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Friday, September 29, 2006


Watch out Webbites! I will be hosting the Weakly Webb WoundUp. Email your posts to

Put WWW3 as the subject. Get them in by Sunday at 9pm. Only the worthy need apply!

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Another New Poll and Allen Gains Another Point

50% Allen (R)

44% Webb (D)

2% Parker (IG)

1% Other

3% Undecided (LINK)

Survey USA conducted another poll this week and Allen gained a point! The Data was Collected 09/26/2006 - 09/28/2006. The polling firm writes

VA Continues to Shrug-Off Comments About Allen's Past: In an election for the United States Senate in Virginia today, 9/29/06, incumbent Republican George Allen maintains an advantage over Democrat challenger James Webb, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for WUSA-TV Washington DC and WDBJ-TV Roanoke. In a 3-day rolling average of interviews conducted Tuesday 9/26/06 through Thursday 9/28/06, Allen leads Webb, 50% to 44%. On 9/27/06, SurveyUSA released poll results based on interviews conducted Sunday 9/24/06 through Tuesday 9/26/06, which showed Allen ahead 49% to 44%.

The smear campaign from the left is failing. With Survey USA releasing two polls this week and both show Allen gaining points. The above numbers are from a 3 day average poll. Rumor has it that Mason Dixon has the race tied at 43. I would question that for sure. I am on record saying Rasmussen is the best while others have said Survey USA was very accurate in Virginia last year. If nothing else Survey USA polled the heck out of people this week. Allen supporters should be working hard till election day. We should work like Mason Dixon is correct!

UPDATE-Mason Dixon has the poll tied at 43. The above poll is the latest to come out with polling done on the 28th.

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The Pattern of Jim Webb's Writing

I want to add to Wise Girl's post here. There is a constant pattern in the writing of Jim Webb that cant be denied. John Hawkins has this amazing collection of Jim Webb's lines here. Webb has some unique thoughts on women and black people. These are Jim Webb's words. He thought about this before writing it and it is very revealing. The pattern is there. Jim Webb is not Senate material.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Women Can't Fight? Guess No One Asked Kilo!

I'm beginning to think that Kilo enjoys me more when I am riled up cause he is the instigator that keeps sending me to sites about Jim Webb that really get me wound up. Today he had me visit this new site because he wanted a womans opinion. OK, many of my words are not suitable for printing so instead I am going to let you decide how you feel about. Look here, and when you finish with this start up page please visit the Writing page and make your own opinions there. I know that when I was taking writing classes they pounded into my head that you should write what you know. I have not read any of Webbs novels but this site shows that there is a pattern to his writing style about his women characters. This raises questions in my mind but you decide. Now check out the Webb Against Women part of this site and you will have a better picture of the women who are coming forward about the improper treatment that was handed out because of Webb and his defaming of the female character. There is a great video under the Watch tab. When you think you have had enough then I ask that please continue on to this new video. I don't know about you but as a woman I would have a hard time believing that some one who wrote: “Many women appear to be having problems with their sexuality…What kind of woman would seek out the Academy routine?” (pg. 282, “Women Can’t Fight,” Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979) or "No benefit to anyone can come from women serving in combat... Their presence at institutions dedicated to the preparation of men for combat is poisoning that preparation"Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979 or spoke the much later quote "I have never met a woman... whom I would trust" to lead men in the military? (The Hotline,3/29/06) -can actually have a change of heart when something appears to be as ingrained as this sexist behavior and pattern of writing implies but you decide for yourself. Me, I think I am gonna go take out my frustrations on the first thing I see. Oh Kilo, wanna fight?

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Jim Webb goes Hunting in Watts


From the WAPO.

Webb's comments to the Times-Dispatch prompted Allen campaign officials to direct a reporter to Dan Cragg, a former acquaintance of Webb's, who said Webb used the word while describing his own behavior during his freshman year at the University of Southern California in the early 1960s. Webb later transferred to the U.S. Naval Academy.

Cragg, 67, who lives in Fairfax County, said on Wednesday that Webb described taking drives through the black neighborhood of Watts, where he and members of his ROTC unit used racial epithets and pointed fake guns at blacks to scare them.

"They would hop into their cars, and would go down to Watts with these buddies of his," Cragg said Webb told him. "They would take the rifles down there. They would call then [epithets], point the rifles at them, pull the triggers and then drive off laughing. One night, some guys caught them and beat . . . them. And that was the end of that."

