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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jim Webb – Not Enough Women Served or Died in Vietnam to be included....

Yes, you read that right. Check out this article by Milton R. Copulos who "served as one of the four members of the sculpture selection panel that chose the statue added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial." Copulos and others wanted to include women in the Vietnam memorial. Jim Webb did not:

First, he argued, "only" (his characterization) 10,000 women served in Vietnam. Moreover, "Only" eight died. Finally, women did not serve in combat. In his typically understated fashion, Mr. Gjelde said he found the comments "inappropriate." The question on both our minds was: Where was Mr. Webb's arbitrary line? Would it be 25,000 serving? Or would it be 50,000 or 100,000? Would it require that at least 50 have been killed, or 100 or 1,000? While it was true that women did not carry rifles in the jungle, they dealt daily with the carnage that came with combat. This included broken and torn 19-, 20- and 21-year-old bodies, some of which would never again be whole. Further, the field hospitals and bases they served in were just as vulnerable to rocket attack as any other post. Perhaps in the macho world according to Jim Webb that sort of stress didn't warrant recognition, but in mine it certainly did.

Someone should ask Webb how many women needed to die? Amazing.

Jon has this post with a lot more info about Webb. Conservative Beach Girl has Is Jim Webb synonymous with misogyny?

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The Ward View Hosts a Film Fest!

B-Team Bedtime for Bonzo Film Festival! Go over and watch some great videos!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Jim Webb on Iraq

I will never understand this. Here is Webb's quote on what his plan is for Iraq.

"I can't sit here as a candidate . . . and give a specific formula." Link

How about Winning Jim? Sen Allen says there is only one option in Iraq. Victory.

Senator Warner praised Allen, saying ""For twenty-three of the twenty-eight years I've served in the Senate, George and I have been strong, working partners," Senator Warner said. "Virginians know that he is a strong and effective advocate for our military men and women."

Sen Warner and Sen Allen have voted together over 90% of the time. We cant risk having Jim Webb voting with his liberal friends Kerry, Kennedy, and Clinton. We need the man Sen Warner endorsed. I believe this why the Veterans of Foreign Wars endorsed Sen Allen. You can read more about this here.

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Virginia Blog Carnival

The Halloween Edition of the VBC is up at Monstrosity. Go on over to Trick or Treat!

I will be hosting next week. I will have a post about that later in the week


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Bristol Virginia Leaders Praise Sen Allen

It is no wonder that both area newspapers, The Kingsport Times and the Bristol Herald Courier have endorsed Sen Allen over Jim Webb.

ARLINGTON, VA - While Jim Webb was campaigning this morning at the historic Bristol Train Station in downtown Bristol, local leaders in Southwest Virginia were once again praising Senator Allen for the work he has done in the Senate on behalf of the region: specifically lauding his actions to revitalize downtown Bristol and to preserve the very station at which Webb was campaigning.
"George Allen has been a long time supporter of revitalizing downtown Bristol," said State Senator William Wampler. "The historic Bristol Train Station is one of the anchor projects to revitalize downtown. Most recently Senator Allen was successful in securing $1.4 million to help preserve this historic part of Southwest Virginia. George Allen has always supported Southwest Virginia and he demonstrated that once again by fighting for this appropriation in the Senate."

"On behalf of the Bristol Train Station Foundation and the people of Southwest Virginia, we want to thank Senator George Allen for his help in procuring financial assistance to preserve this important part of the region's history," said the Secretary of the Bristol Train Station Foundation Mary Beth Rainero. "Now the story of the economic development of the region and the important part the railroad played in that, can preserved and passed on to future generations."

In contrast to Jim Webb, Senator Allen has a long record of positive achievements for Southwest Virginia. Listed below are just some of the projects that Senator Allen helped secure for the region during his first term in the Senate.

Senator Allen's Accomplishments for Southwest Virginia

Bristol Train Station
* Senator Allen helped secure $1.4 million in federal funding for the historic preservation of the Bristol Train Station.

Rural Health Care

* Senator Allen has worked closely with the Virginia Rural Health Association in support of increased funding for federal rural health programs, administered through the National Health Service Corps, including the Rural Health Outreach, the Network Development and Telemedicine Grant Program, and the Consolidated Health Centers Program.

* Senator Allen actively supported the establishment of the University of Appalachia School of Pharmacy and secured funding to help install a community education and outreach program.

Appalachian Regional Commission

* Senator Allen is a strong supporter of the Appalachian Regional Commission and has consistently advocated for increased funding for the ARC, which supports economic and social development in the Appalachian region, including 23 counties and eight independent cities in Southwest Virginia.

Tobacco buyout meeting

* During discussion on a federal tobacco quota buyout, Senator Allen organized a meeting in 2005, held in Gate City, for Southwest Virginia tobacco growers to meet with federal agriculture department officials about concerns with the tobacco buyout.

Clean Coal Technology

* Senator Allen is a leader in the Senate in support of investment in clean coal technology and has been able to help secure federal funding for the development and implementation of accelerated research and development programs for clean coal technology. Virginia's coal comes from Dickenson, Wise, Buchanan, Lee, Russell, Scott, and Tazewell counties.

