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Sunday, September 30, 2007

"He got to hear him cry over the phone"

This story is a tear jerker.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Joshua Jackson Reeves, four days old, slept undisturbed in his mother's arms, blissfully unaware of war, or a city called Baghdad, or his mother's shattered heart.

Leslie Reeves, gently traced her baby's chin, a miniature version of another's chin, and smiled through wet eyes.

On Friday, Sept. 21, Reeves delivered her 7-pound, 14-ounce boy into this world.....................on Saturday, Sept. 22, as a bomb detonated as Joshua Reeves' Humvee drove down a Baghdad street. Leslie Reeves, a Hendersonville native who had returned to be with her parents while she delivered, was still in the hospital with her new baby when she learned she was a widow. Read it all(LINK)

Reeves is a hero. He enlisted three years ago and had just signed up for six more years. His mother said he "He supported his country. He supported the Army. He supported his President. He cared about the Iraqi people."

A memorial service is planned for Oct 4. A fund for the family is set up at Regions Bank-Hendersonville Branch
(615-826-1082)     323 West Main Street
Hendersonville, TN 37075

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Company votes Union out

LOUDON, Tenn. (AP) -- More than 200 striking auto-parts workers voted to dissolve the local union and return to work at Maremont Exhaust Products, a company official said.

The vote on Friday to continue the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Local 2545 was 223 against it and 141 in favor, said Michael Moschel, the company's attorney.

Union members went on strike in February over significant increases in employee costs.(LINK)

Starting in February,  those employees lost wages from the strike, the union bosses and mouthpieces draw their salaries non stop. Those workers will back to work in a week if the union does not protest. Lesson learned.

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Old Glory Not Allowed

Did anyone notice there was no flag at the debate at Morgan University last week? I didn't notice either. Old Glory was absent just like Fred, Rudy, Mitt, and John.

Republican front-runners weren't the only things missing from the presidential debate stage. The American flag was AWOL, too. The backdrop to the "All-American Presidential Forum," brought to you by Tavis Smiley and PBS, was a map of the United States, superimposed with a checkerboard of multicultural faces.

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, one of the presidential hopefuls, asked debate organizers to get Old Glory up there, too, according to Chris Cavey, first vice chairman of the state GOP. Cavey was acting as an escort for another candidate, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, and heard Hunter's request over his earpiece about half an hour before the show began.

"Escorts were wired. I heard [in the earpiece], 'Congressman Hunter is requesting a flag on stage,'" Cavey said. Request denied.(LINK)

The reason you ask -

Forum organizers also did not return calls seeking comment. The buzz among some Republicans was that organizers thought the flag might "offend" some members of the audience.

That makes me sick. They go on to say that the flag would clash with the stage background colors. I got news for you..Old Glory enhances any view. There you have it folks. This is where we are as a nation. If the flag offends you then my foot would like to help you leave the room.

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Top Virginia Democrats and their ties to Radical Islam

Black Velvet Bruce Li has the scoop. Very troubling stuff indeed.

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Duncan Hunter Campaigns in Wyoming

 Sunflower Desert does some 1st Hand Reporting from the Wyoming GOP Presidential Forum. Tammi writes -

"Wow! He was spectacular. No surprise to me, but I spoke to several Republican friends who knew nothing of Hunter prior to the forum and could hardly wait to cast a ballot for him at our convention in January! I didn’t take notes and I’m not really not regretting it. Go here if you want to know where Duncan stands on the issues because he doesn’t waiver and he has a long voting record that matches his stance on issues. I will tell you that Wyoming discovered Hunter today, and thanks to most of the candidates snubbing our state, I think Hunter will win here."(GO READ IT ALL)

This is great news! I have said all along that if people learn about Duncan and his record they will support him. Unlike the other candidates, Duncan is very down to earth. I think he can appeal to the blue collar American more than any other candidate. His platform of Fair Trade, Secure borders, and a strong Military is exactly what is needed.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007


My father and I mowed the family cemetery today and I wanted to share a few pictures. You can click the pic to embiggen. I will be laid to rest between those two pines.
My uncle Lee who was killed in the mines rests beside his daughter Mitzi. My cousin Hennon, and Mitzi were both taken at age 16.

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Murtha must testify!

WASHINGTON - A federal judge refused Friday to dismiss a defamation case against Rep. John P. Murtha and ordered the Pennsylvania Democrat to give a sworn deposition about his comments alleging "cold-blooded murder and war crimes" by unnamed soldiers in connection with Iraqi civilian deaths. A Marine Corps sergeant is suing the 18-term congressman for making the charge, which the soldier claims is false. Murtha, who opposes the Iraq war, made the comment during a May, 2006 Capitol Hill news conference in which he predicted that a Pentagon war crimes investigation will show Marines killed dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians in Haditha in 2005. (LINK)

That's right! Fast to judge our Marines, and slow to apologize. Hot Air has more.

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Click to view my Personality Profile page

Sounds about right...

Cubs Clinch!

CINCINNATI, United States (AFP) — The Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Central division title on Friday with a 6-0 victory over the Cincinnati Reds, coupled with Milwaukee's loss to San Diego.(LINK)

Happy Days in Chicago for sure!

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OMEISH and Keith Ellison

Contributor Occupation Date Amount Recipient


SELF/PHYSICAN 1/8/2007 $1,000 Ellison, Keith Maurice


SELF/PHYSICAN 4/24/2006 $500 Ellison, Keith Maurice


SELF/PHYSICAN 8/29/2006 $500 Ellison, Keith Maurice

 Interesting indeed.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey Gov Kaine! You should know your Appointees

Our governor Kaine appoints a man who supports "the jihad way."

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine examined online videos Thursday that show a man he appointed to the state Commission on Immigration condemning Israel and advocating "the jihad way," his spokesman said.

