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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama visits LEBANON (leb-nun) Va - Pro Coal Pro Gun Speech?

Will he talk about people here bitterly clinging to their guns and religion? Will his visit work? Jerry Kilgore says no.

During the teleconference to tout a visit Wednesday to Northern Virginia by Sen. John McCain and his GOP running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Kilgore said Obama “is out of touch” with Southwest Virginians on issues such as coal and gun control.

“Absolutely not,” Kilgore responded to an inquiry if Obama is succeeding at least in neutralizing gun control and coal/economic issues in places like Southwest Virginia.

“His record speaks for itself. He is totally supporting gun control. He has called for a tax on coal. He likes to use fancy words like clean coal technology, but only John McCain has the record supporting clean coal technologies, and we know John McCain will continue that as president,” Kilgore said. “On issue after issue, Barack Obama is just out of touch with Southwest Virginia. His elitism prevents him from relating to small-town America. When he makes statements that rural Americans cling to God and our guns, what message does that send to the people of Southwest Virginia?”~KTN

Obama is wasting time.

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Comments on "Obama visits LEBANON (leb-nun) Va - Pro Coal Pro Gun Speech?"


Blogger Alter of Freedom said ... (4:17 PM) : 

Lets face it. Barack Obama has flip flop flipped again and flopped again on coal since he was an IL State Senator.

He attacks Palin for earmarks, but what about the 85 million he stuck into the Energy Bill 2005 to study IL coals ability to be liquified? The action, while an earmark, showed promise in Obama's admission that coal is vital to any energy policy but it was not long before he backed away due the pressures of those controlling the liberal agenda when he chose to run for President. last year he called for 80% reduction by 2050 in carbon emissions and told those in the coal industry and Congress he had been working with on a coal to liquid solutions that he would only endorse such subsideis if the emission were 20% less than the carbon emissions of petroluem based products----something impossible today and probaly the next twenty years until technology catches up. Result: CTL is dead.

The flop came after his endorsement in 2006 of an 8 billion proposal including tax credits,loan guarantees,granst for design of CTL plants etc that was supported by the United Mine Workers and the USAF as well an energy companies. Obama played his true hand when confronted by environmentalists in his own Party and yet he claims he can stand up to fight for the American people.

He could not even stand up to his own Party liberals when the time came to make progress on the energy front. He caved.

I hope the papers in Lebanon take his words and then backstory it with his record in tommorrows edition.


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