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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Is J Todd Foster a Liar?

With the recent threats from the Bristol Herald Courier's J. Todd Foster, SWAC Girl has this posted today - Legal action threatened against SWAC Girl. Click over and enjoy the moonbatty Foster at his best. Beware of his "100,000" Sunday readers though...

"Mr. Foster followed up with an email demanding that I correct the "lies." He said if I did not, he would sue me and defend himself to his 100,000 readers in the Sunday edition of his newspaper, not just the dozens who indulge my post. I agree; I don't have 100,000 ... but I've got more than a few dozen. Come on, Todd ... I've picked up a few readers the past couple of years."~SWAC Girl

According the numbers I am reading, Foster is lying about his readership.

Bristol Herald-Courier Sunday - 40,268 -down -542

Fibbing Foster? From today's Washington Post - this just fits..

When a 'Falsehood' Could Be Merely an Error - Saturday, August 2, 2008; Page A13

A July 24 front-page headline read: "Gilmore Filed False Information on Campaign Disclosure Forms; Ties to Va. Company in Fraud Lawsuit Were Obscured." The story was that the disclosure forms of Jim Gilmore, the former Virginia governor now running as the Republican candidate for U.S. senator, mistakenly listed him as a director of Windmill International of Nashua, N.H., instead of a Virginia-based corporation with the same name.

The story quoted a Gilmore campaign statement referring to the inaccuracy as "a clerical error" and as saying that Gilmore "instructed his staff and his financial adviser to amend the Senate disclosure form and provide the correct information as soon as possible."

I suppose that any mistake, even accidental, can be described as "false information." On Page A2, The Post has a standing feature called "Corrections," in which, without the slightest apology to readers, you list some of the sloppy reporting and screw-ups that turn up on your pages. There were six of them July 25, when I submitted this letter.

Why is it that it's only a correction when you find that you have made a factual error and a falsehood when you discover that a politician has done the same? -- Philip Christenson, Washington

That fits perfectly.

DJ has this on the subject.

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Comments on "Is J Todd Foster a Liar?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:44 PM) : 

Hey moron: You're confusing number of newspaper copies with readers. The average newspaper is read by 2.5 people. At least the journo can add.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:23 PM) : 

Hey Foster - Prove that. What part does the .5 person read? And does every reader read the opinion page?
Wise up jackass.


Blogger Dave said ... (11:54 AM) : 

"The average newspaper is read by 2.5 people."

Okay. That's an opinion (pulled out of an unlikely portion of your anatomy unless you got some data). Plus, how many people read a way below average paper like the one I would guess is edited by an idiot?

"At least the journo can add."

I'd guess most of us would want to multiply in this situation, but, hey!!, at least 'journos' are good with words. (That last was sacrcasm, for the journo-impaired.)

Besides, journos manipulating non-existent data for their own uses impresses me less than zero.

I suppose I'd be angry, too, if I saw my chosen industry and career swirling down the toilet, but that's life. Next time, get a real degree. (personal opinions)


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