In a video that appears on YouTube, Muslim American Society president Dr. Esam S. Omesh is shown at an August 2006 rally in Washington denouncing an invasion of Lebanon by the "Israeli war machine."

Omesh, chief of the division of general surgery at INOVA Alexandria Hospital, also accused Israel of genocide and massacres against Palestinians and said the "Israeli agenda" controls Congress.

In a separate, undated video, Omesh tells a crowd of Washington-area Muslims: " have learned the way, that you have known that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land."

BVBL wonders how Kaine did not know this. I agree. Appointing the Jihad Way to our immigration commission was a bone head move by Kaine and staff.

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National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud - 1960-2007

President John Berthoud, praised as "the happy warrior of fiscal conservatism," died yesterday. He was 47.

Mr. Berthoud, who had headed NTU since 1997, was found in his Arlington home yesterday by two NTU employees after he failed to show up for work, a spokesman for the organization said. He appeared to have died of natural causes, said Pete Sepp, vice president for communications at NTU.

"He shaped our entire culture and mission at NTU," Mr. Sepp said, reporting that the group had received "hundreds of e-mails and telephone calls not only from the Washington area but from around the country" sending condolences (LINK)

The cause has lost a great man. ODBA member Leslie Carbone has her tribute here. Other ODBA members blogging this are SWAC Girl - Scott - Ward

We Are The ODBA

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Video of Duncan Hunter at the Baltimore GOP Debate 9-27-07



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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Roscoegate Live Stream

At 7pm watch the live stream. If the player below does not work go HERE.


Top Tier Republicans No Shows at Debate

Just five Republican candidates - half the invited field - will take part in Thursday's presidential debate in Baltimore, event organizers said yesterday.

The four leading contenders, Rudolph W. Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, have each said they will not participate in the forum focusing on issues facing minority voters. Their absence has drawn the ire of Tavis Smiley, the talk-show host who is moderating and organizing the debate at Morgan State University; he said the candidates are making a mistake in not reaching out to black voters.(LINK)

Five candidates will be there: Rep. Duncan Hunter , Sen. Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, Alan L. Keyes, and Rep. Ron Paul.

This speaks volumes about the Top Tier.



Duncan Hunter conference call

Red Maryland has the story. Great post so check it out.

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This is so Sad

H/T to Badrose.

Badrose informs us of "Heartbreak in Caroline County"  How sad.

Caroline County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 39 118 Courthouse Lane
Bowling Green, VA 22427
Phone (804)-633-1120 Fax (804)-633-1124
Sheriff A. A. “Tony” Lippa, Jr.

For Immediate Release – September 26, 2007

The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office is deeply saddened to announce the death of Deputy Leonard W. Reel, age 23, at approximately 12:30 p.m. The tragic set of events which culminated in Deputy Reel’s untimely death began on September 24, 2007. On that date at approximately 4:40 p.m., Reel’s girlfriend, Elizabeth C. “Liz” Ryan, age 23, was killed in a single vehicle crash on Nelson Hill Road. Deputy Reel was one of the first emergency responders to arrive on the scene of this crash.
This morning, a member of Reel’s family received a communication from Reel indicating he was despondent over the loss of Liz and thinking of ending his own life. The family member drove to Reel’s residence and discovered Reel. This was communicated to the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office by the family member. Sheriff Lippa, Major Hall, Captain Moser and other several members of the sheriff’s staff responded. All indications from the preliminary investigation are that Reel took his own life and died instantly.
Reel is survived by his parents, sister, and brother. While memorial services are incomplete at present, Deputy Reel has requested that he be buried with Liz and the families are working together to comply with that request.
Deputy Reel had been with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office since July 11, 2005. Funeral arrangements will be released by this office and the family once they have been completed.

As Wise Girl and I read this last, she said it raises so many questions. Was there a "I love you" forgotten to be said? A stupid little spat that meant nothing? Badrose writes

 "Events like this truly put things into perspective for me. How about you?"

Indeed. I was reminded of a line in a movie from 1985.

But all I ever settled for is that we're born to live and then to die, and... we got to do it alone, each in his own way. And I guess that's why we got to love those people who deserve it like there's no tomorrow. 'Cause when you get right down to it - there isn't.(LINK)

I never count on tomorrow.

Tom has more here.

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Top Democrats concede on Iraq

HANOVER, N.H. (AP) - The leading Democratic White House hopefuls conceded Wednesday night they cannot guarantee to pull all U.S. combat troops from Iraq by the end of the next presidential term in 2013.

"I think it's hard to project four years from now," said Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in the opening moments of a campaign debate in the nation's first primary state.

"It is very difficult to know what we're going to be inheriting," added Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

"I cannot make that commitment," said former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.(LINK)

I am confused. The Democrats have consistently said this war is wrong, this war is lost, lets cut funding, General Betrayus. Now this?

I can promise if we give any of the above candidates till 2013 we will lose the war.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gay Headlines

As I was reading news this evening, I noticed that the words gay and homosexual were in a lot of the articles. The reason?

From the Not-So-Homo-Promo Files: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that like in your country... In Iran we do not have this phenomenon.” —Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, neglecting to mention that homosexuals are executed in Iran (LINK)

Ok....I guess execution would be a strong deterrent.  Here in our country, the looney left ridicules a Marine General for following rules and believing in his religion.

Protesters shouting "Thou Shalt Not Kill!" disrupted a congressional hearing Wednesday after the top US military officer defended his view that homosexuality is immoral.

The confrontation began when Senator Tom Harkin, a Democrat, chided General Peter Pace for his "very hurtful remarks" in May that it was wrong to "condone immoral acts" by allowing gays to serve openly in the military.(LINK)

Pace supports "don't ask don't tell" because it allows homosexuals to serve their country.

"And that is, very simply, that we should respect those who want to serve the nation but not through the law of the land, condone activity that, in my upbringing, is counter to God's law," he said.

