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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lt Governor Bill Bolling

Lt Governor Bill Bolling is scheduled to tour SWVA this week. I plan on attending and blogging these two stops in Wise on Monday the 1st. It should be fun!

3:30 PM

UVA-Wise Tour

Bowers-Sturgill Hall

2nd Floor Conference Room

Wise, VA -Lieutenant Governor Bolling will attend a welcoming reception and then have a bus tour of the campus.

5:00 PM

Mosby's Restaurant

205 Ridgeview Ct.-Wise, VA

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Talladega Tango

I must admit that Kilo has me addicted to NASCAR these days. Normally he would be razzing me about my favorite driver Jamie McMurry and his hair products etc. I would have to find some ridiculous comment to throw back about his driver Jeff Burton but well.....I am gonna take the high road or in the case of racing lets just say I am gonna hug that yellow line and say nothing about where our drivers will start the race tomorrow but if you are curious you can check it out here.

These darned drivers change the paint schemes on their cars so often and I am having a hard time keeping up but I did discover that one driver is gonna have a car this week that I can rally behind.

According to Jayski's Silly Season Site Kenny Wallace is scheduled to drive the National Day of Prayer car #78 sponsored by Furniture Row for the Nextel Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway. The National Day of Prayer tradition predates the founding of the United States of America when the Continental Congress issued a proclamation setting aside a day of prayer in 1775. In 1952, Congress established an annual day of prayer and, in 1988, that law was amended, designating the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday in May. For more information visit In commemoration of the day, which falls on Thursday, May 4th, the #78 Furniture Row Chevy Monte Carlo CUP car will feature a new red, white and blue paint scheme showcasing the National Day of Prayer logo for Talladega on April 30. "

UPDATE: Kenny Wallace did not qualify so I guess another great idea bites the dust but do remember to mark your calendars for Thursday's National Day of Prayer and visit the webiste.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Randal McCloy Jr-The Gift of Breath

Life comes with no real guarantees. You are born, that first breath of air signifies life and each breath following that last one means you are alive, each breath is a gift which gets you on down the road. No one understands this better then Randal McCloy Jr. You will remember him as the sole surviver of the Sago Mine tragedy.

McCloy understands the value of this gift and has in turn passed on a gift of his own. He has written a 2 ½ page letter to each family who lost a miner in the explosion.

"I cannot begin to express my sorrow for my lost friends and my sympathy for those they left behind," he wrote. "I cannot explain why I was spared while the others perished. I hope that my words will offer some solace to the miners' families and friends who have endured what no one should ever have to endure."

McCloy explains with great detail what took place Jan.2 following the explosion. McCloy reports that at least 4 of the air packs the miners were using did not function properly and the men had to double up on the available oxygen. As air grew scarce the men prepared for what they felt was inevitable and as we know today, they wrote notes to their loved ones. McCloy went on to let each family know that Junior Toler led the men in the reciting of the Sinners Prayer.

"Some drifted off into what appeared to be a deep sleep, and one person sitting near me collapsed and fell off his bucket, not moving. It was clear that there was nothing I could do to help him," McCloy wrote. "The last person I remember speaking to was Jackie Weaver, who reassured me that if it was our time to go, then God's will would be fulfilled."

McCloy is the first to state that he has no idea why he survived but we are thankful that he did and that through his understanding of the gift of life he was willing to pass a great gift to others. May God bless you Randal, and may He continue to bless each family touched by coal mining today.

Source Article

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More about yesterday....The Real Story

My post yesterday caused a stir. In the comments I was challenged about the Confederate flag and the noose. You will never convince me that owning these two items make you a racist anymore than honoring the Confederate dead means your racist. I was also challenged about why Allen voted against MLK day. Unlike some of my commenter's I was alive and working in 1987. I remember this story well. Allen was not the only person who did not like the idea of the holiday. People across the south had a big problem with it. Not the holiday itself, but the date it was to be placed. They wanted to place it on Lee-Jackson Day. It seems that part of the story has been forgotten after almost 20 years. I still say the writers who rehash this stuff are the real racists. It seems the source of that hit piece on Allen is in question. David Holman has todays must read up at The American Spectator.

Chad is reporting that The Webb Campaign “Gets It”

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Left Plays the Race Card But Loses the Hand

Today was the big day in the Virginia Senate race. The race card was played as Raising Kaine and Not Larry Sabato reported stories about Sen Allen. The old news that Sen Allen has a Confederate flag, was a rebel in school, and cries of racism. They say Sen Allen had red Mustang with a Confederate flag in high school. High school? Allen has faced this before and the popular vote saw through the accusations. The Webb supporters should be cautious with their racial attacks. I remember a while back some whining about the same racial attacks on Webb from the Miller camp. Owning a flag does not mean your a racist any more than playing for the Ervinton Rebels does. Confederate flags are popular throughout the north and south. If owning this flag means your a racist, then what does this statement honoring Confederate troops who fought and died under the flag mean?

