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Friday, March 31, 2006

Crossing Picket Lines

As my few readers know, I am not a big fan of unions. I do respect a picket line and have never crossed one. Out in San Diego there is a Carpenters Union on strike at a hotel. Who crosses their picket line? The AFL-CIO. It seems the AFL-CIO had some meetings set up at the hotel and instead of finding another place to hold their meetings and stay, they chose to slap their union brothers in the face and cross the picket line. (Link)

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Events At UVA-Wise

April is a big month for UVA-Wise. They will hold inauguration ceremonies for the 7th chancellor David J. Prior. There are many special events planned and most are free. I plan on attending "A Celebration of Appalachia: A Sense of Place," on Monday the 3rd that includes this symposium.

1:40 p.m. No Ordinary Journey: A Place for Higher Education in the Heart of Appalachia
Brian S. Wills, Kenneth Asbury Professor of History

2 p.m. How the Scots-Irish Shaped Southwest Virginia
Gilmer W. Blackburn, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

2:20 p.m. Features of the Appalachian Dialect
Amy Clark, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

2:45 Break

3 p.m. Our Local Civil War: A Study of Fear and Coping
Brian D. McKnight, Teaching Fellow in History

3:20 p.m. Art of the Quilt in Appalachian Culture
Suzanne Adams-Ramsey, Associate Professor of Art,Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts

3:40 p.m. The Mining History of Southwest Virginia: Lessons for the Future
Aaron Johnson, Assistant Professor of Geology

4 p.m. Myth and Legend; Science and History
Ron Short, Musician, Composer and Playwright in Residence with Roadside Theater
Chancellor Emeritus Joseph C. Smiddy, Musician and Storyteller

4:45 p.m. Closing Remarks
Chancellor Prior

5 p.m.A Taste of Appalachia Refreshments illustrating a regional flavor will be provided in the Dogwood Room

There are a few those speakers I plan to approach with the intent of getting them to blog. Most are published authors and I feel they could enrich us with blogging. I have often wondered why no one at the college has an active blog. Strange. I also plan on attending this "American Folk Art Quilts: An Introduction" will be presented by Barbara Rothermel at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 17 for my blog sisters the Red Queen and R'Cat. They both quilt and I feel I should attend. I do get the feeling I could be the only man there. I also plan to catch this "Symphony of the Mountains," a performance of works by Coe, Schubert and Brahms, will be presented at 4 p.m. Sunday, April 30, at the Performing Arts Center in Pound. It is a great month for the Arts here in Wise. If there are any other bloggers who plan on attending let me know. If you would like to check out any of the things I mentioned, you can see the complete schedule here and the KTN has this article about the events.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sen Allen on Immigration vs Mudcat and Jarding....Where is Jim Webb?

Here is a little of the exchange between Mathews and Jim Webb front man Steve Jarding and Mudcat Saunders.

MATTHEWS: OK, where do you stand on immigration?

JARDING: Well, the Democrats are going to have to sort it out and sort with the Republicans. My guess on immigration is they're both-neither party wants to deal with them.

MATTHEWS: You're waffling.

JARDING: No, I'm not. Neither party wants ...

MATTHEWS: You're waffling. Where do you stand on immigration?

JARDING: Where do I stand?

MATTHEWS: Would you stop illegal immigration or not?

JARDING: No. Here's what I would do.

MATTHEWS: You wouldn't stop illegal immigration.

JARDING: Here's what I would do. Here's what I would do.

Needless to say there was not a real answer but the one given above.

MATTHEWS: I'm just asking a simple question. Do you want to answer the question Mudcat? Do you want to stop illegal immigration or not?

It was fun to watch. All of this after Sen Allen was clear on what he wants.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about this immigration issue. You gave a very strong statement when we were down covering immigration. We were covering the Republican meeting in Memphis and it certainly sinks with the majority opinion in this country. Overwhelmingly, people think we should tighten up the border and stop the illegal flow over the border. That's your position, right?

ALLEN: Yes, sir. And I think it's been neglected. We need more border security personnel, but even when they do catch those who are coming in illegally, the detention centers are so inadequate that they have to release them on their own recognizance. So we need detention centers, you need an actual fence. You can have a virtual fence with unmanned aerial vehicles as well as sensors to help stem the flow of people coming in here illegally. We can find a consensus on that. This should have been done years ago.

Indeed. Great transcript here so read the whole thing.

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Randy McCloy Video

Sago Mine Survivor Randy McCloy gave his first interview on NBC. You can can watch the video here. In one word: Amazing.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jerry feels Violated

You Gotta See This!

