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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Allen cuenta con el apoyo entusiasta de Grupos Latinos

Allen Wins Enthusiastic Endorsement of Hispanic Groups

ARLINGTON, VA - Senator George Allen was joined this afternoon by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and a number of Virginia's prominent Hispanic community leaders who enthusiastically endorsed his Senate reelection campaign.

The Commerce Secretary told a packed crowd of supporters that Senator Allen had shown proven leadership for the Hispanic community, specifically citing the tax relief he helped lead through Congress. "Money in the hands of small businesses, consumers and families is better for our community than money in the hands of the federal government," Gutierrez said.

One of the prominent groups present in support of Senator Allen was the Latino Coalition, a non-partisan organization that has endorsed many candidates from both parties.

"The reason so many Latino organizations and leaders from all walks of life are endorsing George Allen is because he has a proven record of being a good friend of the Latino community," said The Latino Coalition Chairman Hector Barreto. "When politicians ignored us in Virginia, George Allen appointed the first and only Latino to a cabinet post and many others to boards and commissions. He was an early and aggressive supporter of trade with Latin America, reduced taxes for small businesses and families, and made college education more affordable in Virginia. He has been a strong friend and ally of our community and deserves our support."

Dr. Robert E. Martínez, Secretary of Transportation under Governor Allen said, "I've known George Allen since the day in early December 1993 when he first interviewed me for a position in his Administration. I've known George Allen always to judge people on the basis of their merit and with full respect for their integrity and worth as individuals. I remain proud to have served in Governor Allen's Cabinet as Secretary of Transportation, the first and only Hispanic ever to have served on a Governor's Cabinet throughout Virginia's very long history. George Allen has always stood in the defense of liberty, in support of Virginia's families, and on front lines in the pursuit of new opportunities and economic prosperity-all issues of paramount importance to the Hispanic community. Many Hispanics came to this country thirsting for freedom and economic opportunity, and we remain as a community deeply devoted to our tightly-knit family life. George Allen has championed these values, so important to us as Virginians of Hispanic background. He has championed them first as Governor and now as Senator. It is with great enthusiasm that I unconditionally endorse George Allen for re-election as U.S. Senator for Virginia."

Some of the many groups present that endorsed Senator Allen today included: the Hispanic Business Roundtable, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia, the Inter-American Coalition of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce.

Several Hispanic leaders from prominent organizations have come forward to express their personal support of Senator Allen, including Michel Zajur, the President of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who was in attendance. "George Allen is a man of integrity that you can trust to find solutions to make our country a better place to live, learn, work and raise a family," Zajur said.

The Chairmen of the Hispanic War Veterans of America and the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, among others, also announced their support for the Senator.

John Barsa Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia said, "We're proud to strongly endorse Senator George Allen. Throughout his long history of public service, George Allen has consistently been a supporter of the Hispanic community and has helped open the doors of opportunity for Hispanics and other minorities. He is the skilled leader and advocate Hispanics need in the U.S. Senate. Latinos in the Commonwealth of Virginia have no greater friend than George Allen."

"It is invigorating to receive such outstanding support from the Hispanic community," said Senator Allen. "I'm truly proud to call the men and women here today friends and I look forward to continuing to work on their behalf, and for all Virginians, in the U.S. Senate as we fight for lower taxes, better education, safer communities, preserving families and more opportunities for all."

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