"And so I am here, with you today, to remember. And to honor an army that rose like a sudden wind out of the little towns and scattered farms of a yet unconquered wilderness. That drew 750,000 soldiers from a population base of only five million-less than the current population of Virginia alone. That fought with squirrel rifles and cold steel against a much larger and more modern force. That saw 60 percent of its soldiers become casualties, some 256,000 of them dead. That gave every ounce of courage and loyalty to a leadership it trusted and respected, and then laid down its arms in an instant when that leadership decided that enough was enough. That returned to a devastated land and a military occupation. That endured the bitter humiliation of Reconstruction and an economic alienation from the rest of this nation which continued for fully a century, affecting white and black alike" From a speech at the Confederate Memorial by Jim Webb, grandson of Robert E Lee Webb.

Jim Webb honors the Confederate soldiers and what they did. He has visited the memorial often. Is any man a racist who admires the Confederacy? Who owns a flag? Another good question is how many black Americans visit the Confederate Memorial to hear speeches given honoring the troops? To hear Jim Webb say he is not here to apologize for their actions but to honor them. Sen Allen is no more of a racist than Jim Webb. I would question the ones who bring this issue up all the time. Set on dividing people because of past actions as silly as owning a flag or giving a off color speech. They are the ones who need to be condemned. We should tell them so. I think I just did. The bottom line is both sides could turn this very ugly. What is called breaking news about Sen Allen is the same old junk as before. But what could come out about Jim Webb will be breaking news indeed. Stay tuned because this will get very ugly before it ends.

Virginia Virtucon has this.

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Jim Webb-Did they listen to Spark it Up???

If you look at the pictures here from Jim Webb's Arlington event and compare them to my report you see a big change. There are two possibilities. The first is they listened to my advice on how to run a campaign. Yesterday I wrote:

If I was Jim Webb my scots irish blood would be boiling tonight. I would want some answers as to why this event was not covered by the media.... The event was unmarked. No signs were out on the very busy Rt224. In fact the only sign was on the stage podium.

The second being we just get ripped off on everything, even campaign quality in SWVA. Since I have not received a thank you from Webb or his campaign, I would bet on #2. Heh

I am available for consulting and will openly give any campaign my advice. Being from SWVA I can work for half the wage required up north and my diet consists of cornbread and soupbeans so that is not a great expense. I can debate my opponent without using profanity and threats. You can freely make fun of the way I talk and my Pointer Brand clothes. I bathe daily and shave when I itch. Great fun will be had by all! Drop me a email.

NLS made the trip with Webb. His full report is here.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Windfall Profit Tax

I think this post by Alton was missed by most. It regards Oil profits and our very own little state of Virginia. Take time to read it. Great Job Alton!

There is talk of a Windfall Profit Tax for oil companies again. I remember the last one. I would hope that before we take that path we would address and fix the problems that arose last time. Remember? Domestic production went down...Dependence of foreign oil went up. Millions of dollars to fund the IRS to try unsuccessfully enforce this tax. Why did we repeal the tax in 1988? We better look long and hard at this. Many things sound good at first.

In August 1988 Congress agreed to repeal the tax. Few mourned its passing. "Time for the windfall tax to fall," declared its erstwhile champions at The New York Times. Events had overtaken the levy, as so often happens with narrow taxes designed to deal with transient phenomena. Did oil companies deserve to keep their windfall profits? "It was a resentful question when Americans waited two hours in gasoline lines and Saudi princes summered in Monaco," the Times recalled. "It seems almost quaint now." (LINK)

The thing about the 1980 WPT was it was more of an excise tax than a profit tax.

The tax was technically misnamed because it was in fact an excise tax, not a "profits" tax. The tax was imposed on the difference between the market price of oil and a government-determined base price. For example, a 70 percent tax was levied on the difference between the market price received by oil companies and the average base price of $12.81 per barrel. Independent producers, stripper wells and heavy oils were taxed at different rates. (LINK)

We better approach this with trepidation. I would want to see a lot of research and planning before this is imposed. Thinking this will lower the price at the pump anytime soon is a pipe dream at best. It is easy to say Damn those Oil Companies!!! I dont think raising taxes on them is the way to go. Any thoughts on this?

From on High has a good post.

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Free Stuff

This is not fair.....I could have REALLY used this in school. What a useful tool !!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Conservative Republican caught in a Webb

I did not attend this event to cast political judgment on Jim Webb, nor is this a comparison piece to Sen Allen. I attended this event to meet Jim Webb the man and to watch his campaign at work. I have read a couple of his books and I am a fan of his latest book Born Fighting. While I support Sen Allen I also find good things in what Jim Webb says. With that said I will begin.

