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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

George Will – Jim Webb is a “pompous poseur”

George Will does not pull any punches with this piece. He addresses the recent:

"Webb certainly has conveyed what he is: a boor. Never mind the patent disrespect for the presidency. Webb's more gross offense was calculated rudeness toward another human being -- one who, disregarding many hard things Webb had said about him during the campaign, asked a civil and caring question, as one parent to another. When -- if ever -- Webb grows weary of admiring his new grandeur as a ``leader'' who carefully calibrates the ``symbolic things'' he does to convey messages, he might consider this: In a republic, people decline to be led by leaders who are insufferably full of themselves."

Will also takes on Webb the writer saying:

"In his novels and his political commentary, Webb has been a writer of genuine distinction, using language with care and precision. But just days after winning an election, he was turning out slapdash prose that would be rejected by a reasonably demanding high school teacher."

While the frequent commenter's on Virginia blogs display hero worship for Webb, most reasonable people are turned off by his recent behavior. This story is all over the MSM and the blogs because it concretes what has been said about Webb's ego, temper, and his character. I look in the future and see Webb storming out of the senate because others will not agree with him. When he introduces legislation and others take the stand to support or disagree in civil debate will Webb want to slug them also? This is embarrassing for Virginia. Webb would have served us better by just staying home.

Update- NLS says there is more to the story. Jerry From on High does not buy it. Jerry also throws Megalomania into the mix. The Mason Conservative has his thoughts on Will's article here. Alton tells Webb the campaign is over. The Red Stater has his take here.

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Bush vs Webb....Sit down Jim

Bearing Drift has a great response to the Bush - Webb altercation that NLS has posted here. I have to agree that Bush smacked Webb into place with his reported response. The funny thing to me is the hero worship displayed in the comments about Webb wanting to slug the President. Of course we don't know if Webb really said that. Maybe the Sen elect will confirm that for us, but I am not holding my breath. Webb was asked a direct question, gave a distorted answer and got smacked down. Lesson learned.

This is not good news for Virginia. If the report is correct that Webb wanted to assault the President then I predict a lonesome term for Webb. His macho bullshit wont work in politics. He will stand alone and accomplish nothing as many have predicted.

"Webb confessed that he was so angered by this that he was tempted to slug the commander-in-chief, reported the source, but of course didn't."(LINK)

That sounds a lot like grade school to me. "I would a kicked his ass if...but..." Macho B/S at its best. The only thing left is to ask what stopped you Jim? Arms froze? Then this grade school story would be complete. Geeeesh. The WaPo has a decent article about this also. Webb is a loose cannon. I don't have a problem with that as long as he is productive. After reading Shear's article many have doubts and I do too.

More at The Ward View. Check out The Mason Conservative. Give SWAC Girl a look.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival

Cathouse Chat has the VBC posted on the internets. She is also needing hosts for future carnivals this holiday season. Myself, I would like to see some blogs from the left step up and host. Vivian, Waldo, maybe NLS? Kat is also asking for some fun holiday posts. Recipes, family traditions, pictures, just some good clean fun! I am looking to catch the latest Trans Siberian Orchestra tour this season. Until then, this will have to do.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage. We have heard Jim Webb use it as a campaign tool. Nancy Pelosi has said it would top the new congress agenda. I have no problem with raising the wage as long as there is some relief granted to the small business and mom and pop joints that actually pay minimum wage. I believe raising the wage will not help the worker, but it will hurt the small business's trying to establish themselves. My family is involved in a small business. The profit margin is very slim and requiring them to increase wages will force them to discontinue uniforms, require workers to copay more for insurance, etc. I don't see this as a top tier issue. William Buckley has a good write up here. He notes a few things:

"We learn that 60 percent of minimum-wage earners - two-thirds of them women - are working in restaurants and bars; 73 percent, by the way, are white, and 70 percent have high-school diplomas. Nearly 60 percent work part time."

Buckley makes some great points in his write up so give it a look. It will be hard to convince me this will help workers. I encourage you to write your congressional leaders and request help for small business if they raise the minimum wage. It makes sense.

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Leaving Iraq, Honorably

Yesterdays WAPO opinion piece by Sen Chuck Hagel deserves a look.

