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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Another Kerry Fan Posted by Hello

Commonwealth Conservative
KERRY CAMP OBJECTS TO 4:00pm FOX NEWS SEGMENT: ALAN COLMES: "It's not like he [Osama bin Laden] had a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker in his cave." NEIL CAVUTO: "But he's all but doing that, isn't he? I thought I saw a button."
KERRY CAMP ASKS FOR RETRACTION, DOES NOT GET ONE… JOHN SASSO BLOWS UP AT FOX PRODUCER ON PLANE: "Is that the one? Is that her? I want her off the plane tomorrow. I'm not kidding."
COMM. DIR. STEPHANIE CUTTER BACKTRACKS: "He [Sasso] was wrong to say that. We jumped all over him for it."
Powerline suggests: "Maybe it's the stress of a long, tight campaign, or maybe the Dems know they're losing and are getting desperate"

I think they started to decline when Kerry labeled Cheney's daughter, then the constant pounding of our military, and now this Osama endorsement. I still have to ask, why would Osama care who is president? Makes you wonder....Huh

Friday, October 29, 2004

Osama campaigns for Kerry

Who would he want for President, and why would he care? Think about it....

Draft? Army Stretched Thin? More Troops?

I am confused. When the campaign started, Kerry said we need to bring our troops home, and he would in 6 months if elected. Then he says the army is stretched to thin, and we are weak here at home because of all the troops over seas. Next he accused Bush of planning a draft. Now he wants to add 2 divisions at least. Is there any position Kerry has not taken on the war? Too many? Not enough? More? Less? Right? Wrong? What is his plan fot the war? Besides asking the French and Germans for help, that they already say will not happen. Maybe he can have one of those UN meetings, in a room just like this..........

The real hero of Boston Curt Schilling Wants you to vote!

| - Politics - FBI Probing Halliburton's Pentagon Contracts

More old news comes up again at election time. Just so everyone knows, Halliburton got no bid contracts in this war and the first gulf war too. Now, to get a no bid contract, what must one do? Ask the President? Vice President? "Wendy Hall, a Halliburton spokeswoman, said the company is cooperating with various investigations, but she dismissed the latest revelation as election politics. She noted Congress' auditing arm, the Government Accountability Office, found the company's no-bid work in Iraq was legal."
Did she say Congress?


Wednesday, October 27, 2004


 Bush at rally in Pennsylvania:

"After repeatedly calling Iraq the wrong war, and a diversion, Senator Kerry this week seemed shocked to learn that Iraq is a dangerous place, full of dangerous weapons..."

"If Senator Kerry had his way... Saddam Hussein would still be in power. He would control those all of those weapons and explosives and could share them with his terrorist friends. Now the senator is making wild charges about missing explosives, when his top foreign policy adviser admits, quote, 'We do not know the facts.' Think about that: The senator is denigrating the actions of our troops and commanders in the field without knowing the facts..."

"Our military is now investigating a number of possible scenarios, including that the explosives may have been moved before our troops even arrived at the site. This investigation is important and it's ongoing. And a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander in chief."

Kerry grabs any headline he thinks he can use to his benefit. This attack is on the military, and is an old story, recycled here at election time by CBS and the NY Times. Now ABC could be planning the same thing. Drudge is reporting that " ABCNEWS HOLDS TERROR WARNING TAPE "

I am amazed at this election. I have never seen a candidate like Kerry, attack the President over unproved stories of unknown origin. The democrats have already filed lawsuits in Florida, and 60,000 thousand ballots are missing. The violence has increased against Republicans from pie throwing to cars running you down. The lies have been the big thing. I am not talking about debates and campaigning, that is expected, to change a few numbers here and there; but, the bold face lies told are unreal. "I met with the UN, in a room like this"....Later to be proved false, cannot be compared to "I own a lumber company, want some wood?" Well I have "wood" for this election to be over. I have predicted Bush will win but who knows. What should be Americas most pride filled season, this time has gotten ugly, hateful, and to me somewhat repulsive. Someone said after 9/11 we would soon forget, and we did. Instead of joining together to fight this war on terror on any front that is necessary, we let the press and the anti Americans divide us by crying mistakes are being made. Not many were against the Iraq war when shock and awe was on our TV screens. But then the hard part started and lives were lost, instead of support, we divided. Just like Vietnam. Lives will be lost in this war no matter who is President. Mistakes have been made and will continue to be made. No war is perfect, you cannot prepare for every situation, no matter what some candidates say. I am sickened by this.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004



Well after all the put downs, we see once again the press swayed the story for Kerry.
**ABCNEWS Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 4 Times
**CBSNEWS Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 7 Times
**MSNBC Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 37 Times
**CNN Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 50 Times
"This is one of the great blunders of Iraq, one of the great blunders of this administration," Kerry said.
I am not fooled by the sway of the press, or the lack of real reporting. The left now must answer for all the BS they talked today.

Drudge reports "
It is not clear why the NYTIMES failed to inform readers how the cache had been missing for 18 months -- and was reportedly missing when troops first arrived.

The TIMES left the impression the weapons site had been looted since Iraq has been under US control.

[In a fresh Page One story set for Tuesday on the matter, the TIMES once again omits any reference to troops not finding any explosives at the site when they arrived in April of 2003. Attempts to reach managing editor Jill Abramson late Monday were unsuccessful.]