Broadband Deployment

* Senator Allen is a leader in the Senate on increasing the deployment of broadband to rural areas. He introduced the Wireless Innovation Act of 2006 to facilitate the development of wireless broadband Internet access by allocating certain areas within the broadcast spectrum. This will particularly benefit those living and working in areas that otherwise have no connectivity to broadband Internet and will help close the economic digital divide.

Public Housing

* Senator Allen brought officials from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Roanoke to meet with Virginia housing authorities from all over Southwest to hear their concerns with a proposal that would have dramatically changed the Section 8 housing program. Senator Allen worked closely with Virginia's Public Housing Authorities to ensure that any changes in the program did not adversely impact Virginians living in subsidized housing or Virginia'spublic housing authorities.


* Senator Allen was named Honorary Haysi Fire Chief and helped to secure a federal grant for the Haysi Volunteer Fire Department to purchase new fire department equipment and USDA grants and loans to purchase two new police cruisers and for the renovation of the fire hall.

Small Business Assistance

* In order to assist small businesses in Southwest Virginia, and to make them more competitive, Senator Allen co-hosted two sessions of Southwest Virginia Community College's "Small Business Opportunity Fair and Conference." The Conference provides businesses with a setting where they can meet and network one-on-one with agency or prime contractor buying representatives.

Coalfields Expressway

* Senator Allen has a long history of support for the Coalfields Expressway, which would spur economic growth and development for families who want more job opportunities. Senator Allen continues to work with the Federal Highway Administration, the Virginia Congressional delegation, local and State elected officials and interested members of the public to find a way to bring the project back into compliance with the guidelines established when the project was approved.

Barter Theater

* Senator Allen helped the historic Barter Theater in Abingdon obtain funding for important upgrades and renovations to the theaters structure.

Roanoke RiverFlood Control Project

* Senator Allen is working with local officials and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in support of the Roanoke Flood Control Project, which is vital to downtown Roanoke and important for other projects along the River including the hospital, the Bio-Medical Institute and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Art Museum of Western Virginia

* Senator Allen continues to be closely involved with the effort to expand the Art Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke, in particular to build a new facility to include 19th and 20th century American art exhibits.

The Smart OR Project - Carilion Health System - Labor/HHS

* Senator Allen has worked with Carilion Health Systems in Roanoke in support of the Smart OR Project, which incorporates a state-of-the-art technology for minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures.

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Da Bears go 7-0.....More bad luck for Jeff Burton

My beloved Chicago Bears remain undefeated whipping San Francisco 41-10. Wise County's own Thomas Jones rushed for 111 yards and 1 touchdown with 23 carries. He also caught 4 passes for 23 yards.

Jeff Burton was not so lucky. He finished 13th and is 84 points out of first place. The up side is there are three races left and anything can happen. It would be wrong not to mention Burton is ahead of the vexatious Kevin Harvick and the emasculate Jeff Gordon. Life is good!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gambling on the Senate Race

Gamblers are putting their money on Allen. At Allen is the -250 favorite compared to James Webb at +190 (or a $100 bet would pay out $190).

Intrade has Allen shares at 72 while Webb is at 30. Tradesports has it the same.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Scrappleface-Michael J. Embryo

The write up about the ad is here.
Update-MJ Fox has never read the amendment he endorsed for democrats?
Watch the Video: Fox admits he has not reviewed Missouri’s Stem Cell Amendment

Jim Webb and the Cosmos Club – The Pattern of Sexism

I am trying to obtain a copy of Jim Webb's April 1987 Confirmation Hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee. I am assured that Jim Webb admitted under oath that he was a member of the Cosmos Club. The Cosmos Club refused to allow Blacks membership

A high State Department officer, Carl T. Rowan, has been denied membership in Washington's distinguished Cosmos Club. Mr. Rowan is a Negro who enjoys a national reputation as a reporter and writer. The action led Ambassador John Kenneth Galbraith to resign from the club. This in turn had the effect of canceling President Kennedy's membership application, because Mr. Galbraith was one of his sponsors. (1:5-6) (LINK)

The club also refused to allow women until 1988. The NY Times has that story. Jim Webb was a member of this elite Sexist club with a racist past. Womens groups protested this club for a good reason. Jim Webb was not only a member at the time, but chose to ignore the requests of The coalition of Americans for Democratic Action, the National Women's Political Caucus, the D.C. chapter of the National Organization for Women request that he not speak there. Jim Webb showed his elitist and sexist power and spoke anyway. This pattern of Jim Webb and sexism is real folks. From his Woman Cant Fight and Horny Womans dream to his novels that show demeaning descriptions of women as sex objects, to his Non Fiction work Born Fighting that has very little praise for women other than they were hard workers or they had broad shoulders. I have yet to find anything of substance that Jim Webb has said or done to promote women. The pattern is there and it covers many years. I am surprised at the so called reporting of the Washington Post on this subject because their own paper had this:( I have bold Print were Webb is concerned, but please read the whole article)

The Washington Post
July 29, 1986, Tuesday, Final Edition
Cosmos Club Permit Challenged;
Group Seeks to Block Liquor License Renewal at All-Male Facility
BYLINE: By Ruth Marcus, Washington Post Staff Writer
SECTION: Metro; B3
LENGTH: 726 words

A coalition of feminist and liberal groups is seeking to block the renewal of a liquor license for the all-male Cosmos Club, charging that the club's refusal to admit women violates a D.C. anti discrimination law. The effort is the first public move against all-male clubs in the District by the Private Clubs Discrimination Project, a coalition of Americans for Democratic Action, the National Women's Political Caucus, the D.C. chapter of the National Organization for Women and other groups."It increasingly struck us as . . . absurd and outrageous that in the capital of the United States in 1986 we would have major institutions that openly discriminate against women," said Ann F. Lewis, national director of the ADA."Not being able to participate in these clubs can be a bar to women in their careers," she said. "There's a networking that can go on in private clubs and when women are excluded from them it can be a real problem."