"There will be no victory or defeat for the United States in Iraq. These terms do not reflect the reality of what is going to happen there. The future of Iraq was always going to be determined by the Iraqis -- not the Americans."

I will agree that we cannot ensure victory militarily, we can ensure defeat by leaving a unstable Iraq. I believe that leaving Iraq unstable will result in a bloodbath that will make the 2 million innocents killed during the fall of Saigon and the killing fields of Cambodia look like a walk in the park. I hope I am wrong.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Region D Football

I had some time off work yesterday and was able to attend the Region D Division 1 and 2 football games at UVA Wise. Wise County's Powell Valley defeated Dickenson's Clintwood 27 - 7. They move on to play powerhouse Giles County next week.

In the next game Norton's J I Burton Raiders defeated Appalachia 62 - 22. The Raiders will face Rural Retreat next week at UVA Wise. The two game event was sponsored in part by Alpha Natural Resources. UVA Wise has one hell of a facility, as you can see from the pics. The crowd was huge and it was great to hang with some of my high school buddies and talk football all day.

My picks - Giles beats Powell Valley. J I Burton over Rural Retreat.

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The Virginia Blog Carnival

XLRQ has the VBC up right here.

Cathouse Chat is this weeks host. You can submit here.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

"The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving." ~H.U. Westermayer

It is our wish here at Spark It Up that you remember not only to be thankful for the good things in life but also to be thankful for the hard places as they make those blessings so much sweeter and they make you so much stronger.

It has been just over a year now since Kilo's horrific accident and while this has been a very difficult year for him it remains one of the sweetest in our memories. Through the dark times God always proves faithful. May you find it to be so.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ps. Kilo, when I count my blessings I always count you twice!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Romney - “I am Conservative”

Romney declares he is more conservative than McCain or Giuliani.

In an interview with The Examiner, Romney described himself as more conservative than Republican rivals McCain, R-Ariz., and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on a variety of issues. "We're in a different place on immigration; we're in a different place on campaign reform; we're in a different place on same-sex marriage; we're in a different place on the president's policy on interrogation of detainees," Romney said. "I'm a conservative Republican, there's no question about that," he said. "I'm at a different place than the other two." (LINK)

,We all know Rudy is not conservative and McCain is...well McCain. Will Romney be the conservative choice? Will his health care plan that says "everyone pays" resonate with America? I think I need a drink.

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Tri Cities Gain Jobs

For six quarters in a row the Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City areas gain jobs. This quarters growth was the highest since 2001.

"This marks the sixth quarter in a row of employment growth," said ETSU economist Steb Hipple. "So far this year, employment gains have averaged 2 percent. And linked to this job growth, the unemployment levels have dropped. How much longer can this outstanding performance continue?" (LINK)

I would guess it will last until the new congress takes over.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Quick Hits

Jeff Shapiro writes this article about Virginia blogs. Mentioned are Chad, Lowell, and Bearing Drift. The Bearing Drift crew address Shapiro's motives in this weeks Podcast.

ImNotEmeril has returned to the keyboard. Click on over and welcome him back.

Alton alerts us to a new video blogger. The Direction is the name of Ken's new blog. Ken is from Wise and his first show highlights several Virginia blogs. Stop by and welcome him!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Love Story

I will seek and find you..

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you.

I will make you ache, shake, and sweat until you moan and groan.

I will make you beg for mercy....Beg for me to stop.

I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I am finished with you.

When I am finished you will be weak for days!

All my love,

The Flu

Now get your mind out of the gutter and go get your flu shot. (From a Email)

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


There has been a lot of talk about who will chair the RPV now that Kate has stepped down. I did not post on this subject because the choice is not in my hands. I do hope that the new chair will be passionate about the job. I also hope they will embrace the bloggers, but after the fiasco about all of this, I doubt they will. Shaun has the best view I have read. I hope his view will hit home with republican bloggers.

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Top general wants to stay the course?

In the first hearing on Iraq since the Nov. 7 elections where Democrats won control of Congress, a top Army general swatted down both Democratic and Republican proposals to change course in Iraq. (LINK)

Gen. John Abizaid did not call for more troops or a time table. He did say "the United States should focus on accelerating the training of Iraqi forces so they can be pushed front and center into battle." I am sure that stings both Democrats and Republicans.