Cragg said Webb told him the Watts story during a 1983 interview for a Vietnam veterans magazine. Cragg, who described himself as a Republican who would vote for Allen, did not include the story in his article. He provided a transcript of the interview, but the transcript does not contain the ROTC story. He said he still remembers the exchange vividly more than 20 years later.(Bold print by Kilo)

We all expect this reply.

Webb, who is in Texas for fundraising events, did not respond to repeated requests for comment. (Bold print by Kilo)

Unlike Larry Sabato, Cragg heard Webb use the N word first hand.

"The fact is he has. He used it in my presence," Cragg said.

Cragg, a former Army sergeant major, described himself as a longtime friend of Webb's who worked for him when he was assistant secretary of defense under President Ronald Reagan.

This man does not call Webb a racist. He read what Webb said about not using racial slurs and that was a lie. Here we have Webb not only using racial slurs , but pointing guns at black people. Intimidating terror on innocent people. After reading Webb's macho manifest in Born Fighting, this fits his character. Mr Cragg is a vet and a writer for a Vietnam vet magazine. Unlike the Webb campaign attack on Sen Allen, he is clear in his motives. Don't be fooled by the attack on Allen. Reading this post will clear it up for you. It was an organized attack. Now we can only wait to see who comes out next.

Hey Paul...Your withdrawal watch posted yet? Race is one issue Jim Webb will wish was never brought up.

UPDATE-Notice that Webb or mouthpiece Denney Todd do not deny using the Byrd Word. Also check out the double standard the lefty bloggers are setting. After they all jumped on the use of the Byrd Word, they now have a different view when faced with the reality of Jim Webb.

Others blogging about Jim Webbs's racial hate crime- JamesBearing DriftGOPHokie

With the polls showing the smear attack has failed, now we will watch the Webb campaign pay the price. I am sure Spark it Up's official Webb spokesman Bubby will be commenting soon.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Poll

49% Allen (R)

44% Webb (D)

2% Parker (IG)

0% Other

4% Undecided

Since an identical SurveyUSA poll 2 weeks ago, Allen is up 1 point and Webb is down 1 point. (LINK)

This poll was conducted after the smear campaign against Sen Allen started and he gains a point! I bet the resignation watch has stopped. Likewise I bet the withdrawal watch is over. That looks kinda stupid when Sen Allen is leading by 5. There is nothing like a good set of numbers to sober up the left. I wish I could say the race will now focus on real issues that matter to Virginia. It wont happen. Other than Jim Webb wanting to cut and run in Iraq he does not have much to say. If nothing else this poll shows that Virginians are not buying into the smear attack. Alton has some inside info that some democrats are not happy with the Webb campaign. The A Team spanks the smear tactic hard.

In other news...Gas in Wise is $2.11. What about that stock market! Coal is booming! What are Jim Webb's thoughts about this? We will never know.

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More Connections

Here we have a post from the blog The Blue Ridge Muse.

This is Capitol Hill Blue's Doug Thompson -- who recently did a story called "George Allen's rampant racism: A long, sordid history" The picture shows him and his “old friend” Steve Jarding from Jim Webb's campaign. Very interesting relationship indeed. Lets read what Doug posts:

Road trip

Three a.m. Dark. Pitch black. I notice a fresh batch of leaves on the driveway illuminated by the headlights as I head the Liberty down the driveway and make the right turn onto Sandy Flats road.

Time for the annual trip to Washington. A four-and-a-half hour drive, if all goes well, from the peace and serenity of the mountains to the madness of the National Capital Region.

Steve Jarding (right) and I do our road show at The Washington Center for Politics and Journalism (Photo by Terry Michael)
Each year at this time I make the trek to DC for an appearance at The Washington Center for Politics and Journalism. Terry Michael, who runs the program, is an old friend as is Steve Jarding, an "adjunct lecturer in public policy" for the Kennedy School at Harvard who also ran Mark Warner's successful campaign for governor a few years back. Steve and I have been doing this road show for the center to talk about political campaign management to a group of interns for Washington-based media and news organizations with bureaus in the city.

Now read ImNotEmeril's post about about Ken Shelton.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jim Webb ducks the question on racial slurs.

Now get this answer.....

Democratic Senate challenger Jim Webb declined to say definitively Tuesday whether he had ever used a common derogatory term to describe blacks, stepping carefully after watching his campaign rival confront charges of racism.

