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Friday, May 09, 2008

What is up with Emmett Hanger?

A few weeks ago the AFP had this.

The points being thrown back and forth could all be moot. Hanger told the AFP this afternoon that he has talked with senior RPV officials, and it is his understanding that the state party is only concerned with the fact that the mass meeting ended without the local party having named delegates to the Sixth District and state GOP conventions.

“The election of a new chair was completely legal. I expect that if there is an appeal that it will be dealt with appropriately,” Hanger said.

The RPV ruled Kurt Michael is rightfully the duly-elected Chairman of Augusta County and Larry Roller is not. If you read what Emmett said then and what is now the facts of the can only wonder about his honesty. Personally, I think he is full of more shit than a Christmas goose. Now we have Larry Roller showing his ass also. Alex has that covered in a two part post. Check out Larry Roller: The Lies of An Illegal Chair? Part 1 and Larry Roller: The Lies of An Illegal Chair? Part 2. I am still amazed at this. The Philbilly has his opinions also. Check out Still no Breather in Augusta........... and Appeal in Augusta and Newleader Editorial Page, Roller's view. The Philbilly has the juice on this story.

It makes me sick to see a big (R) after the name Emmett Hanger. Just like Roscoe Reynolds and so many others. They need to go the way of Bell, Potts, and Chichester....just go away. I hear Obama is looking for a few good men....


Comments on "What is up with Emmett Hanger?"


Blogger D.J. McGuire said ... (2:22 AM) : 

While we may disagree on the best candidate for the U.S. Senate, we are one on this. Hanger has become a cancer on the party (and although I only noticed him in 2004, I suspect he has always been thus).


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (2:42 AM) : 

Indeed DJ.
Hanger is indeed a cancer.
Yes we disagree about Gilmore and Marshall, but they both are better than either of them Warner's. ;)


Blogger Phil said ... (9:08 PM) : 

Thanks for the link u nasty ole coal minin', JD drinkin', cigar smokin', right winger.
There is trouble right here in River city


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:05 AM) : 

Dumb ass? It sounds like you self titled your Label. The RPV hasn't ruled on anything yet. You are so freaking ignorant! The only vote after Roller won with the the majority of Augusta county republicans was Kurt Michael's own committee at 6th district. NEWS FLASH!!!! Kurt Michael voted for himself as Chairman! Wow! The shock of it all. and you'd better cool it with the threats toward Emmett Hanger and others. I have seen how violent some from your side can be. I have also seen you pick fights with supervisors and fake falls. Get a life loser!


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (8:38 AM) : 

Settle down Emmett.


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