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Sunday, August 31, 2008

SWAC Girl at the Republican National Convention

Swac Girl and Swac Daughter are on the way! We should get some good reports and pictures from that team while they are there.


Number One Philbilly

This weeks number one blogger - The Philbilly.

Phil is a retired NYC Police Officer that moved to the SWAC area. He blogs like a man possessed. Just check out his coverage of the big stories this week and you will see why he is #1.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Return of Joey Stanley?

Well maybe not, but you can see where Alton is coming from as he posts about the smear campaign the Democrats are starting. You gotta read this!

This battle will get ugly folks, but Palin is used to that. Ask Ted Stevens, Frank Murkowski and Don Young.

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McCain - $7 million in contributions since announcing Gov. Sarah Palin as running mate


McCain Gets $7 Million Bounce from Palin Pick

By Matthew Mosk
Sen. John McCain has taken in $7 million in contributions since announcing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, a top campaign aide said today.

The money bounce may owe to Palin's appeal with conservative donors, many of whom said privately they had planned on sitting out the campaign this year. The money comes in just under the wire -- after McCain accepts the GOP nomination Thursday, he will accept public funds and no longer be permitted to raise private money for the campaign.

United Indeed! The dems can say what they want, but Palin has fired up the base and look at that money in 24 hours....Someone said Obama gave a speech Thursday..anyone remember? LOL


Democrats love Hurricanes

Of course you expect this out of Mikey Moore, but check out former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina.

What a dick....

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Even Ben Tribbett See's It

I can only imagine what his lefty friends think of this post.

"This election might be over soon, and not in the way we all thought it would be a few weeks ago.

Could we see a battle of pantsuits in 2012 between Vice President Sarah Palin and Senator Hillary Clinton? It’s quite possible- especially if the Democrats are dumb enough to attack Palin as a small city elected official who isn’t ready for this job- making the same mistake they did in 2000 by setting expectations so low for President Bush that even he could jump the hurdle."

Not bad Mr Tribbett. As I said before - Obama talks change, Palin has accomplished change. The big speech Thursday was forgotten in under 24 hours. We will have a woman VP, and it will be Sarah Palin.


McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden - My Guns

From the NRA

Sarah Palin and Joe Biden: Worlds Apart

Friday, August 29, 2008

Even before this week, the difference between Barack Obama and John McCain was clear. For one, McCain joined more than 300 other members of Congress in signing a "friend of the court" brief, in District of Columbia v. Heller, urging the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the Second Amendment and against D.C.'s handgun ban.

Obama refused to sign the Heller brief, and supports reinstituting the Clinton gun and magazine ban. He also supports Ted Kennedy's bill to ban semi-automatic handguns in the guise of "micro-stamping," and supports banning inexpensive handguns as "junk guns."

But now that each candidate has chosen his running mate, the difference is even clearer than before. And when it comes to guns, the two prospective vice-presidents are as far apart as the states from which they hail.

Sen. McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is a NRA Life Member and hunter who says, "I support our Constitutional right to bear arms and am a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska's youth," adding "I have always strongly supported the personal use of fish and game by Alaskans. I grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska, and I am proud to raise my children with this same uniquely Alaskan heritage."

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox says "Governor Palin doesn't just talk about supporting the Second Amendment, it's part of her life, and she did her part to vindicate the Second Amendment for all Americans when Alaska joined 30 other states in signing a legal brief supporting Heller's challenge to the D.C. gun-ban."

As for Joe Biden, from Delaware, the Brady Campaign sums it up in a straightforward enough fashion, saying, "Senator Biden has been a consistent supporter of the Brady Campaign," and "Senator Biden was a key player in the fight for the federal assault weapons ban that passed in 1994. He also worked hard for passage of the Brady Law (sic)."

In fact, Biden introduced an "assault weapons" ban in Congress five years before the Clinton gun and magazine ban was imposed. In 1989, Biden's Senate Bill 1970 proposed to ban the Colt AR-15 and eight similar firearms as "assault weapons," and authorize the Secretary of the Treasury (in reality, BATF) and the Attorney General to recommend to Congress any other firearms, regardless of type, to be banned as "additional assault weapons."