Anti-war protesters then started shouting, but Pace went on to say his responsibility was "to obey the law of the land and to object if something is either illegal or immoral."

"My upbringing tells me that sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage between a man and a woman is immoral. That's what I was taught. That's what I believe," he said.

Indeed. You may not agree with what he believes, but you should understand it.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Values Voter Debate Video of Duncan Hunter

Part One

Part Two



Monday, September 24, 2007

The Brief

The Monday Brief is online!

“The mania for giving the Government power to meddle with the private affairs of cities or citizens is likely to cause endless trouble, through the rivalry of schools and creeds that are anxious to obtain official recognition, and there is great danger that our people will lose our independence of thought and action which is the cause of much of our greatness, and sink into the helplessness of the Frenchman or German who expects his government to feed him when hungry, clothe him when naked, to prescribe when his child may be born and when he may die, and, in time, to regulate every act of humanity from the cradle to the tomb, including the manner in which he may seek future admission to paradise.” —Mark Twain

“When the entertainment mogul David Geffen, once a Clinton supporter, called both Bill and Hillary liars, Hillary not only decried the remark as a particularly vivid example of the ‘politics of personal destruction,’ but she demanded that Barack Obama do the same—and return a $2,300 donation Mr. Geffen had given him. Yet when Mrs. Clinton herself was asked to repudiate the abuse of Gen. Petraeus, she either saw no reason to do so or, much more likely, was afraid to alienate an important constituency, the 3.3 million members of She would, it seems, rather be president than right... The ad was the moment for Mrs. Clinton to rise above hackdom... That moment is gone...” —Richard Cohen

Check it out here.

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AG McDonnell Live Blog Today

Good Sense is hosting a live blog today with AG McDonnell. Click on over and leave your questions!


The Philadelphia Jewish Voice interviews Duncan Hunter

The PJV has a Q&A with Duncan Hunter here. Here is one question.

PJV: Moving on to more current events, you fought in Vietnam and your son fought in Iraq [and is now in Afghanistan] --- given that close connection to both --- do you see any parallels between the two conflicts, these are things we can learn from or things we can be avoiding?

DH: I think that the liberal Democrats have looked desperately for the next Vietnam for the last 30 years. As I reminded [MSNBC talk show host] Chris Matthews the other night, he was [Speaker of the House] Tip O’Neill’s aide when Tip said that El Salvador would be our next Vietnam.

And the answer is no, there is not a similarity between them, between Vietnam and Iraq. There may be only one similarity and that would be that Vietnam was lost in Washington, D.C., not on the battlefields of Vietnam. So there is not a similarity in the battlefield, but there may be a similarity in that the liberal politicians in Washington, D.C. have the capability of losing the war against terrorism.


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Duncan Hunter's statement on Columbia University and Iranian President...

For Immediate Release...
Hunter warns Columbia University -
Cancel Invitation to Iranian President
September 22, 2007 Mackinac Island, MI...Congressman Duncan Hunter issued a statement this morning from Mackinac Island directed to Columbia University.
"To host the leader of Iran when he supports terrorists that are moving deadly roadside bombs across the Iraqi border to be used against American troops is a slap in the face for the entire 165,000 men and women in Iraq and to those that have served before them," said Hunter.
"If President Lee Bollinger follows through with this hosting of the leader of Iran, I will move in Congress to cut off every single type of Federal Funding to Columbia University.  If the left-wing leaders of academia will not support our troops, they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries."
"This event, following the slanderous action of, depicting General Petraeus as "General Betray Us," in the New York Times represents the emergence of the extreme left-wing in American politics."  
Concluding, "I think it is time for the Democrat party to denounce this fringe element in their party," said Hunter.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alabama Professor compares Raising Kaine to "graffiti off the underside of an underpass"

No surprise there! Read here. Lowell's silkies are in a bunch

In an interview, Hugo defended the ad and said he will not pull it. He said the posting on Raising Kaine was not anonymous because it is widely known that "Pitin" is a Democratic activist who supported Simmons's opponent, Morris Meyer, in the Democratic primary.

"It is not anonymous to me," Hugo said. "A lot of Democrats have said that Rex Simmons runs an appalling, negative campaign."

Hugo said the ad is designed to counter mailers Simmons sent out criticizing his vote in favor of the transportation bill that included higher fees on bad drivers. Many Democratic challengers are using that vote against their GOP opponents. Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as soft on illegal immigration.

"He has done nothing but drop negative mail because he wants to hide from what his real positions are on illegal immigration," Hugo said.

Simmons said Hugo "is attacking me out of the gate because he has no positive issues to run on." Simmons said Hugo has reserved more than $150,000 worth of airtime on cable to run the ad.

"This sort of negative campaigning has been rejected in the past, and I believe voters in Virginia will do so again," said Simmons, who said it's not true that he supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The man Hugo identified as Pitin -- Nate de la Piedra, executive director of Next Generation Democrats -- did not return several telephone messages Friday seeking comment. Feld declined to confirm Pitin's identity, but other sources familiar with the Web site confirmed Pitin is de la Piedra.

Accountability for your words sucks, huh guys?

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Jena Six

I was playing catch up on this story last night and looked on Snopes. What a story.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

You've Got To Read This

BadRose is in prime form with her post titled If You Come to My House. Vote for Jeff Evans!

Jeff Evans
20th State Senate District of Virginia

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Raising Kaine gets Quoted!

Check this out

This is great! Tim Hugo quotes Raising Kaine on Rex Simmons. The RK'ers are in a tizzy over this...Heh.

Riley has more here.

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James Dobson says of Fred Thompson - “Not for me, my brothers.”

