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Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Email -


**March 6, 2009**

RPV State Central Committee

c/o The Honorable Michael E. Thomas

901 East Cary Street

Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Mike:

We write on behalf of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus to
express our support for the recent actions taken by members of the
State Central Committee in relation to Chairman Jeff Frederick. An
overwhelming majority of our Caucus has expressed grave concern over
the state of affairs at the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) in
recent months and has lost confidence in Delegate Frederick’s

While we recognize the recently circulated petition is a State
Central Committee matter, we stand in full support of your effort. Our
Caucus has engaged in conversations with other elected Republican
leaders in recent months as it became clear that Delegate
Frederick’s lack of judgment was hurting our Party. Each time, we
have decided that it is not our role as elected officials to pick the
Chairman of RPV. We are gratified to see this movement initiating from
the “grassroots.”

Our members recognize the importance of this year’s elections –
both statewide and local. As a slim minority party in the Senate, it
is critical to our Caucus that we retain the Lieutenant Governor’s
office, retain control of the House of Delegates, and regain the
Governor’s mansion. We are confident in the ability of our ticket
this year to succeed, but their job would be made easier with a
functional state party behind them. Heading into such an important
year, it is critical that our state party have the full confidence of
our candidates, our elected officials, and our grassroots. Like you,
we are convinced that the only way to ensure this is a change in
leadership at RPV.

Accordingly, we support and appreciate your efforts in this regard
and stand ready to assist as needed.


Sen. Thomas K. Norment, Jr.

Republican Leader

Sen. Stephen D. Newman

Republican Caucus Chairman

Sen. Kenneth W. Stolle

Republican Leader Pro Tempore

Sen. Walter A. Stosch

Republican Leader Emeritus

Sen. Mark D. Obenshain

Sen. Frank W. Wagner

I am troubled with how this is all happening. I have not taken a side on this but if what I am hearing about Frederick is correct he should step down. I fully respect the fact that Jeff was elected by the grassroots. I tell you though...If what I am hearing is correct I don't see how I or anyone can support him in this battle.

Some are calling for the reasons to be made public. Is that what we really want to happen? IMHO the RPV SCC and those supporting removing Frederick have the dirt on him. I don't think these folks are supporting this action without good reason and verifiable evidence. If they are then they will pay big time for this. WHAT A MESS.

What ever the outcome - My question is after all this can Frederick ever be a effective leader? I have my doubts.

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