They all reported and were all wrong. Thanks NBC for telling the truth, thats more than I can say for Kerry and Co. But I am sure they did not know the truth, the truth is not in them.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rallys for Kerry

Cher had a big rally for Kerry. It was advertised in all the Miami papers. Cher and the papers expected "thousands to show up" but in reality only 200 people came to the Cher Kerryfest. Then, Rosie O'Donnel had the same hopes, yet to quote her " "You know, there's only like, you know, maybe 38 of us here and maybe we can just like tap a keg and put on some disco, and totally party." I have got to quote Rosie again , just to show how out of touch she is "Every single thing this White House has done goes against the foundation of what our country was built on. For us to tell the United Nations we would ignore their doctrine and their resolutions, for us to say that we will not adhere to the Geneva Convention during this war.


"The best part to me in the entire debate was when John Kerry said we have to pass a global test before we enter into a war. And you see George Bush got all nervous because frankly the word 'test' terrifies him," O'Donnell said to scattered chuckles."

Well Rosie, watch a couple Beheadings, or the care worker begging for her life. America has become evil and the terrorists are justified to be mad at us? What a bunch of crap. I say the rules went up in smoke on 9/11.

Well Kerry picked up another endorsment. This one from rapper Eminem. There's a real role model, maybe he can perform at the White House if Kerry wins.

From the Washington Post comes an article by Bob Woodward and how Kerry dodges and interview with him after saying yes. I think he did the same thing to the O'Reilly Factor.The interview was about where he would have differed with Bush on Iraq. Excerpt " In August, I was talking with Kerry's scheduler about possible dates. On Sept. 1, Kerry began his intense criticism of Bush's decisions in the Iraq war, saying "I would've done almost everything differently." A few days later, I provided the Kerry campaign with a list of 22 possible questions based entirely on Bush's actions leading up to the war and how Kerry might have responded in the same situations. The senator and his campaign have since decided not to do the interview, though his advisers say Kerry would have strong and compelling answers." LOL, Yep! It is a great read so give it a look.


Friday, October 22, 2004

The Right Meets the Left

Yesterday I met Brian at a coffee house in my home town. We met through commenting on various blogs and have had correspondence for a few months. Brian's home town is about 30 minutes from my home, yet we met online in the blogosphere. He is attending Law school in Ohio and was coming home for a visit so we finally got to meet face to face and shared some great coffee and even better conversation. We talked about ourselves, blogging, and of course politics. We talked at length about the local economy and wondered at the reasons my home town of Wise does not embrace the college (UVA-Wise). I was very impressed with this young man, who is 15 years younger than I. We both care for our homes and families, and want the best for our future. There is not a right or wrong answer to all of the problems we face. We agree about many things and agree to disagree about many more. The fact remains that I learned a lot from Brian, as I hope he did from me. I hope this is the start of a good friendship that will grow over time. We could all learn a lot about each other, with out yelling, or name calling. All it takes is a desire for knowledge, an open mind, and coffee of course.

The O'Reilly case....Are we getting closer to the truth?

According to this, "Andrea Mackris may be ready to settle her sex-harassment battle with Fox TV host Bill O'Reilly."

"Meanwhile, O'Reilly's lawyers filed new papers yesterday in Nassau Supreme Court specifying what evidence they want Mackris and Morelli to disclose.

It includes any tape recordings, telephone and credit card statements and communications between Mackris and liberal radio host and author Al Franken."

Al Franken? Hmmm.....smells like a set up to me.

Oil for Food

248 Companies Received Iraq's Oil

This is a must read for all you who really want to gain some insight into the oil for food scandal. I have read most of the report and I suggest you do the same. There are 248 companies named in the report, and yes some are American. I will spend some time researching the people who control these companies. I am sure there will be some familiar names. There is also some reference to a Saddam and Al Qaeda link. Some of this report reads like a good spy novel “Buried in some of the United Nations' own confidential documents are clues that a link could have existed between Saddam and the Al Qaeda terror group — clues leading to a locked door in a Swiss lakeside resort.” There are links to follow, and yet more links in a scroll box to the right of the main text; such as, “•
Group Responds to FOX Oil-for-Food Story

French Blast Oil-for-Food Charge

CIA Details Oil-for-Food Scam

House Holds Hearings on Oil-for-Food

Oil-for-Food Probe Includes Annan's Son
Anyway, I have printed most of it and I am reviewing as fast as I can. With what I have read thus far, I can say this is very powerful information, and I am sure will change a few minds about Iraq, Saddam, the war, the reason, our intelligence network, the French and much more.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

BoSox Top Yanks to Win Historic AL Pennant

The Sox come back from being down 3 games to 0. This is baseballs most historic comeback.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just for laughs

Go to Google
Type in " French military victories"
Hit " Im feeling lucky"
Ok, stop smiling now!!



I found this in the NY Post. It seems I was right about Kerry lying about Bush cutting SS benefits. Kerry said Bush would cut their benefits by almost 50% in a "January surprise" well how untrue. He went on to say it would cost "nearly $500 a month less for food, for clothing, for the occasional gift for a grandchild."....
The article continues saying " Of course, the president has no such plan — and (somewhat surprisingly) several media outlets and fact-checking groups have noted this fairly.
Kerry's claim is "false," notes the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center. The plan Kerry's referring to "would only slow down the growth of benefits, and only for future retirees." And that plan "was one of three possible 'reform models' detailed by a bipartisan commission."
Indeed, yesterday, the government announced increases in benefits of some $300 a year, on average, set for January — to keep pace with inflation."

SCARE the old folks, trade some CRACK to the young folks.....Yep, That will do it!


