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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Webb Campaign or is it CamPAIN

NLS started catching the heat when he published his post about Allen leading Webb by 19 points in the latest poll. So far the majority of the lefty bloggers have not published about it. The RK site has nothing. Ole JC Wilmore is in shock and silent. Hey, he could of linked to my post about the poll. Howling Latina is not howling. Today NLS started with this. A interesting letter saying the Webb team was a mess. Hell, I told everyone that back on APR 25 after Webb's kick off event outside of Gate City. Then every Miller supporter and countless right side bloggers have talked about Webb's team of Not Ready For Prime Time Players. Tonight NLS has a breaking story of a shake up within Webb's team. The story is still developing so go check it out. If this story is true the Webb heads cant spin that things are fine. They are Millions of dollars behind and way down in the polls. The excuse of "no one knows who Jim Webb is" wears thin. Who's fault is that? His campaign team. No money? What do you expect from a candidate who does not fund raise. As I said in my Gate City post Webb deserves better. But in reality this campaign is Webb's house. If he cant run his house he damn sure cant be effective as a Senator. They can blame Jessica and they can blame Jarding but this is Jim Webb leading his campaign. The buck stops there.

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No lines, No waiting- Martinsville Bloggers Conference

Badrose and ImNotEmeril have made it very easy for anyone interested in attending the Blogs United in Martinsville for Free Speech conference to keep updated on the agenda, and to register and it is just a small amount ($50.00) for a "priceless" two days spent with some of Virginia's best bloggers. CLICK HERE for the agenda. CLICK HERE here to register cause you know you really want to see what kind of PJ's some of these guys will be wearing.

I have to admit that this agenda is looking pretty exciting even to a sometimes blogger like myself. It is so appropriate that they have scheduled a Pajama Party as I figure most all of you post in your PJ's at least part of the time. This gives everyone the opportunity to see you as you look when you write-hmmm, is that a good thing??? And for those of you who are nekked bloggers- well, please just trust me when I say that you will look better imagined then in real life.

As you can see in the sidebar Kilo is counting down the days. We both think that ImNotEmeril and his crew are doing a first class job setting this whole event up. It is very much appreciated here at Spark It Up!!!!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Poll - George Allen Leading Jim Webb by 19 points!!

The new Survey USA poll shows Sen Allen leading by 19 points. So much for that primary bounce enjoyed by Jim Webb. What is really cool-11% of Democrats surveyed said they would vote for George Allen.

If the election for United States Senator were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Republican George Allen? Democrat Jim Webb? Independent Green Gail Parker Or some other candidate?
56% Allen (R) 37% Webb (D) 2% Parker (IG) 3% Other 3% Undecided

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NLS Makes a Good Point

I have to applaud Ben. He makes one hell of a good point with this post. The same freedom of speech the Democrats were crying about over burning the flag should not be allowed if you are an elected Senator says Jim Webb guru Steve Jarding. Ben is taking a lot of heat in the comments for telling the truth. Check this post out! There are some comments about Sen Allen attacking Jim Webb's patriotism. I cant find these attacks so if you can link them please do.

I want to add that NLS should receive credit from all of us for the election data posts he provides. I don't think there is another blog anywhere that works that hard to publish comparative election data in any state. Thank You NLS for providing that for all of us to use.

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Flag Amendment Fails by One Vote

The roll call vote is here. It seems this bill had a bunch of democrats who voted for it. I wonder if those Democrats who supported the bill get love links from JC Wilmore? LOL. I wonder if they understand the Bill of Rights? Funny how the know it alls support the Constitution only when it fits their needs. This amendment has been moving forward for 11 years. We the people are again denied to voice on this measure. You see that is what really happened today. Those who voted yes to protect the flag and give every voter in every state the chance to be heard. The others who voted no, including three republicans, denied us our rights given to us under Article 5. I want our local reps to have the chance to represent us with our voice. I still believe our state reps would voice what we the voters want. They can spin it and slant it all they want. This amendment was about one thing and one thing only.`The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.'. The fight will continue!

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Lowell Feld-The Real Man

I wanted to link these posts because I commented on them. Here are the links. The Red Stater - Cathouse Chat - ImNotEmeril.

You can read the posts and make your own judgments. I think I was pretty clear in my comments. I find it very revealing a "man" of Lowell Feld's age searching social networks for young girls to embarrass on his blog. Even after the young student removed her info Lowell begs for people to search their caches so he can further her embarrassment. There was no political gain here. The just of it is Lowell using his blog to embarrass a young girl. What a man! This is where I could start to tell you what I really think about Lowell. I don't need too. I am more of a face to face type of guy. You can read the posts above and come to your own conclusions.

UPDATE-Another lady has a great post up about this. Badrose tells it from a womans point of view. She will be added to my blogroll before morning!

