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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mason Jars and Cigars - Part Two

The Carlos Toraño-Reserva Selecta is a beautiful hand wrapped cigar. A little history

My family’s history in the cigar business dates back to 1916. In 1916 Don Santiago Toraño emigrated from Spain to Cuba. Santiago became involved in tobacco as a broker of leaf tobacco. Over the years he was blessed with having three sons, Jaime, Jose and my father Carlos. All of them became involved in the tobacco business. Over the years, the Toraño family became one of the biggest and most well known growers of Cuban tobacco leaf. By the time of the revolution in 1959, the Toraño family owned and operated approximately 17 farms throughout Cuba.

After the Cuban government nationalized the tobacco farms, my father, Carlos Toraño, took his passion for tobacco to the Dominican Republic. Still today, growers in the Dominican Republic credit my father with introducing the Cuban seed to the Dominican Republic and teaching the farmers there how to grow what is today known as Piloto Cubano. After my father’s early and untimely death, I continued the family business, but expanded it to growing in Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador.

The history of cigars is always interesting. Unlike other tobacco products, cigar making has a rich history. Most makers fled Cuba after the government nationalized the tobacco farms.

The composition-Wrapper is Connecticut Shade and Costa Rican Broadleaf. The Binder is Indonesian and the Filler is from the Dominican Republic, Honduras & Nicaragua. All tobaccos are aged 3 to 5 years.

This cigar is a very mild and mellow smoke. The flavor is a creamy vanilla with a hint of cedar. This cigar is a little mild for my tastes but I would rate it a little higher than last nights Punch. I would give this cigar a 8.9. It is a cooler smoke from start to finish. It is mild but the vanilla and cedar flavor combined with the shear beauty of the cigar makes it a winner. Try one!

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Comments on "Mason Jars and Cigars - Part Two"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:37 AM) : 

Is that supposed to be a phallic symbol on the little patriot guy?


Anonymous GopGal said ... (10:23 AM) : 

Ask Bill Clinton. LoL


Blogger JohnMaxfield said ... (8:18 AM) : 

Hmm...I never really got into the whole Torano craze...perhaps because I've only had the opprotunity to smoke one...I wasn't that did have a mild flavor, but sometimes I think when makers try to cover up the tobacco with flavors like vanillia or for a perfect example--the Kaluha brands of cigars--they're trying to compensate for something. And that might be the shortfall of their leaf selection...

but that's just me...


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