James Dobson is president of the Colorado-based Focus on the Family. Millions of Evangelical Christians listen to his radio show. It has been said he is one of the most influential evangelical Christians in the nation and he does not like Fred Thompson. From a email

“Isn’t Thompson the candidate who is opposed to a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, believes there should be 50 different definitions of marriage in the U.S., favors McCain-Feingold, won’t talk at all about what he believes, and can’t speak his way out of a paper bag on the campaign trail?” Dobson wrote.

“He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent ’want to.’ And yet he is apparently the Great Hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!”(LINK)

The Conservative base is troubled with their choices in this race. My man Duncan Hunter is the answer. He is fighting to gain name recognition and get his message out to voters. Help him out with a donation on my E-Leader page here.

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Attorney General McDonnell Live Blog

The AG will be live blogging over at Good Sense September 24 at 5:00 PM. Leave your questions here.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ben Tribbett Smacked Down !

Badrose has Chip Hairston’s Response to Ben. One has to ask why Ben accuses African Americans of being racist? (A pattern is developing) He has pulled this twice in the last couple months and both times he has been made to look like a fool.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They Don't Speak for Me-This writer likes Duncan Hunter

I enjoyed the Values Voter Debate. I was not crazy about the results of their straw poll. Ron Paul placed 2nd? Of course only selected people got to vote, not the entire three million plus members of the AFA. News that Cant Loose has this from a writer who likes Duncan Hunter. I share the authors opinion and the outrage. Here ya go-

by Ambrose Athanasius
There are various groups in America who meet, make declarations, even hold straw polls, and then presume to speak for the rest of us.
I had the misfortune to witness such a meeting over the web last evening. The “Values Voter Debate” and straw poll which followed is the meeting I am referring to. There is an irony here. Hitherto, many of the names in this gathering had my respect and admiration, and to some degree many of them still do.
A line was crossed, though, when a handful of delegates voted for a man who has credentials as a big-government guy, and who has even a weaker attitude toward immigration than George Bush. That man is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.
There is another irony here. As a conservative evangelical Christian, one would think that Huckabee’s familiar style of speaking, rich with Biblical references and folksy illustrations would be a great appeal to this writer. There is a problem: I can read his record. There is another problem: apparently the delegates do not care what the record is, as long as the candidate speaks in their dialect.
In recent times many groups have formed around the immigration and border security issue. Unlike the many Marxist groups who are pushing for open borders and even worse, a “Reconquista” of the American Southwest, a retired Army Colonel has spoken out against those who would presume to speak for all Latinos on this issue. Colonel Al Rodriguez’s “You Don’t Speak For Me” is a group of Hispanic patriots whose loyalty is to America. The very name of the organization tells it all; that the Marxists do not speak for all Latinos in the United States.
Why do I bring this up? Last night, the leaders of the Religious Right presumed to speak for millions of conservative evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Jews with a couple of hundred votes. In this writer’s opinion, this no more represents the will of the Religious Right than when Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell tried to pressure then Governor George W. Bush into commuting the death sentence of multiple murderer Carla Faye Tucker.
The straw poll at the end of this “debate” raised many questions. Why would they vote overwhelmingly for a candidate who only “sounded” conservative, when his record and public statements prove otherwise? Is this not supporting disingenuous behavior? Secondly and even worse, the second-place finisher was a libertarian who wouldn’t lift a finger to stop some of the most abominable things imaginable in the name of liberty.
The one candidate who embodied everything that these people should want in a leader was ignored. His honor and service as a patriot and defender of conservative values is well-documented. His Christian testimony was recently broadcast on TBN and is viewable on YouTube. The candidate is Congressman Duncan Hunter. Perhaps his concise, truthful answers were not sufficient. His strength of character and wisdom were overshadowed by the flowery oratory and demagogic ranting of others.
This was clear evidence that this group of religious folks can be seduced by empty words, just as the originators of the human race were, so many years ago.

Bottom line, a few elites, be they saint or sinner cannot be the voice for everyone. Therefore, with thanks to Colonel Rodriguez, I borrow his phrase in saying to the Values Voter delegates, “You Don’t Speak For Me”.

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Will there be porn in the valley?

Virginia's #1 blogger has the scoop. She writes

It was standing-room only at Staunton City Hall Tuesday night when over 120 concerned citizens turned out to participate in a Stop Porn Forum presented by the Staunton Republican Committee. The meeting was in response to the community's concern over an adult book store that is planning to locate in a neighborhood adjacent to Gypsy Hill Park.

We have watched this stuff happen before and I applaud the community for standing up against this adult book store. There is nothing good about those stores. Stand strong people!

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CBS 6 - WTVR, Richmond VA. Contributes CASH to the Virginia Democratic Party

According to VPAP, CBS channel 6 gave $1250.00 to the DPVA. This was not a in-kind contribution, but CASH. I wonder what Richmond Times-Dispatch copy editor Pam Mastropaolo thinks about this?

(D) Richmond Times-Dispatch, Pam Mastropaolo, copy editor, $1,650 to the Democratic Party of Virginia in February 2007, and $1,165 in February 2006.

Mastropaolo didn't reply to messages. Nor did the managing editor, Peggy Bellows.

Update, July 11: According to Style Weekly in Richmond, Mastropaolo and political reporter Michael Hardy (see above) were suspended for one month without pay for violating the paper's ethics guidelines. The union is contesting the suspension.(LINK)

I guess we can see where WTVR's loyalties are. I think they have some explaining to do. Ask them about it!

3301 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230
Main Line (804) 254-3600

News Fax (804)254-3697
Sales Fax (804)342-3418

General Manager
Peter Maroney

Business Manager
Tricia Thurman

Asst. Business Manager
Chris Brecht

Managing Editor
Pam Harris

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Old Dominion Blog Alliance Blogger meets Duncan Hunter

Kat over at Cathouse Chat got to meet Duncan Hunter at the Gathering of Eagles in DC this past weekend! She writes

He spoke from the heart, with passion and love for our country and our men and women in uniform. He was also the only presidential candidate to show up for this important gathering!

