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Friday, November 21, 2008

John Brownlee Visits SWAC Land

Chris Green has the report in his post John Brownlee Addresses Augusta County GOP. Chris cuts to the heart of the matter as he relates a story of someone trying to knock Brownlee. He writes -

This individual said to me, Don't support Brownlee, he prosecuted a fellow Republican. My reply was, well, was the Republican Guilty? He replied, well... yeah, and I responded, Well, what's the problem?

The point being, corruption has to be rooted out, and overlooking a fellow Republican who is corrupt just because of party label, makes us no better than the Democrats.... Seriously, look at all the ugly Chicago politicians in Barrack Hussein Obama's inner circle.

Then consider that freaking egotistical Republican Senator Stevens in Alaska.....

Integrity is what it's all about.

Integrity is something Brownlee has in abundance. He has devoted over 20 years to public service. His mother was a school teacher for 40 years. His father was a "decorated Army officer and Vietnam veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat and earned two Silver Stars for valor. John’s father retired in 2004 as the acting Secretary of the Army."

John is a Army veteran.

Brownlee entered the U.S. Army and volunteered for the Infantry. John was selected for the Commandant’s List from his Infantry Officer Basic Course, and successfully completed the Airborne, Ranger and Air Assault training programs. Brownlee was assigned to the 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) at Ft. Myer, Virginia, where he led an infantry rifle platoon. In 1997, Brownlee transferred to the Judge Advocate General Corps (USAR) where he served for 10 years. Brownlee received an honorable discharge in 2007 at the rank of major. In 1991, Brownlee entered law school at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, graduating in 1994. After graduation, he served as a judicial law clerk for U.S. District Judge Sam Wilson. From 1997 through 2001, John served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. Since 2005, John has taught trial advocacy at the University of Virginia School of Law.

As a prosecutor

In January 2005, Brownlee convicted defendant Brent Simmons for the 1996 murders of two James Madison University students. Simmons had traveled from Florida to Harrisonburg and then shot and killed the two students. After a mistrial in state court, Brownlee developed a novel legal theory by using the Violence Against Women Act, which had been enacted only 13 days before Simmons killed the students, to bring the case into federal court. Brownlee convicted the defendant of both murders, and the jury sentenced Simmons to life imprisonment with no chance of release.

Two years later, John convicted a defendant for committing a violent prison murder. The jury imposed the death penalty, and Brownlee became the first federal prosecutor in over 30 years to successfully prosecute a capital murder case in his judicial district.

In May 2007, after a five year investigation, Mr. Brownlee and Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell convicted the maker of the pain medication OxyContin of intentionally misbranding their highly addictive and dangerous drug. The company and executives were convicted of misbranding OxyContin and paid over $634 million in fines. The criminal fine was one of the largest financial penalties ever imposed on a drug company. ( an issue that rings loud in the coalfields)

For the office of Attorney General no other candidate from either party comes close to matching his experience. Feel free to argue that in the comments. Brownlee, unlike some of the other candidates, was not working for a law firm. He was working for us, all of us, republican and democrats alike. I guess that is why 75 Virginia sheriffs and Commonwealth Attorneys have proudly endorsed Brownlee over the others.

In closing, there is no better candidate for AG. His record is rock solid and as I said, no other candidate comes close. Join his team here and help John continue what he has dedicated his life to - Serving America!

Comments on "John Brownlee Visits SWAC Land"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:21 PM) : 

Brownlee's claim to being a veteran is an insult to real veterans.


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