A new poll shows that even though Democrats won the elections, most Americans believe they don't have a plan for Iraq. That does not surprise me. As much as we hate it, more time is what the generals are asking for. This training Iraqis mode has us impatient. I believe if we were still dropping bombs daily and watching highlights on the news most people would still be supporting the war. I don't like this war, but I hope we don't pull out until Iraq is stronger than it is now. It will be interesting to watch John Warner and Jim Webb work on this. I don't think Webb wants a repeat of Saigon.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In Losing Perhaps We Still Win

It is no secret that I am not very politically minded. Kilo tries to teach me the finer points of political debate but I prefer to halfheartedly listen and nod my head in appropriate rhythm. He is very passionate about politics and therefore I do try. I must confess though that I do enjoy reading what Peggy Noonan thinks about the world- we seem to share similar viewpoints- she is just much better at putting thoughts into words and then sending them out into the world. Her past article in no exception and after the last few months of not "playing so nice in the sandbox of Virginia blogs" I felt compelled to share some of her thoughts here. Perhaps her reasoning can act as a salve.

Noonan states that "In a way they(politicians) never tell the truth until the concession speech. That's when nothing they say can hurt them anymore. They're worn to the bone and they've been in a struggle and it's over, and suddenly some basic, rock-solid, dumb knowledge of what they've been involved in--a great nation's life--comes loose and declares itself..... Oh, that the new ones would carry in what the old ones have finally learned, or finally meant, or said."

She points out that we now have a divided government which she sees as a good thing and she encourages this new leadership to take care of "first things first". " Do all you can to keep America as safe as possible as long as possible. Make sure she's able to take a bad blow, a bad series of them. Much flows from this first thing, many subsets. Here is only one: Strengthen and modernize our electrical grid. When the bad thing comes we will need to be able to make contact with each other to survive together. Congress has ignored this for years.

Make America in the world as safe as possible by tending to and building our friendships in the world, by causing no unnecessary friction, by adding whatever possible and necessary emollients. In your approach to foreign affairs, rewrite Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly, walk softly, and carry a big stick. "

This would be the speech she would give to the new government: "

At the end of the day, or the end of this day, I look at the new Congress and wish them so well, such luck. Don't you? I want to say: Go, Nancy Pelosi. Be the speaker of whom historians will write, in 2032, "This was her moment, here was the summit, here she found greatness." Go, Democrats, be great and serious. Go, minority Republicans, refind yourselves. Go, conservatives.

To the freshmen: Walk in as if you're walking out. Put your heart on your sleeve and go forward. Take responsibility, and love America. No one will think less of you. They will in fact think more, as they do of politicians after the concession speech.

To read all of Peggy Noonan's article click here.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

What will Jim Webb do?

What will Jim Webb do seems to be a popular question. Waldo had this interesting view last week writing "During the election, some Virginia Republicans confused Jim Webb with his supporters." I told a fellow blogger months ago that if Webb wins, republicans really don't lose. While at the blogger's conference in Martinsville I asked many of the Webb supporters if they had read Born Fighting. Most popular answer-skimmed through it. I found that odd. The first thing I did when Webb's name entered the arena was to check Born Fighting out of the library. Two weeks later I purchased a first edition off Ebay for 99 cents. Fellow blogger and Allen supporter ImNotEmeril got a copy also. We had many discussions about Webb's opus during the following months. If this book is a view into the soul of the man, then Waldo is right in his post that Webb will be no hero to the liberal Democrats. One blogger writes "Webb is an odd duck on the Democratic side. He is more conservative than a number of Republicans. The President will have to worry more about satisfying Olympia Snowe than James Webb."

This will be interesting politics to watch for conservatives. If Webb sticks to his writings I predict much howling from democrats about some of Webb's future votes. I have to be honest and say that after seeing Webb hug John Kerry and Bill Clinton I question what he will do. Will he stick with Born Fighting or will he be a rubber stamp for his party? I for one hope Waldo is right.