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UPDATED George Allen on Hardball followed by Jarding and Mudcat UPDATED

I just finished watching Sen George Allen on Hardball. I hope you watch the repeat on MSNBC at 7. He was very strong on immigration...Very! He also said he did not share the Presidents views and would not support amnesty. His views on our borders are strong and clear. Born Leader.

After Allen came Jarding and Mudcat. While Chris showed a picture of Webb during the intro, there was no mention of him in the interview. None. I found that very odd. Born Fighting. Chris grilled the two about the democrats being weak on immigration and our borders, while Allen was crystal clear. This is a must watch and I cant wait to see the transcript.

UPDATED: After watching the show again I am even more impressed with Sen Allen. I share his same view on immigration and our borders. Mathews is a hard interview and Allen took it in stride. His answers were fast and on subject. Mathews did not accuse him of waffling like he did Jarding. Another interesting thing is that Sen Allen's mom immigrated here after WW2 from Tunisia, Africa. That gives him a great view. I also give him credit for taking a stance that does not agree with the president. His talk about not rewarding Illegal behavior rings true. Amnesty rewards illegal behavior and that is not the answer. I look forward to seeing him speak more about this subject. I would have thought Mudcat and Jarding would have touted Webb at any chance they got. They had many chances to add his name and views or reason they support him. Instead they never mentioned his name-his policies-his web site, nothing. Thats real support guys. Am I the only one who finds this very odd? They admit the democrats have no plans and no hope of taking back the south for some time. This was a revealing interview to hear these men admit the party is in trouble. Again they could have said Webb would unite..they could have said anything, but they did not. I wonder why? I would venture to say this interview will be left off the lefty blogs for sure...with good reason. First it showed the strength and leadership of our Sen Allen, and the weakness and lack of support for Webb by his own people. I will link the transcript as soon as I get it.

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Loading Coal

The Red Queen has this great play by play of loading a train with coal. She includes some great pics with her narrative. Check it out!

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What was really said.

The hoopla made over Sen Allen's bored statement has been proved false. Is anyone surprised? I'm not.
From the

"For the record, Allen was not quoted in the Times piece as saying that he was bored with life in the Senate. The word came up in a summation of Allen's feelings toward the senior federal legislative chamber put to paper by the author of the piece. Allen's chief of staff, Dick Wadhams, said on Monday that the author of the story, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, confirmed to him that the senator did not use the word "bored" in their interview. "It is correct that Sen. Allen has expressed his frustration in the past with Democratic obstructionism that holds up important legislation in the Senate. But there's a far cry between being bored and being frustrated with a body that takes a long time to get things done. Because he wants to get things done for the people of Virginia," Wadhams told the AFP."

Read the Raising Kaine spin here. So all those lefty blogs retelling this story shows a great example of misinformation, if not Fear. Thats right, the word is fear. That seems to be the democrats wonder word this campaign. Allen fears Webb-Allen fears Miller. Heh. I was accused of fearing Webb winning the primary in the comments on a thread over at NLS a while back. Hey Josh-The only things I fear are the sounds of roof bolts popping and a 70 year old woman that I call Mom. For the record I dont care who Allen faces. I feel he will win over Miller the lobbyist or Webb the...whatever Webb is.

The latest poll shows Allen stomping either candidate Webb or Miller by well over 20 points. That is damn good speaking Allen has not started campaigning yet. The Mason Conservative reveals here that Dick Wadhams will head Allen's campaign. It is a good read. Chad has this post saying "The only way Miller can beat Allen is if Allen resigns." The Republican bloggers have been pretty mush silent so far. Allen is a super strong candidate with a good record. He is well liked in all parts of the state. Yes it is still early, but as the democrats fight and scratch, we watch taking notes and silently get stronger. Allen's campaign will begin soon and I am looking forward to it.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ODBA NEWS - Must Reads

Bearing Drift has a wonderful Podcast with Attorney General Bob McDonnell. It is their best one yet. Hats off to the BD crew! I am very impressed with our AG. He covers many things including the state of the Republican Party. Very good stuff!

With the AG McDonnell's opinion on the party, Zach has the 2nd installment up of his series. It is titled What is a Republican. This is a good post and I hope you can comment about your beliefs. I plan to later this eve.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Virginia Blog Carnival is online!!!

The Virginia Blog Carnival is up! A great response again this week. Shaun has done a good job and there is something there for everyone. So click on over and support the great bloggers of the Commonwealth!