Check out her video and picture here.

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Tom Davis Calls for Hearings

I like this.

The ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wants to convene a hearing on whether The New York Times violated campaign-finance laws when it granted a discounted rate for’s “General Betray Us” ad.

Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) asked committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) Tuesday to convene a hearing on the issue, saying that any rate change “for political advertising could constitute an unlawful campaign contribution.”(LINK)

The letter can be viewed here. Good questions that need to be answered.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Values Voter Presidential Debate - The Best Debate So Far

I really enjoyed the Values Voter Debate last night. The format was the best of any debate so far. One question was asked and all the candidates got to answer the same question. I think this format is what the people really want.  there was a speed round with all yes or no questions that the candidates answered using a green or red light. The mic times for all the candidates was equal so there were no lop sided time allotments.

The no shows, Fred Thompson, Rudy, Mitt, and McCain, all had empty podiums on the stage. Several shots were taken at the no shows by the questioners and the candidates. There was one young girl, a abortion survivor, who stepped to the mic and asked the no show Rudy about his abortion stance and if her life was important to him...It was POWERFUL!

There was a reason Fred, Rudy, John, and Mitt were not there last night and the reason was not scheduling. You will not convince me otherwise. You can read more here.



Monday, September 17, 2007

Values Voter Presidential Debate Live at 7:30

Tonight at 7:30! Click here to watch or go to



Duncan Hunter at The Gathering of Eagles Video

Duncan hunter supports our troops. Great Speech!



Redstorm PAC is Online

Please contribute to your favorite candidates via the RedStorm PAC.

This site is the much needed answer to Act Blue. Check it out and give what you can! REDSTORM!

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Has Jim Moran Hired Yellow Dog?

This is interesting. The Wapo has this. Extreme Mortman also writes about it here. The Ward View asks the question here. What say you Joey?


Gathering of Eagles - The ODBA was There

My ODBA blog sister Kat attended the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC this weekend. I am jealous because she got to hear Duncan Hunter speak and shake his hand. Click over to Cathouse Chat and start scrolling!

ODBA members of the United Conservatives of Virginia were also in attendance! Check that out Here.

On the local front, ODBA member SWAC GIRL and friends held a GOE event Saturday in Staunton,Va. They had a great turnout to support our troops! Check out all the great pictures and Win The War signs.

We Are the ODBA

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fred Thompson Stumps for Pro Gun Vote

Despite his pitch for support, some of the gun advocates were not convinced that the former Tennessee senator was completely on their side.

"I was all for him until I started reading the votes," said gun dealer Ken Strevels, standing at a table lined with machine guns, including an enormous .50 caliber rifle held up by a tripod. "I’m not sure now. He’s flipping on the vote. It’s like he’s working both sides."(LINK)

Fred's gun votes have been a issue for me. Ken Strevels accusation about Fred working both sides rings true to me. Fred voted pro gun 57% of the time. Well guess that is better than 49% because the numbers prove Fred is in fact Pro a 7% margin. When asked about this Fred gave two different answers.

"Asked about anti-gun votes as he walked through the show, Thompson there weren't any."(LINK)

Thompson said he did not know what Smith was talking about. "He’d have to look pretty hard to find one," he said.

Interesting conflict there. First Fred said there were no anti gun votes, then he says you have to look hard to find them. Working both sides indeed. I have a hard time defending a man who gives two answers like this at the same Gun Show.

These voters should learn about Duncan Hunter. Duncan is the ONLY real sportsman in this race.

Duncan Hunter
by Sen. H.L. Richardson (Ret.)

I've personally known Duncan Hunter for over thirty years, both as a fellow conservative legislator and a big game hunting companion. We have bow hunted mule deer in the high desolate mountains of Nevada and stalked elk in deep snows of Montana.

Hunting is a passion to him as it is for me. You get to know a man very well around a campfire in the wild. Duncan has a deep appreciation and hands on love of America's great out doors. He is deeply committed to preserving our American heritage and our Constitutional rights. Duncan has no trouble understanding and defending our Second Amendment.

If Congressman Hunter is successful in his run for the presidency, I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes he will be compared with Theodore Roosevelt, since both have much in common. Both are avid hunters and practical conservationists. Both believe and were active in building a strong military. Both are war veterans and both had sons in active combat. Both believe and were active in protecting our borders. Both are outspoken on key issues and both are willing to confront militarily Muslim extremists. Both are fearless and have a proven love for our country. The more one investigates the lives of these two men, the more one finds what they have in common.

Americans who believe the Second Amendment is crucial to freedom, especially hunters, aren't easily fooled by the campaign ads of candidates who take off their suit coat and tie, pull on a newly purchased hunting coat, stand out in a local field and hold a rifle or shotgun for the news cameras. Posing for these "pro-gun" commercials doesn't make a candidate a "pro-gunner." It takes a deep understanding of the Constitution and years of voting and speaking out to protect our rights. And it doesn't hurt to really be a hunter, shooter, or collector of guns. Congressman Duncan Hunter is all of these things and would serve our nation well as President.

Congressman Hunter's Biography below is worth reading as you're thinking about Presidential candidates you might support.Go Read it all.

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Duncan Hunter Press Release on The Move On Ad

The following information was released by the office of California Rep. Duncan Hunter:

In their treatment of General David Petraeus and his testimony before the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees this week, Congressional Democrats remained largely united in their criticism of American military efforts in Iraq. Beyond the expected rhetoric that the President’s Iraq strategy is “failing,” some Congressional Democrats went as far as accusing General Petraeus of being nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration.

This accusation was even the subject of a full page advertisement in the New York Times, financed by the left-wing, anti-military organization, that referred to General Petraeus as “General Betray Us.” This advertisement, prominently displayed in one of America’s leading newspapers the morning of General Petraeus’ first appearance on Capitol Hill, was as pointless as it was insulting.

