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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Join The RPV Network

I was a little critical of the RPV Network in my last post. I am a member and you should be too! The Network is a great place to meet like minded folks and share ideas. The site should be a great asset for us if we use it. Bloggers have bitched and moaned wanting the RPV to reach out on these wonderful internets. Many of those same bloggers that were so fast to complain have not signed up on the Network. That makes me smile...The RPV spent a lot of money to set this up for us. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up so there is no excuse not to.

It is a Facebook of people that support the GOP. I promise you will find the info there helpful and you may even make a few new friends or find some old ones. Looking for a Tea party to attend? You can find it there. Got a question? the minds there can answer. We must use this tool to our advantage or it will dry up and be gone. I do believe the Frederick/SCC mess has hindered the site from reaching the popularity level it should receive. You know, many people complained about the RPV reaching out. Well now they have spent the money and reached out....So your not a member yet? Click that badge below and sign up.

Visit RPVNetwork

RPVNetwork Mission Statement:

The RPVNetwork is a website that has very specific mission and goals. It is unlike Facebook or Myspace or similar social sites. Although RPVNetwork is built on an open platform and contains a social aspect it has a very purposeful mission.

That mission is to network the Republican Party of Virginia and it's Unit Committees, Congressional District Committees and associated groups, such as Women's and YR"s groups. To let them share information concerning events, campaigns and issues in order to build a stronger more unified party going into the future. Our focus is on the future, and what we can do to insure our success, not in wallowing in the mistakes of the past and pointing fingers or laying blame. It is our mission to present a positive message to reinforce the Republican Creed and our principles, while encouraging participation in the entire electoral process be it online or in the streets of every jurisdiction in the Commonwealth.

We frown heavily on those who would want to use the site to promote personal agendas not in sync with the goals of this site and the party in general. We encourage a positive message and posts from our members and discourage negative or contentious posts. We are NOT trying to stifle disagreements on policy issues, but we want the discussions to be civil.

We want all of our members to feel comfortable in posting ideas and suggestions without fear of retaliatory or inflammatory posts from others. Such negative posts detract from the message and undermine our mission.

We would also want to remind all members to stay on topic when posting to forums, blogs and groups out of courtesy to others. The freedom enjoyed on this site by virtue of it's open platform demands a measure of responsibility from the members. Be respectful at all times, it's what Republicans do.

You will hear from the Administrators (O. P. or Tom), in a private message, when we feel you are going astray.

O. P. Ditch & Tom Whitmore

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