"I don't think that there's anyone who grew up around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at one time or another in their life," Webb told reporters.

There it is from the donkeys mouth. No rumors, no anonymous sources, just the facts. I am sure there will be more on this in the future.

Hat tip to Flora. Read it.

UPDATE-The story goes International! Is Ben embarrassed?

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George Allen Honored by NFIB

The National Federation of Independent Business, the nation's leading small-business advocacy group, today named U.S. Sen. George Allen (Va.) a Guardian of Small Business for his outstanding voting record on behalf of America's small-business owners in the 109th Congress.

NFIB President and CEO Todd Stottlemyer praised Sen. Allen for "standing for small business," citing Allen's 100 percent NFIB voting record. In presenting the group's coveted "Guardian of Small Business" award, Stottlemyer said, "Small-business owners pay close attention to how their lawmakers vote on the issues affecting their businesses and employees and stand by those who stand for them."(LINK)

No rumors, no anonymous sources, just the facts.

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The Weakly Webb Woundup Two

Flora changed it up this week.

"So this week we have asked a few Webb supporters and other Democrat/ics to pick their most reviled B-Team posts past and present for inclusion in the Weakly Webb Woundup."

Click here for WWW2.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Thoughts

I received a couple emails asking me about the Salon article.

"It's all about the he said she said bullshit." Limp Bizkit

That is what we have folks. Meaningless he said she said bullshit. One persons word against another persons word. Blah Blah...Pissing one wins.

Update-This proves my point.

Brian reports about the UMW fish fry at Castlewood. Been there and done that many times. I had family there and they told me a couple family members of the Sago miners were on stage. We found it interesting that the union chose them to attend instead of the family of the miner killed at the union mines a month after Sago.

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The Virginia Blog Carnival

Welcome to the VBC. In the past I have always tried to theme the carnival. This time the carnival format will be generic. Lets begin.

Shaula Evans submits The Business of Cheating from her blog The Agonist. The post deals with “Academic Dishonesty in Graduate Business Programs: The Prevalence, Causes, and Proposed Actions:”

Leslie Carbone submits Mob Mentality. This post deals with Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus Silva and Marianus Riwu, convicted in 2001 of leading a Christian mob in a 2000 attack on an Islamic boarding school that left 200 people dead.

Alton of ImNotEmeril submits A Few Jim Webb Quotes. Here is one: "Indeed, it could be said that the seeds of Bill Clinton's political arrogance were sown by Jimmy Carter's own hand."

Joe Budzinski of Nova Town Hall submits Ending illegal immigration is a LOCAL responsibility. Joe writes “The problem of illegal immigration must be solved by local jurisdictions pulling out the welcome mat and enforcing public safety and health rules. When local communities lead, national elected officials will follow.”

Shaun Kenney of The A-Team submits Resolving Webb’s Jewish Question. Shaun says “I would be remiss not to take a shot at the latest nonsense regarding Peggy Fox’s question from left field.”

Chad, the Commonwealth Conservative submits Al Groh taking heat. Not much to cheer about at UVA.

Jon Swift submits “George Allen: Jew, Not a Jew?” Jon adds “Allen's newfound Jewish heritage might actually be a boon to his campaign.”

JR Hoeft from Bearing Drift submits Definitely West Coast. This will make you smile!

My blogsister Kat is on vacation in Hawaii with her family. She is blogging the trip! Pictures, Videos, helicopter rides.....I am sooooo jealous!

Rocinante's Burdens submits Allen vs Webb.

Thank you for visiting the VBC. If I missed anyone please email me and I will correct the post.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jeff Burton and Da Bears

First the Bears go 3-0 with todays win over the Vikings. Happy!

Then Jeff Burton wins the race at Dover to take the lead in the race for the cup. Joy!

My condolences to the Steeler fans. Tough luck to the Kevin Harvick fans. This is just for you!


Friday, September 22, 2006

VBC is back at Spark It Up!!! Place your Bets now!

Kilo informed me that it is time for Spark It Up to host the VBC carnival once again. Actually, I think his exact words were that it was my turn to do it. I think we are gonna flip a coin or arm wrestle for the job. You will just have to submit and take your chances on who wins.

Please summit your posts to either: or by Monday morning and stop back by Monday evening to see who posted and who gets roasted.

