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Friday, March 06, 2009

A Storm for Jeff Frederick?

I am a party supporter. I am not by any means a party insider. For that information I rely on my friends in the ODBA and local sources. My post about this Jeff Frederick mess drew some hits, but I cant say where I stand on the issue.

At first thought I could say I want Frederick to resign for the simple reason of party unity. I have to agree with Bob McDonnell saying

It is clear to me, after hearing from Republican leaders across the state, that as we move forward with our campaign, as well as the other statewide and House of Delegates races, it would be helpful for the Republican Party of Virginia to have more effective leadership in this pivotal year

I cant argue with that. I also know that party unity is a pipe dream with strong smoke. My friend James Bowden enlightened me to the complexity of removing Frederick and the dilemma that would follow. His post Jeff Frederick’s Gathering Storm is a must read from a man that knows. After reading this, I am reluctant to support removing Frederick. Mr Bowden writes:

"..who would replace Jeff if he is removed?  That’s pretty important.  I haven’t been told who would run for the job in the Convention at the end of May.  The person who is in the Chairman speaks to what the RPV is.

Since I got involved in politics in 1992 the Chairman of the RPV has been the hand-picked person of the biggest dogs in Virginia Republican politics.  McSweeney was moved out to make way for George Allen’s fellow.  When Charlie Judd ran against John Hager, I supported Charlie to have an independent RPV.   Likewise, I supported Jeff Frederick later.   Same reason.

It would be nice to know who will be running before the April 3rd State Central Committee meeting.  I’d bet money there will be a move to put someone in who will return the RPV - that tiny staff in Richmond - to being an extension of the campaign office of the biggest dogs in Virginia.  I’d like to know who their candidate would be." Read it All

As I said before...What a mess.

Comments on "A Storm for Jeff Frederick?"


Blogger James Atticus Bowden said ... (11:29 PM) : 

Thanks. This is a stupid way of putting it, but if you replace Hitler with Stalin, you haven't done a good thing.

I'll bet Jeff Frederick's name recognition among 5 million or so Virginia voters is less than 5%.

Bob McDonnell will win or lose the election on his own hook.


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