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If we address problems we will grow stronger

Over at Sic Semper Tyrannis Old Zach is going to address some problems we Republicans face as a party. I plan to participate in the discussion. His first post is up titled "Republican Malaise." Click on over and check it out. This should be a good thing! If we address problems we will grow stronger.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bristol-Push Comes To Shove

What a weekend. Was todays Nascar race at Bristol just what the doctor ordered? Indeed. We had snowball fights and long delays but the fans love it. Today we saw the best Nascar has to offer. Evil has always ruled at Bristol and today was no different. Starting years ago with Darrell Waltrip and continued today with the likes of Kurt Bush and Kevin Harvick. My driver Jeff Burton had a good day going until a wreck caused by the effeminate Jeff Gordon took him behind the wall for repairs. His chances of a good finish gone and he limped in finishing 34th. That puts him 18th in the points. Congratulations goes out to my girlfriend's driver Jamie McMurray. Jamie hit every good car on the track before fate caught him and he finished 35th. Jamie is 24th in the points. The big story was Jeff Gordan pushing Matt Kenseth after the race. There will be penalties issued Tuesday. I predict a fine and loss of points. In my opinion a suspension should be issued, but Nascar wont. They suspended Jimmy Spencer for slapping Kurt Bush but pushing will be allowed. Either way you got to love it! Nothing compares to Bristol. The short tracks rule! Next week Martinsville.

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Submit to The Virginia Blog Carnival NOW!

As Shaun notes here, the Virginia Blog Carnival is getting popular. If you know a Virginia blogger send them a email and ask them to submit. As I said here, I would love to see bloggers posting from every county in the state. Submit now by emailing Shaun here, or use the Carnival submission form found here. Support the VBC!


The Hangings At Wise

I love history. My home town of Wise is wealthy with stories about the past. I read every book I can about my home's past with earnest. Some of my favorite authors are Luther F Addington and James Taylor Adams. I could not leave out the great John Fox Jr who's book Trail of The Lonesome Pine is very well known. The play is still performed in Big Stone Gap and is the longest running outdoor drama in the country. While in school a few years back and working on a paper about capital punishment I found some great history. I had heard the stories of the hangings here in Wise, then known as Gladeville. While doing research I found some wonderful accounts of these events. The stories are well written and easy to understand. Luther Addington penned a great round up of these hangings. What a great blogger Mr Addington would have been! His work The Hangings at Gladeville(Now Wise) is a wonderful example of this. In under 5000 words he tells of 6 hangings. He uses the words of Charles Renfro and John Fox to give his accounts. I hope you take the time to read it. You will learn about the murderous Red Fox, who preached his own funeral and said he would rise on the third day. He preached dressed in a white gown and death cap. You will learn about a group known as the Wise County Vigilantes that Renfro belonged saying:

"When I was made a member of the Wise County Vigilantes back there in 1892, I little dreamed that I was to become the scaffold maker or noose knot tier for all the six men who were to die on the gallows in my country. But it was that way.
The Vigilantes had been organized in Big Stone Gap, Virginia by Josh Bullitt as a protection against the bad men of the hills when the first coal boom came. John Fox, Jr., the author of the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, was a member of the guard, I recollect.

You will read about the First Black Man Hanged named Jim Foy. George Robinson Hanged Twice is also included. Two more accounts titled Innocent Man Hanged and They Hanged a Preacher will amaze you. All of this in a read lasting just a few minutes. Yes Addington would have been a magnificent blogger. I hope the Virginia Blog Carnival Readers enjoy this taste of writings about my home. You can find more at this great site here. Enjoy.

Return to my Homepage

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Buck Owens

I guess one of the things I must accept about getting older is loss. Today I see Buck Owens has passed away. I never bought any of his recordings but I did watch Hee Haw. Buck was an outlaw of sorts in country music.

Buck was born on August 12, 1929 in Sherman, Texas. The son of a sharecropper, Buck traveled with his family to the Phoenix, Arizona area in 1937 as they searched for a better life. Eventually, they traveled to California's San Joaquin Valley, doing farm work. At a young age Buck vowed that when he grew up, he would not be poor. He found a way out of his family's poverty through his musical talent. That talent blossomed after Buck moved to Bakersfield in 1951. Within months he was a member of the hottest honky-tonk band in town, Bill Woods & The Orange Blossom Playboys, who held forth at the legendary Blackboard night club. He began playing a Fender Telecaster guitar, which provided a unique new sound in country music. (LINK)

Buck sold over 16 million albums and he will be missed. The past few years have been hard on country legends. Gone are Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Charlie Waller.

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Democrats Self Destructing

If your a Republican, you gotta love this. This is great entertainment while the Bush Race at Bristol is delayed. It looks like neither Dem candidate has enough signatures as of yet. Big smile here. Meanwhile Sen George Allen is having a Busy Week.