The website and email I received said the event started at 11am. This was wrong as it started at Noon. This was a big problem for me as now I would have to leave early. I arrived at 10:45 to find 2 people there. That was cool because I got to talk to folks as they entered. I will have more on that later. Lets talk about Jim Webb. He arrived at 11:55 with Kristian Denny-Todd. She spoke to me and asked if I was press and I told her I was a blogger who supported Sen Allen. She offered me a press packet and I told her I was a fan of his last book. That I would be leaving early since the mix up in starting times had me committed to be back sampling coal. She made it a point that I meet Jim Webb. I was treated with respect and she actually ushered Mr Webb to me. He introduced himself as did I. I told him I was a fan of his book and I admired his service to our country. His handshake was firm and he looked me in the eye. I like that. I am a in your face kinda guy also. I told him it was great that he kicked this off down here in SWVA. He said it was his home and that he did it for his family. That is to be admired I would say. I told him I admired his views and that he has a battle on his hands. He acknowledged my words and said he believes he can do it. I told him I worked at the mines and had to leave early and thanked him for taking time to speak with me. I also told him I support Sen Allen but that I was here to meet him with an open mind. He gripped my hand and said he appreciated that. He added that he would be back. Jim Webb is a good man. You have to admire him whether you are a republican or democrat. He speaks strong words. Will that make him a good politician? I don't know. Jim Webb is impressive.

I want to share some things I talked about with other attendees. There was one couple who had recently moved to this area from Texas. They were unfamiliar with Webb or Miller. They were dead set against the Christian right and the control over the republican party. They also were against the war in Iraq. They went on to say that they were against Vietnam. This will be a problem for Webb as he supported that effort. I also talked to Tim Carpenter from Lee county. He is active in the democratic party and works at a local prison. He said he was leaning for Miller but wanted to hear Webb speak. He was aware of the racial issues and he was inclined to support who the black leaders support. I admired Tim because he was one of the only people I met who had read a blog. He was like me and got there early. Both of the above will support a democrat no matter what. I spoke with Jim Webb's aunt and she said Jim comes down as often as he could. She said he loves to relax on the old farm. She said he does not come down as often as she would like as he is very busy and is going to get busier with all this. Here is what I observed from most everyone I spoke with. Most people did not have a clue as to who either candidate was. Most had not read Jim's books or knew his platform. They did not know he was Sec of the Navy under Reagan. This will be a problem for Webb as when that info was brought up they cringed. Before you think I was acting biased, I informed everyone I spoke with who I was and who I supported. I was amazed at their thirst for info. They asked me questions about Webb. Damn , where was his team? The bottom line is not many people here know either candidate. That leads into my next point.

This kick off event could have been better, way better. Here we have a war hero, acclaimed author, and senate candidate who kicks off this event in his home town. His campaign team and grass roots people let him down. First there was not much advance notice about this event. Get a grip bloggers, but most folks pay us no attention. The local paper had the time right but there was no mention of this in the Kingsport Times or the Bristol Herald. The mix up in starting times was a problem for me. The event was unmarked. No signs were out on the very busy Rt224. In fact the only sign was on the stage podium. A few well placed signs and grass rooters would have brought in some people. The UMWA retirees could have been contacted. Not one union hat or pin did I see. I did not see any TV crews and I doubt they were notified. The pictures I posted here show most of the crowd. My best count was 40 people including staff and family. There were remarks about that. To be honest I expected more, not from Webb, but from his staff. A few mailers and half page ad's in the big papers would have done wonders. Don't get me wrong, Ms Todd was a real lady and treated me way beyond what I expected. But as a whole I felt sorry for Webb since this is his home, his base. I feel Jim Webb would not like that I feel that way, but I do. Kilo has a heart. I know that money is a big issue but I really thought the campaign would have spent more dollars and time on this event. Again I say they let Webb down. When the people in his base don't know his platform or history that is a shame. It let me know that some of these self proclaimed wonder bloggers with their grass roots blogs are legends in their own minds. While blogging might be gaining ground in politics, it does not replace mailers and newspaper ad's. The democratic base here was not well informed. I hope I don't sound to harsh on them. Remember the Kilgore kick off? No reason this could not have been the same. I am smart enough to know that this is a primary. That it is small in the scheme of things. This primary will be won in NOVA not SWVA. But after that it will be big time. If Webb wins he will still have to establish his base here an todays showing was not good. He will need those votes from here. This is not Kilgore-Kaine. Webb and Miller are not riding Warner's wave. If I was Jim Webb my scots irish blood would be boiling tonight. I would want some answers as to why this event was not covered by the media. Why ad's were not placed and mailers sent out. Why Kilo was answering more questions than a grass roots member. I know you lefty bloggers will lash out and say this was a good crowd for many reasons. I disagree. I have seen 200 people at a pro art event or a veteran's speech at high noon during the week at Mountain Empire Community College. To borrow from Ben at NLS I will rate this event. Jim Webb gets a A because he fulfilled what he was suppose to do. The staff and organizers get a D- for bad planning and getting the word out.

I think I have been fair in this post. I tell it the way I see it. I want to thank Ms. Todd for her kindness. I also want to thank Jim Webb for taking time to speak to me. I am also getting readers who otherwise would not visit my blog- Thank you too. This is my opinion and that does not mean a lot. For those of you wondering, the Allen banners will stay up and he is still getting my vote. Never let it be said I am not open minded and fair. I plan on attending any event by any candidate in my area. This has been a learning experience for me. As I told Wise Girl, this was hard to do. There are over 1500 words here. Better coverage than you will get anywhere else. I hope all bloggers will do what I did today. Go to any event you can. Smile, show respect, and learn. You will be better for it.