Update-Bloomberg's Andrew Ferguson says he will be watching Webb also. He writes

"So watch Webb. We will know soon enough whether this rare bird will be admired for his uncommon gifts and exotic plumage, or whether he will quickly go the way of the dodo."

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Bears beat Giants 38-20

Devin Hesters 108 yard return of a missed Giants field goal....amazing! Wise County's own Thomas Jones was Sunday Night Footballs Rock Star of the game with 113 yards rushing. It was very cool seeing him interviewed after the game.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank You Veterans

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer Davis

Kilo and I would like to thank all those who have valiantly fought and are currently working to protect the freedoms that we hold so dear. Spark It Up would not be possible without the sacrifices you have suffered for this great country. We are grateful.


Friday, November 10, 2006

What a Loss

The First Elected Blogger is shutting down the Commonwealth Conservative.

I gotta say that this hits me hard. Chad Dotson is responsible for so many things in the Virginia blogosphere. He formed the Old Dominion Blog Alliance. He played a key role in The Virginia Blog Carnival. He held the now famous Weekend Caption Contests. He was the Blog Father to many of us. He always spotlighted new or lesser known blogs to generate them some needed traffic. He always had the one thing that is so needed in the blogosphere- Class.

Thank You Chad for introducing so many of us to blogs. Let me be the First to say:

Re Elect Chad Dotson in 2007

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival

"County Election" by George Caleb Bingham (1851)

George Caleb Bingham (1811-1870) was born in Augusta County, Virginia. He later became famous as an artist in Missouri. He had a series of works called “Elections” displaying political scenes like the one above. You can check out his bio and his work here.

Welcome to the Virginia Blog Carnival – The Election Edition.

The election coverage by Bearing Drift has to be the best of the blogosphere. There are many reports from various sources in podcast form! Way Cool!

One could argue NLS was the best. Ben had multiple posts and called winners hours before the pundits on tv. The comment section was powered with emotion. Go back and read awhile! Great Job Ben.

The United Conservatives of Virginia submitted this morning after piece titled A Red Day, A Sore Day, And Then The Sun Rises! This will make you smile!

Hampton Roads Politics captured The Night in Pictures. Stop by and leave a comment.

XRLQ has called it “Black Tuesday”..I think many a Republican would agree.

The Ward View has a great commentary titled Okay, So I Lied. Ward lays out his thoughts on the election and campaigns. Thank you Ward!

BadRose has declared she is a S.O.B. - Well....Uh...Hangin with that Not Emeril guy is bound to have bad effects. LoL..Great picture BTW.

NOVA Town Hall's Joe Budzinski welcomes the new leaders with his post Hey Brothers. Doobies anyone?

Leslie Carbone submits The Moral of the Story. She writes “Leave it to The Washington Post. Today's front page proclaims "A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right". Nonsense. "A Voter Rebuke From the Right" would be more apt.” I would agree with that. Check it out!

Rocinante's Burdens has a recap called Election Hot Wash. Hot indeed!

Cathouse Chat asks All right then, What now? My blog Sis is right, saying “So, am I going to pitch a fit if the vote count shows my guy didn't win? No. Am I going to descend into ad hominem attacks? No. Am I going to continue to live my life in freedom and duty? Yes. Life goes on, my friends, and - believe it or not - politics is NOT the be-all and end-all of the Universe.” Indeed Sis! Go read the whole post!

James Tippins has this great post titled The Fruit of Sin | Healthy Church. A good read about the Haggard scandal.

More on Haggard can be found at Robin Tippins blog with this post - Dissecting the Haggard Scandal. Thanks to the Tippins for Submitting to the VBC!

Divided We Stand United We Fall wanted the 50-50 split with the post Fifty Fifty, as divided as it gets. This is a not a Virginia blog....but what the hay!

I will add the Breaking Story - Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections. Wow! Check this quote

WASHINGTON, DC—After months of aggressive campaigning and with nearly 99 percent of ballots counted, politicians were the big winners in Tuesday's midterm election, taking all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, retaining a majority with 100 out of 100 seats in the Senate, and pushing political candidates to victory in each of the 36 gubernatorial races up for grabs. Read it all.