Senator Allen speaks with employees of Infineon Semiconductors during his tour of the facility in Sandston on March 20th. The Senator was traveling throughout the Commonwealth this week, visiting: Richmond, Chesterfield, Charlottesville, Stuarts Draft, Staunton, Mount Crawford, Ruckersville, Madison and Culpeper. This Sunday, he will be the Grand Marshal at NASCAR's Food City 500 in Bristol.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Nascar Race #5

To start this off I want to thank the girlfriend for making me these two pillows. Pretty nice of her since I slam her driver Jamie McMurray all the time. I am kinda mad though. If you have read my Nascar posts you know I zone in on Jamie's use of excessive hair gel. I feel that his use of it is not only ridiculous but dangerous as well. Anyway, all of a sudden I see on Nascar.Com's Power Rankings this comment about Jamie.

He has a new house, a new dog, new assistants, new job, new uniforms, new everything. All of which are not nearly as stressful as a hairstylist change.”

I feel robbed. I reserve the right to make fun of his hair. The festivities at Bristol are on hold till tomorrow. Starting orders will go by points and no one has turned a lap as of yet. If you watched Trackside on Speed Channel you saw a huge crowd and what could have been the best show thus far this year. I will post more tomorrow because if the weather allows I will be there.

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Attorney General Bob McDonnell

I am not a expert on this stuff, but Attorney General Bob McDonnell has received a great honor. From the KTN:

"Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell has been named to one of the top national panels in the United States criminal justice system. The appointment to serve on the Executive Working Group on Prosecutorial Relations comes just two months into the attorney general's term in office. The Executive Working Group on Prosecutorial Relations (EWG) is composed of six attorneys general appointed by the National Association of Attorneys General president; six district attorneys appointed by the National District Attorneys Association; and six U.S. attorneys representing the U.S. Department of Justice, including the assistant attorney general of the criminal division. "

In my opinion we have a great AG. This shows that others do also. I bet all those who have tried to discredit him for his work in the past are peeved.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival- Step up and Host! Updated!!!!

We need a host for the Virginia Blog Carnival. Someone please email Chad and host this week. The carnival is growing and gaining popularity every week. Let's work to keep it that way. I had fun hosting and I think most blogger's would also. Someone please step up!

UPDATED: Shaun is hosting! His Guidelines are here. Please Email Chad if you would like to host in the future!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

George Allen at the Food City 500

Via Bearing Drift I see that George Allen will be the Grand Marshall at Bristol Motor Speedway this Sunday for the Food City 500. This is not Allen's first trip to a Nascar event.

"Joining friends and families to gather for a great and thrilling sports event is something I've always enjoyed. It's a tremendous privilege to serve as the Grand Marshal of the Food City 500," said Allen. "I'm looking forward to witnessing this racing event with families from Tennessee, Virginia and across our great country who will be in Bristol to enjoy what is a truly great American sport."

This is a smart move for Allen. Very Smart! There will be over 150,000 fans and millions watching on TV. Cost to Allen $0.00

Meanwhile Webb Mudcat and Miller are licking their wounds. Born Fighting...amongst themselves.

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Abdul Rahman

Fellow ODBA member Doug is following the story of Abdul Rahman. The Christian in Afghanistan who is being threatened with a death sentence for his beliefs. Doug has posted a couple of articles about this, the first one is here and his latest is here. My blog sis R'Cat is also posting about this. You would think that in the 21st century people would not be killed for their religious beliefs. I don't have the answers. We have seen this before in history. We know what it took to stop that leadership. What will it take to stop this?

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Reasons to Love Southwest Virginia

Why do I love rural Southwest Virginia? David St Lawrence sums a great deal of it up with his post Early impressions of life in Floyd. The subject matter is broad and rich. He touches on blogging, writing:

I am a blogger and I have so much fun
it is probably illegal somewhere.
Fortunately, the spirit of play
is a non-taxable intoxicant,
and I can drink as deeply as I want.

I am very glad he blogs.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival XXVIII

Greetings! I am Kilo and I would like to welcome you the the Virginia Blog Carnival XXVIII. This carnival showcases the great blogs and bloggers here in the Old Dominion. This week as I guide you through the submissions, you will get to read some great posts from blogs and learn a little about where they are from. Since this trip does not require a car or driving, I am accompanied by Jim Beam. A smooth and mellow gentleman from our neighboring state of Kentucky. Our friendship has lasted over 20 years. So get your mouse ready and let our journey begin.

Our trip starts in my home town of Wise, Virginia. It is the county seat of Wise County. In 1768 a treaty signed by John Stuart, an agent for Indian Affairs for Great Britain and Virginia, and the Cherokee Chiefs occupying what is now Wise County. This opened up southwest Virginia to settlement. The county was formed in 1856 and is the home of our first elected blogger Chad Dotson. His blog is The Commonwealth Conservative. Chad is a movie buff and this week he offers his 10 second movie reviews.