The Cosmos' Club's liquor license came up for renewal yesterday before the D.C. Alcohol Beverage Control Board. The complaint was set for a hearing Sept. 10.Ben Johnson, administrator of the Business Regulation Administration, which oversees the liquor licensing process, said yesterday that the Alcohol Beverage Control Board "has no jurisdiction over this particular matter" because the club has not been cited by the D.C. Office of Human Rights for violating the human rights law."There's no ABC violation around this particular protest issue," Johnson said. "It may very well be a violation of the human rights law."The director of the Office of Human Rights, Maudine Cooper, said, "We would like to have the ADA come in and indeed file the case with us."Cosmos Club President Bruce E. Clubb declined to comment about the complaint or about the possible impact the loss of liquor license would have on the club. Members of the Cosmos Club, located in a mansion at 2121 Massachusetts Ave. NW, include at least one Supreme Court justice, top government officials, scientists, educators and lawyers. The issue of admitting women has divided the club for more than a decade, arising most recently when the club voted in January to suspend the reprimand of a club member who led an unsuccessful movement to allow women members. The coalition contends that the Cosmos Club's exclusion of women violates the D.C. Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based upon sex in any "place of public accommodation."Although the human rights law specifically exempts "distinctively private" clubs, the group argued in a July 22 memorandum to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board that the club's "substantial membership roster and calendar of revenue-deriving events" may make it a place of public accommodation. Even if it is considered a private club, the memorandum stated, the law also requires that issuance of all licenses be conditioned upon compliance with its nondiscrimination provisions and makes violation of the law a proper basis to revoke a license. The club's "sex-based exclusionary practices are so egregious, and work such an invidious discrimination against many citizens of this community, that we believe it to be a fundamental violation of public policy for the Cosmos Club to continue to receive a city-conferred liquor license," the memorandum said. The coalition also plans to employ a 1977 federal directive cautioning federal officials against participating in meetings held at discriminatory facilities. In May, Lewis wrote to Assistant Secretary of Defense James H. Webb Jr., who was scheduled to speak at the Cosmos Club on June 2 on "Being a Writer as Government Official.""Your participation in a meeting at one of the few openly discriminatory facilities still operating in the nation's capital would clearly violate this policy -- and, we believe, would violate important American principles as well," Lewis wrote. Webb sent back a memorandum by Assistant General Counsel Robert L. Gilliat concluding that federal policy did not bar the speech, primarily because Webb was not speaking in his official capacity. Lewis said the group would watch the club's bulletin for other federal officials scheduled to speak there. "We will regularly be writing and notifying federal officials that as we read the personnel manual, this is not allowed," she said.

We can see where Jim Webb put the priorities of women then. His Navy claims about helping women have been debunked.

1. "And I have never met a woman, including the dozens of female midshipmen I encountered during my recent semester as a professor at the Naval Academy, whom I would trust to provide those men with combat leadership." (pg. 148, "Women Can't Fight," Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979)

2. "Many women appear to be having problems with their sexuality…What kind of woman would seek out the Academy routine?" (pg. 282, "Women Can't Fight," Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979)

3. "What the whole world may not know is that women did not attain these positions in the same way that men historically have…Women will not be leading men inside the brigade this year. They will be managing them, buttressed by the officers who hurried them along. And the morale of the brigade will demonstrate this distinction far better than this article ever could." (pg. 277, "Women Can't Fight," Washingtonian Magazine, November 1979)

4. Webb referred to female midshipman at Annapolis as "thunder thighs." (Baltimore Sun, 8/28/92)

5. "Tailhook should have been a three or maybe five-day story." (Speech to the Naval Institute Annual Conference, Washington Times, 4/25/96)

That was 1979 and The Cosmos was 1986. Times have changed but Jim Webb stays the same.The pattern is there and it continues with his novels. To argue there is not a problem is absurd. I doubt you can make a stronger case showing a pattern of sexism then Webb has with his words and actions.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Jim Webb-Born Fighting or Porn Writing Pt 3-The Webb Campaign- Unhinged

Webbites attack Ex - Wifes Right to Privacy...Waldo Joins in....Slantblog Conjures up a book burning. Steve Jarding says "You Have Not Earned the Right to Question Jim Webb's Recollections of War - So Just Shut Up" The Webbites have lost their grasp.

How many times is the ex - wife issue going to come up? I say leave that lady alone. Next we have Slantblog's imaginary book burning and telling the story of Lot. The funny thing is that not one Virginia blogger has said anything about burning books, except for Slantblog. Steve Jarding talks about rights to ask questions? So now Webb's novels are "reflections of war." I thought they were fiction? Did Webb not say his father son incestuous copulation was from his reporting days? ..Spin Spin..Jim Webb's books are fair game, no special rights needed Mr Jarding. Webb stood on TV during a debate and said "I am a Christian". The true statement being a Christian who profits off writing about seedy subjects and demeaning women. Webb visited 12 churches last Sunday campaigning. I would think it is important for people to know how he makes his living, but you can bet that subject never came up. Jim Webb stated "Imagine a U.S. Senator who writes his own books!." So lets talk about books Mr Webb.

