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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They Don't Speak for Me-This writer likes Duncan Hunter

I enjoyed the Values Voter Debate. I was not crazy about the results of their straw poll. Ron Paul placed 2nd? Of course only selected people got to vote, not the entire three million plus members of the AFA. News that Cant Loose has this from a writer who likes Duncan Hunter. I share the authors opinion and the outrage. Here ya go-

by Ambrose Athanasius
There are various groups in America who meet, make declarations, even hold straw polls, and then presume to speak for the rest of us.
I had the misfortune to witness such a meeting over the web last evening. The “Values Voter Debate” and straw poll which followed is the meeting I am referring to. There is an irony here. Hitherto, many of the names in this gathering had my respect and admiration, and to some degree many of them still do.
A line was crossed, though, when a handful of delegates voted for a man who has credentials as a big-government guy, and who has even a weaker attitude toward immigration than George Bush. That man is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.
There is another irony here. As a conservative evangelical Christian, one would think that Huckabee’s familiar style of speaking, rich with Biblical references and folksy illustrations would be a great appeal to this writer. There is a problem: I can read his record. There is another problem: apparently the delegates do not care what the record is, as long as the candidate speaks in their dialect.
In recent times many groups have formed around the immigration and border security issue. Unlike the many Marxist groups who are pushing for open borders and even worse, a “Reconquista” of the American Southwest, a retired Army Colonel has spoken out against those who would presume to speak for all Latinos on this issue. Colonel Al Rodriguez’s “You Don’t Speak For Me” is a group of Hispanic patriots whose loyalty is to America. The very name of the organization tells it all; that the Marxists do not speak for all Latinos in the United States.
Why do I bring this up? Last night, the leaders of the Religious Right presumed to speak for millions of conservative evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Jews with a couple of hundred votes. In this writer’s opinion, this no more represents the will of the Religious Right than when Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell tried to pressure then Governor George W. Bush into commuting the death sentence of multiple murderer Carla Faye Tucker.
The straw poll at the end of this “debate” raised many questions. Why would they vote overwhelmingly for a candidate who only “sounded” conservative, when his record and public statements prove otherwise? Is this not supporting disingenuous behavior? Secondly and even worse, the second-place finisher was a libertarian who wouldn’t lift a finger to stop some of the most abominable things imaginable in the name of liberty.
The one candidate who embodied everything that these people should want in a leader was ignored. His honor and service as a patriot and defender of conservative values is well-documented. His Christian testimony was recently broadcast on TBN and is viewable on YouTube. The candidate is Congressman Duncan Hunter. Perhaps his concise, truthful answers were not sufficient. His strength of character and wisdom were overshadowed by the flowery oratory and demagogic ranting of others.
This was clear evidence that this group of religious folks can be seduced by empty words, just as the originators of the human race were, so many years ago.

Bottom line, a few elites, be they saint or sinner cannot be the voice for everyone. Therefore, with thanks to Colonel Rodriguez, I borrow his phrase in saying to the Values Voter delegates, “You Don’t Speak For Me”.

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Comments on "They Don't Speak for Me-This writer likes Duncan Hunter"


Blogger hahajohnnyb said ... (11:12 AM) : 

Duncan Hunter is likely the second best of the Republican candidates, problem with him is the same problem with the rest of the Republicans with the exception of Ron Paul, is that he is not electible in the the general election.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that is on the right side of the most important issues of this election. Namely the war in Iraq, illegal immigration and abortion.

He is the only candidate that can beat Hillary, so please think carefully about the big picture in this Presidential primary season, and remember that our goal is to win the big race and that requires a radical break from George Bush. Regardless, your personal feelings about Ron Paul and his stance on any number of issues, he would still be better than Hillary, and he is the only one that can beat Hillary.

The Republicans are going to have to bring in a lot of independent voters to win this one, and if they see the race as being between Hillary and a Bush wanna be, then we lose.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:34 AM) : 

Duncan whipped Ron Pauls ass in the Texas GOP straw poll. Nuff said about Ron...he is a nut.


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