Rallying Red Sox Edge Yankees to Force Decider

Could it really happen? Sox tie series at 3 games each. Will they finally beat the Yankees?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

O'Reilly Seeks Tapes in Extortion Case

Well we found out that O'Reilly's accuser Andrea Mackris had a crush on him. now lets see if there are tapes of this phone sex. I believe if there are tapes O'Reilly will be hurt, even if it was not harassment. I could care less about Mr. O's sex life, with or without his wife; but, if this was harassment, that is different. In another story, Fox lawyer answers questions she was fired saying "she is still being paid."However, Green added, last week Mackris inexplicably sent an e-mail to friends saying, "I'm no longer at Fox." He also said Mackris went to her office and removed her belongings without being asked to do so by anyone at Fox. here is a statement that to me may hint at the truth...."Green would not confirm or deny specific things that Mackris claims O'Reilly said to her, but he said O'Reilly "denies that he has done anything that rises to the level of unlawful sexual harassment." But it is what is not denied that will hurt ole Bill.

U.S. Hospital to Allow Web-Arranged Transplant

I thought this was a cool use of the WWW, but it also brings up some questions about how people needing transplants will be picked or will the organ go to the highest bidder. Give it a read.

CNS STORY: Vatican denies it responded to lawyer seeking Kerry's excommunication

Drudge has an update on Kerry's excommunication, The Vatican denies contact, sort of....
CNS Story:
Vatican denies it responded to lawyer seeking Kerry's excommunication

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- "An official at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said a California canon lawyer seeking a formal decree of heresy against Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Democratic presidential nominee, has misrepresented his contact with the Vatican office."

This will prove very interesting as it goes on. I look for this to be taken before the Pope soon.


Catholic World News : Kerry said to be Excommunicated

This is big. I have asked all along how Kerry could be a pro abortion Catholic. That would be as hard as being a pro life democrat. The CWN reports:

"Los Angeles, Oct. 18 ( - A consultant to the Vatican has said Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has incurred the penalty of excommunication from the Catholic Church.

The consultant made his statement in a highly unusual letter to Marc Balestrieri, a Los Angeles canon lawyer who formally sued John Kerry in ecclesiastical court for heresy."

Then goes on to say
"That communication provides a basis, he said, to declare that any Catholic politician who says he is "personally opposed to abortion, but supports a woman's right to choose," incurs automatic excommunication. It also provided a basis for Balestrieri to broaden his canonical actions and file additional complaints against four more pro-abortion Catholic politicians: Democrat Senators Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Tom Harkin of Iowa; Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine; and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, a Democrat."

Marc Balestrieri took the suit to Rome
"I went to Rome in person to submit two critical questions to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith," said Balestrieri. "The first: Whether or not the Church's teaching condemning any direct abortion is a dogma of Divine and Catholic Faith, and if the denial and doubt of the same constitutes heresy. The second: Whether or not a denial of the Church's teaching condemning every right to abortion also constitutes heresy. Father Cole, an expert theologian who studied the matter carefully, responded in the affirmative on both counts."

Father Cole wrote, "If a Catholic publicly and obstinately supports the civil right to abortion, knowing that the Church teaches officially against that legislation, he or she commits that heresy envisioned by Can. 751 of the Code [of Canon Law]. Provided that the presumptions of knowledge of the law and penalty and imputability are not rebutted in the external forum, one is automatically excommunicated ...."

Kerry's so called faith is questionable at best. He has traded his religion for success in politics. I have always said he was a very confused man and now the Vatican agrees. The same issue that pushed me away from the democratic party, has now pushed him away from his church. Kerry talked a lot about his and others resume. Well senator, add heresy to yours.

More here.

I Am Not Alone In My Prediction that Bush Wins

After making my prediction that Bush will win the election I found this on Fox.

"The odds makers at London's famous Ladbrokes betting house now see Bush keeping his job, quoting odds of 4 to 7 that he'll be reelected — meaning they give him a 64% chance to win.
Ladbrokes says that Kerry has momentum after the debates, but puts his odds of winning at 5/4, giving him a 44 percent chance.
Ladbrokes says nearly $10 million dollars has been wagered outside the U.S. on the outcome of this year's presidential election."

I will take 4/7 in any horse race, even an elephant racing a donkey.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Now I Know why They Are So Mad!

ABC News: 'Primetime Live' Poll: More Republicans Satisfied With Sex Lives Than Democrats

Cant help but smile :)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

A Song for Kerry

Well there are 16 days left to the election. The talk on the campaign trail has turned ugly. "Bush will cut your SS checks by 42%!" Can any clear thinking American believe that. That would be impossible to do, and there would be a revolt in the nation if anyone tried. Can you say desperate? The Democrats are very desperate as for the first time in my memory has a candidate supposedly won three debates and the polls grow in favor of the loser. The latest cnn/usa/gallup poll dated 10/14-10/16 shows Bush gaining and up by 8. The RCP average of all major polls show Bush up by 4. I believe this lead will grow as Nov 2 nears. Kerry's health plan (that cant be paid for anyway) was hit hard today. It seems our good friends the Canadians have said no, we wont sell you drugs in bulk. This will hurt Kerry's campaign hard, even though most Americans realize his plan was a flop to begin with. I will end this rant with my prediction that Bush will win. It will be close and there will be complaints and recounts as we already know the democratic party said to protest whether it is right or wrong. Turn out the lights....the parties over...
| - U.S. & World - Oil-for-Food Scandal Key to CIA Report

And some still wonder why the UN did not support us in Iraq. Like I posted before about Germany and France being in on this. Lets see what else the wonderful UN is doing in the Sudan "

The UN is a joke. Hey!! Lets have a Summit!
| / News / Nation / Military probing whether unit in Iraq refused dangerous mission

This sounds very strange to me. Some revealing excerpts are:
" McCook's wife, Patricia McCook, said her husband called Friday and said the soldiers had been released after being detained. She said McCook told her the five members were reassigned because ''they said these five really instigated the entire process.''
" The mission was carried out by other soldiers from the 343rd, which has at least 120 soldiers, the military said."