There is a pattern starting with "Thunder Thighs" and "Horny womans dreams" that carry over into his novels about banana's, vagina's, and N****** in the woodshed, father son - copulation, etc, etc. This is very troubling. We are not asking any questions that would not be asked of any wannabe employee trying to get a job as a school teacher. Your writings are public sir, your thoughts and words. You are on record as saying you are a Christian and I for one am troubled by what you mean when you say that. I am not attacking your faith, only wanting clarity since you sir brought the subject up.

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Calling Jim Webb

Candidate Webb-Were you a member of the Cosmos Club? A simple Yes or No will do.

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Jim Webb-Born Fighting or Porn Writing Pt 2- Webb likes to Watch!

Jim Webb Responds...You be the Judge

In an interview on Washington Post Radio Friday morning, Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, said excerpts of his novels are "a little bit inappropriate" to be read on news radio.
"I don't know why you're reading that on WTOP," Webb told host Mark Plotkin. "I think it's a little bit inappropriate."
Plotkin was reading an excerpt from Webb's novel "Something to Die For," in which Webb describes a female stripper performing sexual acts with a banana.
So what does Jim think about his words now?
"I don't think that's appropriate for you to read on WTOP," Webb said again as Plotkin finished the excerpt. (Washington Post Radio is WTOP's sister station.)

Damn Jim, you wrote it! Stand up and take credit. What does Jim say about his father son copulation scene?

He defended his fiction as "illuminative."
"It's not a sexual act," Webb told Plotkin regarding the "Lost Soldiers" excerpt. "I actually saw this happen in a slum in Bangkok when I was there as a journalist."
"The duty of a writer is to illuminate his surroundings," he added.

Is that so Jim? You watched this father son incest and did nothing? You just stood there and watched? WOW!!!

Coincidentally, a Cambodian woman in Las Vegas is facing sexual assault charges for performing a similar act on her young son, according to an Oct. 14 report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
The article quotes an office manager for the Cambodian Association of America, who described the act as a sign of respect or love.
"It's an exception," Thira Srey told the Review-Journal of the practice. According to the report, the act is usually performed by a mother or caretaker on a child who is one year old or younger. In Webb's novel, the child is four years old. Link to the Article.

What a sicko! Did he watch the banana scene also? I have a problem with a man who says during a debate that he is a Christian yet writes this trash. Jim earns his living from this? If any republican had written this trash the MSM and libs would hang him out to dry. I will have more on the pattern of Webb's writings about women soon. Until then share the story with your friends, your church, and your newspapers. Voters have the right to know even if Webb thinks it is "inappropriate." After all, it was Jim Webb who said earlier this year, ‘Imagine a U.S. Senator who writes his own books!’”

UPDATE- The Mason Conservative has some info here that claims Webb was a member of the Cosmos Club!
"The Cosmos Club, a professional society here in DC, is well-known for its refusal, until relatively late in the 20th century, to allow black members to join (and because JFK ultimately failed to join it as a result of its racist membership policy). For those in DC's professional circles during the 1980's, who happened to be female, the Club was also known for refusing to admit female members until 1988, when it dropped its sexist policy as a result of the Washington Human Rights Office ruling that there was "probable cause to believe" that the Club's anti-women policy violated DC's anti-discrimination law, and the likelihood, in view of the ruling, that the Club would lose all its city licenses and permits, effectively putting it out of business."

Read Part One here

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Bristol Herald Courier Endorses Sen Allen

The two largest papers in lower SWVA have endorsed Sen Allen. The Kingsport Times last week and now the BHC.

Jim Webb offers no real alternative vision for America. Webb is a one-issue candidate, who has ridden the wave of anti-war sentiment about as far as he can. Iraq isn't the only perplexing issue facing the nation.

On the broader spectrum of issues - the butter to go with the guns - we give Allen the edge.
For this reason, the Bristol Herald Courier's editorial board recommends Allen for a second term. The Republican junior senator isn't perfect, but Webb offers no compelling reason to change.
Allen is a proven leader. As Virginia's governor, he abolished parole, brought truth to criminal sentencing, reformed welfare and instituted the Standards of Learning, a useful yardstick in judging the academic rigors of the state's public schools. (Read it all here)

The BHC recognizes Webb as a one horse show. I applaud them for looking at the real issues facing Virginia and concentrating on Allen's record. They cover all the issues like energy, saying

On energy independence, Allen supports drilling for more oil at home, but he recognizes a need for government incentives to spur development of alternatives. He is pushing bipartisan legislation to encourage the conversion of coal to a motor vehicle fuel. Similarly, he supports further development of nuclear, wind, solar, soybean-based biodiesel and ethanol.

In response to a similar question from this newspaper, Webb spoke only of slapping a windfall-profits tax on oil companies. That sort of populist talk plays well on the trail, but it isn't a visionary energy policy.

Lets look at Immigration

On immigration, Allen is most interested in border security, as are our readers. We prefer a multifaceted approach, but we give Allen points for at least acknowledging that the nation's economy won't run without immigrant workers. He wants to raise temporary worker quotas to allow them to enter lawfully. Webb offers a recitation of the problem, but no solution.