As lead sponsor of the Senate crime bill to which the Feinstein gun ban amendment was attached, Biden was instrumental in the passage of the 1994 Clinton gun and magazine ban. Biden reiterated his support for the ban—and, in fact, took credit for authoring it—in response to a question at the CNN/YouTube debate earlier this year (to view the video, please click here).

Biden voted for the ban on a stand-alone vote in 1993, and voted to extend the ban in 2004 as an amendment to the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act." He also included a renewal of the ban in his crime bill last year, along with gun show restrictions.

Currently, Biden's S. 2237 proposes to renew the Clinton ban on roughly 200 makes and models of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns on the basis of things like the shape of their grips, and on ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, regardless of the kind of firearm in which they are used.

As if that's not enough, Biden voted against the law that prohibits lawsuits designed to bankrupt law-abiding firearm manufacturers and dealers. He also refused to sign the Congressional brief in Heller, and voted to confirm only one of the five justices who ruled in favor of the Second Amendment in Heller, yet he voted to confirm all four justices who voted against the Second Amendment in that case.

To put it simply, Gov. Sarah Palin would be one of the most pro-gun vice-presidents in American history, and Joe Biden would definitely be the most anti-gun.

Sportsman for Obama/Biden? Bwahahahaha.


Blogs are a buzzing over Gov Palin!

What are the conservative bloggers in Virginia saying about Gov Palin?

Yankee Phil has out done himself with many posts about Palin.

I'm Not Emeril has A Few Things About McCain's Choice Of Sarah Palin For VP.

SWAC Girl, Spanky, Leslie Carbone and James Bowden also have posts about our next VP. Badrose likes the pick! Jerry has his thoughts here.

The blogs are a buzzing with info...and unity. The fire the campaign needed has been Sparked Up and I fully support this ticket. Obama talks about change - Palin has achieved change. Obama talks about fixing DC, Palin has made huge reforming moves in her state with huge approval ratings. I predict this week at the RNC, her speech will be historical. By this time next week, the world will know who Gov Palin is, and they will like her.

Obama talks - Palin achieves.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Eat your heart out guys!

No Spanky and Alton....I'm not talking about Gov Palin. Gurkha Regent, Gurkha Titan, Gurkha Beast, Gurkha Legend and Gurkha Black Puro..Lotsa Gurkhas my friends!

Life is good!

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Governor Sarah Palin is Perfect

Richard Viguerie: She’s perfect

With VP pick, McCain “unites the GOP, gives conservatives a stake in the election, and puts a real reformer on the ticket”

(Minneapolis, MN) The selection of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate unites the Republican Party and energizes its conservative base, Richard A. Viguerie said.

“McCain has chosen to balance his ticket with a principled conservative. Governor Palin’s life story is one of sticking to principle. She is living proof that a person can take on the corrupt political establishment – including corrupt leaders in her own party – and achieve great things,” he said.

Viguerie, the Chairman of, added: “There’s an old expression in politics: Go along to get along. Not this time. The selection of Sarah Palin is one big kick-in-the-pants to the corrupt establishment in both parties.

“Congratulations to John McCain for hearing and responding to conservatives. Conservatives, the base of the party, have been listless. But, now, nearly all will work enthusiastically for the McCain-Palin ticket. In fact, this is the most enthusiastic conservatives have been since the era for Ronald Reagan.”

He concluded: “This is a grand-slam home run. Conservatives’ feet haven’t touched the ground since this announcement.”



McCain putting Obama on Ice?

Well now, I have been sitting here waiting with many others to see who McCain would ask to be his running mate. I am impressed. I am a small town woman facing small town problems every single day of my life. I am tired of the Good Ol' Boys way of doing things. I am tired of people in Government telling how my life is and what needs to take place to fix my life.

Barack Obama's Campaign Spokesman Bill Burton says of John McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate:

"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency."

This comment reminded me of another Obama quote that really ticked this small town woman off:

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them,... And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, Mother of 5, Mother of an army soldier scheduled to be sent to Iraq next month, Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard, woman who was on the PTA, admits to being a hockey mom, worked as a commercial fisherman alongside her husband, was Mayor of Wasilla, Ak after two terms on the city council. This woman hunts and fishes and is a life long member of the NRA. Yep, this woman has the small town voice and I am listening.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coal and Me - Made in the USA

My blog sister in coal sends me a pic of this shirt....but she does not send the shirt....How Rude!

