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Saturday, January 10, 2009

LTE - The Fair Tax

My readers know I am a supporter of the Fair Tax. Not only will it do away with the tens of thousands of tax codes and loopholes, the IRS will not be needed. No IRS...Heck that is enough for me to love it! I really like the fact that all classes of people will get taxed fairly, not on how much money you make, but on how much you spend. Add to that the fact those people who now pay nothing will have to pay the Fair Tax. Those drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes will pay their share. This LTE is from today's BHC.

A famous writer, Herman Wouk, stated: “Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.”

I would like to ask citizens to think about the present system of taxation and whether they see it as fair to all. I feel sure that most people see the need for vast improvement. It is my belief that instead of pitching the present system, it should be abolished and replaced with the “fair tax.”

Ask yourself if you would like:

A system of taxation that is simple to administer and treats all citizens fairly;

To never file another tax return;

For all who currently avoid paying taxes to pay their fair share;

To have less government intrusion into your financial activities;

To receive all of your paycheck, even that which is now deducted for federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare costs;

To see the IRS abolished along with its 67,000-page federal tax code that is riddled with loopholes favoring special interest groups;

To see a simple tax code that treats the poor, middle class, wealthy, young and old in a fair manner; and

To see industry that relocates offshore because of present tax laws return to the United States.

If you support these measures, you would like the consumption-based “fair tax.” This has been before the Congress for several years and has been endorsed by forward-thinking Senators and Congressmen who have put the welfare of our country above petty partisanship.

Many members of both major political parties seem afraid to endorse the fair tax. I believe this is partially because of their dependence on political contributions by special interest groups, and maybe because they must “toe the party line” to have political success.

For more information on the fair tax, visit the Web site: At that Web site, read the article “An Open Letter to the President, the Congress and the American People Concerning Reform of the Federal Tax Code.” Please note that this document is supported by leading economists and is not something dreamed up by a bunch of left-wing or right-wing nuts.

John Morgan
Saltville, Va.

We should demand the Fair Tax. The great thing about the Fair tax program is - It encourages you to save money, not spend it. Tell Obama that you support the Fair Tax by clicking here. It only takes a minute and the American worker deserves a fair deal, a Fair Tax.

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