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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heat your home with coal-save money

The NY Times reports Burning Coal at Home Is Making a Comeback.

'Coals vary in quality, but on average, a ton of coal contains about as much potential heat as 146 gallons of heating oil or 20,000 cubic feet of natural gas, according to the Energy Information Administration. A ton of anthracite, a particularly high grade of coal, can cost as little as $120 near mines in Pennsylvania. The equivalent amount of heating oil would cost roughly $380, based on the most recent prices in the state — and over $470 using prices from December 2007. An equivalent amount of natural gas would cost about $480 at current prices.'~Link

That makes sense. The NYT has a few more satisfied customers.

Mr. Ridlington said he was typically burning 1,500 gallons of oil each winter to heat his 3,300-square-foot home. At last year’s prices, that would have cost about $7,000, he said. This winter, he expects to burn nine tons of coal at a cost of about $1,400.

“The initial cost was expensive,” he said. “But in three to five years, it’ll be paid for, even with prices going down. And if fuel goes back up again, it’ll be even more savings.”

The new stoves and furnaces are more efficient require less effort than ever before. Those Alaska Channing stoves mentioned in the article can be found here.

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Comments on "Heat your home with coal-save money"


Blogger Kitty Katt said ... (5:20 PM) : 

I may not be able to save the whales all by myself but I try my best to be green in my everyday life. I never print any thing I can avoid, and purchase products (like copy paper) containing recycled materials and recycling as much as I can. I have low fuel consumption Honda CRX and ride my Honda Rebel motorcycle as many days a year as I can. I also live on a boat and instead of using diesel fuel for heat I use my CZ Infrared Heater which saves me a bundle.

I know there are those of you out there that do not believe in "Global Warming" but I offer you a review of this winter’s storms not only in the great United States but all over the world. I have found my little CZ Infrared heater to have saved me not only money but effort. I live on a sail boat with a cement hull that gets quite cold. The only other source of heat was our wood stove. The CZ Infrared heater was quite able to keep the temperature up except on the coldest nits and even then I was not required to wake up and feed the woodstove every 2 hours. The electricity I used was still less than the wood would have cost. It’s as safe as a light bulb. No combustion - no venting needed. What a blessing!!!

Now instead of purchasing a used heater thru eBay that is not covered under any kind of warranty the company is offering factory direct units that are 100% refurbished and come 'with' a warranty directly from CZ Infrared themselves which only happens during the season end. Take advantage while they still last at a $70.00 savings on the 1500 watt units.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:31 PM) : 

Thanks Kitty, and no combustion means no danger from fumes. If you decide on coal Please Please install a carbon monoxide monitor!! Due to posts by 'happy' customers,
I saved on my purchase at got an extra $70.00 off my purchase.


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