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Jim Webb and his horny womans dream

Scientists have been studying facial expressions for many years. Facial expressions convey emotions. There are seven common expressions:Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Interest, Sadness, and Surprise. Watch this video of Jim Webb and see which facial expression and the emotion it conveys.Jim Webb-Born Sexist

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Jim Webb's Dark Ride

Flora has put together a great video. Read about that here. NLS and the nutroots attacked her for using the image of a distressed flag(the image has been removed) I commented that that there was nothing new about that as liberals and Democrats have used it for years. Democratic poster boy John Kerry chose to use it for the cover of his book. More pics of Webb and his "good buddy" Kerry here. Welcome to The Dark Ride

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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Badrose writes it as only she can. Take a couple minutes to check this post out!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jim Webb on Hardball

Watching this was amazing! Mathews nails Webb! Check out Two Conservatives post. Be sure to notice how Webb has changed his goofy Iran - Syria talk from Monday's debate.

Jim Webb - Absurd! His war policy has changed since Monday and his response to paying bloggers to run a anti-semitic campaign is priceless!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bearing Drift owns the Debate

Want debate coverage? Bearing Drift has it covered. They have a exclusive podcast with Sen Allen containing " his vision for protecting our freedom, fostering America as the land of opportunity and preserving our shared values." Add to that this post with podcasts from most everyone there.


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The Virginia Blog Carnival


Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weakly Webb Woundup

The Weakly Webb Woundup is online! Brought to you by the B-Team.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Debate- Jim Webb Sexist

Watch Jim Webb smirk and smile when his "horny women" statement comes up. If there were any doubts about his views of women, this scene makes it clear. I watched the debate with my Mom and Wise Girl. Wise Girl had this post the other day. Today her concerns where affirmed. I said in this post that Webb was a sexist. He fulfills the definition and that little smile today seals the deal for me. My thoughts about this started while reading the pages of Born Fighting. Jim Webb went through what he calls a "Red Neck Bar Mitzvah." He brags of his father teaching him to fight. His father taught him to not only beat his opponent, but mark him so that he knows tomorrow when he looks in the mirror. Jim then goes on to tell how he passed this same thing on to his son. Think about that. To say that is normal is absurd. Today on Meet the Press we saw a glimpse of the real Jim Webb. That smirk when confronted with his own sexist words was a revealing moment.

Bearing Drift has will make you smile with this post.

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Meet the Press Debate

Watch Sen Allen destroy Candidate Jim Webb again! Click here to find out what time it is on in your area. Jon will be live blogging here.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

From Dissed to Pissed

Why would it be surprising that Jim Webb would be disrespectful toward Mrs. Nancy Reagan and her wishes? Look at how disrespectful he was with all those female military cadets and their dreams? And why must a dorm of 4000 men and 300 women be a "horny woman's dream"? Could this not have been a "horny man's dream"? Or perhaps this could have been looked upon as a building full of America's future, the young, the bright, the brave, those willing to serve and to sacrifice if called upon. This man needs a serious attitude check and I fear that the prejudices have been carved too deeply within his soul for change to be possible. Be wary Virginia!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Allen's new Ad

Spin this Mr Webb.

Wuba Klux Klan

An informal group calling themselves "Webbites" shamelessly practices bigotry. Adherents of James Webb, former secretary of the Navy who in a visit to the Naval Academy several years ago referred to female midshipmen as "Thunder Thighs," this group has evolved over the past decade from a collection of outspoken critics of women in the military to a secret society, one that in 1991 referred to itself as the "WUBA KLUX KLAN" and solicited new members to further its goal of ridding the Naval Academy of women." (The New Republic, 8/17/92)

Jim Webb's legacy lives on.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jim Webb – Sexist


1)Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.

2)Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports the story. Five female grads of the Naval Academy came out and told it like it was.

According to the women, at one point Webb referred to women as "thunder thighs." He said Bancroft Hall, a dorm at the academy with 4,000 males and 300 females, was "a horny woman's dream," the women said.

Disgusting conduct Candidate Webb! WBDJ channel 7 has this report.

Webb is a graduate of the Naval Academy and a decorated Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who said in his 1979 column in "Washingtonian" magazine that the armed services were worse off for admitting women to service academies.

Damn..where does it end? Jim Webb fulfills the definition of sexism above and that cannot be argued. Here is the full Allen camp press release.

