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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Christian Trejbal, J. Todd Foster - They get paid for this?

Jerry From on High has once again taken Roanoke Times columnist Christian Trejbal to the woodshed with his post ~ "We're Tired Of 'Safety Nets,' Mr. Trejbal" This is Jerry at his best -

Obama was the latest in a long line of many. But I've got news for you: His promising more of the same ain't going to bring about ... shall I say it? ... the kind of CHANGE that Southwest Virginia is screaming for.
We want employers. Opportunity. A future. JOBS. Dare I say it - WEALTH.
News flash: Bobby Kennedy came down this way, briefly, hugged a poor kid here in Appalachia (with cameras snapping), and promised us a way out exactly 40 years ago. The theme that came from that whirlwind visit? You're not going to believe it:
The value of hope."
40 goddam years ago.
That safety net that you cling to as our best hope for the future resulted.....
Read it all.

Of course Trejbal brings race into the picture, but he figures it out...almost -

"It is tempting to chalk it up to racism. Confederate flags still fly in the New River Valley. Segregation and bigotry persist as "heritage" in pockets of the region.

But that cannot be the whole story. The region goes red all the time, not just when a black man runs for president." LINK

That last sentence shows Trejbal does have a small inkling of commonsense. I wish I could say that for the Bristol Herald Courier's mouthpiece J. Todd Foster. Because sure enough this morning old J. Todd has this

Racism in 2008 doesn’t wear a hooded sheet, or come with a shaved head and jack boots. It’s not a “whites only” sign above a public water fountain or a fire hose aimed at civil rights marchers. It’s not a burning cross or the n-word.

Racism today is latent, subtle, insidious. It disguises itself as intolerance wrapped in gullibility and packaged in Internet lies bandied across the ether. Or maybe it’s the parroting of empty bumper-sticker slogans like “Socialist” or “Terrorist....” LINK

We will see this often in the next four years. Any critics of Obama will be answered with cries of racism.

Comments on "Christian Trejbal, J. Todd Foster - They get paid for this?"


Blogger Salt Lick said ... (6:28 PM) : 

Racism today is latent, subtle, insidious.

I think he's right about that, Kilo. But not in the way he means.

I've noticed that people obsessed with others' racism are often projecting fears about themselves. These people have worked with minorities and struggled with negative feelings about them, which produces guilt. They feel ashamed, because their self-image is of someone open-minded and tolerant.

So they react by calling everyone else a racist. It's a form of penance.


Blogger Spank That Donkey said ... (6:43 PM) : 

Jerry more than delivered some news to dem dar fancy editors!


Anonymous Charlie Fugate said ... (8:02 PM) : 

Hang on to your hats gentlemen, the next four years will be a doozy. Small business owners might as well bend over and grab their ankles. Socialist? Obama is borderline communist.


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