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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Republican YouTube Debate - No Thank You

I will say the recent YouTube debate with the democratic candidates was not what I had hoped it would be. I naively expected straight forward questions from real people, not silly video productions. I do not want to be entertained by debates, I want to be informed. While some praised the format, I found it silly and beneath what the purpose of what Presidential debates are for. I know that my opinion means little, but I was embarrassed to watch the brave candidates stand on stage and deal with the foolishness presented to them. Make no mistake, any candidate, republican or democrat that is running is a brave American. The silliness of the debate was no fault of the candidates, blame CNN and YouTube.

The Republican version is scheduled for September 17th. As of now only two candidates have committed, John McCain of Arizona and congressman Ron Paul of Texas. After watching the first debate can you really blame the others for not showing interest in format? I cant.

Kathleen Parker has wonderful column here about the debate. She writes

The recent YouTube presidential debate -- the oxymoronic event of history's longest political season -- has been dubbed "groundbreaking" and "historic."

Let's also add "ridiculous."

Not that the concerns of snowmen aren't perfectly valid, of course. One of the questions posed during the CNN-sponsored "debate" came from a talking snowman who cited global warming as the most important issue for snowmen.

"What will you do to ensure that my son will live a full and happy life?" he asked the Democratic candidates.

And not that it isn't important to know what each candidate likes and dislikes about the other. In another taped question culled from about 3,000 submitted for consideration, each candidate was asked to turn to his or her left and say what he or she likes and doesn't like about that person.

Brilliant. If you're 5. (READ IT ALL)

Indeed. We should also note the so called historic debate drew 6% less viewers that the previous debate and failed to garner much improvement for the desired younger audience. Lets hope CNN learned something from those ratings.

I will not blame candidates for not participating in this foolishness. Maybe I am just getting old and cranky but I want a question asked and equal time given to all to respond. No entertainment, just information please. I guess that is asking too much.

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