Now we are off to Virginia's baby, Dickenson County. It is the baby because it is the smallest county in the state. It is home to bluegrass music legend Ralph Stanley. It is also home to legendary blogger Brian Patton. You see Brian broke the infamous story of Congressman Rick Boucher's upcoming nuptials with his post Boucher Fundraiser Big News. Brian is also a Nascar fan and has this post saying It's About Time.

Adam Tolbert calls Saltville in Smyth County home. Saltville was a shallow salt water sea and it has a rich history you can read about here. Adam's blog is the Smyth County Conservative. His submission this week is Supervisors (Finally) Act on Courthouse Renovation.

Jerry Fuhrman comes to us from atop of Big Walker Mountain. Big Walker is in Wythe County and was formed in 1790. It is a beautiful place and some pictures are here. Jerry's blog is The Blog From on High. His submission this week is Gov Kaine Comes a Slummin. It addresses the Governor's upcoming visit to Galax to set up a relief center.

My buddy Jim Beam says he is feeling a little full and he needs relief so it is time for me to help him out.

Next stop is Floyd County. One of my favorite events is Floyd Fest. It is a music and art festival that is beyond cool. “Floyd Fest is a three-day World Music Festival held annually in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, showcasing the best in World, Bluegrass, Reggae, Folk, African and Appalachian music, as well as quality local Arts and Crafts.” I hope one day to meet our next blogger David St Lawrence. His blog is Ripples: post-corporate adventures and he submits The Spoken Word is alive and well in Floyd, VA. In my opinion Floyd has one of the most diverse local cultures in Virginia.

A quick trip over to Henry County in the town of Collinsville to visit Alton Foley. Henry County was named after our first governor Patric Henry. From the county home page we see that it is Set in the foothills of Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Henry County is home to major industries, NASCAR Nextel Cup racing, and an unsurpassed quality of life. Altons blog is called Im Not Emeril. His submission is Other than Electricity, I like Photography Best. Alton has some great pictures in his post so be sure to visit.

Not far from there is Pittsylvania County and the town of Gretna. I love the sign that saysGretna ahead-Aint no big thing, but it's growing.” That is funny because Pittsylvania County is the largest county in Virginia. It is home to Romeocat and her blog Cathouse Chat. Her submission this week is part of a continuing theme titled Sunday Thoughts. Stop by the Cathouse because there is nothing but love there.

Steve Sisson, AKA the Blue Dog calls the Shenandoah Valley home. He is right in calling it God's Country. You can see some pictures here. His blog is The Blue Dog and this week he submits Blogger Feedback Rules. This post contains “God, religion, politics and the blue dog's sandbox.” This is a must read for bloggers.

Doug Mataconis calls Woodbridge home. Prince William County info can be found here. It was founded 275 years ago “Prince William County was, and continues to be, recognized as a perfect place to live, work, play and raise a family. With a desirable location, highly educated work force, nationally recognized schools and pro-business environment, Prince William County has it all.” Doug's blog is Below The Beltway and he contributes The Passing Of The Cape. Superman would be proud! I wont spoil it by telling, but this post is very cool.

Smithfield is the Ham Capital of the World. I am sorry, but that brings a smile to my face. I have now put Mr Beam out as this will be a good place for him to stay. Smithfield has many of the charms associated with Hampton Roads communities, including 18th & 19th Century architecture, a revitalized historic downtown, and all the character of a former colonial seaport. According to the Virginia Landmarks Register, Smithfield is "perhaps the best preserved of Virginia's Colonial seaports. The blog The Brown Hound is written by John. He is a member of the coastguard. He submits the post Roe Effect. This post is not what most of you are thinking, but it will make you think.

Hampton Roads is our next stop. The history there is rich indeed. Every time I hear Hampton Roads I go back to being a young boy and reading about the Battle of the Ironclads. Our next blog Bearing Drift headquarters is located there. In the fashion of the Monitor and the Merrimack, blogger JR submits Norfolk Ships Sink Pirates. Oh the battles on the sea!

Fairfax is is now on my radar. I quick stop by George Mason University. There are some happy people there as the Patriots are in the Sweet Sixteen. One blogger who is not so happy is Countertop. It seems supervisor Joan Duboise is raising his taxes. The language in his post titled Joan Duboise the Buggering Bitch is rated R, well maybe a PG13. Maybe I should of let Jim Beam out here. He has a way of comforting folks.