It is our greatest natural resource, so slap a anti coal tree hugger today! Please remember these popular sayings in the coalfields.

Feel free to fly the Friends in low places banner on your blog. What coal miners do to power a nation is worth your time to host the banner.
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Mark Warner - Against My Right to Work

Via Spanky

I wonder if I'm Not Emeril learned this also since he is a scholar this week. Look what he learned last night alone.

Just like he would not raise taxes, Warner will push doing away with the secret ballot and promoting full union shops. No Thank You!

I know where Jim Gilmore stands on this issue.

Card Check Legislation Would Weaken Virginia’s Important Right to Work Laws

By Jim Gilmore
If Barack Obama is elected President this fall, and the Democrats get a filibuster proof Senate as they hope to do with the election of Democrat Mark Warner, one of the first causalities of the new Obama Administration may well be Virginia’s historic Right to Work law.
The AFL-CIO and liberal Democrats allied with Big Labor are making it known that one of their major goals following the 2008 election is the enactment of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act which would strip workers of the right to vote by secret ballot on whether or not to join a union. The legislation would also leave workers subject to threats and intimidation by union organizers.
If this legislation – which Mark Warner supports -- becomes law, workers in Virginia and across the nation will no longer have control over their employment. For one thing without a secret ballot they will lose control over whether they have to belong to a union. Under this legislation, many workers would not even know a union organizing campaign was underway -- something I do not believe can be tolerated.
The legislation would mandate compulsory binding arbitration, would provide excessively punitive penalties that apply only to employers and not to unions and would deny working Virginians and other workers across the country the opportunity to express their opinions about union recognition.
Like many long standing liberal ideas which have been offered by Barack Obama and Mark Warner, including the continued restriction of America’s domestic oil production, this idea is one whose time has passed. In fact, the card check idea was used for union organizing in the 1940s but was abandoned as a failure.
The Employee Free Choice Act, if enacted, would strip away workers’ privacy and workers’ rights and would undermine Virginia’s long standing tradition of Right to Work. That is unacceptable to me and certainly should be unacceptable to the vast majority of working Virginians.

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Advance Photo-Obama at the DNC Temple

He is running for Greek god right?

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Clinton/Warner at DNC

Clinton's speech was predictable. She did what she had to for unity. It was nothing great, but it beat Mark Warner. and laid forth her work for 2012.

Watching Warner made time stand still. "I Will Not Raise Taxes" echoed in slow motion in my mind. Warner was a flop. I have witnessed more spirit and joy in the waiting room at a dentists office. Painful indeed.

Watching those two last night only solidified my prediction that a McCain landslide will occur in the coalfields....Campaigning not necessary.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plagiarism Alive and Well

Why would anyone feel the need to plagiarize Wikipidia? Ask Cville Law.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

More McCain / Clinton Stuff - Meet Debra, WhoooHooo!

What percentage of the Hillaryites will vote for McCain? Am I supposed to feel better about McCain knowing that? Yes...Barack Hussein Obama is that bad.


Obama and infanticide

Via Jerry.

Share this heartbreaking story.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

USA Wins Little League World Series!

West Waipahu, Hawaii 12
Mexico Matamoros, Mexico 3

"USA! USA!" chanted the U.S.-partisan crowd on a warm, sunny afternoon as the players tossed their gloves into the air, then posed near the mound with the world championship banner. AP Link

I hate to see the series end.


Why they Love Bristol Motor Speedway

A World Record Wave.

My man Burton had a bad night.

What a finish.

Any Questions?

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J Todd Foster Huff n Puff

A few weeks ago J Todd Foster threatened to file a lawsuit against a fellow Virginia blogger. Everyone from Washington DC to Knoxville made fun of Foster for that move.

Now Foster is mad because one of his sports writers was denied access to the press room at a Dobyns Bennett football game. There was no room in the press box and the BHC reporter was turned away to report the game SWVA style - From the sidelines. That has old Huff n Puff Foster calling the lawyers....I don't think they told him what he wanted to hear, or at least what he published in the threatening rant seems to show that the school did nothing wrong.

Foster whines about "Discrimination" and how other reporters got in, etc. I say Foster and crew are reaping what they sow. Years of history prove that. How many reporters were denied in the years that proceeded Foster and crew?

