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Thursday, February 19, 2009

AG Debate-Roanoke Valley Republicans - "I don't see how you can say anyone other than Brownlee won."

The RVR has the story. The post pretty much hits the points a couple of my friends (Shout out to Adams Construction) have relayed to me about the debate. The reason could be this

9. Brownlee pushed his themes hard and well. Electability, experience, prosecutor, others are regional candidates, etc. Certainly the Roanoke Times was swayed by Brownlee's themes as they headlined their article "Debate for Top Prosecutor."

And for Cooch to venture to SWVA for the first time and leave them with this impression.

10. Cuccinelli had 2 awkward moments. One was when Brownlee challenged his education funding legislature and Cuccinelli snapped at Brownlee to learn to read Code. Brownlee responded by pointing to Cuccinelli's own press release on the legislation and clearly won the issue.

11. The second awkward moment for Cuccinelli (and strangest of the Debate) was when a question was directed to someone else and Cuccinelli interupted Jay Warren and said "I'm sorry to act like a lawyer Jay but it's my turn." Couple problems. First, who cares whose turn it is? Second, Cuccinelli, was wrong, it was not his turn. There were 7 exact copies of the script, each campaign had one and Cuccinelli was misreading his. More importantly though it just made Cuccinelli look small and was incredibly awkward. Other than Foster's abortion answer, it was the moment that I've heard discussed most and was universally viewed very poorly for Cuccinelli. I still can't imagine what he was thinking.

Devastating first impression. I want to thank the RVR for this recap. Now go read it all!

Comments on "AG Debate-Roanoke Valley Republicans - "I don't see how you can say anyone other than Brownlee won.""


Anonymous Crystal Clear Conservative said ... (2:19 PM) : 

It's hard to say Brownlee holds the advantage in this race. Ken Cuccinelli has a lot to offer (and you can find out more on his website:, and with all three candidates declaring victories in Roanoke, only the people can declare the real victor in these debates. On May 30, they will be the ones to declare who will be the next AG.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:49 PM) : 

The momentum is shifting big time towards John Brownlee. He is clearly the man to be on the ticket to help McDonnell and Bolling.


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (9:02 PM) : 

I agree with most of that CCC, but Cooch was not in prime form from all accounts.

Here is where we differ - Cooch cannot win the Ninth District against Shannon and our candidate will need every vote from the 9th to win statewide. Brownlee can landslide the 9th. When voters look at the AG they think Law enforcement and Brownlee has been endorsed by most every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in the state. Cooch voted against the party on the triggerman rule and that will haunt him along with the SAFA issue that the Dems will pound home. History shows voters like a prosecutor for AG and Brownlee has that covered.

You are right, we will pick our candidate at the convention (I will be there) We have a choice and we need to pick our strongest statewide candidate.

BTW - Unlike most bloggers, I link to both John and Ken on my sidebar and can promise I will vote for either one come election day.


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