I am sure Webb's Porn Writing did not score him points with the board. Heh

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jim Webb-Born Fighting or Porn Writing?

Drudge is taking the filth of James Webb nation wide. I had this and this a while back about Webb's "novels" filled with sexism, incest, and pedophilia. I am sure Larry Flynt loves him some James H Jim!

"We will no longer hang women up like pieces of meat"-Larry Flynt

"A Horny Womans Dream"-Jim Webb

The Mason Conservative has a good post and his opinion here.

Update- Imus is not a Allen fan for sure, but watch what he has to say about Jim Webb's writings about pedophilia and incest. Sen Chris Dodd says “Dont Read them to me” Dodd wants to say it is “Steamy passages”...Imus says “this is not steamy passages but incest and pedophilia” Dodd wants to change the subject fast. Check this video out!


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Government and Marriage

Charles at TwoConservatives has a good post-Government's compelling interest in marriage.

"So, our government, in it's wisdom, has recognized that having a stable family environment is the ideal method for children to be raised and become productive members of society.
Also, it is clear that the biological bond between parents and children creates the strongest stable environment. Without that biological bond, families are much more likely to break up as either the father or the mother, having lost their lustful bond with their spouse, have no parental bond with the children to concern themselves."

Well said Charles. Give this post a look.

Check out this post- She's Having a Fetus

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Marriage Amendment

My local paper-The Coalfield Progress, had a poll on the amendment. It printed the full text and asked

Vote Yes or No.

Yes -71.7%

No - 28.3%

Sen Allen is on record supporting the amendment. James H Jim said he will vote no. He released this statement

ARLINGTON, VA – Senator Allen issued the following statement in response to today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of New Jersey that legalizes same-sex marriage:
“Today’s decision by the NJ Supreme Court is another example of activist judges inventing the law and subverting the will of the people. This is why I support the marriage amendment, because it will protect the values and views of the people of Virginia from judges who would want to impose their elitist views on us. This is a clear difference between my opponent and me – I support protecting marriage from judges who do not understand their role: to interpret the law, not invent the law. My opponent does not.
“My opponent says that this amendment would infringe upon the rights of ordinary Virginians, and he opposes it. But I and many members of the Virginia Assembly joined in asking the Attorney General of Virginia to render an opinion. His response: ‘I can find no legal basis for the proposition that passage of the marriage amendment will limit or infringe upon the ordinary civil and legal rights of unmarried Virginians’.
“This amendment does exactly what it says it does; it defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, and I’m for marriage between a man and a woman while my opponent is against it.”

LG Bill Bolling said " "Let me be clear about this - there will be no unintended consequences from the passage of this amendment."

AG Robert McDonnell: "Marriage in Virginia must remain the traditional union of one man and one woman."

After what the judges did in New Jersey yesterday, I am voting yes.

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Another Award for Sen Allen!

Senator George Allen Named a 'Senior Life Saver' by RetireSafe

RESTON, Va., Oct. 24 /U.S. Newswire/ -- On behalf of its almost 6,000 senior supporters in Virginia, RetireSafe announced today that Sen. George Allen has received its 2006 Senior Life Saver Award. Sen. Allen is recognized for his outstanding efforts to provide safe, affordable medications to older Americans and to protect medical innovation for the future. In announcing the award, RetireSafe President Michelle Plasari praised Allen for his continued record of support on seniors' health care issues in the 109th Congress.

"George Allen is truly a senior life saver. Because of his leadership, seniors in Virginia continue to have access to safe, affordable and innovative medications. Thanks to Medicare Part D, older Americans are now enjoying an average savings of $1,200 per year on their prescription drug bills and they have access to more preventative care under Medicare, care designed to keep them healthy and improve their quality of life," she said. Sen. Allen's good work helps make this possible.

Plasari recognized Allen's past support for:

-- Modernizing Medicare, giving seniors more choices and control over their health care.

-- Adding and maintaining a voluntary prescription drug benefit for Medicare beneficiaries.

-- Protecting individual access to safe, FDA-approved medications.

-- Working to ensure the continued research and development needed to provide innovative new treatments and therapies.

The 2006 Senior Life Saver Award is awarded to Members of Congress for their efforts to protect and increase access to safe, affordable and innovative medicines and therapies for America's seniors.

RetireSafe is a grassroots network of almost 400,000 seniors nationwide dedicated to promoting dynamic, pro-growth solutions to America's retirement security challenges. RetireSafe seeks retirement security through policies that encourage economic growth, wealth creation, and individual choice and control. (LINK)

More great news for Sen Allen. A $1200 savings is substantial and I know families that have said what a help it has been.

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Firefox 2.0

The latest release - Firefox 2.0 - can be downloaded here. is better! While IE 7 is a major improvement for Microsoft, Firefox sets the standard. As with all new Firefox releases some extensions don't work. I am not worried because the extension developers are always fast to get them up and running. The main reason I use Firefox for 95% of my browsing is an security. The code is open source and when vulnerabilities are found they fix them fast! It was easy and fast install with no loss off bookmarks. On a scale of 10 Firefox hits the top. I will give IE 7 a 7.5 - Mainly just for improvements, and adding tabs.