Naval Academy Graduates Come Forward To Blast Webb for Undermining Women

Former Midshipmen Call Webb's Actions Disrespectful and Hurtful

Richmond, VA - Several female graduates of the United States Naval Academy and one of their husbands - a Naval Academy graduate as well - came forward today at a press conference in Richmond where they spoke out about James Webb's disrespectful, degrading and harmful articles and comments about women attending the academy and serving in the Navy.

In the late 1970's, Webb was an instructor at the academy and penned an article entitled "Women Can't Fight," which he placed in the Washingtonian magazine. The women are using today's press conference to speak out against Webb and his actions to ensure that every voter in Virginia has an understanding of Webb. The group reached out to the Allen campaign to help get their stories out to the public.

Below are brief bios and quotes from each of the participants from today's press conference:

Commander Kathleen Murray, USN (retired) graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1984, after which she served 20-years in the Navy. She is married to a fellow midshipman, Guy Zanti. The two reside in Norfolk where they are raising their four children: "Virginia's voters have the right to hear from me and other female graduates of the Naval Academy about the hardships we were forced to endure because of James Webb's words and actions. Once he published his manifesto, there was a renewed wave of disrespect toward women who were training at the Naval Academy. His shameful conduct towards women makes James Webb undeserving of our vote - especially the vote of veterans and those women who are serving honorably on active duty today."

Commander Jennifer Brooks, USN (retired) grew up in a Navy family. She graduated from the Naval Academy in 1982 and then went on to serve more than 20 years as an officer in the Navy. Her distinguished career included a deployment during Desert Storm on the U.S.S. Mars. Currently she resides in Springfield where she's pursuing a doctorate in psychology at Howard University: "I was 19 years old and in my second year at the Academy when the Webb article came out. I was devastated to be told by a war hero that the Academy should be shut down rather than accept me, and that my very presence was responsible for the degradation of the military. As a best selling author, James Webb knew the power of words, and to describe the Naval Academy as 'a horny woman's dream' was inexcusable. My mother read that. "I joined the Navy to serve my country. It was unbelievably demoralizing to be painted as a pampered slut who was taking up classroom space and pre-destined to endanger the lives of the brave young men around her. Today when I see 'Jim' Webb, I remember that he spent a semester with us, taught in our classes, and had meals with us. And yet in the end his passion for this argument carried him away so much that we women were nothing more than collateral damage; acceptable collateral damage. "Is this going to happen again, if he gets to the U.S. Senate?"

Joyce McCallister, LtCol USMC (retired) graduated from the academy with the class of 1982. She served as an aviation logistician and acquisition professional. She lives in Old Town Alexandria with her husband and two sons. "Mr. Webb's article, while disruptive to the routine at USNA, helped me reaffirm the traits I feel essential to being a good leader. It also made me a healthy skeptic about people who claim to be experts. In the case of Mr. Webb, he was masquerading as an expert on leadership. "The thesis of Mr. Webb's article is that instincts of violence and vulgarity are essential for effective combat leaders. That stands in stark contrast to the way my father conducted himself, a USMA Jan '43 graduate, who served in WWII and Korea. He unfortunately was shot down in Korea and spent 27 months as a POW. He was the senior leader in his POW camp and insisted on a strict code-of-conduct based on having the prisoners treat each other with respect and dignity. "Thirty years after repatriation, many of the men he led came to his death bed to thank him for saving their lives. His leadership instilled in them the will to live. Most would agree these are the principles of good leadership. In stark contrast, James Webb's leadership traits - based on violence and vulgarity - are not traits the USNA espouses nor are they traits I want representing me in the U.S. Senate."

Linda Ponstenriender graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1982. She was on active duty for more than five years upon graduation. She now lives in Petaluma, California where she's an artist and owns a small business. She was on the East Coast for the "30 Years of Women at the USNA" conference and celebration last week, delaying her return trip home to participate in today's press conference: "Mr. Webb has shown a pattern of selfish judgment and failed commitment. General Colin Powell advises to 'get mad & get over it'. I got angry with the article that Mr. Webb wrote, which infected the brigade with venom of hate and divisive anger. I got mad and got over it. I graduated and then went on to serve my country. Although I have great respect for the Marines and thank Mr. Webb for his service in our military, since leaving the military, he has logged a dangerous record of representing his own agenda. I got over the anger but I and others have not gotten over the disappointment. I invite Mr. Webb to issue an apology."