Hey J Todd - Larry Flynt may want to cover kids gymnastics, but that does not ensure him a spot at the press table. It sounds like the folks at DB high have done what most of your subscribers have done - Canceled your seat. There is one place your paper is still useful and I encourage all schools to set up the BHC Press Box.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ronald Reagan on Congress

"I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress." -- Ronald Reagan

Have a good night. Cheers!

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China's Masquerade

One of my favorite writers, Mark Alexander just returned from Beijing and penned - China’s porcelain facade.

Having just returned from Beijing, where I was the guest with a corporate association, it is a bit disconcerting to watch NBC’s glossy coverage of the Olympic games, and China in general, and to endure the echo NBC’s coverage is receiving through other media outlets. The network dared not venture off the reservation, and its coverage offered no observation on the obfuscation outside the Olympic village.

Of course, it’s the Year of the Rat.

While in China, I enjoyed major Olympic venues, but I was far more impressed by meetings with several Chinese leaders of underground Christian movements, Chinese entrepreneurs, and other Chinese reformers.

Suffice it to say, I found China to mirror what I anticipated: A great people enslaved under the rule of the tyrannical Red Chinese government—1.329 billion people, in fact, who share none of the rights outlined in our Constitution, which most Americans take for granted.

Imagine that. take a minute from the endless Obama/Biden roar to read this. What has happened to China?

In 1919, before communism came to China, a student newspaper there boldly proclaimed as its motto, “Democracy—a government for the people, by the people and of the people.” Don’t expect to see any student newspapers proclaiming anything along those lines anytime soon.

A top five read for the week.

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A McCain / Clinton Ticket?

This is TOOOO GOOOOD! Check out Free Republic.

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Cigars and Mason Jars - Fast Cars at Bristol

In the vicinity of Bristol Motor Speedway I just enjoyed this CAO eXtreme while talking on the celly with I'm Not Emeril and enjoying bourbon over crushed ice in a short glass. About the Cigar:

WRAPPER: Only the finest fifth priming Ecuadorian Sumatra Seed wrapper is hand-selected for this cigar.
BINDER: Only the best hand-selected Ecuadorian leaves are utilized for the eXtreme's binder.
FILLER: The C.A.O. eXtreme contains five different Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos featuring two different types of Ligero.

The sticks are box pressed and beautiful. The draw on this one was tight...very tight....Then halfway the flavor and burn improved considerately. Spice and a rich flavor. Here is what JR Cigars say

An all-Nicaraguan blend with a dark, reddish Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper make the CAO L’Anniversaire Extreme a strong smoke right out of the gate. This cigar offers a white-pepper flavor with slight sweet notes and a dry, austere finish. Not for everyone, this box-pressed blend was intended for those smokers who prefer their cigars with some bite.

I like a little bite, but I did not enjoy the burn of this cigar. It was the worst burn I ever had on a CAO cigar so I think this problem will be confined to this stick. I have another in the humie and will try this one again next month.

Green Flag! Black Flagging Dale Jr goes down a lap...

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2008 Little League World Series

What a game! Hawaii was down 5-1 as they went into the top of the sixth inning. They rallied for six runs to beat Louisiana 7-5.

They play Mexico for the Championship tomorrow. Go USA


Obama Biden Fluffernutters? Indeed!

You gotta love Badrose! Check out Fluffernutters 08 and smile!


Last Night at Bristol Motor Speedway

In case you missed it

Great job by the young men from King College in Bristol.

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Is Honesty Above Obama's Pay Grade?

A lot of talk about Obama's abortion answer at the debate. Kathleen Parker nails it:

“Well, uh, you know, I think that whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective or, uh, a scientific perspective, uh, answering that question with specificity, uh, you know, is, is, uh, above my pay grade."

Well, uh, not really.
Yes, Warren's question was complicated, especially if you're a politician afraid of saying the wrong thing. But the answer is really pretty simple. It's whatever one thinks. It is not above anyone's pay grade to be honest.

OUCH! Read the article - Obama's Born-Alive Problem. Is honesty above his pay grade? Apparently so.

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Joe Biden On Barack Obama and John McCain Video

That video came from the McCain camp.....Biden likes McCain better than Obama.....Boy, that makes a conservatives day!


High School Football !!!

