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Friday, February 26, 2010

SWVA Blogs Talking Boucher vs Griffith

The Smyth County Conservative and The Roanoke Valley Republican blog are excited about Morgan Griffith challenging Boucher.

Jerry From on High has been all over Boucher and for good reason. He is out of touch with his constituents. Boucher thinks his district is racist. I would argue that. Jerry is glad about Boucher's challenger and has some good advice for Griffith.

"A helpful suggestion to Mr. Griffith: When you announce your candidacy, Boucher is going to welcome you to the arena and announce his intention to make it a clean and friendly campaign.  Bullshit.  Go for the jugular.  The electorate is unnerved by what's going on in this country.  Playing this as a fraternity competition will get you nowhere.  Bring thunder.  Throw hand grenades.  Or lose."

Indeed. Boucher betrayed the coalfields with his cap and trade position....And his support of Obama's anti coal position. People are fired up. Heres a couple quotes from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph from a Tazewell Town Hall meeting.

“I’m definitely against cap and trade,” Bobby May of Hurley, who brought an anti cap and trade sign to Monday’s meeting, said. “I think you made a big mistake not voting against it. You sir are the only representative from a coal community to vote for cap and trade. Please explain to me sir what made you so smart, and made all of those other representatives dumb.” May said U.S. Rep. Nick Joe Rahall, D-W.Va., voted against the same measure in neighboring West Virginia.
Seth White, chairman of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, said voters can take a stand against the Environmental Protection Agency if Boucher and other Democrats are unwilling. “I want to state today — there is something we do about the EPA,” White, one of about 150 people who attended the town hall meeting, said. “If the folks we have in the House and Senate won’t do anything we can elect new representatives who can.”
White also criticized Boucher for his support of President Barack Obama. “I will say today when you support a president who vehemently hates coal, and hates Southwest Virginia, you didn’t do what is right for your district,

Boucher will have explaining to do. The people deserve honest debates and forums between the candidates. I want to see Boucher squirm when confronted about his votes here in the coalfields.

Comments on "SWVA Blogs Talking Boucher vs Griffith"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:01 AM) : 

I want to see Boucher squirm when confronted about his votes here in the coalfields.

As Rick's friend Obama said in Lebanon during the election, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."

I've never thought of Rick Boucher as a bad man, and I still don't. I do, however, think he looks down on his constituents.

Rick's value-systems are clearly Washington, DC, and not SW Virginia. I think he'd make a very good ambassador, or perhaps head of the FCC. But not a "representative" who is supposed to fight for his people. He no longer identifies with us like that.


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