H/T to HDW

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Survey USA

10-25-06 Survey USA

George Allen 49

James H Jim 46

SurveyUSA Poll: Webb Can't Catch Allen

United States Senator
from Virginia, incumbent Republican George Allen continues to cling to a narrow
lead in his race against Democrat challenger Jim Webb, according to a SurveyUSA
poll of 613 Likely Virginia Voters conducted exclusively for WUSA-TV in
Washington DC.

Today, it's Allen 49%,
Webb 46%, within the poll's margin of sampling error. SurveyUSA has polled the
race 5 times since August. Allen has led by 3 points on 3 occasions, led by 5
points once and led by 6 points once.

Today, Allen leads by
14 among males; Webb leads by 9 among females. Allen leads by 15 among white
voters. Webb leads by 62 points among black voters. Blacks made up 14% of likely
voters in SurveyUSA's turnout model.

blacks vote in larger numbers, the Democrat benefits. If blacks vote in smaller
numbers, the Republican benefits. 90% of Republicans vote Republican. 90% of
Democrats vote Democrat.

Independents, there is movement to Webb.

In SurveyUSA's most recent poll, on 9/29, Webb trailed by
7 among Independents. Today he leads by 13, a 20-point swing.
There is movement to Allen among the most educated
voters. There is movement to Webb among the least educated voters.

Allen's lead is the largest it has ever been in rural areas. Allen's lead is the
smallest it has ever been in suburban areas.

There is a new Rasmussen poll out also. With the Mason Dixon results and this new SueveyUSA, things are looking good for the A Team!

Unconfirmed that the Rasmussen has it Allen 49 Webb 48

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Senators Attend Ceremony for Crutchfield Facility in Wise County

Sen Allen visited the Coalfields today with Majority Whip Mitch McConnell (R-KY). This is a great story and the press release follows. Bold print by me.

NORTON, VA - Senator George Allen spent his day traveling throughout Southwest Virginia, visiting with Virginians and continuing to talk about his proven record and the issues and ideas that matter to the people of the Commonwealth. The Senator was joined by the U.S. Senate's Majority Whip Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

"It's great to be here with Senator Allen in Southwest Virginia. Traveling with George Allen, it's clearly evident how he became such a successful Governor and Senator. He's got an incredible grasp of the important issues and he cares a lot about Virginians' future. I'm campaigning with Senator Allen today because I believe he is right for the people of Virginia and America. Senator Allen understands the importance of tax relief, better health care options and making sure we become more energy independent, which is also important for jobs in Southwest Virginia, a region with abundant coal resources," Senator McConnell said.

This afternoon, the Senator was in Norton for a ceremony at the Crutchfield Electronics call center, which is being recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as one of their certified call centers. Only 101 call centers in the country have ever received this recognition.

Bill Crutchfield, the Founder and CEO of Crutchfield praised the Senator for his leadership as Governor and Senator and made sure those in attendance knew Allen's role in bringing the call center to Wise County.

"I have known Senator Allen for many years and I believe he has been an extraordinary leader for the people of this great Commonwealth. As a businessman, I appreciate his support for lower taxes, which allows business to grow and creates jobs in communities like this. Interestingly, had it not been for George Allen, there would not be a Crutchfield call center in Wise County and none of us would be here today celebrating our recognition by J. D. Power and Associates," Crutchfield said to Allen.

In 1997, then-Governor George Allen appointed Crutchfield to the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors. After his appointment, Crutchfield started coming down here to work with the University's only branch college, Clinch Valley College, which is now known as the University of Virginia's College at Wise.

"I'm so pleased Bill Crutchfield was introduced to Wise County back in 1997 and saw what a wonderful place this is for business," Senator Allen said. "The people of Southwest Virginia should be proud of the outstanding work that they perform at this facility - this is a truly impressive recognition. In the Senate, I will always be an advocate for hardworking Virginians - fighting to make sure they keep more of what they earn and that they and their children have better opportunities for the future."
"We're glad Senator Allen could join us today for this major validation of our economic development efforts and our work to diversify the economy of Southwest Virginia. Since he was Governor, George Allen has been a major player in making all of this happen and it's great that he could be here to today to bring this all full circle," said Ron Flanary, Executive Director of Lenowisco, a regional planning commission promoting economic development in Southwest Virginia.

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Allen cuenta con el apoyo entusiasta de Grupos Latinos

Allen Wins Enthusiastic Endorsement of Hispanic Groups

ARLINGTON, VA - Senator George Allen was joined this afternoon by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and a number of Virginia's prominent Hispanic community leaders who enthusiastically endorsed his Senate reelection campaign.

The Commerce Secretary told a packed crowd of supporters that Senator Allen had shown proven leadership for the Hispanic community, specifically citing the tax relief he helped lead through Congress. "Money in the hands of small businesses, consumers and families is better for our community than money in the hands of the federal government," Gutierrez said.

One of the prominent groups present in support of Senator Allen was the Latino Coalition, a non-partisan organization that has endorsed many candidates from both parties.

"The reason so many Latino organizations and leaders from all walks of life are endorsing George Allen is because he has a proven record of being a good friend of the Latino community," said The Latino Coalition Chairman Hector Barreto. "When politicians ignored us in Virginia, George Allen appointed the first and only Latino to a cabinet post and many others to boards and commissions. He was an early and aggressive supporter of trade with Latin America, reduced taxes for small businesses and families, and made college education more affordable in Virginia. He has been a strong friend and ally of our community and deserves our support."