I want to cover a few games. Lets start with the Sullivan South - Science Hill game. The Sullivan South Rebel fans were not allowed to fly their colors Friday night at Science Hill. The Science Hill fans complained the flags are offensive. Bottom Line

Sullivan South 28, Science Hill 19

Some other scores

Castlewood 27, Appalachia 14

Clintwood 48, Coeburn 8

Gate City 27, Richlands 14

J.I. Burton 43, Rye Cove 6

J.J. Kelly 46, Twin Springs 8

Lebanon 16, Honaker 14

Powell Valley 6, Lee 0 (OT)

No real surprises there except for Lee High holding Powell Valley to six points. Kelly, Burton, and Clintwood come away with wins, but there is nothing to judge there. Next week will be better.

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Obama picks Clean, Older,White Man, throws Kaine a warm wash cloth...

We cant even give him away! The pick makes sense to me.

"I mean, you've got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy." : SENATOR JOE BIDEN

Jerry has his take on this here. Biden has made some goofy statements in the past. Kaine wipes himself off and I am sure he will release a foolish statement today explaining why he was not chosen. I will give Kaine credit if he just says "I cant deliver Virginia in November and I apologize for wasting time in The Cult Of Obama when I should have been leading my state...."


Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Video

Her voice is amazing. Live at the CMA's 07.

Little yellow house sittin' on a hill
That is where he lived
That is where he died
Every Sunday morning
Hear the weeping willows cry
Two children born
A beautiful wife
Four walls and livin's all he needed in life
Always giving, never asking back
I wish I had a simple love like that
I want a simple love like that
Always giving, never askin' back
For when I'm in my final hour lookin' back
I hope I had a simple love like that
My momma was his only little girl
If he'd had the money he'd have given her the world
Sittin' on the front porch together they would sing
Oh how I long to hear that harmony
I want a simple love like that
Always giving never asking back
When I'm in my final hour looking back
I hope I had a simple love like that
I want a simple love like that
Always giving never asking back
When I'm in my final hour looking back
I hope I had a simple love like that

Who could want more.

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Cigars and Mason Jars - Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas

Don Pepin Garcia is a major player in the Cigar world.

Don Pepin began his life with tobacco in December of 1961 at the age of 11 when he began working in a factory in Báez owned by an uncle.[1] In March of 1963, he began working at the Félix Rodríguez export cigar factory in Báez where he worked until he emigrated to Nicaragua in 2001.[1] He spent thirty years in Cuba developing his skills as a torcedero (cigar roller) and blender, earned numerous accolades for his blending abilities and achieved the highest ranking possible as a cigar roller, Class 8 (Master). Among the awards he won was the Productivity Prize for rolling 320 Julietas (a vitola of 7x 48 in size) in four hours.[1] The Cuban press often compared the speed and dexterity of his rolling to that of a magician.[1] He is also a Tabaquero Maestro (Master Blender), and was also a “teacher of teachers” in the arts of blending and rolling cigars.[2]

He helped blend cigars such as Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo. During the 1990's, he was in charge of Quality Assurance for the Cohiba brand,[3] and was also a consultant to several Cuban cigar makers. Also during the 1990's, he was accounted Cuba's most productive master roller.(Link)

Well known indeed! I wrote about receiving these cigars the other day and tonight I sparked up a Don Pepin!

These "Cuban-seed Corojo long-fillers cultivated from the dark, fertile soils of Nicaragua back in 1999. These aged tobaccos are cloaked by a light-brown, Habano Rosado Claro leaf, completing a complex cigar with balanced notes of earth and leather, with spicy, herbal undertones and a luxurious aroma" are way under priced. I enjoyed this smoke with a short glass (two and a half) of Beams Black Label and crushed ice. The taste of the wrapper was sweet and it cut perfectly. The draw was easy, very easy in fact. The burn was flawless and the flavor was consistent from start to end. I'm saying... If you liked this cigar at the beginning, you will love it at the end. Spicy, earthy, and a hint of licorice made this one a winner for me. I have two more in the humie and I am glad.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cigars Online - Life Is Good

I learned from Wise Girl that the way to get great cigars at good prices is shop for samplers. I started shopping all the online stores and comparing prices with my local cigar store - The White Ash. I found what I thought was a great deal on a sampler from Cigar.COM. For $49.95 I would receive 12 cigars. The twelve were made of three cigars from four different cigar makers. Add $5.95 shipping for a total of $55.90. Divide that by twelve and I have $4.66 a stick invested. I will disclose the appeal of this sampler was I have not tried any of these particular cigars before.