See Pictures here.

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Jim Webb at Gate City - Kick off event pictures

I wanted to publish these pictures of Jim Webb's kick off event in Gate City. That baby girl was the youngest Webb there. Her name is Margaret Webb, but they call her Maggie. You can see the crowd here and count heads on your own. I will have a complete take on the event later tonight. Please check back! Click Pictures to Embiggen
My Review Post Is Here
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The Future of Blogs

Cam-Check, batteries-check, recorder-check, notebook and pen-check.

I am leaving for Webbfest. I wanted to link what I think is the future of blogging. Ms. Malkins new site Hot Air. This is the future my friends....check it out.

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Born Fighting-Jim Webb's main man Mudcat wants to take out Harris Miller!

This is unreal. NLS has this post about Jim Webb's paid staffer Mudcat threatening to run over(telling the driver to) Harris Miller with a car. It seems the argument started earlier and escalated to this. Thats one way to win the primary. Here is the thing that gets me.....If I threatened to run someone over I would be in JAIL. Guaranteed done deal. Webb had "smelly hippies" at Shad Planking. Now we have a paid staffer wanting to run Harris Miller over with his car. I will watch my back and wear nose plugs at the Gate City Webbfest.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Jim Webb at Gate City - Kilo will be There.

I am going to see Jim Webb at Gate City tomorrow. I will have cam and tape recorder in hand. I will report what I see and hear fairly. I will do a head count to the best of my ability. It is doubtful I will be able to ask him a question. I do have a couple in mind! I plan to work the crowd before hand and get some feeling as to what people think about Webb. I am open to suggestions so leave me a comment.

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Families United Chatting Up Iraq Recovery

In an earlier post Kilo told about Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission,an organization that states their goals as:

1. Support the troops. Ensure that the troops will be given the support they need to complete their mission.

2. Act as a network. Provide a means through state chapter organizations and state and national events for our members to find solace in each other's company.

3. Promote our service members' good work. Actively work to get the good news out by participating in media interviews and writing guest opinions; joining others at events to highlight the accomplishments of our soldiers; and sponsoring advertisements to ensure that the public knows everything our military is doing to defend us and to help people abroad.

Families United will host an online chat Tuesday, April 25 at 12:30 pm/ET with Command Sergeant Major David Murphy for the Gulf Region Division of the Army Corp of Engineers. This is a team of voluntary civilian professionals who work alongside military personnel to help in the reconstruction of Iraq to a viable and stable democracy. This is our chance to get the real scoop- not some drummed up story told in American to sell news. I plan on listening in on this chat and you can too right here.

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Q&A blogger interview with LG Bill Bolling

Nova Townhall has their Q&A blogger interview with LG Bill Bolling online. Good Stuff! Great questions are asked and Bolling takes them in stride. The Lt Gov understands the blogosphere and that is very cool for us political junkies. Great job by NOVA Townhall and Lt Gov Bolling!

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The Virginia Blog Carnival Is Up!

Norman has the VBC up and running. This carnival is always good, but this one has a little of everything! Click on over now.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Duke Rape Case - The Best Info I have Found

I have kept up with this story since it broke. Today La Shawn Barber has the best report I have read anywhere. Her post is long and complete. Her view is realistic with no spin. This is a good example of why blogging is a great thing. There are some great comments also. A must read! I am not an expert but I doubt this rape happened.

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More Union Irony

While in Chicago my uncle who is a retired Iron worker and I talked about the decline of the labor movement. He said "the unions brought this on themselves." After reading this I would have to agree.

    • Nearly $1.5 million in union members' dues money was spent on golf.
    • The Ironworkers AFL-CIO Local Union 40 spent $52,879 on a new Cadillac for a retiring president.

    • $7.9 million of employee dues money went to resort expenditures.

    • The Boilermakers AFL-CIO Local 374 spent $8,800 of employee dues money on Christmas gifts at Wal-Mart, despite the labor movement's smear campaign against the retailer.

    • Between six AFL-CIO locals, over $50,000 of employee dues money was spent at a single D.C. steakhouse.

    • The AFL-CIO alone spent over $49 million on political activities and lobbying-much of which is spent quietly on in-kind political expenditures like pro-Kerry brochures and websites. That's almost $20 million more than it spent on representation activities. (LINK)

The unions of today are no more than mouth pieces for the democratic party. Why would any worker want his dues spent in this fashion? I am glad I live in a Right to Work state. Which one of the above is your favorite?