Dr. Robert E. Martínez, Secretary of Transportation under Governor Allen said, "I've known George Allen since the day in early December 1993 when he first interviewed me for a position in his Administration. I've known George Allen always to judge people on the basis of their merit and with full respect for their integrity and worth as individuals. I remain proud to have served in Governor Allen's Cabinet as Secretary of Transportation, the first and only Hispanic ever to have served on a Governor's Cabinet throughout Virginia's very long history. George Allen has always stood in the defense of liberty, in support of Virginia's families, and on front lines in the pursuit of new opportunities and economic prosperity-all issues of paramount importance to the Hispanic community. Many Hispanics came to this country thirsting for freedom and economic opportunity, and we remain as a community deeply devoted to our tightly-knit family life. George Allen has championed these values, so important to us as Virginians of Hispanic background. He has championed them first as Governor and now as Senator. It is with great enthusiasm that I unconditionally endorse George Allen for re-election as U.S. Senator for Virginia."

Some of the many groups present that endorsed Senator Allen today included: the Hispanic Business Roundtable, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia, the Inter-American Coalition of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce.

Several Hispanic leaders from prominent organizations have come forward to express their personal support of Senator Allen, including Michel Zajur, the President of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who was in attendance. "George Allen is a man of integrity that you can trust to find solutions to make our country a better place to live, learn, work and raise a family," Zajur said.

The Chairmen of the Hispanic War Veterans of America and the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, among others, also announced their support for the Senator.

John Barsa Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia said, "We're proud to strongly endorse Senator George Allen. Throughout his long history of public service, George Allen has consistently been a supporter of the Hispanic community and has helped open the doors of opportunity for Hispanics and other minorities. He is the skilled leader and advocate Hispanics need in the U.S. Senate. Latinos in the Commonwealth of Virginia have no greater friend than George Allen."

"It is invigorating to receive such outstanding support from the Hispanic community," said Senator Allen. "I'm truly proud to call the men and women here today friends and I look forward to continuing to work on their behalf, and for all Virginians, in the U.S. Senate as we fight for lower taxes, better education, safer communities, preserving families and more opportunities for all."

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The Jim Webb Time Warp

Take 5 and go watch the The Jimmy Horror Picture Show at The Ward View! You wont be sorry...Unless your a Webbite.

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Sen Allen vs James H Jim

Webb Wins the Ren and Stimpy Lawn Cigar Award for this bold move!

What was Webb thinking when HE chose to put "H Jim" instead of James Webb. I guess he had to add the "H" so Democrats would not confuse him with the other James Webb on the ballot? The moonbats want to make this an issue but Rick Sincere is Secretary of the Electoral Board in Charlottesville has this post. Jon Henke has the scoop in detail. Here is the bottom line from Rick

"[T]his only became an issue after voters requested that the font size on the Hart eSlate should be increased, so that names and other information would be more readable."

"It is the candidate, not the State Board of Elections or the local Electoral Board, who chooses how his name appears on the ballot. If Jim Webb had chosen to have his name appear on the ballot as "James Webb" or "Jim Webb," this would not be an issue."

"[F]ollowing Charlottesville's example, Alexandria and Falls Church election officials will be posting signs in each voting booth that explains precisely to voters what to expect when the summary screen appears. The same sign will also be displayed at the entrance to each precinct, where the demonstrator machines are located, and election officials are instructed to explain the summary screen to voters who ask about it."

Bearing Drift has more.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Exposing Jim Webb's lies

The Washington Times hit Webb hard and I had this. The WAPO exposed Webb's blatant lies about helping women in the military. Jon Henke breaks it down here. Jim Webb-Born Fibbing

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Undecideds breaking for Allen

The new poll shows Allen has gained 4 points since the last Mason Dixon poll showing them tied at 43. Undecideds are going for Allen while Webb is stuck at 43. With 14 days till the polls open Allen is in good position. The poll results are all over the MSM and everyone agrees it does not look good for Webb.

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Coal Miner Killed in Pa

This makes 42 miners killed this year.

TREMONT, Pa. -- An explosion in a coal mine killed a miner Monday, but five others escaped, authorities said. The blast happened 2,300 feet underground at the R&D Coal Co. anthracite mine in Schuylkill County, about 80 miles northwest of Philadelphia. (WAPO LINK)

5 miners escaped the blast. It's dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew, Where danger is double and pleasures are few, Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines ...

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Now this is an idea worth a second thought.

The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of
a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the
United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF).

These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, VIRGINIA, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas boys will be
dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the
following facts about terrorists:
1. The season opened today.
2. There is no limit.
3. They taste just like chicken.
4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus.

The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Dirty Dirty Webbites

Ben has a post about the dirty tricks of the Webbites. This behavior does not surprise me especially after reading this.
UPDATE-New Mason Dixon Poll- Allen 47 Webb 43
Allen has gained 4 points since the last M/D poll. Webb stuck at 43!
I think the Webb campaign knows it is up....

Others Blogging- The A Team - The Red Stater - Bearing Drift

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Sen Allen and NASCAR

A great article here about Sen Allen at Martinsville. We both wanted a Virginia driver to win.

