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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John Brownlee For AG - Justice For All

I met him at the first Blogs United. I have read daily of his achievements as US Attorney.

"I believe I can enhance safety and security for all Virginians," Brownlee said. "I believe every Virginian deserves to live in a community free of violent crime, free of drug dealing, free of criminal illegal immigration and free of child predators."

In Virginia, Brownlee is best known for his efforts to combat illegal drug use, including going after the makers of the painkiller OxyContin for deceptive marketing, a case that resulted in a $635 million settlement.

As attorney general, Brownlee said, he would support enforcement of the death penalty, protect the right to own a firearm and speak out against abortion.

"I want to advance a culture-of-life program to try to educate the next generation about the importance of protecting human life," Brownlee said (READ ALL)

This man is the real deal. His website is up and they are adding content. Go here and watch his video.

Many think the nomination will be a cake walk for Cooch. I think not. Brownlee was born in NOVA, made his name as US Attorney in SWVA. This will be a battle for Cooch.

Will you support Virginia's Conservative Prosecutor?

Comments on "John Brownlee For AG - Justice For All"


Blogger David said ... (7:50 AM) : 

Two things on Mr. Brownlee.

First, Mr. Brownlee is pro-life in name only.

He was US Attorney for 7 years and lifted not one finger to save one unborn child. But I'll bet that he would have rushed to throw a pro-lifer in prison who dared to interpose on behalf of an unborn child all in the name of obedience to the great god of the state.

Second, Mr. Brownlee was under consideration for a Federal Judgeship in 2007. Two Bar Associations gave him "tepid" endorsement (this according to the Roanoke Times). Three found him unqualified.

Mr. Brownlee's name was not sent to the White House for consideration.

If Mr. Brownlee was not qualified for the federal bench, why is he suddenly qualified to be State Attorney General?


Anonymous Not AOL IP address said ... (9:09 AM) : 

David-That has to win the stupidest comment of the year award.
Could it be fear from the Cooch camp? Fear from the Dems?
Brownlee's record is outstanding. You have no line of attack against him as his court record speaks for itself.


Anonymous Nova Voter said ... (11:52 AM) : 

Brownlee has defended the laws of the land for years. His record is impeccable. He will be getting my support.


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