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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cigars with a Friend is Great, but a Cigar alone is pretty damn fine also

Ready to Spark it Up! Alton with a Rocky Patel Decade and me with a Gurkha Titan. Alton is suppose to write about one the hottest cigars so far this year in that hard to find RP Decade. We both enjoyed the smoke and conversation that night. A night that had me wandering the halls at 4am calling Wise Girl because I could.

Tonight I enjoyed another Titan.

These dark wrappers are becoming a passion for me! The Titan is only released in 1000 box allotments per year. tells us -

The Gurkha Titan is a magnificent concoction that only a company like Gurkha is capable of making.

Well known for producing some of the most prestigious and rare super premiums in the world, the secret to Gurkha’s success is their uncompromising commitment to quality and their use of the finest vintage tobacco’s the world has to offer. The Titan debuted at the 2005 Retail Tobacco Dealers tradeshow, and with only 1,000 boxes made, it was only available to a small number of suppliers.

The Titan owes its popularity to the unique mix of vintage tobaccos in its complex fuller bodied blend. The cigar begins with a combination of 5 year old Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Columbian fillers that are secured in a 5 year Nicaraguan binder. It is then finished with a dark 1996 Vintage Costa Rican wrapper, adding the perfect balance to this extra aged cigar. The Titan is a must for those who seek out only the best. Even more attractive then the blend, is the packaging the cigars come in. Each multi-compartment box is constructed from brushed airplane aluminum.

Mmmmm...13 year old wrapper!

The Titan and the Titan II are primo smokes that I personally would put up against any brand. The problem? $$.¢¢ big time. The 1000 box a year deal and the high demand has the price as of this writing at $30 buying a single stick. A box of 16 at $433($27.06 per stick) for the metal box and $400($26.66 per stick) for the 15 stick wood box. Worth it? To me yes they are, but I shop endlessly for samplers and freebies that make these top shelf smokes reasonable and I can enjoy a couple a week. I stand by my CAO and RP history, Gurkha is just another breed. I watched a good friend enjoy his first dark wrapped beauty while at the RPV convention. This friend is someone I have shared many a good cigar with because his local shop sucks. When we started sharing cigars he was a mild bodied Connecticut wrapper type of a fellow. Now he enjoys full flavored sticks like the CAO America and Brazilia. Seeing him enjoy that Gurkha was priceless. After every couple draws he would say "dang Kilo, that is nice." That made me think of my first Gurkha and how nothing has compared to them since. Fuente, Ashton, Monti Cristo are all great, but the Gurkhas top my list. Here is a deal I found for me and I hope it works for you also. It is called the Gurkha Clash of the Titans Sampler from

This sampler puts the Gurkha Heavyweight and Lightweight samplers together for massive savings. Includes one each of the following: Gurkha Titan II, Gurkha Beast, Gurkha Signature Maduro, Gurkha Triple Ligero, Gurkha Legend, Gurkha Beauty, Gurkha Centurian, Gurkha Signature, and Gurkha Regent. A $180.00 value!

You get 10 Gurkhas for 69.95. After you include shipping you are gonna pay less than $8 a stick and get two sweet travel cases. The choice is clear to me - Pay $30 for a single Titan or grab this promo-sampler that includes the Titan, and a Centurian($20 per stick) and 8 more cigars of all shapes and wrappers. That's how this working man does it and it enables me to smoke first class at coach prices.

BTW - My Cigar Blog will be Sparking it Up soon. I am looking for contributors to post thoughts and reviews on any Cigar related topic from taste to taxes! Spanky? James Young? Alton? Am I the ONLY CIGAR SMOKER IN THE VIRGINIA BLOG WORLD?

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