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I was at a loss as to what to submit to this weeks VBC. My focus this week has been on Shad Planking and Nascar. After spending a week in Chicago I have decided to share a little of a this Sunday morning at Spark It Up HQ. It is good to be home. This is my world and I am one lucky man. These pictures should embiggen (Waldo Word) when clicked on. The two beds are on opposite porches. One catches the morning sun and the other the evening sun. They provide a great place for naps. That chair and table are over 100 years old and is one of my favorite places to read. The rest are just pictures of my property and a bluebird house that is occupied yearly. The lilacs are not full yet but that will happen soon. Some cuttings will be brought inside and the aroma is intoxicating.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gas Shortage and Tim Kaine's Cure

With the gas shortage hitting some areas of Virginia hard, Governor Tim Kaine has waived the "time of service" laws on truckers hauling gas.

To help alleviate shortages, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has waived state "time of service" rules that limit the amount of time gasoline tanker truck drivers can stay behind the wheel, and his office is monitoring state fuel stocks, spokesman Kevin Hall said. (LINK)

That sounds foolish to me. Tired or wired up truckers with loads of gas going up and down our roads. Big mistake I say. If one of these tired drivers causes a crash who is responsible? Safety comes first. That was the reason for the laws to begin with. Tim Kaine does not see safety that way. I wonder what the union drivers think about this? Allowing truckers to drive without time of service laws is unsafe to say the least. A risky and foolish move by Kaine. Think of that as you cruise up 81 today.

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Lets Go Racing Baby!

Enough Said!
Oh Wait, I did hear that Burton will be sort of a star tonight- star of the golf cart! Ha-watch for that one.

The Virginia Blog Carnival – Hey Norm!!

This week the carnival is hosted by the of the elite blogs and bloggers in the state- Norman at One Man's Trash. This should be good! Submit early and often. Here are Normans guidelines. I like using this submission form myself.

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Nascar at Phoenix

This is one good looking ride! My driver Jeff Burton did not qualify very good, but he was fast in practice. I look for a good race from him tonight. With Wise Girl's great post below....I can't compete with that for this weeks Nascar post. Give it a read. I may regret giving her the keys to Spark It Up. I will bo online tonight during the race so if anyone wants to comment feel free. I have a good feeling about Burton in this car tonight....

Friday, April 21, 2006

Louise Smith, first lady of racing dies

Louise Smith, the first woman to be inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, died Saturday April 15, at the age of 89. Smith was known for her fearless style, she won 38 Modified events and gave as good as she got.

Smith's father and brothers were mechanics so the love for cars ran in her family. When she was still a young girl, Louise hopped into her father's Model T and took off. She had the "go" part of driving down but the "stop" part was a different thing. But stop she did, when she crashed into the chicken coop.

As a teenager, Smith was known as a hotshot driver who often outran the law. It was this reputation that got Smith started in racing. Bill France Sr. came to Greenville S.C. in 1946, looking to promote a race show at the local speedway. In looking for local drivers, he got the idea that perhaps a women driver would put more people in the stands. And turn out they did, to see a woman take on the "real" drivers of the day. Smith had never seen an organized race before but drove a 1939 Ford modified coupe. "They told me if I saw a red flag to stop," Smith remembers. "They didn't say anything about a checkered flag." All the racers except Smith went to their pits at the end of the race. "I'm out there just flying around the track. Finally someone remembered that they told me not to stop until I saw the red flag. So they gave me the red flag." She finished third in her first race and went on to win 28 modified races in 11 years.

In 1947, she went to watch the beach races at Daytona in her husband's new Ford coupe, but when she arrived, she couldn't just watch, she had to race. So she entered the shiny new car -- and you guessed it -- wrecked.

When Louise returned home her husband, who did not approve of her job, asked Louise where the car was and she told him that it had broken down in Augusta Ga. He then showed her the photos. News of her crash got home before she did.

Another crash at a track in Hillsborough, N.C., was nearly her last. She was learning how to broadslide a car through the dirt-track turns, but went airborne during one turn. Smith remembered taking out several trees. She needed 48 stitches and had four pins inserted in her left knee.

Louise Smith was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1999.

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Shad Planking – Is Jim Webb Serious? Was Harris Miller There?

I have now read too many articles and posts about Shad Planking. I have noticed some differences in what is being said on the lefty blogs compared to what is being said on the right. Has anyone noticed a lack of pictures of Webb and Miller at this event? I sure have. Did anyone read about Webb drinking beer as he half heartedly tried to work the crowd? In fact Jim Webb's most profound statement at this event was "It's all about the beer, It's only incidentally political." Damn, that is a well thought out statement there Jim. Shad Planking gets national coverage now and it is all about politics. Sen Allen knows that

" He's attended the Shad Planking for 25 years, beginning as a state delegate. A reporter asked if President Bush's unpopularity will hurt his campaign, as fans in blue shirts pressed in on all sides. Virginians want "leaders that are active," he replied. "They've always called it winning the Shad Planking. Looks like we won.... These folks know me.... camaraderie, there's a comfort." (Link)

That link will take you to The American Spectator article. It is a great read, the best one in my opinion. You will read about a Marine named Sgt. Howard Cook who presented Sen Allen with the flag that was flown over his base in Iraq. You will also read about the mother of L.Cpl. Jason Redifer, who was killed in Iraq, presenting Sen Allen her sons dog tags. Powerful stuff. I could not find anything written about the military supporting or presenting anything to Miller or Webb. It could be that neither one has done anything to support the men and women serving there. To Webb Vietnam was right and Iraq is wrong. Go figure that out. This was Sen Allen's day. From all accounts he owned Shad Planking. I posted yesterday that Old Zach said the Webb team was smelly peaceniks who looked out of place. The left has argued that but the American Spectator has this

Jim Webb's entourage of about 30 people (a motley crew including long-haired young men and a screaming flower power girl -- not looking like they were "from 'round these parts") passes by. Webb's in the group somewhere, but he goes unnoticed. The mob is focused on Allen.

