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Monday, November 19, 2007

Bolling To Kaine: Restore Funding For Abstinence Only Programs - Why I support Bill Bolling

I support Bill Bolling on this issue. The reason being is that Abstinence is the only 100% cure for unwanted pregnancy and contracting a STD. If we are going to preach about condoms then let us also tell the truth about the only proven practice for protection-Abstinence.  Giving our kids the facts is worth the money.

Bolling To Kaine: Restore Funding For Abstinence Only Programs

November 19, 2007

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has joined The Family Foundation of Virginia and other faith based organizations to ask Governor Tim Kaine to reconsider his decision to withhold $275,000 in state funding for programs that encourage young people to abstain from sexual activity outside marriage.

Last week, Kaine announced that he had cut $275,000 in funding previously approved by the General Assembly for five statewide abstinence only programs on the basis that the programs were ineffective.  Kaine supports broader programs, such as those offered by Planned Parenthood, that stress “safe sex” to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

In a letter to Governor Kaine, Lieutenant Governor Bolling asserted his support for abstinence only programs, arguing that “the only sure way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence outside of a monogamous marital relationship.”  Bolling added, “It is important that we clearly communicate this fact to parents and their children.”

Bolling also called into question Kaine’s assertion that abstinence only programs are ineffective. 

Bolling noted a 2006 report by the Virginia Department of Health which concluded that Virginia saw an 18.5% decrease in teen pregnancies, and teen sexual activity nationwide fell from 54.1% to 46.8%, during the ten year period during which abstinence education has received significant funding and expansion.

Bolling also noted that the Virginia Department of Health’s report concluded that teens in Virginia and throughout the nation are receptive to messages about abstaining from sex, and that teens participating in Virginia’s abstinence only education programs were increasingly supportive of abstinence and less supportive of teen sex than they were before participating in these programs.

“Abstinence only education programs have been proven to work in Virginia and several other states.  They are an appropriate alternative to other programs that should be available to parents, children, school systems and other organizations,” Bolling said.  “The $275,000 in funding that you propose to eliminate helps make these programs available, at least on a limited basis, and there is no sound rational for eliminating this funding.”

Bolling encouraged Governor Kaine to restore the funding.  If he fails to do so, the funding must be restored by the General Assembly in January.

For a copy of Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s letter to Governor Kaine, please click here.

For additional information on this issue please see:

Bolling asks Kaine to reconsider abstinence-only sex-ed program cuts
By Chris Graham
Bill Bolling has a problem with Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine's move to eliminate $275000 in funding from the state budget that was to go to five nonprofit programs in Virginia that administer abstinence-only sex-ed programs. ...
The New Dominion -

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