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Flag Burning is ok by Jim Webb

This is an easy issue. You either support flag burning or you don't. There is no middle ground on this issue. Jim Webb thinks burning our flag is ok. That is a great talking point for us here in SWVA. I plan on visiting the local VFW's with that info, you should also. When someone mentions Jim Webb to me I will gladly offer up his support of flag burning. I remember in 1976 being glued to a tv watching the Chicago Cub's play the LA Dodgers. Does anyone else remember that game? Lunatics jump onto the field with lighter fluid and a flag. Before they can ignite Old Glory Cub's outfielder Rick Monday swoops in and grabs the flag! Jim Webb would have knocked Monday down protecting the flag burners so called freedom of speech. You can hear Rick Monday's account of this here. This week in the Senate Sen Allen will be fighting for legislation to once again make flag burning illegal.

Allen Supports Flag Protection Amendment

ARLINGTON, VA - Declaring that "the American flag transcends our political differences and unites us as Americans," Virginia U.S. Senator George Allen today reaffirmed his longtime support of the Flag Protection Amendment which will be considered by the Senate this week......

The Senate begins debate today and is expected to vote this week on the Flag Protection Amendment which would amend the constitution to authorize Congress to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States. Senator Allen is a cosponsor of the amendment.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Kilo and the Cat House

Ok, so that title got your attention and now you are wondering who, what, when, where and are there photos.The who is most definitely Kilo, and the what is kittens found this week. One momma cat and her four kittens came out from under one porch while Kilo started destruction and then construction on a new, bigger and much better looking back porch.

The first words out of his mouth were something like "Damn" and the next were " I am not going to pick them up". I asked why and he went on to tell me that he didn't want a cat and that he would get too attached. Guess what, the old softy is now able to pick up two of them and has even tried to sex them. He actually had to ask my advice on how to tell the sex- "You see Kilo, males usually have balls, perhaps not as large as yours but nevertheless balls" and he replied " I guess those are balls, maybe democrat balls!" Geesh. He then went on to ask if they are like rabbits- when you push on their bellies their peter sticks out- I guess that is how Peter Rabbit came to be.

He has only been able to catch two of the little buggers and he thinks he has one of each- one republican- the runt named Chigger who is really feisty and fights for what she wants without backing down, and one democrat who is really nice looking but has "democratic" balls and is a hog at the plate. The other two are twins and are independents for now, although I have heard Kilo telling them all about the amazing job Senator Allen is doing.

And the first food Wonder-boy was feeding these cute kitties- hot dogs. Oh and he likes to instigate food fights- he teases them with chunks of meat and hissing and clawing ensues. He didn't even know that there is such a thing as kitten chow.

This morning he heard the kittens carrying on and when he went out he found the Mom with the twins but he still heard unhappy kitten sounds and this is what he discovered. They were stuck.

Anyone can walk out on the porch and they stay hidden but when Kilo's feet hit the floor they come running to him, Momma too. So much for staying unattached. I told him that while his heart is big there is still a wildness to it and these wild kittens recognize that in his spirit. Note to Kilo: I like that about you too!!!

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Virginia Blog Carnival is up!

Jason has the VBC online. A wonderful collection with a few surprises. Check it out.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coming Soon to Wise-Smelly Hippies

This is just what we need. We are soon to be invaded by anti coal smelly hippies from Canada to protest strip mining and other things. You can read all about it here. These invaders are not staying in our lavish Wise motel facilities, but camping out to spy on coal companies and truck drivers. Most likely creating fire hazards and smoking pot. They will definitely not be bathing that is for sure. That article provides links to other sites. One group promises to cause trouble if their demands are not met. Demands? Who are they to make demands? I have a feeling if trouble is what they are looking for, trouble is what they will find in varying gages and calibers. I will spend my day reading and doing my homework on this. I can promise I will get in the middle of it before it is over. These folks want to hinder the coal business. That will not be met with open arms here in Wise. More later.

BTW-I wonder what Jerome Armstrong can see in the stars about this?

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jerome Armstrong

This is just to weird. Chad has the story and the links. Go Read! According to Jerome what triggered 9/11 was the discovery of the Kuiper Belt in 1992. This is nutroots at its best! This is a must read for everyone. It also will shed some light on why those Kos Convention bloggers had tinfoil on their heads. I think this hero to the democrats is a head case.

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What is Zogby Interactive?

I covered this in detail back in March. There are two sides of Zogby. One is called Zogby International. They do phone polling and have a decent record. The other is called Zogby Interactive. This is a poll of registered Zogby users who signed up online to be polled. As I said in March there is a big difference in random phone polling of Virginians and polling of online registered Zogby users. Just the commonsense factor of registering online shows how many people are not polled. That is why Zogby has been accurate only 85% of the time and that was within a 4 point margin. Zogby Interactive is basically an experiment in online polling. Comparing Zogby Interactive to Rasmussen is comparing apples and oranges. I went into more detail here. The last Rasmussen poll showed Allen up by 10 points among randomly phone polled Virginians. The last Zogby Interactive poll showed Allen up by 5 among registered Zogby Interactive users. You can buy stock in the one you believe. Speaking of stock have you checked out the line at Tradesports? Money where your mouth is? Here are the charts.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Breaking News-Jim Webb Speaks! But Says Nothing.