With the constant meetings in bars and Webb's wonderful "beer" statement, it makes you wonder if he is serious about getting elected. Not taking any public political event serious during a campaign shows either no desire to get elected or ignorance. That might be why the lefty blogs are as quiet about this event as they are about the latest poll. You can see some great pictures of the event at George Allen dot com. You wont find pics on Webb's or Miller's site. Miller does not care and to Webb it is all about the beer. They both say they are looking for Sen Allen, well they found him owning Shad Planking and up by 20 in the polls.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

More about Shad Planking

Pilotonline-While Webb, a former Navy secretary and an author, made a short speech among his supporters, Allen stood in the sunshine and talked with his. Many of them wore T-shirts and caps bearing his name.

A string of Webb supporters - many of them young and covered in stickers - danced through the crowds."It is a place where a politician can come talk to his constituency candidly," Clarke said. "He doesn't have to have any scripted stuff. People come for the chance to see their guy just like I did. This event gives the average Joe a great opportunity to see these guys in an unscripted environment."

VCC- "But when Nov roles around I'm casting my vote for Allen."

Rightside has some great pics

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Shad Planking-Allen the Rock Star- Smelly Hippies for Webb?

Looking for some info on Shad Planking was tough tonight. There is not much out there. This comment from Old Zach of SST fame is posted at CC.

I'm back from the Shad Planking. Good times were had by all. George Allen is still a rock star. The A-Team was out in full force today. Webb had lots of signs but was surrounded by a bunch of smelly, peaceniks who looked way out of place. I saw neither hide nor hair of Harris Miller. Very unimpressive showing for the Dems. McDonnell's speech was quite funny. I'd like to know who wrote it. He made jokes about both Democrats and Republicans including Webb, Miller, Bolling, Allen and Jack Reid. He also made a joke about NLS that nobody laughed at, which goes to show how little that blogs have truly penetrated the Virginia political consciousness thus far. Other dignitaries included Tom Davis, Randy Forbes, John Hager, Steve Baril and Jerry Kilgore, among others. As usual, the drinks were flowing freely, the sun was pretty hot, and the fish is still disgusting. Thank God for Sweet Tea and cornbread. Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments about SST folks:)

From what I I can tell Attorney General McDonnell stole the show. From his press release here are a few of my favorite funnies!

  • Thank you Senator Allen for that great introduction. Just think, one day I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that I was once introduced by the Pres…….Junior Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • And let me just say it was an honor to be selected as the keynote speaker at this years Shad Planking. At least I thought it was until someone reminded me that no Attorney General who has been keynote here has ever been elected to another office!

  • The Shad Planking is beloved by Virginia politicians. Mark Warner loves the Shad Planking, he says he has so much in common with shad. I can see that. Shad is a fish that comes to Virginia only temporarily, accomplishes its goals, and quickly leaves the state!

  • I have to hand it Harris Miller, I don't know many people who would have looked at the political landscape and said "This is the perfect time for a Washington D.C insider lobbyist to run for office."

  • Jim Webb is also with us. Jim, as a fellow veteran, I salute your service. But I am a little confused; does your campaign as a Democrat for Senate mean that your annual Summer Republican Cook-Out is canceled? Just need to know if we should reschedule.

  • Jim is already doing his part to fit into the party of John Kerry. After all, Jim Webb was for George Allen before he was against him.

  • Jim Webb has a great slogan "Born Fighting." It's not original; he stole it from the General Assembly.

  • Jerry Kilgore is here. Jerry is a great guy, and I'm sorry last year didn't work out. But look at today: Tim Kaine is stuck in Richmond at the veto session, while you're drinking beer at the shad planking. I'd say on this day its Kilgore 1, Kaine 0.

  • And I'm sorry Bill Bolling can't be with us. Bill is back in Richmond presiding over the Senate. Now I know Bill has been a little bored, the job of Lieutenant Governor is a part-time position. Bill basically has two jobs: Break tie votes, and occasionally check the Governor's pulse. But I didn't know how truly bored Bill was until he called me asking who I was going to vote for on American Idol!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poll Shows Allen still leading

Rassmussen has the latest poll results. To no surprise Sen Allen retains a huge lead. His lead has shrunk though this past month. That is not good. We have a lot of work to do.

Allen now leads businessman Harris Miller (D) 51% to 34%. He also leads former Navy secretary James Webb 50% to 30%.

