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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Left's Losing Strategy Against Bob McDonnell

When the goofy libs at the BHC are turned off you know it is bad. (Emphasis mine)


Political campaign, misguided mission

Political operatives Yoni Cohen and Elliot Vice from Arlington, Va., came to Bristol this week as part of a campaign against Bob McDonnell, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor.

Cohen and Vice are travelling across Virginia to record interviews with people who are signing up for unemployment benefits. On Wednesday in Bristol only one person agreed to speak on camera. The pair said they are not staging anything and only talk to people who want to be interviewed.

The campaign is called “Bob’s Not For Jobs, Bob’s Not For You Tour” and criticizes the former attorney general and the Republican-controlled House of Delegates’ recent vote to reject $125 million in federal money designed to bolster state unemployment benefits.

Earlier this month, this newspaper also criticized the House for its refusal to accept the federal money because some Virginians are running their households on multiple part-time jobs and need all the help they can get during this recession.

But remember the facts: The General Assembly did accept money to increase benefits for full-time workers who have lost their jobs and to increase funding for health benefits for part-time workers who are unemployed. The sticking point was over increasing unemployment benefits to part-time workers. Opponents feared it would be a disincentive to take a job because the unemployment benefits would nearly equal part-time pay.

By Friday, Cohen and Vice’s work at various unemployment offices was turned into a Web ad critical of McDonnell, who is not a member of the House of Delegates and did not vote on the issue.

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Comments on "The Left's Losing Strategy Against Bob McDonnell"


Blogger Liz Smith said ... (10:24 PM) : 

The nutty liberals disgust me. I have seen anti-McDonnell banner ads online and they are full of propoganda. One of them says that he wants to give vouchers to kids so they can go to a private school if they want to. LIKE THAT IS A BAD THING? Only liberals want to see people struggle and fail so that they can later be dependent on Big Government to hold their widdle hands. Sick.


Blogger Spank That Donkey said ... (10:27 PM) : 

Lowell is on the outs?


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