Sounds like some troops are in serious trouble to me. I bet this will come up on the campaign trail soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Latest polls as of 10/15

Here are the latest poll results from RealClear.

RCP Average

10/9 - 10/15
Bush 48.3%
Kerry 45.4%
Nader 1.4%
Bush +2.9
Newsweek (LV)
10/14 - 10/15
Bush 50%
Kerry 44%
Nader 1%
Bush +6
Zogby (1211 LV)
10/13 - 10/15
Bush 48%
Kerry 44%
Nader 1%
Bush +4
TIPP (786 LV)
10/12 - 10/15
 Bush 48%
Kerry 45%
Nader 2%
Bush +3
ABC/Wash Post (1203 LV)*
10/12 - 10/14
Bush 48%
Kerry 48%
Nader 1%
CBS News (760 LV)
10/9 - 10/11
Bush 48%
Kerry 45%
Nader 2%
Bush +3
ICR (763 LV)
10/9 - 10/11
Bush 48%
Kerry 43%
Nader 2%
Bush +5
CNN/USAT/Gallup (793 LV)
10/9 - 10/10
Bush 48%
Kerry 49%
Nader 1%
Kerry +1
Bush is looking good! For Head to head poll check here.

Friday, October 15, 2004

My thoughts

Well, I have been slow in posting this week because of school and some family that are visiting and staying with me. This is a busy time for me. I am not linking anything today. This is all my opinion.
The last debate was definitely all Bush. Kerry was weak in this one and I don’t care what the polls say, I know what I saw.
The comments about VP Cheney’s daughter were uncalled for. This is just my opinion, but Kerry campaign manager Cahill’s comment that Mary was “fair game” will hurt Kerry as a poll showed most people did not like the comments. No parent wants their child used in that way. Bush could of said your daughters a slut and there are pictures on the internet that prove it, but he didn’t. The irony is that all week the Kerry crew talked about the Republicans labeling people. Then Kerry walks out and labels a lesbian. Mary is Cheney’s daughter, but to Kerry and crew she is Cheney’s lesbian daughter. Uh, John , your not your fathers son, you are his stupid son….LoL Labels!
I am glad the debates are over.
Bill O’Reilly is in his own no spin zone. The truth may not ever be known, but for now I will give Bill the benefit of the doubt. This case will be in the top news stories till the verdict.
I will link
one story.
Excerpt “Democrats got caught with their election playbook open Thursday when a leaked page was published urging operatives to lodge a "pre-emptive strike" of claiming voter intimidation, whether it's true or not.”

“True or not” sounds like Kerry to me as all things are “fair game”


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Desktop Search

Google has another great application. Search your desktop, emails, and web history..Try it! Download here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let's all get on board!

With the news of Germany wanting to help rebuild Iraq has caused a stir. They would not help fight the war but now they want to get it on the reward. I am sure the French will want their share too. It is not hard to see why...The money from the oil for food scandal has stopped pouring in. This scam benefited France , Germany and Russia to Billions of dollars. We all know how America has benefited from trade with Japan and Germany after WW2. The democrats will say it is all because of Kerry, and this is some kind of new story when in fact CNN had this story from March 2003. Also, reported this from April 11, 2003 "US diplomats have contacted more than 65 countries in recent weeks to ask for their assistance and have received expression of support from 58 of them, a State Department spokesman said on April 10."As always America makes the great sacrifice and the world wants the credit. This is what the French and Germans have do for our effort in Afghanistan. Full Story. No help from them with NATO.

NATO Agrees to Deploy 300 Trainers to Iraq ...Good news.

Watch the debate !! I hear from higher authority that Kerry will walk on water and maybe even heal a few believers!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More Violence

My friend Brian posted some great stuff about it here.
Michelle Malkin has some more about it here.

This violence is way out of line. We need to all condemn it and watch out for our neighbors sign and property, no matter who they are supporting. I took some heat for saying this is a form of terrorism. To me, this is the first step in violence and fear for political gain. If this goes on without punishment, what is next. Lets look at other countries who allowed such behavior....Iraq? Afghanistan? There are some people who think this is funny....Some will say it is just like raising the terror alert status...that is bull..I say prove it! People were scared, even hurt; for what? Their political beliefs. It is not very funny to me.

Found this on Drudge.......They Have The Power!!! I really dont know what to say?? Have I been wrong all this time?? God must be on their side....Repent Ye Bush Supporters..Repent!! Today Edwards made this promise.....................................
Edwards: 'When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again'... Edwards made the unprecedented campaign promise during 30-minute speech at Newton High School gym in Newton, Iowa... BE HEALED Posted by Hello

Stolen Honor Update

Media giant Sinclair Broadcasting will show the movie on 62 channels. This has the Democratic parties panties in a knot. CNN reports " Sinclair's vice president told CNN the program is a "newsworthy event" designed to air the stories of Vietnam veterans who believe they were maligned by Kerry after he returned from the war. ( Full Story Here)
Sinclair has ordered its 62 stations to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" without commercials in prime time next week, just two weeks before the Nov. 2 election. Twelve of those stations are in key battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Wisconsin."