Updated with Press Release from the Allen Campaign.

I ridiculed Jim Webb yesterday for being silent as the Senate Democrats fought to pass legislation on Iraq. Both of the democrats plans failed. This was Webb's chance to talk up his knowledge on Iraq as the Senate debated the issue all week. Today Webb spoke out saying he would have voted the same way the Republicans voted. That is right! A big fat no to John Kerry's retreat plan.

"I don't think it was a good proposal. I would have voted against it," Webb said at an impromptu news conference after a morning meeting with Gov. Timothy M. Kaine.(LINK)

So Webb would have voted with the Republicans and Sen George Allen. In other words he would have supported the presidents plan. Jim Webb has no new ideas. He is not supporting his party and that could come into play as he needs that campaign cash. How does Webb win party support when he does not support his party? I have to agree with those who say Webb is still a republican at heart. He is confused and that is not going to win him votes or support from either side. The other democratic sponsored bill called the Levin plan also failed. Would Webb have supported it with the 39 other democrats? We will never know.

But Webb eluded a clear answer when asked if he would have supported a nonbinding Democratic resolution that would have urged Bush to begin withdrawing troops this year without setting a deadline for leaving Iraq. That measure failed on a 60-39 vote.(LINK) Bold print by Kilo

Webb spoke but said nothing. Here was another chance to tell us his big plans for Iraq, his touted strong point. Silence again. Day 5-Born Ducking

UPDATE-Press Release

Webb Eluded a Clear Answer” on Iraq Amendment
Democratic Candidate continues Iraq vacillations, contradictions

ARLINGTON, VA – After refusing yesterday to answer how he would have voted on Democratic amendments calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, Democratic Senate nominee James H. Webb, Jr. continued to elude a question regarding his position on an immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

The Associated Press reported today that during a news conference “Webb eluded a clear answer when asked if he would have supported a nonbinding Democratic resolution that would have urged Bush to begin withdrawing troops this year without setting a deadline for leaving Iraq.”

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch reported that yesterday Webb “declined to say how he would have voted” on amendments by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and Carl Levin that called for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. According to the Associated Press, Webb, who has made earlier statements calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, finally said today he would oppose the Kerry amendment.

James H. Webb, Jr. is not only trying to have it both ways on Iraq, he has taken three or more contradictory and vacillating positions,” said Dick Wadhams, campaign manager for U.S. Senator George Allen’s reelection campaign. “Just in the last two days he and his campaign have refused to say how he would vote, then said he supported immediate withdrawal, then said he opposed the Kerry plan for immediate withdrawal, then he ‘eluded’ an answer to how he would have voted on the other Democratic withdrawal amendment.”

If you disagree with something James H. Webb, Jr. says about Iraq, just wait a few hours and he’ll change his position.”


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jim Webb is Silent

With the Senate debating Iraq all week Jim Webb has been silent. After his welcome to prime time Monday the only thing out of the Webb campaign has been Gov Kaine pleading for me to send Webb money to spend on cartoons and bogus websites. This makes it Day 4-Born Ducking. Why the silence Jim? Nothing more on debates, nothing on your buddies in the Senate. From the Allen Campaign

Webb Silent as Senate Debates Iraq

Allen Supports Strategic Plan for Success, Opposes Kerry Plan for Retreat as Webb Vacillates in Silence

ARLINGTON, VA - Despite basing his entire campaign on opposing the war in Iraq, Democratic Senate candidate James H. Webb, Jr. remained silent this week while the U.S. Senate debated and voted on amendments to immediately withdraw from Iraq, including one sponsored by his close political ally, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

"James H. Webb, Jr. suddenly lost his voice this week as his close friends and political allies, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, tried to pass a strategic plan for retreat in Iraq," said Dick Wadhams, campaign manager for U.S. Senator George Allen's reelection campaign. "James H. Webb, Jr. did not utter a word this week as the very people who threw their arms around him and dragged him across the line in the Democratic Primary attempted to immediately pull out of Iraq."

Senator Allen voted against an amendment by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who supported and campaigned with James H. Webb, Jr. in the Democratic Primary, that would have required American withdrawal from Iraq in one year.

"Before entering the cone of silence this week, James H. Webb, Jr.'s earlier public statements on Iraq were vacillating and inconsistent," Wadhams said. "He has publicly rejected a specific timetable for withdrawal but then said we should withdraw forces within two years. He has said he would not withdraw troops immediately while in another interview he said 'I just think we need to get our people out'."

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Democrats Fail on Cut n Run

The Senate overwhelmingly rejects John Kerry's cut n run bill 86-13. The Roll Call Vote here.

The Senate also rejects the Levin (disguised Cut n Run) bill 60-39. The Roll Call Vote here.

Strategic Retreat takes a fall today! Strategic Success should be the only goal!