I received three CAO Black Bengals. They average from $5 to $8 a stick. Three Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas - A $6 to $8 stick. Three Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Pressed Cigars - These are $7 to $8 (worth more)

And the kicker! Three Gurkha Titans! Those are $20 sticks! Throw in this pretty cool ashtray and I am pleased with my experience. Eat your heart out Spanky! So my ODBA cigar smoking buddies Chris, Alton, Jerry, and the Philbilly, Concrete Bob, the cigars are on me! James Young is also a fellow cigar smoker and I hope one day to meet him and enjoy a drink and a cigar. I don't want to forget Alex who has commented on the joys of fine tobaccos before.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama and the Cult of O meet up in Martinsville

Badrose has three reports, one, two, three.

"Oh hell - Chosen One dropped his water bottle cap and received applause. I spilled an entire Diet Coke in my lap at Buffalo Wild wings and was lucky to get a dish towel… Is it because I’m young, (younger than Obama, anyway) short, have a funny middle name…."

The Cult of O have spoken. Alton has more here.


It's Bristol Baby!

Jeff Burton talks about THUNDER VALLEY!

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Obama's Town Hall Meeting - Invite Only and is a Pledge of Support Required?

We know Obama's so called town hall meeting in Martinsville is by invitation only, but is a pledge of support required to attend? Alton is hearing it is.

Sounds more like a staff meeting than a town hall.

Badrose has more!

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John Brownlee - On The Issues

Brownlee has added a On The Issues page to his web site. They include

star Public Safety
star Integrity and Public Service
star The Sanctity of Human Life and Protection of the Traditional Family
star Strong Defender of the Second Amendment
star Cracking Down on Criminal Illegal Immigration
star Fighting Drug Dealers and Reducing Drug Dependency
star Tort Reform
star Strict Enforcement of the Death Penalty
star The Experience to Keep America and Virginia Safe
star Consumer Protection and Corporate Governance

Check it out!


Monday, August 18, 2008

My Garstang Itches

I would love to talk face to face, but as you can see that is impossible.

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Democrats for McCain

To continue on the subject of my post - Obama, Virginia, and the South and how Mark Warner is distancing himself from Obama, the Roanoke Valley Republicans have Mark Warner Turns His Back On Sam Rasoul And Barack Obama...AGAIN!

Good Stuff! The people of SWVA are not fooled by the Cult of Obama.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama, Virginia, and the South

There is a thought provoking post up at Free Republic (watch your comments - Free Republic is not so free and you could be banned)

Obama: running uphill against the wind in the South

A July 27 Washington Post analysis pointed out the actual numbers involved in a Barack Obama victory in some of the Southern states. These numbers make it very clear that it is all but impossible. We will hear over and over about how Obama will be competitive in some Southern states and Virginia will always be mentioned. Nevertheless, here’s the truth: In order to win Virginia he has to

A) hold ALL the White votes John Kerry got in Virginia. THIS ALONE IS A GAME ENDER, but there’s more;

B) He has to increase the Black turn out by 30%


C) He has to get 95% of the Black vote.

While A is already is a serious threat to Obama’s plan, B and C present equally daunting and dangerous ground to build a dream of victory on. Read it All

I noticed that Gov Kaine never mentioned Obama as he visited SWVA a few times in recent weeks. I give him a little credit for saving his breath. Check this comment from the article:

I’ve noticed that locally Mark Warner supporters are not putting up Obama signs in the vicinity of his signs. It is almost as if they think Obama will hurt him and from what I’ve seen going door to door that is true. I expect Mark Warner to suffer a fall off in state support after speaking at the Democrat convention. Right now he is riding high with a significant amount of conservatives who don’t really know Mark Warner outside of the media which has been covering for him.
This race isn’t over provided some ads start running up until election day.

6 posted on Sunday, August 17, 2008 9:12:47 AM by Maelstorm



Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Not Emeril Roasts and Toasts New Blogger

When will they learn not to mess with Alton! Check out his post - Virgil Goode, MZM, And The Left's Big Lie, Revisited.

This new blogger gets spanked in a big way. Jerry notices and posts - Jumpin' Ugly. Swac Girl adds Emeril smacks down dem blogger and STD has I'm Not Emeril Takes Rookie Blogger to the Woodshed.