20 Democratic senators have filed complaints with the FCC (see the list here). Democrat bigwig Terry McAuliffe Says " "This is a group that is going to preempt their airtime to run a 90-minute documentary attacking Senator Kerry," McAuliffe said on CNN's American Morning. "This is a use of corporate funds. Under the law, you cannot use corporate funds to go out there and advocate for a party or a political candidate." The Democrats also plans to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.
The Republicans Ken Mehlman had this to say ""the Bush-Cheney campaign has suffered its share of media attacks and didn't file any complaints.
"We had ("Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary creator) Michael Moore, we had CBS, which they had false documents. Having experienced over the course of a number of years what I consider to be a media bias in some cases I'm not in the business of dealing with filing complaints against media organizations," he told CNN, adding that he was not familiar with the documentary Sinclair will broadcast

The interesting part to me is Sinclair wants Kerry to come in and address the issue face to face. That is a tough one for ole JFK, looking at these former POW's and let's throw in a few Swift Boat Vet's too.
To me, this is as valid as the CBS story on Bush and the Guard, only we are not relying on papers or hidden sources, but film of Kerry's actions and words against real live Hero's with enough Medal's to sink a small ship. I am fair and I believe a man has the RIGHT to face his accuser's. What about it John? Bush Faces such everyday. He has been to the hospitals and saw the troops and their families. That is what we expect out of our leader. Some will say Bush did not admit mistakes at the debate. Why should he? He faces the troops and families, history will judge, and in Kerry's words "the outcome will determine whether it was right or wrong."

Monday, October 11, 2004

Comments Please

I will address the deleting of comments complaints. First off, go to this blog and read the comments posted on there in the post called P****** on the President. That is his page and he can do with it as he likes.(his comments have been polite on here) Spark It Up is my page. I do not post foul language on others blogs and expect the same in return. I do not attack others or their families. I do not insult their education. I have never deleted anything just because they did not agree with me. So with that said; if you don’t have a blog URL and a matching email, or if I don’t know you and share correspondence, hit next and move along. If you do have good comments that agree or disagree with me, and can post without foul language, feel free to comment, or voice your opinion. Be forewarned that just calling something stupid and dumb will not cut it, you will need to prove it by links, quotes, thoughts, etc. That’s it, that’s all there is to it! If you don’t like it…TO BAD!

Kerry Tax Talk

Found this on Drudge.
Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, writes in the WALL STREET JOURNAL on Monday: "According to the Kerrys' own tax records, and they have not released all of them, the couple had a combined income of $6.8 million in income last year and paid $725,000 in income taxes. That means their effective tax rate was a whopping 12.8%.... "Under the current tax system the middle class pays far more than the Kerry tax rate. In fact, the average federal tax rate -- combined payroll and income tax -- for a middle-class family is closer to 20% or more. George W. and Laura Bush, who had an income one- tenth of the Kerrys', paid a tax rate of 30%. ... "Here is the man who finds clever ways to reduce his own tax liability while voting for higher taxes on the middle class dozens of times in his Senate career. He even voted against the Bush tax cut that saves each middle-class family about $1,000." The Kerrys "have unwittingly made the case for what George W. Bush says he wants to do: radically simplify and flatten out the tax code. ... So before John Kerry is given the opportunity to raise taxes again on American workers, shouldn't he and Teresa at least pay their fair share?"

Yeah, I trust ole Kerry...I will get more for less...question is, what will I get more of? Can you say "The Shaft" I like the Bush plan better, so does the ATR.( The Americans for Tax Reform) The Mission of the ATR is " ATR opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle. We believe in a system in which taxes are simpler, fairer, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized."


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Beacon Journal | 10/09/2004 | Men videotaped vandalizing, urinating on sign

Beacon Journal | 10/09/2004 | Men videotaped vandalizing sign
"Two men who tore down a Bush-Cheney sign and urinated on it were caught on videotape by Summit County Republican officials early Friday morning." From

I am sure everyone understands this. I know some of you have read the comments and attacks some Kerry fans have posted on here and other blogs. Freedom of speech for all....But there is a right way and a wrong way. For Republicans to take all the jokes about being "caring conservatives"....
To me, this is very close to terrorism. If you cant support the president without fear of someone damaging your property, exposing their selves and urinating on your property, etc. This is not the only example, there was FL.,,, Knoxville,and Milwaukee just this past week. I am for protest, head out and march in front of the White House if you like, but to terrorize campaign workers and families at their homes is different. I am sure this is true of both parties. But as you all know I support the RIGHT party.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Stolen Honor

I came across this on
Precinct 333
A movie called Stolen Honor is "a documentary, which documents the effects of John Kerry's anti-war activism and statements upon the men held as POWs by the North Vietnamese"
Naturally the left is fighting it's broadcast, but you can help! check it out.


Love this!! From Scary Kerry Posted by Hello

Tax Plan

The ATR report says " An independent analysis of both presidential candidates’ tax plans released yesterday concludes that President Bush’s policy is better for America. The report, produced by the Washington based think tank Heritage Foundation, shows that the President’s plan to make his tax cuts permanent will help our economy perform far better than Kerry’s plan to roll back the cuts and implement expensive government subsidies."

Most Americans can see through that "I wont raise your taxes" stuff. Taxing the rich never has worked. I like the rich. They provide us a job and and a paycheck. Kerry has never worked a job or built a business. His taxes on the achievers in this country will gain what..$900 billion..but his so called health care plan will exceed $2 trillion....noooo...he wont raise my taxes.

Anyway, read the report here. By the way, the ATR is: Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all federal and state tax increases. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Christopher Butler at (202) 785-0266 or by email at

Friday, October 08, 2004

Hey your a poor looking bunch of people!