While shameful, attacks like these should not come as a surprise. Reports of progress from Iraq are bad news for Congressional Democrats. This point was made clear when Democratic Whip James Clyburn said that a positive report by General Petraeus would cause a “real big problem” for the Democratic Party.

Congressman Clyburn is right in one respect. It’s hard to make the case for withdrawal when security conditions in Iraq, under the leadership of General Petraeus, have markedly improved.

Since last October, attacks in al Anbar Province have been reduced by one-fifth and civilian deaths in Baghdad have dropped 74 percent since last December. Additionally, the number of violent incidents against civilians, Iraqi Security Forces and our coalition partners throughout Iraq has declined in 8 of the last 11 weeks. Most importantly, the Iraqi Security Forces are steadily maturing and assuming more of the security responsibility.

Rather than commending General Petraeus for his efforts and giving due attention to his assessment of conditions in Iraq, some Democrats in Congress and liberal organizations like have instead resorted to impugning his integrity. Luckily, General Petraeus has a thick skin and mainstream Democrats and Republicans appreciate the integrity of the talented General.

General Petraeus has devoted himself to serving and protecting the interests of the American people, and his professional life has been a reflection of duty, honor and country. He is both a military officer and a scholar, and his expertise is an invaluable asset to the operability of our armed forces.

For his service to America, General Petraeus deserves our appreciation and respect. He has also earned the right to be heard without having his integrity called into question.

His assessment and recommendations have been shaped by realities on the ground in Iraq and not by “political operatives,” as suggested by one of my colleagues. It is only appropriate that Congress accept his viewpoint with the same objectivity that it was provided.

General Petraeus understands that mission success in Iraq largely depends on the standup of an Iraqi Security Force. While political reconciliation remains important, politics in Iraq are better left to the Iraqi government and its people. A reliable and effective security force, with real-world combat experience, will provide the stability necessary to allow the Iraqi government to survive. Moreover, it will provide a replacement for American heavy combat forces that can then begin moving from the battlefield.

It is clear that we are making gains in Iraq under General Petraeus’ leadership. Congressional Democrats would be wise to listen to what he has to say and take his report and subsequent recommendations seriously. As the legendary pro-defense Democrat Senator Scoop Jackson once said, “In matters of national security, the best politics is no politics.”

This treasonous ad has people of both parties PO'd in my area. The actions of the Democrats will haunt them for a long time over this.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Move On 65 Years Ago

Click to Embiggen

Via Redstate

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The Truth about Jim Webb's Deployment Amendment

Frederick W. Kagan takes a look at the Webb Amendment. Webb loves to talk about quagmires....Well his amendment is a quagmire.

"Senator Webb claims to be concerned for the welfare of the troops, and no doubt he is. But one can also be concerned about the dangers our soldiers face when they do not have the necessary resources and reinforcements available. If American commanders are constrained to have only those “units and members” of the services in theater who have spent the requisite time at home, then a time will almost certainly come when they do not have the forces they need to accomplish their missions. If they can only request additional such forces in response to an operational emergency, then we should consider what that means on the ground. It means that the first thing that happens is that American soldiers may die who did not need to. Then the commanders will rush a request for additional forces up their chain of command. The president will certify to Congress that an emergency exists — and American soldiers and Marines will be fighting without necessary reinforcements as that happens. Then a unit will have to be hastily readied for premature deployment, sent to theater, moved into position, and finally arrive, certainly weeks and possibly months after the initial request. And all the time, American soldiers and Marines will have been fighting and dying. How is that taking care of them?"

Webb cares more about politicizing this war than helping the troops. What he tries to disguise a a amendment to help the troops actually ties the hands of the military and as Kagan points out could cost lives. Webb knows this and he does not care. Just like he knows that reinforcements were needed in Anbar, but he let party politics make him look foolish.

Jim Webb has traded the proud words of Born Fighting for I am not surprised.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Soccer Balls for Iraq

Badrose has a wonderful email from a soldier in Iraq. He has a special request for care packages that we can help out with. He writes

"Iraq is far from being in a civil war. Most of Baghdad’s residents -the vast, vast majority - are good people. They don’t care what religion their neighbor is. They just want to live in relative peace and safety. Tiny groups of terrorists kill indiscriminately, hoping to
spur reprisals, divide opinion and drain resolve. The good news is that we’re crushing those evil bastards and seem to have them on the run for
the first time. It will take time. I hope against hope that before the end of my tour, I’ll be able to take off my body armor, helmet and weapons and join some kids playing a neighborhood game of soccer, if
only for five minutes. At that point, I’d know their future is secure."

Please go read it all and help out if you can.

We are the ODBA


Freedoms Watch

Jim Webb - Silent.


Fred Thompson on Terri Schiavo

"I can't pass judgment on it. I know that good people were doing what they thought was best," Thompson said. "That's going back in history. I don't remember the details of it."(LINK)

Ms Malkin says that the Schiavo story is one of the top 25 stories in our time. Hell, everyone had a opinion on this.

Fred has a memory problem. He does not remember his pro choice lobbying. He does not remember he sponsored and voted for McCain Feingold, then defended it in court. There is a undeniable pattern unfolding. Fred's memory problems had better improve before his first debate because we all know he will be called out on his current statements and McCain Feingold. There will not be three hour delays to let your campaign answer for you and I don't remember will not cut it with the voters. You don't remember lobbying, McCain Feingold, or Terri? C'mon Fred.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Duncan Hunter Shows His Leadership

Before the hearing started with General Petraeus, Duncan Hunter was on Fox telling it the way it is. This is what a real leader does. Jim Webb and the Democrats should take some notes!

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Jim Webb's Betrayal

My friends SWAC Girl and Scott have issues with Jim Webb's silence over the treasonous attack by Move On .org on General Petraeus. When the Senate Democrats were asked to condemn this attack, they refused.