This tactic worked so well for Al Weed didn't it!


Friday, August 15, 2008

More on the Wise County Power Plant Groundbreaking

First thing - No Protesters! No Larry Bush and the rest of the anti coal idiots were not present. No jackasses hanging from bridges or concreting their arms in barrels blocking the road like they do in NOVA. Two reasons for that - Common Sense and Fear.

Now for some quotes.

“This is the largest economic development project in the history of Southwest Virginia. You very seldom see an economic impact this project will have.”~Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

“This will benefit the whole state, That’s why you have people here from the whole state today. This is a victory and a celebration for all the citizens of Virginia.”~Attorney General Bob McDonnell.

Indeed! But the stage was all Sen Wamplers. He received a standing ovation for his work. This was a great day for Wise County and the state of Virginia as it will soon be the home of the cleanest coal fired power plant in history that uses only VIRGINIA coal mined by the best workers in the world!

When you boot up that computer, flip that light switch, get that cold milk from the fridge, heat that bottle for your baby, etc.....Thank a coal miner. To the Raising Kaines and the Green Miles who enjoy the luxury of the power miners provide them, yet they would cut our lifeline in a heartbeat. we give them the one finger salute and leave them with this thought - 2 million tons a year feeding this plant,,,year after year after year.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Power Plant Groundbreaking

I was invited but I have a day job. The official groundbreaking of the New Wise County Power Plant is this afternoon. While I cant attend, I will have friends there reporting the event. More later!


John Brownlee to Receive Award

From The Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police.

Brownlee to receive Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement Award

August 13, 2008 | VACP

Virginia's police chiefs will present The Honorable John L. Brownlee with the 2008 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement With Distinction on August 19, 2008 at the Annual Conference in Hot Springs.

The Honorable John L. Brownlee, former United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, will be honored on August 19, 2008, with the VACP/VPCF Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement Award. The award will be presented during the Valor Awards Banquet at the VACP Annual Conference. The Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement Award recognizes one person’s conspicuous act or achievement in the performance of a duty that results in an exceptional and responsible contribution to law enforcement. Mr. Brownlee was nominated for the award by the Blue Ridge Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Virginia’s law enforcement community has no better friend than John Brownlee,” said VACP President Chief Ray Lavinder. “John has been a true leader for law enforcement in Virginia for many years, and we are honored to present this prestigious award to him. Virginians are safer today because of John Brownlee’s outstanding work.”

During Mr. Brownlee’s nearly seven years as United States Attorney, he worked closely with law enforcement agencies in the Western District and across Virginia to address violent crime and drug trafficking problems. Since 2004, Brownlee awarded more than $1.2 million in Project Safe Neighborhoods and Anti-Gang grant funds to police departments, sheriff’s offices, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, faith based organizations, and youth risk prevention programs to address gang and illegal drug related crimes in numerous communities throughout Virginia.

For more than 20 years, John Brownlee has served America and Virginia as a soldier, local prosecutor, and as the United States Attorney. He has earned a reputation as a tough and dedicated crime fighter who has vigorously fought for justice. In May 2007, Brownlee and Attorney General Bob McDonnell convicted The Purdue Frederick Company and its top executives of illegally misbranding their pain medicine OxyContin. The company and its executives paid over $634 million in fines, and the executives were placed on 3 years probation and ordered to perform 400 hours of community service. The settlement was one of the largest financial penalties ever imposed on a drug company.

In January 2005, Brownlee convicted Brent Simmons, who had murdered two James Madison University students in 1995. Brownlee developed a novel legal theory by using the Violence Against Women’s Act, which had been enacted only 13 days prior to the murders, and federal firearms charges to convict Simmons and bring justice to the victim’s families. Simmons was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of release.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Survey USA - Virgil Goode 64% Tom Perriello 30%

Crosstabs are here.

Perriello has great fundraising and he has received a lot of blog talk from the left in the past few months. Looks like the voters aren't buying.

Alton has more-Goode Way In Front According To SurveyUSA


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob McDonnell Answers - "What do you see as your primary objectives, should you be elected Governor?

I'm Not Emeril has the audio here. Great answer from our next Governor!


Monday, August 11, 2008

I Endorse John Brownlee

It is early, but I am going to work hard for John Brownlee. Ken Cuccinelli is good man. If Brownlee falls short, I will vote for Cooch. There are two reasons I am supporting John Brownlee over Cuccinelli.

