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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bristol Virginia Man is Sparking it Up for the Fair Tax


BRISTOL, Va. – John Hanson first heard about the Fair Tax Plan in the fall on talk radio.

Since then, he has spent a few hours each day studying its details and trying to organize a local grass-roots effort supporting it.

"It just lit a fire under me," Hanson said Tuesday between an appearance on a local television station’s noon broadcast and a dinner to discuss the plan with Johnson City’s Libertarian Party.(LINK)

Just what has this man done to promote the Fair Tax?

Hanson, who lives in Bristol, Va., has personally mailed a letter to each of the 457 remaining representatives and senators asking them about their stance on the issue in hopes of seeing whether they would support it in the future.

"It’s a labor of love," Hanson said, adding one of the biggest obstacle facing the Fair Tax is the lack of knowledge the public has about it. "There may be a few people in this town that thoroughly understand this bill, and there may not be anybody that knows more about it that I do."

Hanson said he’s distributed about 200 DVDs and fliers explaining the Fair Tax to anyone who will take them. He started with his neighbors and slowly moved on to other groups like the Johnson City Libertarians and Virginia Intermont College students.

"We feel like we’ve been taxed to death all of our lives," said Hanson’s neighbor Shelia Wilson, who supports the tax along with her husband, although she hasn’t read all of Hanson’s material.

This man gets it! Support the Fair Tax.

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Comments on "Bristol Virginia Man is Sparking it Up for the Fair Tax"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:58 AM) : 

John should be thanked. He's more of a patriot then most members of congress. He's doing, perhaps a bit more, what millions of others are doing across the country. Congress will run this country into a third rate economic power before they'll change the tax code. Just like in 1776 WE THE PEOPLE must make it happen. The FairTax cures so many problems of this country it can't be ignored.


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