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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eric Cantor Emails me about the bailout....

I posted yesterday about Cantor here and commented on his support of Nancy Pelosi over on Mason Conservative's blog here.

Today I received this bullshit response from Cantor.

Dear Friend,

I want to take a few moments and bring you up to date on the recent activities in Washington surrounding the economic rescue/bailout plan which was defeated on the House floor yesterday.
America’s economy is facing serious problems. The ongoing financial and credit crisis threaten the underlying health of our economy. It threatens growth and it threatens jobs.
I’ve spoken with many economists and many business leaders. All agree something has to be done.
The Bush administration’s first proposal was for an unfettered $700 billion dollar bailout of the financial industry. I found this unprecedented government expansion with no oversight and 100% of the burden placed on the taxpayers to be unacceptable and began working on an alternative.

I proposed several changes:

1. An insurance guarantee program similar to existing government programs. The insurance would require Wall Street to pay its fair share and lessen the burden on the taxpayers.

2. Limits on CEO compensation and “Golden Parachutes” for companies benefiting from the government bailout.

3. An oversight committee to ensure the rescue program is run fairly and the taxpayers are protected.

4. Market reforms including suspension of the “mark to market rule” of accounting and stopping “naked short selling” of stocks.

As the negotiations progressed, some, but not all of my ideas were included in the final bill. Yesterday, the bi-partisan leadership in the House brought a compromise bill to the floor. The bill included my insurance proposal as an option along with a loan program and Secretary Paulson’s plan to purchase troubled assets. The bill also included the oversight committee and a five year timetable to try and recoup some of the tax payers’ money.
The compromise still authorized between $350 billion and $700 billion to purchase bad debt. But the pork-barrel earmarks, including money going to special interests were eliminated.
While I am angry that we find ourselves in this situation, and the bill has many faults, I believe the price of inaction is unacceptable. Our economy, our jobs, our communities and our families are all at risk.
So, yesterday I voted for the compromise economic rescue package.
As you know, the bill failed and we are witnessing the consequences in the market now.
What I am working on now is finding common ground to fix this problem.
The consequences of inaction are real and Congress must act. 401(k) plans, 529 college savings plans, IRA’s and other retirement accounts, and thousands if not millions of jobs hang in the balance. I applaud Speaker Pelosi for having called Congress back to Washington on Thursday to work on a plan which will have the necessary votes to pass and bring about calm to our markets and allow our economy to stabilize.
Please know that I am working hard to protect the tax payers and solve this economic crisis. I will try and keep you abreast of developments as they occur.
Eric Cantor

Sorry son, Kilo does not play that bullshit game. You and your leadership position asked me as a taxpayer to grab my ankles and beg for another. No thank you. Unlike most bloggers I call is like it is and if Cantor wants to come to Wise and talk I will tell him this to his face - You followed Nancy Pelosi's leadership and voted against the will of the taxpayers along with Moran and Boucher. Your vote, you live with it. Send your emails elsewhere. Carl Kilo, Wise Virginia, coal lover, small business man. Loud n proud unlike the other blogs, calling what is right because coal miners demand the truth.

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Comments on "Eric Cantor Emails me about the bailout...."


Anonymous Clintwood Dem said ... (1:33 AM) : 

I remember a bunch of blogs saying this fool should be VP...they are silent now. The so called respected blogs like VV and Shaun Kenney all wear lace panties compared to you Kilo. Thank you for your honesty!


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (2:57 AM) : 

It is what it is Clint dem. I call it like I see it party be damned. Thanks for your readership and vote for McCain Palin! They represent you better than Obama.


Anonymous Crystal Clear Conservative said ... (8:26 AM) : 

I think Cantor's vote was wrong. Personally, you should not appease party leadership all of the time. Cantor should have voted his true conscience and bucked the party leadership.


Blogger Alter of Freedom said ... (3:06 PM) : 

Dam straight Carl. Cantor represents me in the 7th and I am about to yank that yard sign right out of my yard b/c of that vote. I do not care what kindof deal they worked out in closed sessions. Its absurd.
Now they want to throw some things in the Senate to sweeten the deal for the Reps like tax breaks for business, solar, wind , and a bunch of other crap to BUY votes when they know there are better ways to impact these things than this measure.

If Cantor had some b*lls he would be publically calling for the removal of Barney Franks from the Chairmanship whether he would be successful or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:32 PM) : 

This was a wake up call about the criminals running the government. As Slick Willie stated, this mess in on the democrats heads.

Bill Clinton blamed the Democrats for blocking reform of the mortgage giants, via Patriot Room:

Going very much against the media meme that the current financial crisis is all George W. Bush and the Republicans' fault, Bill Clinton on Thursday told ABC's Chris Cuomo that Democrats for years have been "resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was President to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac"

True. President Bush warned about reforming Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae 17 times this year alone. John McCain's reform bill was blocked by dems in 2005. Thank you, Bill Clinton!

Maybe Slick has seen the light after the heart attack. He also called McCain a great man and refused to make the same comment about Hussein O, who has admitted his 'Muslem Faith' (Islam) on national TV and stated in his own words (in his book) that he will stand with the Muslems.



Blogger Charlie Fugate said ... (7:23 AM) : 

I'm not by nature a pessimistic guy,but we have just cemeted our slide toward socialism and nationalized industry. Thanks to President George W. Bush, the liberal Republicans and ALL the Democrat leadership in Congress. What's the saying Carl? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, I'm afraid the United States is about to have a shocking reality check.


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