SWAC Girl writes "Not a peep from a fellow military man. Not a peep from someone who should know better."

Scott writes "And what does Jim Webb do? The exact same thing he did when one of his employees got caught carrying one of his firearms. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING."

Jim Webb let people down on both sides this week. He abandoned a fellow veteran and people will remember. The troops and their families will remember. This week the Democrats in the Senate let country know that they are owned by Move on dot org. To hell with ethics and honor, they squatted to the Move On group. Disgusting.

"We bought it. We own it. And we're going to take it back." That's Eli Pariser, founder of talking about the Democrat Party.

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Mason Jars and Cigars Part Three

Tonight I am enjoying a Felipe Gregorio Tres Capas. This cigar is new-

Introducing the Dos Capas and the Tres Capas!
Fresh from Felipe's factory, Tabacalera Real, in the Dominican Republic comes the colorful and very tasty Dos and Tres Capas. These fine cigars are a wonderful blend of quality aged filler and binder, wrapped creatively in two colorful combinations. Available in corona and churchill sizes, both Capas are impressive smokes–perfect for everyday enjoyment or any special occasion. And expect that no matter when you do smoke them, you're sure to turn heads. Contact us to learn about immediate availability.

Wise Girl must have pulled some strings to get these for me. They will run you about ten bucks a pop. As you can see the cigar is beautiful. The Tres Capas is made in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is Connecticut, Sumatra and Nicaragua Candela. The Binder and Filler are both Dominican. It has a medium flavor and like most Dominican cigars a rich aftertaste. I enjoyed the heck out of this one! I would give it a 9.2. Try one of these if you get the chance.

Click for Part One

Click for Part Two

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“It’s getting close to the point where Osama bin Laden could deliver the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention.” —Rush Limbaugh

Mark Warner To Announce

What will he say? Will he do the Marky Mark Shuffle? Indeed

Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.

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When President Reagan purposed School Prayer, Duncan Hunter was there.

Duncan's record is stellar. When Reagan was fighting for school prayer and it was looking bad, Duncan was there fighting tooth and nail. That was 1984 and Duncan is still fighting for the conservative cause today. There is no one running for President whose record even comes close. Enjoy this article from 1984 and check out Duncan Hunter.

SanDiego Union Tribune
March 16, 1984
Marguerite Sullivan
With the fate of President Reagan's proposal for school prayers in doubt, a San Diego area congressman is doing his best to get the idea moving in the House of Representatives.
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Coronado, belongs to an informal group of like-thinking House members who have dubbed themselves the Conservative Opportunity Society.
When the 60 or so members met Feb. 29, they turned at Hunter's instigation to the emotional, controversial and highly topical issue of prayer in public schools.
Hunter proposed that a bipartisan group conduct an all-night discussion of school prayer on the floor of the House.
What resulted was the participation of 51 Republicans and 12 Democrats in the longest "special order" on a single issue in the history of the House. A special order is time reserved for discussing an issue after the regular business of the day is concluded.
But many senators seemed unimpressed. Yesterday, the Senate rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would permit silent meditation in public schools, a compromise proposal that fell well short of the spoken prayer advocated by Reagan and Hunter.
Hunter cites Gallup polls showing that 81 percent of the American people favor a constitutional amendment allowing prayer in the schools.
"The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution with the firm belief in a Supreme Being. I think it is ironic that we in Congress start each day with a prayer, but public school children are denied the same right," he says.
Hunter, a second-term congressman, organized the all-night session with the backing of the Conservative Opportunity Society.
The discussion lasted from 1:20 p.m. on March 5 to 9 a.m. March 6, shattering previous records.
Hunter coordinated the event, lining up the 63 members who spoke and assigning them time slots.
The session coincided with Senate debate on the proposed constitutional amendment, which would reverse a 22-year-old Supreme Court ruling, banning organized prayer in public schools.
In the House, it was the first time in 13 years the issue had reached the floor. The Democratic leadership has bottled up the prayer proposal for years.
A House subcommittee hearing is scheduled for the end of this month but committee leaders show few signs of relenting and letting the prayer amendment reach the full House, regardless of what the Senate does.
Hunter's efforts didn't go unnoticed at the White House.
A few hours after the talkathon ended, Hunter received a call from President Reagan, who is the most prominent advocate of the school prayer amendment. Reagan said he had received a number of calls from supporters of the amendment, saying they had seen the House proceedings on television.

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Alton Returns

Alton over at I'm Not Emeril has returned to the keyboard. Check out his latest post - I met Joey (again) last evening. It's the real deal here my friends!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Real Mark Warner - We Remember

"Had I had any idea that he would be embarking on raising taxes for Virginians, I would not have been there for him" - former Governor Douglas Wilder referring to Governor Warner, whom he endorsed in 2001.

"I will not raise taxes." - Candidate Mark Warner, October 10, 2001.

“What I believe the people of Virginia want is they want people who are going to keep their promises.” - Governor Mark Warner, March 25, 2003.

"Warner Opens Session With Call to Raise Taxes" - Frontpage Article Headline, Washington Post, January 15, 2004.


