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Sunday, August 24, 2008

J Todd Foster Huff n Puff

A few weeks ago J Todd Foster threatened to file a lawsuit against a fellow Virginia blogger. Everyone from Washington DC to Knoxville made fun of Foster for that move.

Now Foster is mad because one of his sports writers was denied access to the press room at a Dobyns Bennett football game. There was no room in the press box and the BHC reporter was turned away to report the game SWVA style - From the sidelines. That has old Huff n Puff Foster calling the lawyers....I don't think they told him what he wanted to hear, or at least what he published in the threatening rant seems to show that the school did nothing wrong.

Foster whines about "Discrimination" and how other reporters got in, etc. I say Foster and crew are reaping what they sow. Years of history prove that. How many reporters were denied in the years that proceeded Foster and crew?

Hey J Todd - Larry Flynt may want to cover kids gymnastics, but that does not ensure him a spot at the press table. It sounds like the folks at DB high have done what most of your subscribers have done - Canceled your seat. There is one place your paper is still useful and I encourage all schools to set up the BHC Press Box.

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Comments on "J Todd Foster Huff n Puff"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 PM) : 

The newspaper industry's record keeping arm (Audit Bureau of Circulation) released its annual circulation figures recently for overall daily and Sunday circulation.

Here's what the March 08 to March 07 circulation looks like for some of the newspapers in upper East Tennessee.

Kingsport Times-News Daily - 44,096. +911
Kingsport Times-News Sunday - 44,480 +596

Johnson City Press Daily - 30,670 -257
Johnson City Press Sunday - 32,364 -670

Bristol Herald-Courier Daily - 38,088 -1,085
Bristol Herald-Courier Sunday - 40,268 -542

Knoxville News Sentinel Daily - 117,262 -1,910
Knoxville News Sentinel Sunday - 147-939 -2,199

Greeneville Sun Daily - 14,131 -285

Morristown Citizen-Tribune Daily - 18,086 +230
Morristown Citizen-Tribune Sunday - 24,001 +699


Keep up the good work Kilo Man! P.S. The porta john ending was a hoot!


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