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Friday, May 09, 2008

Bob Marshall's Record Exposed - Taxes, Sierra Club, Anti Gun...

Spank That Donkey has the scoop. The record shows "Marshall Was For Unelected Taxing Bodies, Before He was Against Them?" Take time to read the facts about his record and his vote on HB 1474 Regional Economic Development Authority in 2000 and how Jim Gilmore vetoed the bill.

Marshall's ties to the Sierra Club kills his chances in the Coalfields. Via a comment on STD, we also see Marshall sponsored some anti gun legislation in 2000 also.

January 27, 2000

Dear Del. Bob Marshall

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is the largest grassroots gun-rights group in the Commonwealth. We led the effort to reform Virginia's Concealed Carry law and we have continued to lead the fight for gun-rights in Virginia.

Your bills, HB 350 ( )
and HB 351 (
), would clearly infringe upon the right to bear arms. In Virginia it is legal to carry a firearm or knife in an open manner. Why do you want to make it a crime to do so on taxpayer property? Whether your bill would exempt Concealed Carry Permit holders is a matter of legal interpretation. You can bet that anti-gun localities such as Alexandria and Fairfax would use your law to harass law-abiding gun-owners.

Del. Marshall - your bills do not "mirror Project EXILE". Project EXILE was targeted at convicted felons. Your bill will create felons out of otherwise law-abiding folks!

Del. Marshall - on behalf of gun owners across Virginia I ask you to withdraw these dangerous gun control bills! I am sure you will hear from other concerned citizens, please listen to us!


Paul W. Moog, Jr. President Virginia Citizens Defense League

Bye Bob.


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