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Monday, March 20, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival XXVIII

Greetings! I am Kilo and I would like to welcome you the the Virginia Blog Carnival XXVIII. This carnival showcases the great blogs and bloggers here in the Old Dominion. This week as I guide you through the submissions, you will get to read some great posts from blogs and learn a little about where they are from. Since this trip does not require a car or driving, I am accompanied by Jim Beam. A smooth and mellow gentleman from our neighboring state of Kentucky. Our friendship has lasted over 20 years. So get your mouse ready and let our journey begin.

Our trip starts in my home town of Wise, Virginia. It is the county seat of Wise County. In 1768 a treaty signed by John Stuart, an agent for Indian Affairs for Great Britain and Virginia, and the Cherokee Chiefs occupying what is now Wise County. This opened up southwest Virginia to settlement. The county was formed in 1856 and is the home of our first elected blogger Chad Dotson. His blog is The Commonwealth Conservative. Chad is a movie buff and this week he offers his 10 second movie reviews.

Now we are off to Virginia's baby, Dickenson County. It is the baby because it is the smallest county in the state. It is home to bluegrass music legend Ralph Stanley. It is also home to legendary blogger Brian Patton. You see Brian broke the infamous story of Congressman Rick Boucher's upcoming nuptials with his post Boucher Fundraiser Big News. Brian is also a Nascar fan and has this post saying It's About Time.

Adam Tolbert calls Saltville in Smyth County home. Saltville was a shallow salt water sea and it has a rich history you can read about here. Adam's blog is the Smyth County Conservative. His submission this week is Supervisors (Finally) Act on Courthouse Renovation.

Jerry Fuhrman comes to us from atop of Big Walker Mountain. Big Walker is in Wythe County and was formed in 1790. It is a beautiful place and some pictures are here. Jerry's blog is The Blog From on High. His submission this week is Gov Kaine Comes a Slummin. It addresses the Governor's upcoming visit to Galax to set up a relief center.

My buddy Jim Beam says he is feeling a little full and he needs relief so it is time for me to help him out.

Next stop is Floyd County. One of my favorite events is Floyd Fest. It is a music and art festival that is beyond cool. “Floyd Fest is a three-day World Music Festival held annually in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, showcasing the best in World, Bluegrass, Reggae, Folk, African and Appalachian music, as well as quality local Arts and Crafts.” I hope one day to meet our next blogger David St Lawrence. His blog is Ripples: post-corporate adventures and he submits The Spoken Word is alive and well in Floyd, VA. In my opinion Floyd has one of the most diverse local cultures in Virginia.

A quick trip over to Henry County in the town of Collinsville to visit Alton Foley. Henry County was named after our first governor Patric Henry. From the county home page we see that it is Set in the foothills of Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Henry County is home to major industries, NASCAR Nextel Cup racing, and an unsurpassed quality of life. Altons blog is called Im Not Emeril. His submission is Other than Electricity, I like Photography Best. Alton has some great pictures in his post so be sure to visit.

Not far from there is Pittsylvania County and the town of Gretna. I love the sign that saysGretna ahead-Aint no big thing, but it's growing.” That is funny because Pittsylvania County is the largest county in Virginia. It is home to Romeocat and her blog Cathouse Chat. Her submission this week is part of a continuing theme titled Sunday Thoughts. Stop by the Cathouse because there is nothing but love there.

Steve Sisson, AKA the Blue Dog calls the Shenandoah Valley home. He is right in calling it God's Country. You can see some pictures here. His blog is The Blue Dog and this week he submits Blogger Feedback Rules. This post contains “God, religion, politics and the blue dog's sandbox.” This is a must read for bloggers.

Doug Mataconis calls Woodbridge home. Prince William County info can be found here. It was founded 275 years ago “Prince William County was, and continues to be, recognized as a perfect place to live, work, play and raise a family. With a desirable location, highly educated work force, nationally recognized schools and pro-business environment, Prince William County has it all.” Doug's blog is Below The Beltway and he contributes The Passing Of The Cape. Superman would be proud! I wont spoil it by telling, but this post is very cool.