Tonight millionaire Kerry said:
"I'm pledging I will not raise taxes; I'm giving a tax cut to the people earning less than $200,000 a year.
Now, for the people earning more than $200,000 a year, you're going to see a rollback to the level we were at with Bill Clinton, when people made a lot of money.
And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the president, me, and, Charlie......"

What a Asshole (sorry, but that really makes me mad)
This shows so much about Kerry and how he views his fellow man. I have been judged my whole life. I guess I know why I was not there. Kerry would have been called out on that comment, and I would be in jail.

Michelle Malkin has this opinion, look here.

Bush Kicked Some Donkey Tonight!

'Tomorrow, Afghanistan will be having elections"
What a way for Bush to end a clear Donkey whipping!
90 mins of I have a plan and no one can tell me what it is!
Need Some Wood? Got Wood?? Best debate yet!

What about ABC??



" An internal memo written by ABCNEWS Political Director Mark Halperin admonishes ABC staff: During coverage of Democrat Kerry and Republican Bush not to "reflexively and artificially hold both sides 'equally' accountable."The controversial internal memo obtained by DRUDGE, captures Halperin stating how "Kerry distorts, takes out of context, and mistakes all the time, but these are not central to his efforts to win."

This via Drudge
Sounds real fair. Give it a read.


Technology enters politcs

My friend Brian posted this interesting story about a virtual campaign manager. Check it out!
I agree this is the future of campaigning and accountability.
| - Disks in Iraq�hold details about U.S. schools � - Oct 8, 2004

The disks included " exit strategies, school codes of conduct, and information on creating a learning environment,also included a Department of Education guide on how to plan for a crisis in schools. There is no indication anyone was on the ground casing the schools, a senior government official said." and "The districts are located in Ft. Myers, Florida; Salem, Oregon; Jones County, Georgia; Rumson and Franklin Township School Districts in New Jersey; Birch Run District in Michigan as well as California, including San Diego."

They had those disks to study our schools for good reasons I am sure.
| - FOX News Live - The Asman Observer - Coalition of the Bribed? - FOX News Live - The Asman Observer - Coalition of the Bribed?

Thats the way to gain support!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier

Works good!

I was for it!

In September 2002, Edwards Supported Action Against Iraq Regardless Of Any Ties To 9/11. SEN. JOHN EDWARDS: “But I think, separate and apart from 9/11, we have Saddam Hussein, a man who invaded another country, who started a war in 1991, who lost the war, and has, since that time, flaunted numerous, what, 16, 17 U.N. Security resolutions. He’s got weapons of mass destruction. He’s trying to get nuclear capability. This is a very serious situation, and I think it’s incumbent on us to take the action necessary to rid the world of this threat.” (Fox News’ “The Big Story With John Gibson,” 9/19/02)
In September 2002, Edwards Wrote: “Iraq’s Destructive Capacity Has The Potential To Throw The Entire Middle East Into Chaos, And It Poses A Mortal Threat To Our Vital Ally, Israel.” “Thousands of terrorist operatives around the world would pay anything to get their hands on Saddam Hussein’s arsenal and would stop at nothing to use it against us. America must act, and Congress must make clear to Hussein that he faces a united nation.” (Sen. John Edwards, Op-Ed, “Congress Must Be Clear,” The Washington Post, 9/19/02)

Where ya at now Edwards?

Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | American debates

Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | American debates

A very interesting view. I see why we did not invade Iraq with overwhelming force, as the whole Muslim world would panic and say they want our oil(which I do) Like the President says, the Iraqis must stand up on their own, and they are. Another good line is:
"When it comes to stances on Iraq, Bush and Kerry exhibit no major differences. An exception is Kerry's desire to involve European allies and regain their sympathy while at the same time not giving too great a role to the UN." and
"With this in mind, we must judge Kerry's half- hearted allusions to re- building America's alliances and extending a helping hand to the Islamic world."
I dont think it will work as Germany and others have already said they would not help even if Kerry is elected. Why would they, as Kerry has said it is the wrong war..blah blah...and they are PO'ed about us exposing the oil for food scam and the millions they were making off Saddam.
Anyway, It is clear they know where Bush stands. Keep the support there, train the Iraqis, and soon they will fight for their selves. The last major offensive, the Iraqis had two battalions and one US battalion, and it was a success.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debate Facts