If I left anyone out let me know. Thank You For Stopping In.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jim Webb

I will not postpone this with recount talk. James H Jim Webb is our new Senator. Allen carried the coalfield counties as I predicted with about 24,000 votes to Webb's 22,000. Allen also won my home district (9th) with 54.89% to Webb's 44.02%. I would call that a landslide in the 9th district where Webb has his family strong hold.

The question is will Webb be the conservative independent thinker he campaigned as, or will he be a rubber stamp for Kennedy, Kerry, and Clinton. Time will tell. Webb will soon represent not only his supporters , but the million who voted against him. He will represent the 55% here in the 9th who are apparently different from the rest of the state. We will be represented? I hope so. After all, Webb wrote a book about us called Born Fighting. I hope his words stand true. I am doubtful about that after the comments made by his supporters against us during his campaign as Webb remained silent. Webb wrote that the mountain folk here are the builders and backbone of this nation. That is something the Lowell Felds and FT Reas will never understand.

Jim Webb you will soon represent the 75% in the 9th district who voted to protect traditional marriage. These are the people you wrote about. The ones who live where a church is on every road. The ones whose faith and family are the most important things in life. I hope you represent us well.

The Mason Conservative is on track.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted

I was number 148 in my line at 10am. The poll workers said they had been busy despite the rain. The Republican presence was strong!

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My Predictions

Allen - Webb is to close to call. It depends on NOVA turnout and I am not there. I think Allen will carry the Coalfield counties. Statewide...the late money was on Allen. You gamblers know what I mean.

Boucher - Carrico....Boucher wins big. Carrico never got started.

Amendment One passes by huge margin in the Coalfields. It will pass statewide also.

Democrats take the House. Republicans keep the Senate.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Be Sure to Watch

On Monday evening, November 6, Senator George Allen will be joined by Senator John Warner in a special message to Virginia voters. This will mark the third time that Senator Allen has taken his message directly to voters in a two-minute, statewide televised address.
The full schedule is as follows (please note the earlier start time in the Bristol/Tri-Cities market and on Channel 10 in Hampton Roads)
N. Virginia WRC-TV 7:58pm

Norfolk WTKR-TV 7:58pm

Norfolk WAVY-TV 7:20pm

Richmond WRIC-TV 7:58pm

Roanoke WDBJ-TV 7:58pm

Tri Cities WCYB-TV 7:25pm

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Leaving Iraq

Damn.....The WAPO finally asks the troops about time tables and leaving Iraq. It is todays must read!

Soldiers in Iraq Say Pullout Would Have Devastating Results

"Pulling out now would be as bad or worse than going forward with no changes," Modlin said. "Sectarian violence would be rampant, democracy would cease to exist, and the rule of law would be decimated. It's not 'stay the course,' and it's not 'cut and run' or other political catchphrases. There are people's lives here. There are so many different dynamics that go on here that a simple solution just isn't possible."

Tomorrow we vote not only on our future, but also the Iraqis. Turning this over to the Democrats would be devastating.

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Show Bloggers The Money

How much do paid political bloggers make? Fact and figures here. Yes, you will see names like Jon, Josh, and Lowell.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Endorsements for Sen Allen

Lets add The Winchester Star and The Daily News-Record to Sen Allen's list!The text from today's Daily News-Record's endorsement is below. I highlighted the statement about Jim Webb.

Re-elect George Allen

When asked recently in an interview why he should be re-elected, Sen. George Allen replied clearly and candidly in the inimitably folksy Allen way: "You know me ... and I know Virginia. The people know me, and I know their sentiments. If someone is to serve you, he ought to have a grasp of your community, its history, its strengths, its heritage ... I know what concerns and hopes the people have here. And you know where I stand."

As to the first part of this equation, we still feel that, yes, we do know George Allen. We knew him as governor of Virginia, when he successfully shepherded such proposals as the abolition of parole, welfare reform, and the revamping of the Standards of Learning. And we've known him as senator, when he's consistently advanced his Jeffersonian notions of good governance while voting his conscience as a mainstream, common-sense conservative.

By way of contrast, we hardly know his opponent, a decorated Marine veteran and novelist who once espoused conservative ideals as well. But since gaining the Democratic nod, Jim Webb's conservatism has been witnessed about as much as he has been seen here in the Valley - that is, seldom, if ever. He now seems beholden to the liberal leaders of his new party.