Allen is viewed favorable by 58% of voters. The data I like best is this:

Sixty-five percent (65%) believe that the U.S. should control its borders and enforce existing laws before additional immigration reform is considered.

This is right in line with what Allen is saying. This campaign is taking shape and I am ready to do what I can for Sen Allen. The round up of the poll says

The rolling average of the last three Rasmussen Reports polls shows Allen leading Miller 52% to 32%. In our last three Allen-Webb polls, the incumbent leads 51% to 32%. This suggests a relative stability to the race since results from the last several polls have all been within a few points of these averages.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doing Virginia Politics Proud!

Kilo and I just read about one outstanding college student at UVA Wise. He is being spotlighted here. Adam Tolbert. of Smyth County Conservative, is a senior majoring in Government and trust me, he already has his hand in it as he is the vice-chairman of the Smyth County Republican Committee. Adam has been involved in politics since he was nine and he is willing to do more then just talk about what he believes. He has served as an intern for Senator George Allen, he has gone door to door for Jerry Kilgore and he is only 21. Virginia is blessed to have such an intellegent and driven young man.

Another fine example of Virginia's youth paying close attention to politcal stance is Romeocats Darling Munchkin, who is a 9 year, old 4th grader, who posts these comments on Senator George Allen. Our Republican party needs to pay attention as youth of this quality need to be the future of the party.

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Howard Dean – Leader of Democrats

In the spirit of Alice Marshall's tasteless posts, we find Howard Dean. Read this in Opinion Journal. It is strange how they all jumped on Brian Doyle and assumed they could use child molestation to score points against President Bush, only to find out Doyle is a registered democrat. Howard Dean is a joke. So the next time you read all those senseless attacks and cries of racism and such, don't blame the blogger. They are only following their leadership. Explains a lot huh.

H/T to Instapundit.

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Webb and Miller - They are their own biggest supporters!

I'm Back.

I have enjoyed reading the lefty blogs, mostly who support James Webb, bash the rich lobbyist opponent Harris Miller. One of there biggest slams against Miller is he is self financing his campaign. Yesterdays RTD reports that Miller claimed raising more than $500,000 in the first quarter with $400,000 on hand. Webb only raised $153,000 and LENT HIS CAMPAIGN $100,000 leaving him $203,000 on hand. The much touted grass roots support of Webb could not raise a quarter million in a quarter? They claimed they did but now we see they did not even come close. Webb is his own biggest supporter. Ohhhh Kilo loves this irony! NLS has more on this. Thats right fans, those Webb bloggers really slammed Miller about self funding and now they ALL have EGG on their faces. I love it! What news to return home too. Anyway, I don't think the party flip flopper Webb will gain much support nationally from big money democrats. I feel the same way about Miller.

Allen has described both Democrats as self-funding millionaires.

Sen George Allen has reported raising $1.7 million in the first quarter with $7.2 million on hand.

It will be hard to overcome that type of fundraising advantage, said Mark Rozell, a political scientist at George Mason University, of Allens funding. Particularly, when the Democrats will be spending it against themselves.

Hard to overcome? I would say say impossible to overcome. We all know money is not the only factor in elections but using commonsense we know it is a major advantage to any campaign. So far I see only one campaign and that is Sen Allen. They have put together a powerful staff, utilized great fundraising, and they now are getting their message out. Allen has promised a positive clean campaign. (That is a great video!) Don't expect the same from the others. Sen Allen has a great record to stand on. He has a great vision for the state. Webb and Miller are their own biggest supporters. Now I am off to mow the grass with a big smile on my face and waiting for Wise Girl to get home.

My fellow ODBA members at Virginia Virtucon are blogging about this too.

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Protest Album by Canadian Neil Young

Neil Young is planning a anti Iraq War, impeach the president album. I can understand that since his talent sure cant sell albums. This protest junk is nothing new for him. "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming" blah blah...I guess the Dixie Chicks will sing back up as their new protest single is a flop. While old Neil hopes to make a few dollars, I will be playing real music from talented artists:

Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow

From Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.

Well I am leaving Chicago in a few minutes heading for Sweet Home SWVA!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

10 Reasons Kilo should come home

10. You makes writing a blog look too easy.

9. The grass needs to be mowed.

8. The onions are waiting for you to talk to them and tell them to grow.

7. Your 'mater plants are wilting from lack of you.

6. I am wilting from lack of you.

5. The road is singing siren songs to the Harley and well... I would but you would never forgive me.

4. A new stuffed mushroom recipe.

3. Nascar is not as much fun without you.

2. The Jim Beam and Crown Royal are chilled.

1. Your cat misses you something terrible.

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The 32nd Virginia Blog Carnival is Up

Despite the tough assignment of doing the Carnival over Easter Riley, Not O'Reilly really stepped it up and found a great volunteer to put together this weeks VBC. Look here for the surprise guest ringmaster for today's carnival. and Top Hats off to Virgina Virtucon. Cheers on a job well done!

