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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jim Lindgren on Obama's "civilian national security force."

He breaks down the funding for some of Obama's "programs"

The part of Obama’s comment that may be a genuine cause for concern is his statement that this civilian force has to be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military.

1. First, Obama is suggesting a fundamental restructuring of our national government with civilian service organizations becoming roughly as important and as expensive as our military. He is proposing to carve another large slice out of the private sector and assign it to the government.

As his website makes clear, Obama is proposing to "Require 100 Hours of Service in College" and grant a $4,000 tax credit to college students for 100 hours of community service work, an effective wage of $40 an hour.

You should really go over and read the entire post.

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Comments on "Jim Lindgren on Obama's "civilian national security force.""


Anonymous J. Tyler Ballance said ... (6:41 AM) : 

Refrain from baiting readers with excerpts taken out of context.

If one reads the speech, it is clear in the context of the speech that Obama is saying that his administration would strengthen public service organizations like Americorps in order to utilize the talent of Americans to help actually address some of the problems that we face.

This was obviously not a call for some sort of new police force to be used against the citizens.

Read it for yourself:

While I am not going to vote for Obama, this speech, where he actually offers some specific ideas is a step in the right direction that I would like all candidates to take.

Offer some real ideas and then debate those ideas in the public square and let's see where we can work together on common ground.

Obama's plan calls for increasing support for non-profits. I would like to see fewer non-profits and have the law regarding the qualification for that status to be greatly restricted.

Right now, we have millions of these tax-exempt organizations, like PETA, who clearly have a political agenda and have no business being able to rip off the citizens by taking property off of the tax roles and by not paying the taxes that all other businesses pay. The same goes for the "political think tanks" that provide lucrative speaking arrangements for ousted politicians, and provide pools of campaign workers for their respective causes, all while hiding under the non-profit, no-tax umbrella.

As for helping us solve our problems, service projects like Americorps are good programs, but they are as much for those employed in them, as those who get the services.

Nothing helps solve our social problems better than good, productive jobs that people can feel good about doing. Not some form of Obama collective farm. Something both Obama and McCain should be offering plans for, is what leadership steps they will take to restore our strategic manufacturing base and ensure that any American who can work, will be able to find productive, rewarding employment.

One step to help create millions more jobs is to break-up the multinational oligopolies here in America. For example, if the FCC was required to offer no more than one station license per individual, local owner and that owner could not own any other media outlet, including other radio, TV and newspapers, then we would restore the local ownership of media, ensure greater diversity of sources of information and generate, with the stroke of the legislative pen, millions of jobs.

BOTH parties should make their entering argument to every policy discussion: How can we make this program generate more American jobs?

The current policy where the rich keep getting richer, through more mergers and acquisitions, while American jobs are shipped to RED CHINA, and real American wages continue to decline, must be stopped.

Obama has, at least, offered a partial solution. Let's hear McCain's real solutions, instead of those "My friends..." pre-packaged speeches he now blandly delivers.


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