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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Spark It Up Cup Update

My fantasy racing league is in full swing as we head to Talladega this coming weekend. The season thus far has been Fisherville Mike and me swapping first and second place only divided by a few points. I finally took the lead over the pesky Mike this week, yet it was Wise Girl winning the race with a massive 328 points! I had 314 points and Jeff Gordon let Mike down so he received 262 points. Ole Spanky picked Mark Martin to win and by God he did! Spank has the video here. The old guy proved he could still do it! Here are the standings as of today.

1 - Kilo 2,263 points and 2 wins.

2 - Fishersvillemike 2,225 points and 2 wins

3 - Big K Motorsports 2,114 points and 1 Win

4 - Alton 2,026 points and 0 wins

5 - Wise Girl 1,897 points and 2 wins

6 - Spanky 1,749 points and 1 win

In my Fans of Jeff Burton group that has over 2000 members I am in 35th place. I sure do love me some RACIN!

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Comments on "The Spark It Up Cup Update"


Blogger Spank That Donkey said ... (2:02 PM) : 

I picked mark to win in races 2, 3,4 also... hence my view of the leaders hasn't changed since race 1.

You are right kilo the second and third tier is where you make the points.. Your two drivers in the second tier outscored the points I get for Mark Winning...

I am looking for Mark to win, place or show in the next two races as well.... when he gets hot he usually rips off three in a row of something...


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