Smithfield is the Ham Capital of the World. I am sorry, but that brings a smile to my face. I have now put Mr Beam out as this will be a good place for him to stay. Smithfield has many of the charms associated with Hampton Roads communities, including 18th & 19th Century architecture, a revitalized historic downtown, and all the character of a former colonial seaport. According to the Virginia Landmarks Register, Smithfield is "perhaps the best preserved of Virginia's Colonial seaports. The blog The Brown Hound is written by John. He is a member of the coastguard. He submits the post Roe Effect. This post is not what most of you are thinking, but it will make you think.

Hampton Roads is our next stop. The history there is rich indeed. Every time I hear Hampton Roads I go back to being a young boy and reading about the Battle of the Ironclads. Our next blog Bearing Drift headquarters is located there. In the fashion of the Monitor and the Merrimack, blogger JR submits Norfolk Ships Sink Pirates. Oh the battles on the sea!

Fairfax is is now on my radar. I quick stop by George Mason University. There are some happy people there as the Patriots are in the Sweet Sixteen. One blogger who is not so happy is Countertop. It seems supervisor Joan Duboise is raising his taxes. The language in his post titled Joan Duboise the Buggering Bitch is rated R, well maybe a PG13. Maybe I should of let Jim Beam out here. He has a way of comforting folks.

Will Vehrs is also a blogger at The Commonwealth Conservative. Will has a wonderful sense of humor and his parody of The Onion is called The Turnip...Very Funny Stuff. He resides in Chesterfield County. Any one who reads my blog knows of my love of trains and coal. So this fits right in: In 1831, the Chesterfield Railroad was the first railroad in Virginia, transporting coal from mines near Falling Creek in what is now the Midlothian area to the docks at the fall line at the head of navigation of the James River near Manchester (directly across from Richmond. Manchester was the county seat until 1874.”

Nickfinity is the blogger behind The Jefferson Mammoth.His post The 90 second Test is awesome. So stop by and take the test.Nick lives in Goochland. Goochland County was formed from the original shire of Henrico in May 1728 and named for the new Lieutenant Governor,
William Gooch. In 1727, a petition made by the House of Burgesses was presented to the Royal Governor of Virginia. The petition, which was presented at the colonial capital in Williamsburg, Virginia created the county. Goochland was the first county created after the original eight shires of the Virginia Colony. In 1728, Goochland stretched westward to the Blue Ridge Mountains along both sides of the James River encompassing the present day counties of Powhatan, Fluvana, Cumberland, Albermarle, Chesterfield, Buckingham, Appomattux, Amherst, and Nelson.

Our journey is nearing its end. But we must stop
Charlottesville. We all know that area well.
The home of
UVA and the blog The Red Stater.
The blogger is CR Uva and his
submission is
NCAA Tournament Weekend One Analysis.

Pembroke is located in Giles County.
It is the home of 37 miles of the New River.
Giles is also celebrating its Bicentennial this year.
A little history about Giles is numerous Indian village
sites, burial grounds, and artifacts indicate a Native
American presence in the Giles County area for more
than 10,000 years.
The European pioneers who came much later to Giles County
found majestic mountains
and beautiful, rushing streams. They also discovered the
great towering forests and palisades of rock along the
New River with an abundance of deer, elk, buffalo,
and other animals roaming the area. It is home to Al.
His blog Al's Rantings
is a daily read for me. He submits
his post On The Road Again
. Al tells of of his recent
travels and posts some very good pictures.

These next two submissions did not have their locations with them.
The first is from the blogger known as XYBA.
The blog is Once More Into the Breach
. The post submitted
is Ireland Asks Bush for Alien Amnesty

Bob Gibson is our next submitter. He writes for the Daily Progress.
His blog is The Daily Progress blog
His post is titled No hush hush
. The post addresses violence in our
schools. A very good read.

My host's choice goes to Hans Mast. His blog is The Not So Daily Me.
Hans is
attending Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute for three months.
He posted this essay
titled Capitalism vs Socialism. Give it a look.

Well that ends our journey for now. I hope I did not bore you to sleep.
I also hope
you learned a little about where the bloggers are from and some
Virginia history.
I hope that one day this carnival will have a blogger from every county in
the Commonwealth. It has been my privilege to host this week. Thank you.

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