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Saturday, April 05, 2008

More GOP Candidates for AG-I Still Like Paul Harris

The CRFV has some choices about GOP candidates - 8 Possible Candidates for Attorney General. Go on over and tell them who you like and why.

I posted that Paul Harris was not running...I was wrong. From Bob Gibson

Harris discussed his interest in the race for attorney general in this statement he released on Tuesday, April 1:

“I am carefully considering whether to enter the race for Virginia attorney general in 2009. I am consulting with Republican Party and conservative leaders around the state. I continue to receive strong encouragement to run for attorney general from prominent Republican leaders, former colleagues from the Justice department, former constituents from the 58th House District, and from citizens in every region of this great Commonwealth.

However, I know that there is more than a mere political dimension to responsible public service. Thirty years ago, as a young boy being raised by a single parent in a public housing tenement in Charlottesville, circumstances were such that I hardly could have imagined that one day I would be considered a worthy candidate for the position of Virginia attorney general. I believe America is the land of the possible, for everyone, and that there is no higher calling on earth than to serve others.

In the weeks ahead, as I weigh the decision whether to run for attorney general, I will continue to reflect upon two important life lessons that my mother said should always guide my life: be true to yourself and always give back. I will make a decision whether to run for attorney general by early May of 2008.”

Great news for us Harris fans. I have the Cooch banner flying and I will add others when they declare. Cooch has provided good leadership in the senate and I can easily support him. Brownlee is one tough cookie. A no nonsense prosecutor that would make the party proud. My favorite is still Paul Harris. I believe in my heart that he is what the party and more importantly what the state needs for a better Virginia. Anyway, the CRFV post ends saying - "It’s a great time to be a Republican in Virginia!" INDEED!

Comments on "More GOP Candidates for AG-I Still Like Paul Harris"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:43 AM) : 

Thank you for your post. Paul Harris is a wonderful person and will make a fine AG.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:00 PM) : 

I saw John Brownlee speak at an anti-gang rally in Staunton last night. He was wonderful. He spoke about the sadness of violent crime and how faith and God can change people's lives. I can only hope he gets in the race. The GOP needs a strong law and order candidate who can attract voters in the west and NOVA. John Brownlee is that guy. Check out the Staunton News Leader for the article.


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