Will Vehrs is also a blogger at The Commonwealth Conservative. Will has a wonderful sense of humor and his parody of The Onion is called The Turnip...Very Funny Stuff. He resides in Chesterfield County. Any one who reads my blog knows of my love of trains and coal. So this fits right in: In 1831, the Chesterfield Railroad was the first railroad in Virginia, transporting coal from mines near Falling Creek in what is now the Midlothian area to the docks at the fall line at the head of navigation of the James River near Manchester (directly across from Richmond. Manchester was the county seat until 1874.”

Nickfinity is the blogger behind The Jefferson Mammoth.His post The 90 second Test is awesome. So stop by and take the test.Nick lives in Goochland. Goochland County was formed from the original shire of Henrico in May 1728 and named for the new Lieutenant Governor,
William Gooch. In 1727, a petition made by the House of Burgesses was presented to the Royal Governor of Virginia. The petition, which was presented at the colonial capital in Williamsburg, Virginia created the county. Goochland was the first county created after the original eight shires of the Virginia Colony. In 1728, Goochland stretched westward to the Blue Ridge Mountains along both sides of the James River encompassing the present day counties of Powhatan, Fluvana, Cumberland, Albermarle, Chesterfield, Buckingham, Appomattux, Amherst, and Nelson.

Our journey is nearing its end. But we must stop
Charlottesville. We all know that area well.
The home of
UVA and the blog The Red Stater.
The blogger is CR Uva and his
submission is
NCAA Tournament Weekend One Analysis.

Pembroke is located in Giles County.
It is the home of 37 miles of the New River.
Giles is also celebrating its Bicentennial this year.
A little history about Giles is numerous Indian village
sites, burial grounds, and artifacts indicate a Native
American presence in the Giles County area for more
than 10,000 years.
The European pioneers who came much later to Giles County
found majestic mountains
and beautiful, rushing streams. They also discovered the
great towering forests and palisades of rock along the
New River with an abundance of deer, elk, buffalo,
and other animals roaming the area. It is home to Al.
His blog Al's Rantings
is a daily read for me. He submits
his post On The Road Again
. Al tells of of his recent
travels and posts some very good pictures.

These next two submissions did not have their locations with them.
The first is from the blogger known as XYBA.
The blog is Once More Into the Breach
. The post submitted
is Ireland Asks Bush for Alien Amnesty

Bob Gibson is our next submitter. He writes for the Daily Progress.
His blog is The Daily Progress blog
His post is titled No hush hush
. The post addresses violence in our
schools. A very good read.

My host's choice goes to Hans Mast. His blog is The Not So Daily Me.
Hans is
attending Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute for three months.
He posted this essay
titled Capitalism vs Socialism. Give it a look.

Well that ends our journey for now. I hope I did not bore you to sleep.
I also hope
you learned a little about where the bloggers are from and some
Virginia history.
I hope that one day this carnival will have a blogger from every county in
the Commonwealth. It has been my privilege to host this week. Thank you.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hidden in the mirrors

that are hung inside the hall

I thought i saw you smiling

though you were not that at all

I called into the darkness

As i felt you walk away

and i played your favorite album

in the hope that you might stay

Where are you going

and were have you been?

Are things any different

than the way they were back then?

Do the faces of people

you missed in the night

Seem just as remembered

in colors of light?

Outside in the backyard

in the morning haze of dew

i caught a moving shadow and

i thought it might be you.

I ran into the sunshine

as the hoping filled my mind

but your apparition vanished

to another place and time....

Why am i crying?

What does it mean?

That I'll live out believing

it's you i have seen?

For my love is unending

it touches the sky

it reaches through darkness

to find where you lie.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Nascar Race #4-Updated post

This was a huge week for Nascar. This week they are at Atlanta Motor Speedway. My Driver Jeff Burton qualified 3rd with a speed of 191.973 mph. That is fast. His teammate, the disreputable Kevin Harvick was 6th. Good old boy Clint Bowyer was 16th. My girlfriends driver, the vexatious Jamie McMurray starts 34th. While my beloved RCR racing has had a great showing thus far, this is nothing in the scheme of things this week. Bobby Hamilton has neck cancer. Bobby has raced for years and my prayers go out to him and his family. Bobby will step down after tonights race and let his son drive the truck. I other big news Bill Lester has qualified 19th for the race Sunday. He has a three race deal on paper. If you wonder why this is a big deal, this explains it: (Link)

Bill Lester stole the show from pole-winner Kasey Kahne on Friday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway, earning a spot in the Golden Corral 500 to become the the first black driver to qualify for a race in NASCAR's top series in nearly 20 years.

"It's overwhelming,'' said Lester, who raced later Friday night in the truck race. "This is the culmination of a very long dream that I've had to race at the top level of motorsports. ... I'm hoping to think that this is the beginning, that it will open a few more eyes and get the attention of corporate America.