PHASE I: Mark Warner makes tax reform a centerpiece of his 2001 Gubernatorial campaign. He made a campaign “promise” to introduce a “comprehensive proposal to reform the state tax code no later than the 2003 General Assembly session” and said “it will take the Governor’s leadership to get the job done”. (Spring 2001)

PHASE II: Under pressure from his gubernatorial campaign opponent, Mark Warner seeks to reassure voters he will not raise our taxes: He stated that he was "Someone who understands that government has to live within its means. Someone who will not raise your taxes.” (October 2001)

PHASE III: Mark Warner is elected Governor of Virginia and prays every night that no one will hold him accountable for his campaign promises. (November 2001)

PHASE IV: Mark Warner pushes the Sales Tax Increase Referendum legislation through the 2002 General Assembly Session and the Referendums are placed on the November 2002 ballot in the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads areas. (February 2002)

PHASE V: The voters of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads overwhelmingly reject the Sales Tax Increase Referendums. (November 2002)

PHASE VI: Mark Warner sleeps through the 2003 General Assembly Session without introducing tax reform legislation as promised. (January - February 2003)

PHASE VII: After the 2003 General Assembly session adjourns, Mark Warner realizes he failed to keep his campaign promise, and pledges to pursue tax reform because he might be able to propose a back-door Tax Increase to fund his campaign promises. (February 2003)

PHASE VIII: Hoping Virginians might not pay attention, Mark Warner embarks on a public relations campaign to confuse the citizens on his tax reform plan. When challenged on whether this might be a Trojan horse for raising taxes, the Governor stated, "Absolutely not!". However, the Governor said he could not commit to revenue neutrality. (March - July 2003)

PHASE IX: When asked about the term “revenue neutral”, Mark Warner said “I’m not sure what that means.” (July 2003)

PHASE X: Mark Warner refuses to disclose his Tax Reform Plan until after the November elections, conceding that the voters would overwhelmingly reject calls for a Tax Increase. (Summer 2003)

PHASE XI: Mark Warner invites Legislators over to The Governor’s Mansion to make some “suggestions” for possible reforms such as raising the corporate tax, making the personal income tax fairer and applying the sales tax to additional goods and services. (Summer - Fall 2003)

PHASE XII: Mark Warner appoints a few select insiders to an “Informal Working Group” that refuses to meet in public and discuss the Governor’s Tax Plan. (Fall 2003)

PHASE XIII (and how unlucky for Virginians): Governor Warner introduces his "Tax Increase" plan in a media blitz across the Commonwealth. While Governor Warner wrapped his plan within the mantle of a broad Tax Reform package in his attempt to sell it to Virginians, it can be concluded that Governor Warner clearly does not understand "revenue neutrality" (see Phase IX above) and he has contradicted his own statements regarding a tax increase (see Phases II and VIII above). (November 2003) (LINK)

Hey Mark....We Remember!

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Dynamic Duo of Roscoe Abuser Fee Reynolds and Mark Tax Increase Warner

Glossary-DUOFUS-="A Double Doofus"

Without further ado, I bring you the Dynamic Duo of Roscoe Abuser Fee Reynolds and Mark Tax Increase Warner.

That's right...Watch it again! The duofus on the left does not have a clue as to his own sponsored legislation or how he voted. The duofus on the right was responsible for the largest tax increase in state history and then misplacing the money. What a pair!

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Jim Webb - No Help Needed


Webb, a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran of the Vietnam War, is one of the Senate's staunchest critics of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. But that doesn't stop him from voicing pride in his son's service and unit, the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.
"What they did has kind of become the hallmark for how to operate out of Anbar province," said Webb, who served as secretary of the Navy under President Reagan and has written fiction and nonfiction about war.LINK-Sunday, June 17, 2007


Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, a freshman Democrat and Vietnam veteran, pounced on Petraeus for suggesting the surge of troops this year to Iraq led to the quelling of violence in western Anbar province, long a stronghold of insurgents. Webb, whose son served in Anbar last year, noted that the province's turnaround began before the surge of new American troops.
Petraeus acknowledged that Anbar had been improving before the troop surge, but said the additional forces this year helped solidify U.S. gains in the province(LINK)

What is your point Jim? That your son and other marines would do a better job with less? Yes, the turn around began before the reinforcements arrived, General Petraeus acknowledged that. The turnaround started before and was improved by adding troops. Webb called the Anbar strategy the hallmark for how to operate out of Anbar province. Would it not make sense to reinforce those troops just the way General Petraeus did? Not if you are a democrat.

Sen Jim Webb - No Help Needed.


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Duncan Hunter on the Bill O Reilly Show-Video

Bill asks why only 18 miles of the border fence has been built. Duncan says incompetence of the homeland security department! When asked about the General Betrayus Move on dot bullsh*t he says Obama and Clinton are afraid of Move On moonbats. Classic!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mason Jars and Cigars - Part Two

The Carlos Toraño-Reserva Selecta is a beautiful hand wrapped cigar. A little history

My family’s history in the cigar business dates back to 1916. In 1916 Don Santiago Toraño emigrated from Spain to Cuba. Santiago became involved in tobacco as a broker of leaf tobacco. Over the years he was blessed with having three sons, Jaime, Jose and my father Carlos. All of them became involved in the tobacco business. Over the years, the Toraño family became one of the biggest and most well known growers of Cuban tobacco leaf. By the time of the revolution in 1959, the Toraño family owned and operated approximately 17 farms throughout Cuba.

After the Cuban government nationalized the tobacco farms, my father, Carlos Toraño, took his passion for tobacco to the Dominican Republic. Still today, growers in the Dominican Republic credit my father with introducing the Cuban seed to the Dominican Republic and teaching the farmers there how to grow what is today known as Piloto Cubano. After my father’s early and untimely death, I continued the family business, but expanded it to growing in Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador.

The history of cigars is always interesting. Unlike other tobacco products, cigar making has a rich history. Most makers fled Cuba after the government nationalized the tobacco farms.

The composition-Wrapper is Connecticut Shade and Costa Rican Broadleaf. The Binder is Indonesian and the Filler is from the Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua. All tobaccos are aged 3 to 5 years.

This cigar is a very mild and mellow smoke. The flavor is a creamy vanilla with a hint of cedar. This cigar is a little mild for my tastes but I would rate it a little higher than last nights Punch. I would give this cigar a 8.9. It is a cooler smoke from start to finish. It is mild but the vanilla and cedar flavor combined with the shear beauty of the cigar makes it a winner. Try one!

Read Part One
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