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Monday, June 19, 2006

Jim Webb "Ducking" the Issues

Brian Patton posted this. He would like to spin the debates issue but he cant. The fact is Jim Webb wants to debate only on narrow list of topics. In other words Jim Webb is ducking the issues. The Allen camp responds!

Allen Campaign Calls for Debates on Wide Range of Issues

ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator George Allen's campaign today called for a series of debates on a wide range of issues and rejected James H. Webb, Jr.'s attempts to confine the debates to an extremely narrow list of topics.
The text of the letter Senator Allen's campaign manager Dick Wadhams wrote in response to Jim Webb's campaign manager Jessica Vanden Berg's letter is below:

Dear Ms. Vanden Berg,

Senator Allen has already accepted the debate planned by the Virginia Bar Association on Saturday, July 22 and we look forward to scheduling additional debates and that each debate will focus on a wide range of issues.

I understand why Mr. James H. Webb, Jr. would like to confine debates this fall to a small number of topics.

The Washington Post reported last Friday that Mr. Webb will "have to have to get up to speed on domestic policy issues, which he largely avoided talking about during his four-month primary campaign." However, we believe your list of topics, while certainly admirable, is much too narrow.

As you know, the same Washington Democratic leaders who are responsible for Mr. Webb winning the Democratic nomination last week--Senators John Kerry, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid--are also responsible for obstructing the confirmation of federal judicial nominations, obstructing welfare reform reauthorization, obstructing energy legislation, obstructing medical malpractice reform, obstructing the marriage protection amendment, and many others.

We believe those issues, which were not part of your limited list, deserve a full discussion during all of the debates as well.


Dick Wadhams

Campaign Manager

I say Bring It!

Chad welcomes Webb to the Big Leagues

The VC crew wants to know if Webb will want a "Do Over"

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