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Slain Troops

My father thinks the sun rises with Fox news E D Hill. R'cat has the video linked. E D asks Where is Murtha??? Hearts cut out...Genitals removed....These are not the acts of soldiers, these are the acts of terrorists and cowards. But wait! There are no terrorists in Iraq. Those are the wrong WMD's...We should cut n run...We hear the Democrats loud and clear. Where is the outrage from our media?

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Jerry is right again! Those WMD's don't Count! Typical stupid response from the left. Sarin is Sarin-It is a WMD and thinking otherwise is stupid. As you read those lefty blogs today and their cries of those don't count.....Think about who you want in charge of protecting a nation and its children. Those WMD's don't count sounds like something Saddam would say. Look who is saying it now. Cut n Run is not the answer. Democrats are not unified on Iraq and that shows their weakness.
Sen Allen states:

Sen. George Allen, R-Va., laid out the stark differences according to Republicans, saying Democrats offer "a vacillating strategic plan for retreat" while the GOP supports "a steady strategic plan for success."

Indeed! The article continues on proving the democrats are not unified on anything concerning Iraq.

Democrats also played down concerns, voiced privately by some party strategists, that the Kerry-Feingold call for a "hard-and-fast" deadline is hindering the party‘s efforts to project a unified position on Iraq for the fall.

Still, those dismissals did not explain why Democratic leaders spent more than a week trying to write a "consensus" proposal that they hoped would persuade Kerry and Feingold to drop their own, which would set a "date certain" for ending the U.S. combat mission.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Round Up

Riley is asking for all bloggers to join in a Blogothon. Read the comments. I am not up to speed on all of this but it seems Chapman is acting kinda goofy if the reason for this suit is missing the filing deadline. Ben has a post about this subject up also. I am going to go back and read about this. My thoughts are that this is goofy, but on the other side I am not against accountability for bloggers. Slander is one thing-blaming a blog for making you miss a deadline is another.

Chad alerts us that Kos blogfather and Sorenson keynote speaker Jerome Armstrong is a fraud. Damn..whoda thunk it? He has two good posts up here and here. Shaun Kenney also gives some news that Kos himself is being looked at. This subject is a must read for all of us! You wont see this info on those Lefty blogs. Redstate has this

"Long answer made short: it would not be unfair to estimate, pending more facts, that somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-10 million was lost by people buying a nearly worthless stock that Jerome Armstrong touted for money, with a fair estimate of the real damages most likely being about $7.5 million."

WoW...I would think there are some mad people ready to come forth with vengeance on Armstrong and Kos.

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The New Allen Ad

While the Democrats spend money on fake websites, Allen releases another good tv spot. You can watch it at that link or check out both ads on his website. Sen Allen is right! There is nothing more important than our childrens safety.

We have the Jim Webb democrats waisting money and time on parody web pages. Has Jim Webb accepted Sen Allen's challenge to debate all the issues or is this day 3 of Jim Webb-Born Ducking.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VBC is up and oh so sweet today.

Alton over at ImNotEmeril has cooked up one sweet VBC and has left all the fat and calories in. And it all begins with a “we” bit of changeup to his menu. Alton has taken on a co- blogger, Badrose, who will certainly serve up some just desserts from what I can tell and Alton says she is not to be trifled with. Stop in and see what sweet concoctions they are serving up. Me, I just want to know if there will be a cookbook out soon with the Mint Julep ala Drain-o recipe. Not to worry Kilo- at least not till its published-*wink, wink*

Badrose, I just want to welcome you and hope that you have as much fun as I am having.
It was delightful to see what the two of you mixed up for this first course.

And now I’m out of bad puns so it must be time to go harass Kilo again* BIG GRIN*


Monday, June 19, 2006

Jim Webb "Ducking" the Issues

Brian Patton posted this. He would like to spin the debates issue but he cant. The fact is Jim Webb wants to debate only on narrow list of topics. In other words Jim Webb is ducking the issues. The Allen camp responds!

Allen Campaign Calls for Debates on Wide Range of Issues

ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator George Allen's campaign today called for a series of debates on a wide range of issues and rejected James H. Webb, Jr.'s attempts to confine the debates to an extremely narrow list of topics.
The text of the letter Senator Allen's campaign manager Dick Wadhams wrote in response to Jim Webb's campaign manager Jessica Vanden Berg's letter is below:

Dear Ms. Vanden Berg,

Senator Allen has already accepted the debate planned by the Virginia Bar Association on Saturday, July 22 and we look forward to scheduling additional debates and that each debate will focus on a wide range of issues.

I understand why Mr. James H. Webb, Jr. would like to confine debates this fall to a small number of topics.

The Washington Post reported last Friday that Mr. Webb will "have to have to get up to speed on domestic policy issues, which he largely avoided talking about during his four-month primary campaign." However, we believe your list of topics, while certainly admirable, is much too narrow.

As you know, the same Washington Democratic leaders who are responsible for Mr. Webb winning the Democratic nomination last week--Senators John Kerry, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid--are also responsible for obstructing the confirmation of federal judicial nominations, obstructing welfare reform reauthorization, obstructing energy legislation, obstructing medical malpractice reform, obstructing the marriage protection amendment, and many others.

