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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fred Thompson Stumps for Pro Gun Vote

Despite his pitch for support, some of the gun advocates were not convinced that the former Tennessee senator was completely on their side.

"I was all for him until I started reading the votes," said gun dealer Ken Strevels, standing at a table lined with machine guns, including an enormous .50 caliber rifle held up by a tripod. "I’m not sure now. He’s flipping on the vote. It’s like he’s working both sides."(LINK)

Fred's gun votes have been a issue for me. Ken Strevels accusation about Fred working both sides rings true to me. Fred voted pro gun 57% of the time. Well guess that is better than 49% because the numbers prove Fred is in fact Pro a 7% margin. When asked about this Fred gave two different answers.

"Asked about anti-gun votes as he walked through the show, Thompson there weren't any."(LINK)

Thompson said he did not know what Smith was talking about. "He’d have to look pretty hard to find one," he said.

Interesting conflict there. First Fred said there were no anti gun votes, then he says you have to look hard to find them. Working both sides indeed. I have a hard time defending a man who gives two answers like this at the same Gun Show.

These voters should learn about Duncan Hunter. Duncan is the ONLY real sportsman in this race.

Duncan Hunter
by Sen. H.L. Richardson (Ret.)

I've personally known Duncan Hunter for over thirty years, both as a fellow conservative legislator and a big game hunting companion. We have bow hunted mule deer in the high desolate mountains of Nevada and stalked elk in deep snows of Montana.

Hunting is a passion to him as it is for me. You get to know a man very well around a campfire in the wild. Duncan has a deep appreciation and hands on love of America's great out doors. He is deeply committed to preserving our American heritage and our Constitutional rights. Duncan has no trouble understanding and defending our Second Amendment.

If Congressman Hunter is successful in his run for the presidency, I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes he will be compared with Theodore Roosevelt, since both have much in common. Both are avid hunters and practical conservationists. Both believe and were active in building a strong military. Both are war veterans and both had sons in active combat. Both believe and were active in protecting our borders. Both are outspoken on key issues and both are willing to confront militarily Muslim extremists. Both are fearless and have a proven love for our country. The more one investigates the lives of these two men, the more one finds what they have in common.

Americans who believe the Second Amendment is crucial to freedom, especially hunters, aren't easily fooled by the campaign ads of candidates who take off their suit coat and tie, pull on a newly purchased hunting coat, stand out in a local field and hold a rifle or shotgun for the news cameras. Posing for these "pro-gun" commercials doesn't make a candidate a "pro-gunner." It takes a deep understanding of the Constitution and years of voting and speaking out to protect our rights. And it doesn't hurt to really be a hunter, shooter, or collector of guns. Congressman Duncan Hunter is all of these things and would serve our nation well as President.

Congressman Hunter's Biography below is worth reading as you're thinking about Presidential candidates you might support.Go Read it all.

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