"This is quite a feat at my age, but I hope I'm still on the rise,'' added Lester, the first black man to qualify for a Cup race since Willy T. Ribbs ran three events in 1986, the last in June of that year at Michigan International Speedway.

NASCAR's most successful black driver was Wendell Scott, whose 13-year career spanned 495 races and a landmark victory in 1964.

It is about time.

UPDATE- The Red Queen is getting into Nascar as well. She has a very awesome post up here. Her Highness looks at the good stuff this sport does. It is a must read.

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Virginia Blog Carnival

I will be hosting the Virginia Blog Carnival this week. Here are the guidelines.

If you'd like to make a submission, email me at by Sunday the 19th before 11:00 p.m. ET (but earlier if possible!). I will accept them after 11 ok! Or you can submit by clicking here. Be sure to include where in Virginia you live in the comment section!!!

1. Identify one of your posts that you'd like to publicize.

2. Include the following information:

* Name of your Blog
*URL to your blog
*Your name (or the name you blog under)
*Where in Virginia you live
*The title of your post
*Permalink to your post
*Trackback to your post (optional)
*Brief summary of your post (also optional)

3. Publicize the Carnival when it appears on Monday.

4.Make sure the subject line clearly identifies your submission as related to VBC.

I will post the Carnival sometime Monday. Lets continue to make this the best it can be.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dem Watch- UPDATE

It was good to some comments on my post about Jim Webb. Chad has a couple threads about it. The first being Why Miller will win. The next is a open thread asking who will win the nomination and why.

Bearing Drift also has a good breakdown of the Miller-Webb race. One thing I am clear on is the Democratic party is very confused.

Commonwealth Watch is saying what I have said before. Webb has a Past. I guess some people believe that a man's beliefs can change over night. Prejudices may easily be disguised, but they die hard. The digging into the question of who is Jim Webb has just begun. This is fun to watch.

Updated: A big question about Webb is his anti woman, tail hooking past. When Claudia Kennedy endorsed Miller , this was brought up. Webb and company were so happy to get Leslie Byrnes endorsement. Now it seems some women have not forgotton. NLS is breaking the story : Seven Virginia Senators and Delegates Announce Their Support for Miller’s Campaign

All 7 are Women! Lets watch how fast the Webb crew dismiss endorsements as meaningless. Ohhh What a tangled Webb James has weaved! For these women to all come out at the same time to endorse Miller....That is what I would call a Statement.

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Randal McCloy goes home for a visit as Sago Mine Reopens

Jerry has some great news about Sago Mine survivor Randal McCloy. I also see that the Sago mine is clear to reopen. The company reports lightning being the cause of the blast. This has angered the UMWA and MSHA officials.

The United Mine Workers called the company's announcement "unprecedented, reckless and premature." UMW President Cecil Roberts said his safety experts have never seen a company issue its own report before experienced, impartial state and federal investigators had released theirs. Link

As for the workers at Sago

"Everybody I've talked to is ready to go back," said Rocky Starkey, who worked at the mine for three years before the Jan. 2 accident that killed his good friend and longtime roof-bolting partner, Jerry Groves. Link

If these workers wanted the union, would now not be the time to vote it in? Just my thought.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

James Webb gets hit with a Hardball

As my friends know, I am very open minded. I had watched James Webb on Colbert and I watched James Webb on Hardball this evening. If you blink you will miss him. Chris Mathews wasted no time in establishing Webb is the democrat, who turned republican, who is now a democrat again. One thing I found interesting was this. Vietnam was right and Iraq is wrong. In other words my war good-your war bad. No wonder John Murtha is scheduled to appear at a Webb event. He had no answers on Iraq except the same old democrat stand by: wrong war. Wow, that is original. He also said that the situation in Iraq was not that bad before 9/11. Tell that to the Iraqis who are joining the police forces and going to school and college. He also said to fight terrorism we should never occupy. We have had troops in Afghanistan longer than Iraq. We removed both governments. Both have had elections. Democracy is at work there. James Webb may have been Born Fighting, but he is fighting himself. With all the hoopla being made over Webb from lefty Virginia, I expected more. The look on his face at the end of the interview was priceless. Possum in the headlights. Wait, it is 7:55 and it is on again. Welcome to the 21st century Mathews says! This is the man that is supposed to have George Allen and the republicans scared? I have read the book, read the blogs, and read the campaign websites. Sorry, I don't see it. I will keep a open mind for now.

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Porn at the Library-Yes you can look too!

I really don't understand this. The Blue Dog's full rant is here. What is wrong with installing porn filters on public library computers? Any patron of legal age could ask that the filter be disabled. Our state senate saw it differently and voted it down. The Blue Dog writes:

"Last week, 31 Virginia senators voted to protect pornographers' rights when they voted down an amendment that would require public libraries to install anti-porn filters on their computers."