We believe those issues, which were not part of your limited list, deserve a full discussion during all of the debates as well.


Dick Wadhams

Campaign Manager

I say Bring It!

Chad welcomes Webb to the Big Leagues

The VC crew wants to know if Webb will want a "Do Over"

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Claire Gastanaga is Exactly what Mike Shear was talking about.

I was reading last night and came across this post by Sorenson speaker Claire Gastanaga. The esteemed Sorenson speaker was pretty harsh on Alton Foley and the upcoming bloggers convention that he is working on. Alton has noticed, was offended, and offers up this post. What is very entertaining to me is the first comment on Claires post directs us to this speak piece about Shear's defense of newspapers and wrong information. Shear said newspapers search for the truth while bloggers do not. Be sure to read Claire's reply to that comment when she writes

"That said, I thought that your comments on WaPo were well taken. Do unto others and all that."

Reading R'cats post on Sorenson I found another great comment by Ms. Gastanaga saying

"Great post, R'cat. Sorry that we didn't have a chat. I was only able to be there on Saturday, and I missed most of the fun.... You and I share a common dream. Perhaps if we continue to model respectful behavior others will see its value."~Claire

To bad Ms Gastanaga did not apply the same ethics in her post and replies to Alton and Barnie Day who are working hard on this conference. Her excuse is she did not have information. Google must be beyond her as Alton points the way. She had enough information to make her divisive post, truth be damned. She shot from the hip without researching to find who, what, why......That is Exactly what Shear was talking about.

Update- Alton has this wonderful apology posted! My hat is off to Ms. Gastanaga for correcting this. I hope she jumps on board and helps with her input on Blogs United in Martinsville. Alton has asked every blogger for suggestions. I know for a fact that many politicians from all parties are invited. If this conference has more speakers from the left than the right, or vice versa, it is not because they were not asked to attend. If you want to attend let Alton know. If you want to discuss a topic please tell us. This is a conference for bloggers set up by bloggers-That means YOU! I know Alton and Barnie have planned plenty of free time to table up and discuss what you find interesting. I also know that there are some great speakers already on board! The after hours activities that are being planned are awesome! It will give all of us a great chance to eat, drink, and socialize. I am excited about this and I hope every blogger and reader will be also.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Today it is steaks on the grill and Nascar on tv with Dad. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes about fathers.

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.~(Mark Twain, "Old Times on the Mississippi" Atlantic Monthly, 18)

Now I am in my forty's and there is no one any wiser than Dad. My father is a soft spoken man. He let me make my own choices in life.

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~(Clarence Budington Kelland)

I will spend the rest of my life trying to become half the man my Father is...I doubt I make it.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

ImNotEmeril hosting VBC

Alton over at ImNotEmeril is hosting the next Virginia Blog Carnival. I am thinking that the Carnival will look wonderful on his new layout . He has extended the deadline slightly so those at Sorenson this weekend will be able to share with us. And if that is not enough, he is teasing us with a surprise visitor.

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Exposing the House of Representatives

Kilo is wicked busy right now but I think if he doesn't post daily it is almost like he has left the house without his clothes and Kilo nekked is not a sight for the meek and mild. He suggested that it was my turn to post something-and he gave suggestions- all political-big sigh!

He pointed out the post at
which discusses the House approval of the Global War on Terror Resolution and the rejection of an "arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment" of troops from Iraq. Redstate goes on to list who voted again the resolution.

Angling for political advantage, House Republicans engineered the debate and vote, four and one-half months before midterm elections that will decide who runs Congress - and as polls show voters favoring Democrats to replace Republicans as the controlling party." Could it be that the Republicans have learned this game called politics?

Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift points out how Virginia voted

Republicans and Democrats explained this decision as they saw it and hope that they are reading their voting constituents properly.

"The choice for the American people is clear; don't run in the face of danger, victory will be our exit strategy," Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, said. OWG shouts a big AMEN here.

Countered Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.: "It's not a matter of stay the course. It's a matter of change direction." Oh, Mr. Murtha have you not read Shaun Kenney today. He talks about how thing are changing direction in Iraq in small but consistent steps but that the media is being duped into believing the insurgents talking points for America.

Or this post which tells how the coalition forces surprised militants which included bombers, financial backers and local leaders when they gathered for a "secret" meeting.

The face of this war is changing but it is not a rapid change like the demolition of whole blocks and lives that took place on 9/11, rather it is a more like losing weight one pound at a time. After a few months of that slow steady loss the image in the mirror looks so different and is so much easier to live with.

Kilo would also go on to ask the question "How do you think Webb would have voted here? And then he would say something witty about how Webb and Kerry believe in the cut and run method of politics.