On taxation, Mr. Allen, as a self-proclaimed "friend of the taxpayer and entrepreneur," is as good as his word. He is an enthusiastic proponent of the Bush tax reductions that place more money in people's pockets and throw open the doors to heightened capital investment and business and job growth. There's a reason why both the Dow Jones Average and the government's tax receipts have gone up, up, and up these past three years - President Bush's tax policy, which Mr. Allen ardently supports.

On immigration, the senator says, first and foremost, we must secure our borders. He gives no sanction to amnesty, noting that illegal behavior increases when illegal behavior is rewarded.

Judges who "ignore representative democracy" and "impose their own views" on the people gain no favor with Mr. Allen. As such, he decries juristic activism - i.e., judges who rule that the words "under God" should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, or who say the Boy Scouts are not entitled to restrict Scoutmaster positions to those who adhere to the organization's credos, or who interpret the provisions of eminent domain to allow the seizure of private property for private, rather than public, benefit.

Mr. Allen contends that energy independence cannot be achieved without exploration of this nation's abundant resources. Thus, he favors drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and for lifting the moratorium that will open up the large natural gas deposits off Virginia's coastline for exploration.

And, finally, there is Iraq. The tactics of fighting this war, Mr. Allen says, may need adjustments to reflect the situation on the ground. But he still supports the overall goals of this endeavor. Though clearly "disappointed" that more progress has not been made toward quelling sectarian violence or toward putting the government on more solid footing by the Iraqis themselves, he has not lent his voice to the naysaying chorus calling for American withdrawal.

"We can't leave," Allen said, "we can't surrender Iraq and leave it a safe haven for terrorists . . . I want our troops to come home, but in victory, not in defeat."

And then, echoing the sentiments expressed to him by a Marine he met at Mrs. Rowe's, a favorite Valley eating spot down the interstate in Staunton, he said, "If we just leave, what does that say to the many who have sacrificed so much?"

In his values and his philosophy, he is one of us and, as he says, one with us. As such, The Daily News-Record endorses George Allen as its choice for U.S. senator.

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Saddam to Swing!

They are "Dancing in the Streets of Baghdad" reports the Telegraph UK.

Thousands of Iraqis sang, danced and unleashed celebratory bursts of gunfire yesterday as Saddam Hussein finally faced the consequences of his tyrannical rule in a Baghdad courtroom. At the conclusion of his 13-month trial the former dictator was found guilty of crimes against humanity and told by the chief judge that he would be hanged.

This justice is brought to you by our Commander in Chief and those brave service men and women in Iraq. The Saddam Swing wont happen fast enough for me. He received a fair trial and after review he will be fairly hung. Success in Iraq is crucial in the war on terror and I will support those who want victory for our troops and democracy for the Iraqi people.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kilo Hosts Election VBC

Kilo is hosting the VBC this next week and he is going to wait to present it to the world until after the elections are over. We are most interested in your post election thoughts and reactions: were there tears, gnashing of teeth, kicking the family dog, or were you doing little dances and high-fiving the air. Will you be raising a toast to the winner or beginning to raise funds to remove him? Me, I think I am electing to run away and hide for a week or so- this is all getting to be way too much politics for this Wise Girl.

Send those submissions by 10 a.m. Wed. Nov. 8th to either: or with VBC in the subject line.
UPDATE-I will post late Wed or early Thur....So everyone has time to submit!

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Who is the real George Allen?

This is a great article by Patrick Mendis. I would post excerpts, but I want you to read it! Click on Over!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

George Allen – Endorsements and Awards

This is a very impressive list.