Wednesday, October 06, 2004Fact Sheet: John Edwards' At Least 14 Inaccurate Statements Last Night
1. Edwards Repeated Kerry's False Claim That $200 Billion Has Been Spent In Iraq When In Fact "The Cost Of The War To Date Has Been Slightly More Than $120 Billion." (Janet Hook, "Rivals' Bold Assertions Are Debatable," Los Angeles Times, 10/6/04)
2. FactCheck.Org: "Edwards Falsely Claimed The Administration 'Lobbied The Congress' To Cut The Combat Pay Of Troops In Iraq, Something The White House Never Supported." ("Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts,", 10/6/04, Available At, Accessed 10/6/04)
3. Edwards' False Assertion That The Administration "Sent 40,000 American Troops Into Iraq Without The Body Armor They Needed" Has Been Refuted By Vice Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Gen. Peter Pace Who Said "Every Soldier And Marine On The Ground Had Body Armor." (Calvin Woodward, "Cheney, Edwards Stretch Findings, Facts," The Associated Press, 10/6/04)
4. According To The Associated Press, Edwards' Attacks On Halliburton Contracts In Iraq Not Accurate Because "Congressional Auditors Recently Concluded U.S. Officials Met Legal Guidelines In Awarding" No-Bid Contracts. (Calvin Woodward, "Cheney, Edwards Stretch Findings, Facts," The Associated Press, 10/6/04)
5. According To The Washington Post, Edwards' Claim That Millionaires Pay A Lower Tax Rate Than The Men And Women Serving In Iraq Is False. "Edwards asserted that 'millionaires sitting by their swimming pool … pay a lower tax rate than the men and women who are receiving paychecks for serving' in Iraq. President Bush last year cut the tax rate on dividends to 15 percent, whereas most soldiers would be in a 15 percent tax bracket -- and pay an effective rate much less after taking deductions for children and mortgages." (Glenn Kessler And Jim VandeHei, "Misleading Assertions Cover Iraq War And Voting Records," The Washington Post, 10/6/04)
6. According To The Associated Press, Edwards Falsely Claimed There Was No Connection Between Iraq And Al Qaeda, When A Recent Senate Intelligence Committee Report Concluded "That The CIA Was Reasonable In Thinking There Were Probably Several Contacts" Between The Two. (Calvin Woodward, "Cheney, Edwards Stretch Findings, Facts," The Associated Press, 10/6/04)
7. Edwards Falsely Claimed That The U.S. Has Absorbed 90 Percent Of The Casualties In Iraq, When In Fact The Wall Street Journal Puts U.S. Casualties Closer To 50 Percent When You Include Iraqis Helping To Secure Their Own Country. "Our uniformed Iraqi allies, however, have already suffered at least 750 combat deaths. And that doesn't include the recruits who've been killed by car bombs as they've waited to enlist in the police or new Iraq army. Even using, er, liberal math, this would put U.S. killed-in-action at about 50% of the total." (Sen. John Edwards, Vice Presidential Debate, Cleveland, OH, 10/5/04; Editorial, "Our Kerry Iraq Guide," The Wall Street Journal, 9/30/04)
8. FactCheck.Org: "[Edwards] Implied That Cheney Was In Charge Of [Halliburton] When It Did Business With Libya In Violation Of US Sanctions, But That Happened Long Before Cheney Joined The Company." ("Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts,", 10/6/04, Available At, Accessed 10/6/04)
9. FactCheck.Org: Edwards' Claim That No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Funding Is "$27 Billion Short" Is Wrong When "In Fact, Overall Federal Funding For Education Grew 58% In Bush's First Three Years." ("Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts,", 10/6/04, Available At, Accessed 10/6/04)
10. Despite Edwards' Assertion, President Bush "Simply Endorsed" An Amendment That Had Already Been Introduced On Capitol Hill, He Did Not Propose A Constitutional Amendment On Gay Marriage. (Glenn Kessler And Jim Vandehei, "Misleading Assertions Cover Iraq War And Voting Records," The Washington Post, 10/6/04)
11. According To The Washington Post, Edwards "Misleadingly Charged That The Bush Administration Is 'For Outsourcing Of Jobs.'" (Glenn Kessler And Jim VandeHei, "Misleading Assertions Cover Iraq War And Voting Records," The Washington Post, 10/6/04)
12. Edwards Inaccurately Claimed Kerry Voted Or Cosponsored 600 Tax Cuts. The reality is, since joining the Senate in 1985, only 5 of Kerry's own bills have become law, and none were tax bills. Tax bills Kerry has voted for include votes for Democrat alternative "tax cuts" like a 2001 vote that provided $747 billion less in tax relief. The fact is Kerry voted for higher taxes 350 times, including 98 times for tax increases totaling more than $2.3 trillion and at least 126 times against tax cuts totaling more than $5.3 trillion. (Sen. John Edwards, Vice Presidential Debate, Cleveland, OH, 10/5/04; H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #119: Rejected 35-64: R 0-49; D 35-15, 5/21/01, Kerry Voted Yea; Senate Republican Policy Committee, "Tax Relief Act/Deny All Tax Relief Except For A 10-Percent Bracket," 5/21/01)
13. FactCheck.Org: Edwards' Job Figures "Omit The Growth In Employment By Federal, State And Local Governments. The Net Loss In Total Employment Is Actually 913,000 As Of August, The Most Recent Figures Available." ("Cheney & Edwards Mangle Facts,", 10/6/04, Available At, Accessed 10/6/04)
14. Edwards Repeated Kerry's Exaggerated And False Claim Of Saying "We Had Osama Bin Laden Cornered At Tora Bora," When Already Said Kerry "Overstates The Case." (Sen. John Edwards, Vice Presidential Debate, Cleveland, OH, 10/5/04; "Distortions And Misstatements At First Presidential Debate,", 10/1/04,, Accessed 10/1/04)


Republican Party of Wisconsin

Republican Party of Wisconsin

(MILWAUKEE) – More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked.

More peaceful antics! Showing real class.

Gmail File System

Very cool feature new from Gmail.
thanks Kevin Rose

VP Debate

Despite the mass emails from the democratic party(I get them too) to vote online tonight and vote many times using proxys, it did not hide the fact that Cheney made the youngin from NC look like a school boy caught polishing the pope in the bathroom by his mom. Edwards could not answer the questions asked, then would want to go back to the previous question. Edwards, who has one term under his belt, got whooped, no matter what the internet polls show. Cheney attacked Kerry's record and Edwards could not defend him. I am reviewing the transcripts tonight and will post tomorrow. I call it like I see it, I gave Kerry credit for his performance, but Cheney whooped some donkey tonight.
Favorite Quote: "And Senator, frankly, you have a record in the Senate that's not very distinguished. You've missed 33 out of 36 meetings in the Judiciary Committee, almost 70 percent of the meetings of the Intelligence Committee.
You've missed a lot of key votes: on tax policy, on energy, on Medicare reform.
Your hometown newspaper has taken to calling you "Senator Gone." You've got one of the worst attendance records in the United States Senate.
Now, in my capacity as vice president, I am the president of Senate, the presiding officer. I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they're in session.
The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight."
Dick Cheney

And You Trust this record with our future?
Rodney Dangerfield has died.................................................................I hope he gets the RESPECT he always wanted.

Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando
2 People Receive Minor Injuries During Protest
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News.

Those peaceful loving Democrats!

Shots fired at Bush Tenn. headquarters
Knoxville, TN, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- An unknown gunman fired several shots into the Bearden, Tenn., Bush-Cheney campaign office Tuesday, WBIR-TV in Knoxville reported.

Need I say more?

Monday, October 04, 2004

Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties -- 10/04/2004

Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties -- 10/04/2004

This is worth the read. Lets hope the major networks jump on this story. Watch the Kerry campaign say that it is not true, even though they could not possibly know for sure.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Kerry's Hometown Paper Endorses Bush! (For Brian)

I had to post this.(for Brian) My favotite lines are: "Since the devastating terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, one American leader has maintained an unbending resolve to protect our homeland and interest against Islamic savages and those foreign governments appeasing them.
That leader is President Bush.
While out-of-touch U.S. politicians and world leaders have attacked President Bush's tactics, they can't question his steely commitment to keep America safe.
In the ashes of ground zero, where nearly 3,000 innocent Americans perished, President Bush vowed to find the perpetrators, in domestic cells and distant lands, and bring them to justice. He said he will do all that is humanly possible and necessary to make certain that terrorists never strike again on U.S. soil.
Can anyone deny that President Bush has not delivered? America the terrorists' No. 1 target has recovered from its tragic wounds and rebounded. It remains safe to this day."

And oh my readers, it does get better..Read On: "When it comes to the war on terror, President Bush means to keep our military strong and our country secure. John Kerry, on the other hand, has all the attributes of the shape of water when it comes to telling us what he believes and what he'd do for America. Like incoming and outgoing tides, Kerry is content to go with the flow. In a dangerous world infested with sharks, Kerry would be chum ( Chum? Yes! America's expense.
We in Massachusetts know John Kerry. He got his first taste of politics 32 years ago in the cities and towns of Greater Lowell.
In his 20 years in the U.S. Senate, Kerry, a Navy war hero, hasn't risen above the rank of seaman for his uninspiring legislative record. He's been inconsistent on major issues. First he's for the 1991 Persian Gulf War, then he opposes it. First he's for the war in Iraq, then he's against it. First he's for a strong U.S. defense, then he votes against military weapons programs. First he's for the U.S. Patriot Act, then he opposes it.
Kerry's solution to stop terrorism? He'd go to the U.N. and build a consensus. How naive. France's Jacques Chirac, Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and other Iraq oil-for-food scam artists don't want America to succeed. They want us brought down to their level. And more and more, Kerry sounds just like them. In a recent campaign speech, Kerry said America was in the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
No doubt John Kerry sincerely wants to serve his country, but we believe he's the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time."

All this from a Mass. Newspaper? Maybe New England is not so bad! I think the readership of The Lowell Sun is more than 425 (Crawford ,Tx.). Check it out here.

Bush Quote

"After voting for the war, and after saying my decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power was right, he says, now, it was all a mistake. He's changing. Then he was asked if our troops were dying for a mistake. He said, no. See, you can't have it both ways. You can't say it was a mistake and then it was not a mistake. You can't be getting -- you can't be for getting rid of Saddam Hussein when things look good, and against it when things look bad. You can't claim that terrorists are pouring across the border into Iraq, yet at the same time, try to claim that Iraq is a grand diversion from the war against terror. A President cannot keep changing his mind. A President must be consistent. A President must speak clearly, and a President must mean what he says."

Who can argue with that?

Kerry accuses Bush

This attack is not just on the President. The families of those who are serving proudly do not like it either. I can only imagine what the troops think. The bottom line is Kerry is on record supporting the war and Saddams removal, before he was against it. This is not Vietnam and the sixties. There are not thousands of protests here everyday; nor are our college campuses filled with sit ins and anti war slogans. Can you imagine a debate at a college between the two canidates during the Vietnam war? There would have been a riot Thursday night if this was true. Anyway, the outcome of this war will determine whether it was right or wrong(Kerry's words). The Newsweek poll shows Kerry closed the gap, but as some have pointed out, the specific polls on the war, who do you trust, etc have not changed. Bush still leads. Some other polls will come out today and this week. I am looking for consistency in several polls before I agree that voters have been swayed. People need time to digest the results. To let the press and us bloggers check the facts of what was said. We already see untruths were told. Visit both campaigns web sites and look at what they are saying, then check out independent internet sites and check the facts. On to the VP debates!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Gallup pole after debates

The Gallup Poll results are in. Who won the debate Kerry 53% Bush 37%. What was more revealing is the specific polls that asked who is better on terror, relates to issues concerning you, better leader, etc. Bush still held strong leads in all these areas. this leads me to believe Kerry won on style, but Bush won on content. We will see monday as the national polls come out and if they are consistent with each other as they have been.
Thanks for all the emails! dont let a few bad comments get you down. I had 300 hits yesterday so one mad poster is not bad at all. Found these links on Right Moment, great site and a real good guy too! Kerrys Global test:




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