But since OWG doesn't write about politics, and I really don't want Kilo feeling too exposed today anyone want to talk NASCAR? What the heck is up with my driver Jamie McMurray anyway? He is starting 41st on owner points at Michigan-ouch. And of course, that Jeff Burton guy is starting 12th and he has just been burning up the track this year in a major comeback sorta way. I keep holding on to the idea that Denny Hamlin could be the pole sitter at Pocono, blow a tire, and then have to come from the back to win the race. Jamie might be better off eating the wall and hoping they will build him a totally new car- the paint job might be awesome but the car sucks.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Live Blogging at Chad's

I admire Bob McDonnell. We could not ask for a more blogger friendly AG. The questions are very good so click over and see what AG McDonnell has to say. My favorite was his answer to Ben's question if the AG had read any of Jim Webb's books.

(Not Larry Sabato) Have you ever read any of Jim Webb's books and what do you think of him?

Bob: Ben good to see you. Let me say that the fact that Jim Webb was born fighting must have been very painful for his mother. In all seriousness, while I respect Jim Webb for his distinquished military service and service under President Reagan, his vacillating positions on a number of issues make him a vastly inferior candidate to our distinquished Senator George Allen. I have not read any of Mr. Webb's books.

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Jim Webb- Cut n Run

Jerry From on High has some thoughts about Jim Webb. Jerry is right on target saying

"The voters, the real voters, not the fanatical 1% who bothered to show up and vote for him on Tuesday, will be wanting to know more about the man and where he's going to take the commonwealth. They are not interested in his electability or what bloggers have to say. They'll be looking at him. They may be sorely disappointed."

I agree with that. Jim Webb's only talking point is Iraq. We are already seeing hero worship about Webb's service in Vietnam. A war Webb said was right. We all know what a success Vietnam was both short term and long term. The death toll there does not compare to Iraq. The achievements there do not compare to Iraq. So tell us again Jim why Vietnam was right? Tell us Jim what happened there after we cut and run? Tells us about the slaughter of thousands that we left hanging when we pulled out of Vietnam. Now explain why we should do the same thing to those people fighting for freedom in Iraq. Tell us Jim why you choose to abandon those proud Iraqi's just like we abandoned those in Vietnam. I thought that is why you left the democrats after Vietnam to begin with. I can hear the answer now. "I wrote an article in......" Pleeeeze!

On a related note-Check out VC

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Sen Allen is on the Job- Webb supporter John Kerry a No Show

Bearing Drift has the details. This legislation will cut out all those supplemental funding bills and make the administration submit a budget for funding the War on Terror.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Flag Day America

World's Largest Superflag (255 x 505 Ft), 2.8 football fields large, was hoisted on Hoover Dam for the Olympic Torch Relay Crossing.

Each Nascar event begins with the color guard presenting the American Flag, the National Anthem being sung, a fly-by of US Military and of course prayer. No matter what Kilo and I are doing, everything stops so that we can use that moment to honor this nation and those who willingly sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. I always get goosebumps, and usually tears.

The Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson officially established Flag Day -the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 - on May 30th, 1916. While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities for years after Wilson's proclamation, it was not until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day. The history of Flag Day begins long before this and the first known celebration is believed to have first originated in 1885. BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the pupils in the Fredonia, Wisconsin Public School, District 6, to observe June 14 (the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes) as 'Flag Birthday'.

Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior, delivered a 1914 Flag Day address in which he repeated words he said the flag had spoken to him that morning: "I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself."

If this is the case then my flag is made up of peace and honor, truth and justice, mercy and power, sacrifice and bravery, righteousness and grace, blood, sweat, tears and prayer. For Kilo and me this cloth woven of red, white and blue threads symbolizes the weaving of history good and bad and the people that were such a part of those times and places that makes up this nation that we both love and are blessed to call home.

Happy Flag Day

Please don't miss Red Skelton's Commentary of the Pledge of Allegiance here.

Here is a link for an awesome Johnny Cash song that we really like.

For more on the history of the flag visit here.

Others showing respect
Virginia Virtucon
Spank That Donkey
Shaun Kenney

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Nail on the head

It seems Riley shares the same thoughts many of us have about Jim Webb. This issue will not go away. This is his record and he will be judged on it. Great post from VC!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jim Webb Wins-Not in Wise County or the Coalfields

Updated links at bottom

I said Harris Miller would carry my area and he did. Brian Patton did not believe me...Heh ole buddy! I was off on the percentage as it turned out to be 64%-36% for Miller in Wise County. Brian said his county called Dickenson was for Webb and he was right. If nothing else Brian and I can say we are in touch with our home base. I did pretty good calling a democratic primary. Brian notes in his post that Webb won the fighting 9th district, but not by the expected margin many predicted. Webb solidly lost the entire Coalfield region. Wise, Buchanan, Lee, Tazewell, and Russell all went for Miller. Dickenson and Scott for Webb. This region was touted as Webb's base. Wrong. This is Allen Country. I really thought Miller would win. I also really wanted Webb to win. I have said all along he will be easier for Allen to defeat. Now it begins.

The Mason Conservative has this post.
VC has this.
Shaun Kenney is posting!
Jerry From on High.

