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Monday, November 19, 2007

Stop The ACLU - Duncan Hunter - Is Fox News Biased for Rudy?

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a great post - Why No Push For Duncan Hunter? He writes

However, the point I’m trying to get at is the unfair treatment by the MSM towards Duncan Hunter. I’ve also been curious as to why so many conservatives are backing liberals like Rudy Giulliani and questionable characters like Mitt Romney. Why is so little attention being paid towards a solid conservative like Duncan Hunter?

I too am amazed. There is no question that Hunter is the man with the record and the vision for America. I had always believed Duncan had the best trade message that reaches across party lines. Democrats cannot attack Duncan on trade. Duncan's plan to get the manufacturing base back in America is exactly what we need. But that is not what this post is about. In a comment on the above linked post we read another explanation. From the comments in Stop the ACLU. I underlined the meat of the comment.

  • Redhead Infidel Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    I’m the Grassroots Coordinator for Texas for the Duncan Hunter campaign and we have all kinds of opinions on why no one is pushing Duncan Hunter. However, I’ll give you one reason to start (if you want more, I’ll continue later in the discussion). I’m pasting this from an email discussion thread I had with a bunch of veterans:

    Here’s a connection between the media and the presidential campaign you guys might find interesting. I’ve often wondered why Fox News – accused of being Right Wing – has been cramming Giuliani (nowhere near being a conservative) down our throats. Even during the debates, the bias toward Giuliani is clear. In fact, watch the Fox News debate specifically and you will see that the lesser-known candidates (such as Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo) get only two questions and then are promptly cut-off when their time is up. Giuliani, on the other hand, dominates the Q and A and is given plenty of time to complete his points AFTER his time is up. It’s a clear bias to me and I couldn’t figure out WHY.


    I found out that Bracewell and Giuliani, Rudy’s law firm head-quartered here in Houston, TX – is legal counsel for Fox News. Yes, you read that right, Fox News is Giuliani’s client. Conflict of interest, ya think? Hell yeah. Where do you think Giuliani will put his tens of millions in advertising?

    It’s a dirty business, and most people don’t even know that they’re being led around by their noses by the media. But I’ll be damned if I let Fox News pick my candidate for me. I encourage you guys to consider former Army Ranger Duncan Hunter. He’s our Reagan – and I’m not exaggerating. I know the man personally, and he’s the real deal. He swept the straw poll here in Texas, and in Arizona, and N. Carolina – yet the media refuses to cover him! Why is that? BECAUSE HE HAS NO MONEY! That’s right, he’s grassroots, all the way. The media is not gonna get a big chunk of change out of this candidate and they damn well know it. So they’ve blackballed him. And by doing so, they are deliberately and consciously limiting Americans’ right to know. In order to get info on Duncan Hunter, you have to go directly to the source (, because the media will not cover him in any way, shape, or form. Dirty, greedy bastards is all they are.

    Think about it…

That is interesting if true. I think Duncan is THE BEST conservative candidate since Reagan. This guy dropped out of college to be a Army Ranger in Vietnam, came home and got his law degree and has held office for over 25 years. His record is rock solid. The Duncan Hunter movement is 100% grassroots. Don't let the MSM lead you blindly to the polls. Learn about Duncan Hunter.

Comments on "Stop The ACLU - Duncan Hunter - Is Fox News Biased for Rudy?"


Blogger Cargosquid said ... (9:59 PM) : 

The other reason is that the media loves "moderates." The liberal press will NEVER cover a conservative positively. And Fox won't cover a real conservative, because they don't want to hear how "conservative" THEY are. Fox is NOT conservative. They are just right of the others.

And, you're right. If a candidate has money, they get covered, news or message, be damned.


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (10:17 PM) : 

Cargosquid -

Sir your comment made my day. I value your opinion and THANK YOU for commenting.
We have a rare chance to support a man like Duncan. His trade message is awesome. One could say it is a populist dem message that scares the hell out of the rich GOP supporters.
Duncan Hunter can connect to both sides and win against the Dems.
You see Duncan puts America first...not just the party he represents.
Help him out Cargosquid! Duncan is not about the rich system. He is a true American hero that deserves our support.


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