Commander Guy Zanti, USN (retired) graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with the class of 1982. He went on to serve in the Navy for 20 years, which included deployments in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He retired as a Commander in 2002 and joins his wife Kathleen Murray at today's press conference: "I can still vividly recall the 'Women Can't Fight' article written by James Webb. It was exceedingly unfair to the women at the academy. The attitude Mr. Webb's work conveyed was incendiary and served to tear at the very fabric of the brigade's unity, good order and discipline. His words undermined the mission of the United States Naval Academy."

Lisa Graham Stolle, USNR entered the Naval Academy in 1977 from the Marine Corps reserve and then graduated in 1981. While there she met classmate, Chris Stolle, who she later married. The couple resides in Virginia Beach where they have five children. Their oldest daughter is currently a Midshipman at the academy and they have a son who is an officer in the Navy. "As I found myself hesitating on speaking about the James Webb's attack on the academy, I realized that after 30 years of women at the Naval Academy, with my own daughter a second class midshipman, with this man approaching the United States Senate, it may be time for me to speak. "James Webb has not directly responded to issues previously raised on the derogatory, disparaging comments he made about women in the article he wrote for the Washingtonian, other than to say it was a long time ago. Given his military background, if elected to the Senate there is a very real possibility that he could end up on the Armed Forces Committee. For this reason, his position back then is more relevant than ever."

Jim Webb now say's he is soooooo sorry. After reading the statements above I will say he sounds pretty damn sorry to me.

Alton has this story.

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Join the B-Team

Flora has this statement and video. You know the A-Team, Now meet the B-Team. With these two teams organized-Jim Webb is going down!

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State Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III endorses Sen Allen

Yesterday State Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III endorsed Sen Allen. The A-Team has the full story. This is a huge endorsement for Allen as Lambert is a long serving black democrat. The race baiting Webb campaign has been issued a major set back. The nut roots are attacking. Charles has more about the lefts reaction here. Lambert states in his letter

"Because we have worked well together over the years on many issues, and especially because you have delivered on your promises to support Virginia's Historically Black Colleges and Universities, I am pleased to support you in your re-election to the U.S. Senate," Lambert wrote. "I hope to be working with you in Washington long after November to continue fighting on behalf of all educational institutions for higher education."

There we have it folks. After months of Webb campaign race baiting and paid Webb mouthpiece calling Sen Allen a racist, Lambert crosses party lines to endorse Allen. I would think Sen Lambert has read Webb's book Born Fighting. Heh. Mike Shear has this quote in the WAPO from Webb spokeswoman Kristian Denny Todd

"it was "quite a surprise" to learn of Lambert's endorsement of Allen. "Not too long ago, Jim had a very productive meeting with Senator Lambert, where his concerns were addressed," she said."

The meeting was not as productive as she thought. The bottom line here is Lambert chose to endorse the man he has worked successfully with for years. Lambert did not fall for the Webb campaigns race baiting because he knows the truth about Sen Allen. I have a feeling Lambert will just be the first of many endorsements for Sen Allen.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breaking News


Catching Up

I want to thank Ben again for taking time to link all the Virginia Blog 9/11 posts. My blog sister The Red Queen has a unique post about where she was 5 years ago.

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-8th - Idiot.

New Polls Released - Zogby Interactive poll taken 8/29-9/5 shows Webb leading Allen 50-43. The latest Mason Dixon Poll taken 9/5-9/7 shows Allen leading Webb 46-42. I have been clear in the past about Zogby interactive polls. We should have a Rasmussen poll coming around the 18th.

Check out the STD Board Meeting. Maybe Mr. Beam will be invited next time.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


I arrived home from work at 7 am. I cooked myself some breakfast and read the newspaper. I watched the whole event unfold on tv. When the first plane hit I thought how could that happen. When the second one hit it all became clear. I think the fear of what could happen next was the worst part. I knew I was safe in my Wise, Virginia home and I thanked God for that. I also knew when those towers fell that thousands were not so lucky. There is one thing that sticks in my mind about that day. The sirens and alarms sounding endlessly on the tv coverage. I will always remember that. Time stopped that week, and we all changed on some personal level. I know I did.

The big guy at Perseverando was in NYC that day. He has a good video up here. The flag at Spark it Up HQ is flying as always. Today we honor those innocent lives lost. We honor the heroes who responded. I will never forget. I hope today we are not Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans. I think those lost that day would want that.

UPDATE- Ben at NLS has taken the time to link all the 9/11 posts from Virginia blogs. Hats off to Mr. Tribbett.




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