The Bearing Drift Podcast with Ben Tribbett of Northern Virginia, Vivian Paige of Norfolk and special guests Larry Roberts of Gov. Kaine's office and Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) is up. When Moran speaks you can feel JR's pain. A great discussion on this primary and the impact of bloggers on the outcome. This is the real deal here!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

Watch out for that tongue Jim!

Spank That Donkey has more.

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The Virginia Blog Carnival

The VBC is online over at Shaun Kenney's blog.

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Jim Webb Media Blitz....Sorta

With just a few hours until the primary polls open the Webb campaign releases radio clips. I guess they have taken this long to produce and edit. (Heh) What has been the hold up on that? I like the idea of last minute radio spots. To bad they are not the culmination of ads that were airing this whole campaign. Time spent drawing cartoons could have been better spent. Tomorrow night we will find out if Jim Webb and his not ready for prime time players are successful. This battle is in NOVA. The few thousand voters in my part of the state wont carry much weight. The thing that excites me is that Wednesday morning the real campaign starts. Sen Allen IS prime time. It will take way more than cartoons and anti war rhetoric to defeat him. Allen has never lost an election in Virginia and this year will not be any different.

My prediction is Miller. I think his political support up north and his better campaigning will carry him to victory. Miller has the local politicians support and if they gotv tomorrow I think he wins. Personally I hope Webb wins because there is no reason to believe his campaign team will get any better over the next few months. The not ready for prime time players say Webb is strong on defense. I say when Jim Webb had that job before as Sec of the Navy and things got tough what did he do? He Quit.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Quote of the Primary Season

"Webb accuses Miller of being a wealthy Washington, D.C., lobbyist and Miller accuses Webb of being a Republican-turned-Democrat-turned back Republican-turned-Democrat again," Dick Wadhams, chief of Allen's campaign staff, said with a gleeful chuckle. "We think they're both right."


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Friday, June 09, 2006

LG Bolling Press Release on Kaine's defer of execution of Percy Walton

Lieutenant Governor Bolling Disagrees With Governor Kaine's Decision To Defer Execution

RICHMOND - Last night, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine announced his decision to defer the scheduled execution of Percy Walton. Walton was convicted in the 1996 murder of three individuals in Danville. The Governor announced that he had decided to defer Walton's execution so he could conduct an "independent assessment" of whether or not he was mentally competent. In response to the Governor's announcement, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement:

"I disagree with the Governor's decision to defer this execution. Mr. Walton was duly convicted in a Virginia court of the brutal murder of three innocent people in Danville in 1996. He shot one individual in the head and stuffed his lifeless body in a closet. He shot another as she begged for her life. A jury found Mr. Walton guilty of these crimes and properly sentenced him to death."

"There is no justification for the Governor's decision to defer Mr. Walton's execution. Mr. Walton's lawyers have argued for years that he was mentally incompetent, but this argument has consistently been rejected by the courts. The courts have found that Mr. Walton can and should be executed because he clearly knew what he was doing when he committed these crimes."

"Interestingly, the United States Supreme Court rejected these very appeals moments before the Governor chose to defer Mr. Walton's execution. The courts have considered this case in detail. They found Mr. Walton guilty of these brutal murders, they sentenced him to death, and they have affirmed their finding on numerous occasions."

"I am also concerned that the Governor has indicated that he will embark on an independent "extra judicial" assessment of whether or not Mr. Walton is mentally competent. Unfortunately, the Governor has not told us how this independent assessment will be conducted, what standards will be used for reaching a conclusion, or what steps will be taken to protect the rights of the victims families or the Commonwealth."

"We should rely on the judicial process to make determinations of this nature, and the courts have clearly and correctly made those determinations in this case."

I agree with LG Bolling. The courts have spoken and justice should be carried out.

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Blog Readers in Virginia

Hot from Survey USA. Crosstabs are here. In Virginia 19% say they blog. 8% say they are regular readers of blogs - showing most bloggers don't regularly read blogs. LOL. I cant say who will win the primary next week. If Miller wins then we know his choice of tv and mailers was a wise choice because the blogs do not support him. Webb on the other hand relied totally on blogs with no tv and one mailer. Very interesting. Has this primary season been a joy for Republicans or what!!!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Webb and Miller Debate on Hardball

I can hear Webb supporters hearts breaking all over the state. Tonights debate was a bomb for Jim Webb. Mathews put them both on the spot. They both pretty much have the same view on Iraq. On immigration Miller had a concrete answer on punishing employers for hiring illegals. Webb on the other hand was wishy washy and Mathews called him on it. Next big difference was Jim Webb supports Don't Ask Don t Tell. Miller supports open gays. I think we know who will win the majority of the gay vote. The candidates got to ask each other one question. Webb again blows it. He asks about lobbyists and Miller responded with as a good a answer as a lobbyist can give. Miller bombs Webb with supporting Bush and Allen while slamming Clinton. Mathews smiles. Webb's long answer had enough ummm's and hmmm's in it to choke a mule. I cant wait to get the transcript of this debate to count how many times he told Webb to just answer the question.

