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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bristol Herald Courier's Suzanne Tate - What is She Smoking?

You have got to read this: SUZANNE TATE: Bowling Excursion Fun, But Smoky Air Ran Us Off

"My family spent a little more than an hour bowling two quick rounds in Bristol last week. It was all my teenage daughter could stomach.
She eventually holed up in the women’s restroom with a book because, sadly, it smelled better in there. As hard as it is to believe, I had to agree."

Can you believe trees were cut down to print this trash? I will tell you Ms Tate must be smoking something if she knowingly takes her kids to a place were smoking is legal, her kid hides in a bathroom, and then she writes this trash complaining about it. My comment on the BHC

Posted by ( carl ) on March 17, 2009 at 3:40 am

Why did you subject your children to this environment? My God your child hid in a bathroom and you did nothing? That is pretty damn disturbing.
Looking for someone to blame ...look in the mirror.

Geeeesh...Just shoot me now.

Comments on "The Bristol Herald Courier's Suzanne Tate - What is She Smoking?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:10 PM) : 

Suzanne Tate's column is not surprising to those who know her. It is common knowledge that Ms. Tate's children do not even live with her. I find it very disturbing that she frequently writes about them as if they do --this makes me question the integrity of anything she writes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 AM) : 

Glad to see someone is questioning her integrity. If you're really looking for a good laugh, go check out her inflated resume and talk with a few people who have worked with her. She's the biggest joke in journalism.


Blogger Suzanne Tate said ... (10:12 AM) : 

Mr. Kilo: Why let a person have a conversation with themselves on your blog and tear me down?

Give me a call at 276-645-2534 -- I would like to talk to you about coal, energy and other local issues.

Suzanne Tate


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