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Kilo Golfing

While here in Chicago I have been playing some golf. This is the first time in about ten years that I have played. I never was very good and that still holds true. Today I shot a respectable 100...Then I started the back nine. Golf is not my game. I did have the longest drive, thanks to a Louisville Slugger. Ball bats and golf that is fun! Well I am off to throw dice! My luck has been good so far. The secret to craps is not people throwing 7 or 11, but those who throw craps-2, 3, or 12....they will make you money!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Good News!

The tomb is empty so you don't have to be.

L. James Harvey

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


This will be short. I am having a great time in the Windy City. Caught the Cubs game on Thur and the Sox today. The food is awesome and the wine is flowing. The art museums were a blast! Tonight and tomorrow will be spent at the Godparents new compound. I will have alot to say about immigration when I return. This is unreal to see. I will be back posting Tue. Have a God filled Easter.

Virginia Blog Carnival is Coming

Virginia Virtucon is putting together the next VBC and there is still time for you to get on board. You can check out how to post here.They will be accepting contributions up until 8 p.m. on Easter Sunday, April 16th and are hoping to have the Carnival complete first thing Monday morning.

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The Foundations of Leadership- a must read

"My God! How little do my countrymen
know what precious blessing they are in
possession of, and which no other people
on earth enjoy!" Thomas Jefferson

I just finished an excellent book entitled The Foundations Of Leadership- Enduring Principles to Govern Our Lives, by Bo Short, the founder and president of the American Leadership Foundation. In this book, Short showcases 5 leaders and the qualities that made them so valuable to the freedoms we Americans enjoy yet today.

Short believes perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of America is "his or her inventiveness, imagination or what some have called " American know-how". Not just engineering but also the wealth of ideas that have revolutionized industry, education and the role of government."

Ben Franklin-Power of Vision

It was Franklin's inventions that gave him notoriety. He would often tell others to "look around you, the solution to most problems is right before your eyes." Not satisfied with the status quo, Franklin envisioned and then started a volunteer fire department in Philly, he started the University of Pennsylvania, he convinced his friends to share their books which in turn became the first modern public library in the colonies and he founded the first hospital in America. He also printed the first American novel.

John Hancock-Man of Courage

John's Uncle died leaving him as the wealthiest man in Boston and owner of a vast enterprise. John Hancock suddenly had great reason to become politically active. It was at this time that England began imposing taxes upon the young colonies. Hancock not only believed that England was wrong, he was willing to sacrifice everything to see to it that they were proven wrong. Hancock freely financed much of the opposition to the British Crown and died with virtually nothing left.

"...and for the support of this declaration...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Hancock who signed first, gave the all.

John Paul Jones- Perseverance at Any Cost

John Paul was born in Scotland and always had a fascination with the "high seas". At age 13 he became an apprentice on the fishing vessel Friendship which was headed for America. From that point on, John Paul could not stay too far away from the sea. He killed a man during a mutiny on board his ship and he had to flee Several years later a man named John Paul Jones surfaced in America. Jones, who had friends in high places managed to get commissioned as a lieutenant when the Continental Congress established the Navy and thus begins John Paul Jones fearlessness on the sea, and his brilliant maneuvering to bring the British Navy down.

Thomas Jefferson-Assuming Responsibility

Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Virginia. His father was a prominent plantation owner with excellent ties to the British Crown. Jefferson enjoyed a privileged life. At age 14, Jefferson's father died and he chose to continue his schooling at William and Mary instead of running the plantation. It was at college that he met William Small, a professor who taught natural philosophy, and introduced Jefferson to men who would greatly influence his life.

Jefferson became a lawyer, was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses at age 26. This is where Jefferson became acquainted with the likes of George Washington and Patrick Henry.

Jefferson was called upon to write up the Declaration of Independence which was then ripped to shreds by the members of the Continental Congress. His visions were often considered to be too radical.

Throughout the rest of Jefferson's life he would be called upon to step up and assume a position of great importance first to Virginia and later to the nation. Although weary, and often discouraged Jefferson would do all that he could. "Duty and responsibility,: Jefferson taught, "were the obligation of every citizen in a free society."

George Washington-Leading with Character

George Washington was born in Virginia to middle income planters who lived very near the wilderness. They were land rich and money poor. This propelled George to dream big. His education was haphazard, being mainly self-taught. At 16 years old, George left the family to become a surveyor's assistant. This proved to be a great asset to him. When the French and Indian War began, it was Washington who knew that territory and he became Virginia's first commissioned office. He served as the Commander in Chief in the second Continental Congress army. After winning the "impossible war" against the British, America needed someone of strong character to unite us. George Washington was that man.

"I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an "Honest Man." ~ George Washington

Bo Short closes with some final thoughts:

"We have an awesome responsibility to protect the freedoms that have been gained for us by the blood and tears of our ancestors. Personal liberty was won at a tremendous cost."

" The struggle for religious and personal freedoms that so aptly defined the battle for American independence was claimed by men and women of conviction. The patriots, oddly enough, comprised less then half of the population. As is typical of the American spirit, they believed that pursuing what was "right" was more important the what was "popular".

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