American Family Business Institute

Armenian National Committee of Virginia

Campaign for Working Families

China e-Lobby

Club for Growth

Greater Washington Irish-American Council

Hispanic Business Roundtable

Humane Society Legislative Fund

Inter-American Coalition of Physicians & Surgeons

Latino Coalition

Minutemen PAC

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)

National Restaurant Association

National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

National Black Farmers Association

National Federation of Independent Business

National Rifle Association

National Right to Life Committee PAC

National Tax Limitation Committee

Osteopathic PAC

Republican Liberty Caucus

Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia

U.S.-Bolivian Business Council

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

U.S.-Colombian Chamber of Commerce

U.S.-Puerto Rico Statehood Coalition

Veterans of Foreign Wars PAC

Virginia Association of Realtors

Virginia Fraternal Order of Police

Virginia Health Care Association

Virginia Shooting Sports Association

Virginia Society for Human Life PAC

Newspaper Endorsements:

Bristol Herald Courier

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Harrisonburg Daily News Record

Herndon Compass

Kingsport Times-News

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond Voice

Staunton News Leader

Sun Gazette Newspapers (Northern Virginia)

The Virginia Mountaineer

Winchester Star

The Washington Times

Awards from Organizations:

Americans for Tax Reform - "Hero of the Taxpayer"

Business Software Alliance - "Cyber Champion Award"

Business Software Alliance - "Business Software Alliance"

Consumer Electronics Association - "Digital Patriot"

Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report - "Nanotech's Power Elite"

Humane Society of the United States- "Legislative Leader Award"

NanoBusiness Alliance - "NanoBusiness Alliance Nanotechnology Pioneer Awards"

National Association of Manufacturers - "Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence"

National Breast Cancer Coalition - "Congressional Award"

National Federation of Independent Business - "Guardian of Small Business"

Northern Virginia Technology Council - "Chairman's Award"

RetireSafe - "2006 Senior Life Saver Award"

TechNet - "Founders Circle Award"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - "Spirit of Enterprise Award"

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Leave Allen's Ex Wife Alone!

I said it here last week. Waldo and the other Webbites need to respect her wishes. That post also got failed hair club for men member FT Rea's panties in a bunch. Anyway, here is what the nice lady has to say

Allen's former wife, Anne Waddell, who lives in California, said that she and Allen divorced more than 22 years ago, and that because it was a personal matter they sealed the divorce records. She issued a statement calling Stark's question "a baseless, cheap shot."(link)

Case closed. LEAVE HER ALONE.

Now lets address this:

Former Albemarle Sheriff George W. Bailey's Statement

ARLINGTON, VA - The following statement was issued through the Allen campaign today by George W. Bailey, the Sheriff of Albemarle County from 1970-1987:

"I served as Sheriff of Albemarle County, including Charlottesville, from 1970 to 1987, and was the chief individual responsible for law enforcement during that period.

"During his time as an undergraduate and law student, I was familiar with George Allen. He was a prominent student, not the sort one easily forgets.

"At no time during my service as sheriff was he arrested or brought up on any offense in Albemarle County. It would have crossed my desk, and would not have escaped my notice.

"I understand there is some question about two entries for warrants or summonses in the County docket book in 1973 and/or 1974, while George was a student. This could have been for anything as small as an unpaid parking ticket or hunting or fishing license violation. An entry in that book does not mean there was an arrest, conviction or anything of the kind.

"The fact that there is no record of a trial or judgment settles the matter -- this was for some minor infraction. If George Allen -- a member of the football team and a prominent student -- has committed some offense, even as an undergraduate, it is certain I would have been informed, and likely that I would have dealt with the matter personally. But there was no such offense, and consequently nothing more to be said about the matter."

Case Closed Webbites.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jim Webb - The Writer

Jim Webb - Vietnam Vet...Thank You sir!

Jim Webb - Women Cant Fight-Sexist Bullshit!

Jim Webb - Sec of Navy- Quitter!

Jim Webb-The Writer-Plagiarist!

Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia professor of politics, has seen 17 passages from Bergamini that resemble passages from Webb. “There are some passages that were lifted, that’s just obvious,” he says, while noting that perhaps Webb has some explanation for the similarity that hasn’t occurred to him. “It could have been taken care of with one line in the author’s note. Even in fiction you have to acknowledge an intellectual debt.”

His novels were at first Fiction...then supposed to be we see James H Jim used another's words.

Webb has said he is "a writer first".....I guess that is a matter of opinion.

The Ward View has - It's not Plagiarism in Thailand

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Jim Webb and John Kerry...Sitting in a Tree

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Spank that Donkey says-A vote for Webb is a vote for Kerry

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