U.S. Sen. George Allen might have been disappointed that a Virginia resident didn't win Sunday's SUBWAY 500, but he said he's not disappointed with the way his campaign for re-election is going because voters are now focusing on the issues.

"People are focused on ideas," he said, "because people care about the issues."

Allen gives a good talk on Iraq and working with Sen Warner. He covers the issues well, so give this article a read. About the race you ask?

Allen, who said he "loved" the race, said he was hoping Denny Hamlin would win on Sunday, but Hamlin finished second to Jimmie Johnson. Also, he said he was excited to see Ward Burton, who has not raced in two years, back on the track.

"But I felt bad for Jeff Burton (Ward's brother)," he said. Jeff Burton, who went into the race the points leader, had engine problems and finished 42nd. Hamlin and the Burton brothers are all Virginians.

NASCAR fans for Allen!

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Internet Explorer 7

I have used the beta for awhile and upgraded to the final release last week. I have never been a IE fan and always used Mozilla browsers with FireFox as my favorite.

The new IE7 is streamlined, has tabbed browsing, and RSS feed integration. I have had no problems with the browser. I really hate to admit that! There are lots of plug ins and add ons available. You can tell the Microsoft crew realized the Mozilla advantage and copied it. It installed easy and retained all my old favorites. IE7 is a step in the right direction for Microsoft. You can get it here.

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Jim Webb Lies-Again

The Washington Times has A Jim Webb Fib. Jim Webb's bio says this

In 1982 he first proposed, then led the fight for, including an African American soldier in the memorial statue that now graces the Vietnam Veterans memorial on the National Mall.(Link)

Washington Times writer Milton R. Copulos calls Webb out saying

Impressive, if true, but it isn't. I know, because I was there. Instead, like a crinoline-swathed antebellum debutant attending her first Cotillion, Mr. Webb came to the party late and left early. His claim to have "first proposed" an African American figure is made up of whole cloth.
It was the sculptor, Frederick Hart, who chose to include an African American figure, not Mr. Webb or anyone else. Moreover, there was no "fight" over placing an African American image on the Mall. Rather there was a brief dispute between Mr. Webb and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) Chairman Jack Wheeler about the number of figures in the sculpture. I was able to resolve the dispute with a call to the VVMF's President and founder, Jan Scruggs who immediately overruled Mr. Wheeler. So if anyone other than Mr. Hart deserves credit, it was our erstwhile opponent, Mr. Scruggs who was the hero of the piece.
But it is not just in regard to the inclusion of an African American in the statue that Mr. Webb has misstated his role.
He speaks of his "leadership" in the fight to modify the memorial. This, too, doesn't square with the facts.
The first person to raise the questions about the memorial was Tom Carhart, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran. His testimony at an October 13, 1981 Fine Arts Commission hearing was the first public expression of veterans' concerns regarding the design.

There is much more in the article so check it out. Webb has been called out yet again. Copulos writes

While this is not the only example of Mr. Webb's shameless self-promotion, more than any other, it shows his true nature.

Indeed. Jim Webb-Born Fibbing

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kingsport Times Endorses Sen Allen

Today one of the two large newspapers in lower SWVA endorsed Sen Allen. I don't have a link but it is in todays paper. Kingsport is a stones throw away from Moccasin Gap and Gate City. Webb has preached about his ties to the area. The Kingsport Times was not impressed! They also throw in their support for Corker, Boucher, and Bredesen.

UPDATE-The Richmond Times-Dispatch also endorses Allen! SWAC Girl has the info.

UPDATE2- Allen has recieved many endorsements this week- Ward has the story!

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These Ladies Are Awesome!

Flora and SWAC Girl went to Richmond to support President Bush and Sen Allen. Flora has this link filled post. SWAC Girl has this report. They were surrounded by Bush Haters and Jim Webb supporting Webbites yelling obscenities at them. She writes this about one fool

"One hippie-looking middle-aged man said, "Know what your f*cking piece of cloth means to me?" And then he spit on a small flag he was holding, stuck it in his mouth, chewed it, then spat it out and turned it upside down."

These two ladies are awesome! These two posts are must reads! I doubt I could have watched the above happen. To quote Aerosmith- "My fist, your face, thats for sure"

Read Flora's comment!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nam 72

I talked to a Vietnam vet today for a few minutes. His tag-Nam 72 said it all. We share some veteran friends and in fact I told him how to contact one he had been looking for. The subject turned to the Allen-Webb race. He said he supported Sen Allen. I asked him if he knew the VFW and Vietnam Vets Coalition had endorsed Allen the day before. He smiled. He said a man who changes the way Jim Webb has politically, speaks volumes about his character. To embrace John Kerry and Bill Clinton was more than most veterans could stand. I agree. Jim Webb has lost credibility in this race. The VFW gave their nod to Allen. The Webb supporters have called him chicken hawk for months. Webb himself has made it clear that he served and others didn't. That will come back to bite him. His campaign has offended many people including veterans. Webb responds to not getting the VFW endorsement with "the VFW always supports the administration." He should have thought about that. He could have shown them respect, instead he blows them off like they are blind followers. He said he had not heard of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition. They represent over 100 military groups. They are strong and active. They have worked hard since 1983 to help veterans but Webb never heard of them? Another thoughtful response that shows how out of touch Jim Webb is. At least one veteran I spoke to today found this insulting. I said the whole Webb campaign has been insulting.

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