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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shad Planking-Allen the Rock Star- Smelly Hippies for Webb?

Looking for some info on Shad Planking was tough tonight. There is not much out there. This comment from Old Zach of SST fame is posted at CC.

I'm back from the Shad Planking. Good times were had by all. George Allen is still a rock star. The A-Team was out in full force today. Webb had lots of signs but was surrounded by a bunch of smelly, peaceniks who looked way out of place. I saw neither hide nor hair of Harris Miller. Very unimpressive showing for the Dems. McDonnell's speech was quite funny. I'd like to know who wrote it. He made jokes about both Democrats and Republicans including Webb, Miller, Bolling, Allen and Jack Reid. He also made a joke about NLS that nobody laughed at, which goes to show how little that blogs have truly penetrated the Virginia political consciousness thus far. Other dignitaries included Tom Davis, Randy Forbes, John Hager, Steve Baril and Jerry Kilgore, among others. As usual, the drinks were flowing freely, the sun was pretty hot, and the fish is still disgusting. Thank God for Sweet Tea and cornbread. Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments about SST folks:)

From what I I can tell Attorney General McDonnell stole the show. From his press release here are a few of my favorite funnies!

  • Thank you Senator Allen for that great introduction. Just think, one day I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that I was once introduced by the Pres…….Junior Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • And let me just say it was an honor to be selected as the keynote speaker at this years Shad Planking. At least I thought it was until someone reminded me that no Attorney General who has been keynote here has ever been elected to another office!

  • The Shad Planking is beloved by Virginia politicians. Mark Warner loves the Shad Planking, he says he has so much in common with shad. I can see that. Shad is a fish that comes to Virginia only temporarily, accomplishes its goals, and quickly leaves the state!

  • I have to hand it Harris Miller, I don't know many people who would have looked at the political landscape and said "This is the perfect time for a Washington D.C insider lobbyist to run for office."

  • Jim Webb is also with us. Jim, as a fellow veteran, I salute your service. But I am a little confused; does your campaign as a Democrat for Senate mean that your annual Summer Republican Cook-Out is canceled? Just need to know if we should reschedule.

  • Jim is already doing his part to fit into the party of John Kerry. After all, Jim Webb was for George Allen before he was against him.

  • Jim Webb has a great slogan "Born Fighting." It's not original; he stole it from the General Assembly.

  • Jerry Kilgore is here. Jerry is a great guy, and I'm sorry last year didn't work out. But look at today: Tim Kaine is stuck in Richmond at the veto session, while you're drinking beer at the shad planking. I'd say on this day its Kilgore 1, Kaine 0.

  • And I'm sorry Bill Bolling can't be with us. Bill is back in Richmond presiding over the Senate. Now I know Bill has been a little bored, the job of Lieutenant Governor is a part-time position. Bill basically has two jobs: Break tie votes, and occasionally check the Governor's pulse. But I didn't know how truly bored Bill was until he called me asking who I was going to vote for on American Idol!

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