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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sago Miners Remembered-The Family of Randal McCloy Jr to attend service

Today a service will be held at West Virginia Wesleyan College. The program for the service can be found here, The Logo they have created is very nice, so take a look. The service is called "Honor Hope and Healing."

The people there want the service to consist of local folks. "It really is who we are."

The Dean of the Wesley Chapel, where Sunday's service for the Sago miners will be held, says they've worked to make sure that the service represents that part of West Virginia and the people there. Sunday's service will be held on West Virginia Wesleyan's Campus in Buckhannon, near the Sago Mine site.

Most of the musicians for the service are from the local area, and Angela Gay Kincaid says that's how it should be for such a service.

"As much as other people have called us and said, 'I have this song I want to sing, and I live in Nashville or Long Island, and I want to come sing it at the service,' all of the musicians and all of the people participating in the service, with one exception, are local folks," says Gay Kincaid.

The exception is author Homer Hickam, a native of Coalwood, W.Va., who is also scheduled to make some remarks as part of that service that begins at two o-clock on Sunday.

Gay Kincaid tells MetroNews the people who will be part of the service for the community are part of the community.

I can understand that. It is also reported that the family of the lone survivor Randal McCloy Jr will attend.

Governor Joe Manchin will escort family members, individually, into the Wesley Chapel. One family member for each of the miners will light a candle for their loved one.

There will be 12 white candles for those killed and a 13th candle of a different color for 26-year-old Randy McCloy, Jr., who is in critical condition at a Morgantown hospital. His family members will attend that service.

They will be in my prayers. This service makes a statement that the people there are close knit people of faith. If you read the program it shows that. It confirms what I posted here. It may also show that the people there are tired of the outside MSM putting them under a microscope.

Update-The Service is over. Read about it here.

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