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Monday, April 14, 2008

Get a Tissue..You Will Need It

From The BHC.

"Leon called me a couple weeks ago with an update on the new south Bristol post office, Volunteer Station, and he mentioned a letter that was dropped into a box with "Heaven" as the only address and no return address....

The envelope had written on it: Ethan Paxton, Heaven.

The letter reads:

"Dear Daddy I miss you and Kiersten does too. We all miss you. I know you are watching me write this letter. I even wish that I could watch you. I have one question do you read minds in heaven? I remember the good old times. Kiersten has a question too what does God look like? We all miss you I love you daddy!

Love, From Autum-Rae and Kiersten"

I checked our archives of obituaries and found one from 2006 that matched the names. It seems the girl’s father had died in a car crash at age 21. At the time, Autum-Rae was 5 and Kiersten was 3.

I didn’t find a listing in the telephone book for their mother, so I’m turning to our readers for assistance.

Please contact me with an address, which I’ll pass along to the folks at the post office.

Hopefully, no one will spoil the surprise for the girls."

Count your blessings people.

Letter to heaven
The acting Bristol postmaster has asked for help finding a return address for a letter addressed to "Heaven."

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