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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Virginia Blog Carnival

Welcome to the VBC. In the past I have always tried to theme the carnival. This time the carnival format will be generic. Lets begin.

Shaula Evans submits The Business of Cheating from her blog The Agonist. The post deals with “Academic Dishonesty in Graduate Business Programs: The Prevalence, Causes, and Proposed Actions:”

Leslie Carbone submits Mob Mentality. This post deals with Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus Silva and Marianus Riwu, convicted in 2001 of leading a Christian mob in a 2000 attack on an Islamic boarding school that left 200 people dead.

Alton of ImNotEmeril submits A Few Jim Webb Quotes. Here is one: "Indeed, it could be said that the seeds of Bill Clinton's political arrogance were sown by Jimmy Carter's own hand."

Joe Budzinski of Nova Town Hall submits Ending illegal immigration is a LOCAL responsibility. Joe writes “The problem of illegal immigration must be solved by local jurisdictions pulling out the welcome mat and enforcing public safety and health rules. When local communities lead, national elected officials will follow.”

Shaun Kenney of The A-Team submits Resolving Webb’s Jewish Question. Shaun says “I would be remiss not to take a shot at the latest nonsense regarding Peggy Fox’s question from left field.”

Chad, the Commonwealth Conservative submits Al Groh taking heat. Not much to cheer about at UVA.

Jon Swift submits “George Allen: Jew, Not a Jew?” Jon adds “Allen's newfound Jewish heritage might actually be a boon to his campaign.”

JR Hoeft from Bearing Drift submits Definitely West Coast. This will make you smile!

My blogsister Kat is on vacation in Hawaii with her family. She is blogging the trip! Pictures, Videos, helicopter rides.....I am sooooo jealous!

Rocinante's Burdens submits Allen vs Webb.

Thank you for visiting the VBC. If I missed anyone please email me and I will correct the post.

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