Those who voted in favor were all republicans. Hats off to them. To the other republicans and democrats...a big George Clooney. I agree with Steve in wondering where the former missionary in Honduras was on this. At least Sen. Mark Obenshain had guts in saying:

Protecting our children from sexual predators. He cited a litany of specific incidents in Virginia and other states of criminals preying on children after viewing pornography in public libraries. He also refuted the notion that these filters were cumbersome to law-abiding citizens who do legitimate research at public libraries.

"He stated that it would take 'two minutes to ask the librarian to disable the filter' ... and asked if that was too much to expect to protect our children. With all that is at stake, Obenshain argued, agreeing to the House amendments was a 'no-brainer.' "

After reading this I am sure my thoughts would easily be banned from any public library. I don't care what party you belong too, you should be outraged at the lack of respect shown to our children.

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Wise County-Modern Education

The KTN has an article about our schools here in Wise County. It addresses some school construction including class rooms and gyms. It also contains something that has always amazed me since it started: Heat Schedule. This means it is hot and kids and teachers get to go home early. There was no such thing when I was in school. We had class no matter how hot. I remember taking summer school in 82' I think, with Bear Man at JJ Kelly. No fans allowed! Has it really came to this? Are the kids that soft that it gets to hot to learn? Does this prepare them for the real working world? I think not. I had to go to school when it was hot, all day. My parents did too. You see they walked 5 miles up hill both ways to get there and back. Heat Schedule....Geeez.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival

The Virginia Blog Carnival is up! Doug has done a fantastic job this week. I really enjoy clicking through all the posts. I was glad to see that David St. Lawrence, whose blog Ripples I discovered in last weeks carnival, has submitted again. Also new to me this week are Rocinate's Burdens, and Always on Watch. Take some time to read the best stuff from Virginia's bloggers.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nascar recap #3

What a race! Jeff Burton finished finished 7th, after nursing the lesser Kevin Harvick around for many laps. Thanks to the leadership of Burton, Harvick finished 11th. Rookie Clint Bowyer finished 15th. I tell you Bowyer will be a force to reckon with. The girlfriend's driver Jamie McMurray finished 23rd. After the race he was rushed to the hospital to have his helmet removed. Reports say his hair gel adhered to the helmet lining. A full recovery is expected. It is still early to make much out of the points. Burton moved into 10th place with 373 points. Rookie Clint Bowyer is in 7th with 389. Absent from the top 10 are Harvick, Kurt Bush, and Little E. Life is good at Spark It Up HQ! Next week Atlanta Motor Speedway. Fast....Very Fast.

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Virginia Blog Carnival- Submit Now!!!

Doug is hosting the Virginia Blog Carnival. Here are his guidelines. You can also submit here.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I spent this morning fishing with my father at Wise Lake. I caught these two Rainbows, both around 17 inches. That should make for a dandy supper tonight. Fishing with Dad....I could never ask for a better time.

Update: They were very tasty. I only got one email stating "Fish are people too" ???

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Man shoots intruder

Donald Scott Bridges was looking to rob a house. He picked the wrong one. The owner, 67 year old Lowell Wilson shot his ass. Good for him! The KTN has this.

"They might have killed both of us," Wilson said.

But as long has he has something to protect himself with, Wilson said he still feels safe.

"I know I can take care of myself," he said.


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Friday, March 10, 2006

Tom Fox

Fox News is reporting that Virginia native Tom Fox is dead. Fox had been held hostage in Iraq since last year. Prayers go out to his family and friends.

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Nascar Race #3....Vegas Baby! Updated

This week is race #3 at one of my favorite tracks. The 1.5-mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts the UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400. My driver Jeff Burton has won there twice. This week he will again battle the evil likes of the Bush brothers. The dastardly likes of Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart will assure dark forces are against him. I cant leave out the girlfriend's driver, that pesky Jamie McMurray and his hair. I believe the superior Burton can prevail against all those dark forces. This weeks power rankings can be found here. They have Burton in 10th. I also want to share a great site that my friend Brian introduced me to a long time back. It is called Jayski's Silly Season. Don't let the name fool you. It is a great resource for race fans. Moving along, my favorite rookie Clint Bowyer who pilots the 07 Jack Daniels ride has a one race deal with HBO to coincide with the start of the new season of one of the best shows on tv: The Sopranos. The Soprano car pictured above looks bad to the bone! I cant wait!

Updated: Jeff Burton qualified 8th-Jamie McMurray is 19th- Clint Bowyer is 20th....My money says Jamie wrecks Clint.

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