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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exposing the House of Representatives

Kilo is wicked busy right now but I think if he doesn't post daily it is almost like he has left the house without his clothes and Kilo nekked is not a sight for the meek and mild. He suggested that it was my turn to post something-and he gave suggestions- all political-big sigh!

He pointed out the post at
which discusses the House approval of the Global War on Terror Resolution and the rejection of an "arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment" of troops from Iraq. Redstate goes on to list who voted again the resolution.

Angling for political advantage, House Republicans engineered the debate and vote, four and one-half months before midterm elections that will decide who runs Congress - and as polls show voters favoring Democrats to replace Republicans as the controlling party." Could it be that the Republicans have learned this game called politics?

Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift points out how Virginia voted

Republicans and Democrats explained this decision as they saw it and hope that they are reading their voting constituents properly.

"The choice for the American people is clear; don't run in the face of danger, victory will be our exit strategy," Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, said. OWG shouts a big AMEN here.

Countered Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.: "It's not a matter of stay the course. It's a matter of change direction." Oh, Mr. Murtha have you not read Shaun Kenney today. He talks about how thing are changing direction in Iraq in small but consistent steps but that the media is being duped into believing the insurgents talking points for America.

Or this post which tells how the coalition forces surprised militants which included bombers, financial backers and local leaders when they gathered for a "secret" meeting.

The face of this war is changing but it is not a rapid change like the demolition of whole blocks and lives that took place on 9/11, rather it is a more like losing weight one pound at a time. After a few months of that slow steady loss the image in the mirror looks so different and is so much easier to live with.

Kilo would also go on to ask the question "How do you think Webb would have voted here? And then he would say something witty about how Webb and Kerry believe in the cut and run method of politics.

But since OWG doesn't write about politics, and I really don't want Kilo feeling too exposed today anyone want to talk NASCAR? What the heck is up with my driver Jamie McMurray anyway? He is starting 41st on owner points at Michigan-ouch. And of course, that Jeff Burton guy is starting 12th and he has just been burning up the track this year in a major comeback sorta way. I keep holding on to the idea that Denny Hamlin could be the pole sitter at Pocono, blow a tire, and then have to come from the back to win the race. Jamie might be better off eating the wall and hoping they will build him a totally new car- the paint job might be awesome but the car sucks.

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