still, voters believe Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have a plan for the future.

About that Healthcare plan some are saying Americans want

As Congress continues to hash out the health care reform plan proposed by the president and Congressional Democrats, just 41% of voters favor the plan while 56% are opposed. Sixty-three percent (63%) of all voters say a better strategy to reform the health care system would be to pass smaller bills that address problems individually.

Read it all here.


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Did Bob Marshall Lie?

With all the condemnation Bob Marshall is receiving, I was surprised to read this. Bob made the statement -

"The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children" Listen here.

As my readers know I was very disappointed. Not so much with Marshall, I expected as much from him, but from the silence of the RPV and our leaders. Governor Bob McDonnell has issued a statement on the issue calling Marshall's comments "offensive". Indeed. Tonight I read that Marshall denied saying the above quote. WMAL interviewed Marshall and we have -

"Marshall however today told WMAL he never said any such thing. "One of the reporters said to me, 'I wondered why AP (Associated Press) and the other guys didn't cover this. I said, 'Jonathan, because it didn't happen,' " Marshall told WMAL." (LINK)

You can listen to the show by clicking here. I guess WMAL could be faking the whole thing, but I don't believe that. To believe Marshall I must now believe the statements he is now apologizing for, he never said to begin with......or in other words He said it before he didn't say it....

I would think a man who is so knowledgeable about God's punishment and the views of Christians on God's punishment would know about telling the truth. Still we have silence from the RPV. Sickening.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bob Marshall - What Say the RPV? or Today, I am Ashamed to be a Republican

This sucks.

Legislator: Disabled kids are
God’s punishment

RICHMOND — State Delegate Bob Marshall of Manassas says disabled children are God’s punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy.

He made that statement Thursday at a press conference to oppose state funding for Planned Parenthood.

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first
born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,“ said Marshall, a Republican.

“In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.“

I had no plan to blog, but Bob Marshall takes the cake. Many will say the RPV should not have to say anything. I say they do. Bob's statement has hurt many people and that cant be argued. People see Bob Marshall - Republican....The damage is done.

My friend James Young brings up "Obama's child is punishment statement". I agree that was bad, but Bob is a Republican and this voter expects better. A slip of the tongue? Maybe. Insensitive and stupid stupid stupid - Definitely.

This is not Marshall's first gaffe. I took a lot of heat from the Bloggers for Bob Marshall when I supported Jim Gilmore. I took issue with Marshall for a couple gun control votes and his Sierra Club endorsement. In the comments to my post he compared his involvement with the Sierra Club to Christ associating with tax collectors, prostitutes, and worst of all, lawyers....I was not impressed and a commenter rightly called him out saying "You are no Jesus Bob."

All of this is troubling. My support for the RPV is wavering and the silence is not helping. Marshall has issued an apology but IMHO it falls short, way short. A special person in my life, the mother of a special child was brought to tears.

With Marshall's statement and the shitty heartless apology, with the silence from my party, I can honestly say - Today I am ashamed of being a Republican. I know I am not the only one.

Bob, don't go away mad...JUST GO AWAY.

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