Now the biggie!!! Mathews asks about who they would support for President. Hillory Clinton or Mark Warner. Webb would not answer. Miller proudly said Mark Warner. If there was any question in anyones mind who the true Virginia Democrat is, it was answered tonight. If this debate is discussed in the MSM it is a nail in Webb's coffin. Watching this makes me ask is Webb a Democrat? He is happy with the status of gay rights. He does not want to punish all employers for hiring illegals. Neither candidate supported gay marriage but both supported civil unions. What a pair! Webb made clear Miller was a lobbyist. Miller made clear Webb was a republican. I bet that hurts don't it? Get used to it. Tune in next Tuesday to see which one Sen Allen gets to defeat in November.

Watch it Here.

Mike Shear Report - Bob Lewis

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Pork Rind Update- Appalachia Voter Fraud

The KTN is reporting that Ben Cooper(D), the indicted mayor of Appalachia is stepping down.

APPALACHIA - Ben Cooper has stepped down as mayor but remains on the Appalachia Town Council, according to a letter from Cooper's attorney - Patti Church of Pennington Gap - received by Town Attorney Michael Abbott on Wednesday. Copies of Church's letter were also sent to the other four council members.

Cooper has a good lawyer in Patti Church. She is a former Democratic candidate herself. Brian Patton had this when she ran for Commonwealth's Attorney in Lee County. Patti Church is well known in these parts. She is the wife of former United Mine Workers president Sam Church. Both are very active in the democratic party. They stick together huh.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The First Ad is up!

Sen Allen's TV add will air next week. You can see it here on his website. Sen Allen makes a great move starting his TV campaign. This is a 100% positive ad. Check it out!

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Tim Richmond 6/7/1955-8/13/1989

I love Nascar racing. I hate Nascar the organization. I remember watching drivers arrive at a race. The Petty's in their limos. Ford drivers showing up in Fords. Then here comes a Harley ridden by a man in chaps, with a leggy blond on the back. Tim Richmond was his name. Here is just a part of his story.

Tim signed with Hendrick in 1986 to drive the #25 Folgers Coffee car. After a slow start to the season, Tim came on strong and was a serious contender for the Winston Cup championship that year. Richmond won both Pocono races in 1986, a track where he was clearly dominant. Tim went on to win a total of 7 races and had 8 polls in 1986, more that any other driver. Even though Tim had 13 top 5’s and 17 top 10’s in 1986, a series of mechanical mishaps near the end of the season placed Tim a disappointing 3rd in the points that year, only a mere 6 points behind 2nd place Darrell Waltrip. Dale Earnhardt won the championship that year. It was the only championship that Earnhardt won while Richmond was on the track for a full season.

Just as Tim’s future seemed so bright, the 1987 season brought disaster. He was diagnosed with HIV during the winter of 1986, but the racing world was told that he had double pneumonia. Tim was so sick that he missed most of the early part of the season. During a spring test session, he was too weak to run the outlined distance. His first full length race of 1987 came at Pocono in June. In triumphant style, Tim held off a hard charging Bill Elliot for the win and admitted to reporters that he never even saw the checkered flag with all the tears in his eyes. In victory lane, Tim was so emotional that he was reduced to speechlessness for one of the very few times in his life. Little did anyone know at the time that Tim was a dying man. The very next week Tim Richmond fought off Ricky Rudd for his last Winston Cup win, at Riverside. Tim dedicated the Father’s Day victory to his Dad. However, the effects of the illness began to take its toll on him. By August, NASCAR said that he "was in no shape to drive a car." Richmond resigned from Hendrick Motorsports in the fall of 1987.

Tim tried one more comeback in February 1988, at the Busch Clash in Daytona. But rumors were flying around the garage that Tim was a drug user. NASCAR then developed its first drug testing policy, which some felt was designed to oust Tim from the sport. He stopped taking his medication in order to be clean for the test. NASCAR suspended him two days later for testing positive for a banned "substance." Days later, NASCAR announced that the first test detected nothing more that an over the counter cold medicine, Tim’s second test was clean. But the damage to Tim’s character had already been done. NASCAR would not let Tim race until he turned over his medical records. To this date, it seems that Tim Richmond has been the only driver to have ever taken a NASCAR drug test.

Tim tried desperately to find a ride for the Clash and several car owners wanted to help him. However, NASCAR didn’t want to see Tim in a car. Tim never did get a ride for the Busch Clash in 1988, instead he hired a plane to fly over Daytona displaying a banner that read "Fans, I miss you -Tim Richmond." Tim died on August 13, 1989 in south Florida. Few from the NASCAR world wanted anything to do with him that final year, because of the stigma and ignorance of AIDS. Kyle Petty said, "It all boils down to AIDS. I don’t care what anybody tells you. Nobody knows how to handle AIDS, especially in a sport as backward-thinking on so many things as this sport is."

As for NASCAR Inc, they’re a rotten crowd. Tim Richmond was, to paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, worth the whole damn bunch of them put together. Tim, we the fans of NASCAR, miss you.(LINK)

Today is his birthday. I hate Nascar. They don't remember Tim Richmond. I will never forget.




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