I am convinced that only Ken Cuccinelli can win his senate seat. A very narrow win last time tells me that the RPV needs to PUMP the campaign full of money to hold this senate seat. If there is another conservative candidate that can win this seat please tell me his name and make the case.

One of the main reasons I support Brownlee is he is a career public servant.

Former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee has spent the last 20 years serving the citizens of Virginia and the United States. As a young military officer, John volunteered for the Infantry and successfully graduated from the Army’s rigorous Airborne and Ranger programs. In 2001, President Bush appointed John as United States Attorney. As the top federal law enforcement official, John successfully prosecuted some of our nation’s most corrupt corporations and dangerous criminals. As one of Virginia’s leading crime fighters, John has earned the reputation as a tough prosecutor who knows how to keep our communities safe from violent criminals and drug dealers.

And this issue means nothing to the folks in NOVA, but here in the Coalfields it is worth a million dollars.

In May 2007, after a five year investigation, Mr. Brownlee and Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell convicted the maker of the pain medication OxyContin of intentionally misbranding their highly addictive and dangerous drug. The company and executives were convicted of misbranding OxyContin and paid over $634 million in fines. The criminal fine was one of the largest financial penalties ever imposed on a drug company.

As many of you remember Brownlee was under a great deal of pressure from the administration that appointed him to drop this case. He stood strong and stuck those OXY makers in the butts for a ton of $Cash$! Like my friend Duncan Hunter, John Brownlee stood up to the man. John Brownlee And Justice For All.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards Father of the Year Video

June 7, 2007: "Your children learn not only from what you say, but from what you do."


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Mr. Rogers dead and now gone?

A travesty, blaspheme, a sad sad day in America. It seems that PBS has decided to can the man who taught millions of children manners and what a gentle spirit can do. Not only that, he showed us the importance of always wearing your sweater and having a pair of play shoes and that puppets have feelings too. If you are in total shock of the thoughts of future Americans never knowing what we know please be a good neighbor and stop in here.


Mexican army crosses border - pointed their rifles at a U.S. Border Patrol agent!

I agree with Jerry - Where Once It Was Considered An Act Of War ... My man Duncan Hunter is still taking it to the administration for cutting the border fence in half and dragging ass in general. This just makes me mad.

Duncan Hunters statement is here.


Edwards Files Lawsuit...

Isophorone has the scoop - John Edwards Files Lawsuit against OB/GYN

In the lawsuit, Edwards charges the physicians with gross negligence in allowing Hunter to deliver a healthy baby. “I could feel in every follicle of my finely blow-dried hair that this baby did not want to create a scandal,”

Go get all the details!

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Crossover Voters

We have heard this before

Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. David Davis said this morning that crossover Democrats voting in the 1st Congressional District Republican Primary contributed to his narrow defeat against GOP challenger Phil Roe.

“We believe there was a lot of Democrat switchover vote,” Davis said. “It is legal in the state of Tennessee for Democrats to go switch their allegiance in a primary. From what we saw around the polling places yesterday, we saw people with (Democrat state Rep.) Nathan Vaughn (of Kingsport) and Phil Roe campaign literature together. I think we won the Republican Primary with Republican Primary voters yesterday. I think he ultimately won the election with Democrat switchover vote.”

According to the Tennessee Division of Elections, Roe received 25,918 votes to Davis’ 25,458 votes.(LINK)

I am all for party registration. I kept up with this race because the the BHC crucified Davis weekly. Reminds me of the Sayre/Hanger race.

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Rasmussen - Voters See Stark Differences Between Obama and McCain on Energy Issue

Well Duh.

By substantial margins, voters believe that McCain’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while Obama is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume.
Data released yesterday shows that voters overwhelmingly believe it is
more important to find new sources of energy. Sixty-seven percent (67%) believe McCain shares this priority while just 29% believe Obama holds that same view.

Most voters—55%--believe that Obama’s top priority is reducing the amount of energy we consume. Only 12% believe this is McCain’s primary focus on the energy issue.
Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters all see McCain’s top priority as finding more energy sources.

The Cult of Obama will lose on this issue. The Coalfield Democrats voted for Hillary. I will go on record - They will not support Obama. Landslide McCain in the Coalfields.




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